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Deer Park [Chloe,Victor]

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Deer Park [Chloe,Victor] Empty on Wed Jan 16, 2019 2:31 pm

Standing at an open window, Ianthe smiled as splashes of rain hit her mocha skin. Ianthe enjoyed the rain, she enjoyed the way it sounded, the way it smelled, the way it felt. It was really just overall relaxing and she could appreciate that nature created something so beautiful. She really wanted to stay near the window all day but she knew she couldn't. In this abandoned building way out in the forest where civilization had forgotten it's presence, she stood waiting for a few other individuals.

Ianthe of course wasn't alone, as behind her were three chairs, and in those three chairs sat three quiet bodies with black hoods over their heads. For now these bodies were quiet, still knocked out from the drug that had been injected into their bloodstreams. Ianthe had yet to see their faces, deciding it was best to wait for the rest to get to her location. The building had about five floors, all looked like they were useful in one way or another. She was currently at the top floor, with a table on the far left side that held devices of torture and another table that held drugs, sexual toys, and all other manner of debauchery like items. Her violet orbs pulled it's gaze from the open window and to the items on the table, she couldn't wait to play with them all.

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Deer Park [Chloe,Victor] Empty on Wed Jan 16, 2019 2:59 pm

Chloé Leclair
A meeting with guild members was not a common event for Chloé. And she was perfectly fine with that. Most of the time she felt that if she showed even a slight weakness she might be killed. But that's not a way to live so she didn't mind not seeing her guild members that often. Not helped by the fact that she didn't even want to be in the guild in the first place. Still, even so she wasn't strong, so it wasn't like she could stand up to them. As she didn't see the clouds gathering. Indicating it would rain soon.

So here she was going to such a meeting with other guild members. She didn't believe in her chances in that this wouldn't be another trauma to add to her long list. Lyse of course, would immediately protest if she didn't go to the guild meeting, for some reason her possessor had taken a liking to the guild.

Once the rain started she started to run. It wasn't far anymore, but she was drenched before she arrived at the place. She entered quickly and closed the door behind her. Arriving on the top floor she was greeted by... a decidedly beautiful girl, probably not many years older than Chloé herself. Unlike Chloé the girls clothes were more revealing, though chloé's white shirt was completely drenched, making what was underneath it visible.

"Oh... um... Hello!" She greeted the other girl shyly, once she had entered room and closed the door behind her.

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Deer Park [Chloe,Victor] Empty on Thu Jan 17, 2019 4:36 am

Victor Garrett
Unlike a lot of other fire mages, Victor had nothing against water. In fact he was partial to the raving sea and to thunderstorms. He rather liked the challenge they posed, it wasn't like either could quench the embers or the raging inferno within him. Today, he merely watched the drops splatter against the window of the crummy room. The building was innocuous enough to double as holding cells for their captives. But either the member bringing in their newest conquests was late, or someone had relayed information poorly. First floor... They'd said.

There was always a little tug of war for the fresh meat. Would they be picked up for the slave trade, or would they have a brighter future in the pleasure industries, more so for women than men. The Garrett was impartial in terms of affiliations to the business ventures that Red Hades took part in, at least so far. The blonde was just the self-proclaimed jack of all trades. But he did believe that he had a knack for sorting out those who were picked up... and helping them along their new path, of course. Perhaps this was just someone trying to get him to keep his hands off...

This particular building had been bought off pretty recently, so there weren't too many occupied rooms. The Garrett surveyed the hallways floor by floor, leaning close to each door in hopes that any scuffling and sounds would betray the right one. Upon reaching the second floor, he pressed himself against the wall to offer room to a girl making her way to the stairs in a hurry. Her apparel would have left more to imagination had the rain not done its work. Victor smirked and followed her up as surreptitiously as possible. He made the right call.

Just as she closed the door behind him, he flung it open again, stepping in and offering a cursory glance. 'I bet they meant first floor from the top, for their sake I hope they did.' he said, mostly under his breath, loud enough for the Hades girls, but probably not for the hooded fellows. He offered a polite smirk to them both, couldn't hurt to charm the attractive colleagues.

Three victims, three breakers... A little excessive. He'd have preferred having a go at them alone. He noticed the collection of what he liked to call testing implements, they would sure make it easier to sift and categorise them into their new professions. He just cleared his throat and made note of their figures. Two girls and a guy, it would seem, from the way their heads lolled, they were still not completely conscious.

Having always been the efficient sort, he unsheathed his weapon. As the victims stirred, he heard the sharp intake of breath that followed the characteristic sound of his sword being pulled from the scabbard. He allowed the flat of the blade to slip under the hoods, before the hook caught on and snagged the coarse fabric and ripped it off. One by one. Girl one, guy one, girl two. The sword was definitely not the most welcome sight after deprivation.

Girl two and guy one shared similar features and were probably related which would serve to make things more fun. His blade lazily rest on the thigh of girl one and slowly slid off as he stepped away from them. 'Relax, I'm not going to kill you... They might though.' he said, cocking his head towards the scantily clad girl and the one with the wet blouse. He folded his hands and regarded his options.

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Deer Park [Chloe,Victor] Empty on Thu Jan 17, 2019 5:02 pm

Ianthe didn't wait long before two other individuals showed up. The first was a female who was soaked from the rain. She was pretty enough and let out a not very confident greeting. Ianthe would only nod her head in the direction of the girl before another person walked into the room, this time a man. He made more of an entrance for himself. Ianthe watched with interest as he remove the hoods from the seated individuals with his sword. The looks on their faces was of course priceless and it amused Ianthe. I promise you'll still be alive at the end of the day. Whether you'll be in one piece or not is an entirely different conversation altogether, but let's not think about that now. We should start with introductions! Smiling, Ianthe pulled herself away from the window and sauntered over to stand in front of the three unfortunate victims.

Those looking at her would see that her clothing choice was...Lacking in most areas. The one piece leotard that covered the most important parts was only toned down by the pair of skin tight black shorts she wore. Her mocha skin glowed and her violet eyes danced with something... Off.

Let's go around the room! Maybe say a nice interesting fact or two about yourselves? We'll be here for a long time, so we might as well get nice and acquainted. My name is Ianthe, I enjoy the color purple. Her own introduction was bland, but she didn't care. The wheels were turning in her head on how to break the girl who looked the most fearful. It was funny how quickly it took her to remove her disgust for this sort of thing, how quickly a certain deamon's influence made it's way into her so easily. She didn't even think about her own time as a slave anymore because of it.

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Deer Park [Chloe,Victor] Empty on Fri Jan 18, 2019 3:50 am

Chloé Leclair
A chill went through Chloé's spine as another voice spoke behind her. For some reason the voice felt much more threatening then it would normally. She turned around stood eye to eye with a blonde swordsman. Seeing the owner of the voice didn't calm the red haired mage, but she managed to at least suppress her fear of these two mages somewhat.

"Oh... Hello" Chloé said more to hide her nervousness than to actually greet the man. She would step aside to let the man pass before taking a good look around the room. the result only made her more nervous. Sweat was starting to form on her head. The tools and the people stuck on the chairs left little to Chloé's imagination. This resembled a scene out of a nightmare.

"What's going on here? What ha... Why are those three here?" Chloé asked the other girl who was here in the room before. She of course already knew the answer. But she couldn't let this happen. She knew her chances, She knew that was one of the weakest mages in the guild. The chance that she would be match for on of her guild members was slim enough. Two was surely pushing it. She needed more time,  more knowledge about the two other guild members. Maybe, just maybe she could stop this madness. She wasn't sure what she would do if she couldn't stop them... if she even got that chance. Lyse of course may decide otherwise. But knowing her, she'd probably prefer to see Chloé struggling trying to stop these two.

She looked in horror to the faces of the people the swordsman revealed. Chloé looked anxiously to the man teasing the girl, and just manege not to sigh in relief when he said he wasn't planning on killing them. Of course, the words of the other girl undid any kind of relief the previous statement brought.

"W... We're here to have fun right? So... let's make sure it stays fun for everyone!" This sentence was aimed more towards the other Red Hades members then to the ones tied on their stools.

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Deer Park [Chloe,Victor] Empty on Fri Jan 18, 2019 8:04 am

Victor Garrett
Either the three were still not out of their stupor, or they'd been paralysed out of fear and were still finding the bearings. Ianthe, as Victor would find out soon, decided to contradict him and specify that she wouldn't kill but wouldn't shy away from taking parts. He wasn't particularly fond of people correcting him, but in this case, it was easy to weave into the atmosphere they were trying to create. That was highlighted by the whimper that escaped the lips of girl two. She looked most distraught, perhaps because the siblings sought refuge and safety in each other's presence, little did they know how awfully that could turn on them. The Garrett smirked.

He watched Ianthe carefully as she addressed the three. He scanned her form unabashedly letting his gaze linger on all she exposed... and didn't.  He paid close attention to the way the words rolled of her tongue with ease. Not surprising, the guild harboured all brands of crazy and twisted, at least this was the sort Garrett could identify with. His red eyes glinted, reflecting something... off as well.

The Garrett had been rather dismissive of the meek greeting and of the girl's alleged shock at the scene. Since he'd been more concerned with getting started. But he had made note of it. Perhaps she was in the wrong room? Or maybe... she didn't belong here at all. From the corner of his eyes, he was habitually gauging his own colleagues as much as he was assessing the victims. Casually, he slipped behind the girl with the wet blouse. The gentle shudder of her body wasn't too tough to miss. She could really steal away from the emotions he was trying to evoke and instil in the captured, but at same time, he was curious to see what she'd do if he forced the reigns into her hands.

The fingers of his free hand curled around the girl's arm, it was a firm grip but certainly not a cruel one, mostly it was just to steady her... and prevent her from getting away. 'I see you're shaking with your eagerness to have fun and we will, now and probably after...' The last word was accompanied by a side-ward glance towards Ianthe. He was checking to see if Ianthe betrayed any reactions that would give him a clue about her inclinations regarding the not-so-subtle offer he just made. Following which he turned back to the girl he held.

'But we mustn't forget our after manners... We finish the introductions first.' he cooed, his tone ever so slightly patronising. as he placed his chin on her shoulder so his cheek was almost touching hers. His sword still by his side. He obviously wasn't going to give up his real name, all factors considered. 'Lucian Vincitore, most people call me Luke.' The three bound to the chairs watched his little performance like a captive audience.

'Purple is it? I favour crimson, don't you?' he chimed in, directing his question at the girl who hadn't yet introduced herself and guiding her closer to the three, should she allow. Regardless, of whether she resisted or not, his sword would still reach the victim. Crimson was already a heavy enough allusion, his following gesture merely highlighted it some more. He rested the weapon against girl one's cheek, indicating that she better be prepared with an introduction next.

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Deer Park [Chloe,Victor] Empty on Sat Jan 19, 2019 1:12 pm

Ianthe's gaze pulled away from her potential victim. She was still mulling over which of three she was going to take for herself, but something her Red Hades companion said caused her to stop dwelling on it. Gliding over to the girl who hadn't spoken her own name yet, Ianthe followed Lucian's  movements and placed herself right in front of the meek girl. The invasion of space was more or less a show of dominance on Ianthe's part. She thought she heard a tinge of....Weakness in the girl. On that thought alone she would have to prey on it, if it was there of course. Most definitely after... Her words picked up exactly where Lucian's left off in his first sentence to the little red head.

Peering a little too intensely into the girl's eyes she pulled away from her once Lucian started to move. She let her feet skip around to the other female that wasn't being honed in on by her blond acquaintance. This female was quite beautiful, with lush forest green hair, rich blood red irises, pale skin that didn't look to bad save a few scratches here and there. Ianthe placed her delicate hand in the girl's hair and within seconds she began to break down crying, screaming for help, and all manner of rude behavior. I'm hurt! I haven't even begun to have fun and here you are, getting the part started before everyone else.

Ianthe pouted, a playful little pout as she placed her hands on her hips like a disappointing mother at her unruly child. Come now beautiful, I won't start until you stop all that fuss. Besides we still haven't gone through introductions, this isn't all about you. Her words were obviously not getting through, which caused Ianthe to grab a ball gag from the table of tools. Even though they were far out into the forest where no one would hear them anyway, Ianthe couldn't have one person ruining this little get together. Besides, there would be time for screaming once she actually started. Placing the ball gag into the girl's mouth, Ianthe quickly turned her attention back to her Red Hade's acquaintances. I'm sorry, I promise she won't be so...Rowdy once I'm done with her. Anyway, back to you our sweet little red head, the floor is yours. She wouldn't allow the girl to fade into the background for this, for whatever reason it sounded like she wasn't aware of what she was here for. That was OK with Ianthe, she didn't mind showing fresh blood how things worked.

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Chloé Leclair
Oh rats... We hadn't even begun and they were already honing in on her. She had to do something. She ignored the giggling monster inside her mind and let her brains do the thinking. She realized two things: Firstly, if she was too submissive, this would end badly. Secondly if she was too defiant it would also end badly. She somehow had to strike a balance. How she was going to do that she had no idea, but she had to think of something and fast. She quickly processed all information she had once. Three victims, two torturers and one indecisive girl that really didn't want to be here. She had no knowledge of any of the fighting styles except that the golden haired man probably used that sword somehow. In the middle of the forest were nobody could find them and to make a difference she'd have to untie all 3 victims either without them noticing or after beating them. Both very unlikely scenarios.

Both of them came closer to her. She stood her ground, and didn't stop looking at least either one of them and She didn't resist when the man grasped her arm, she discarded the notion of running away before that already. Still she couldn't hide her other marks of fear, such as her sweat, her shaking body(made more noticeable because of the wet outfit) and her face. These people probably had killed someone already on their own accord. While Chloé had killed before, it was never because she wanted to kill. She would bet all money she had that both of the others had passed that line already. Even though that she didn't stop looking at the girl who was now in front of her. She'd look at the man next to her, but that she didn't knew how he would react to that so she didn't do it. Her body was afraid and screamed to run away, yet she didn't do so. Because running away would forfeit these 3 lives. If so, it would be better to kill all 3 of them right now.

Suddenly she was pulled by the man towards the 3 bound people. She did not resist, again, it would spell doom for the three victims, possibly before she even made it out of the building.

"St... um... Okay..." She realized what the man wanted before she finished her first word and quickly continued.

"I'am.. Chloé. My favorite color is... p..." She wanted to say pink, but realized that it might clash with what the man wanted so she quickly swallowed that word in and continued.

"Purple!"She said. She was such a wreck of nerves that she didn't even consider lying or what she had to do to save these people. So long that man held her sword close to the hostage there was little she could do than gaze upon this travesty with despair.

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Victor Garrett
He definitely liked the spunk displayed by the girl in the leotard. ianthe did so much to accentuate the mood, not just for the three victims, but for the fourth... the red head that he'd come to know as Chloe. He held her gaze as she flitted to the duo and sandwiched the poor Chloe briefly, confirming the potential fun to be had after. Following which Ianthe picked her victim, the sister, girl one. Garret smirked his blade still held against girl two, while he watched the reactions of the alleged brother as his sibling was gagged. He appreciated the elan with which Ianthe treated the woman's whining, it seemed either she had personal experience with things like this, or she was just a natural. Obviously, the gagged woman continued to make garbled sounds.

The red head spoke upon being prompted this time. Perhaps she feared the consequence of inaction as she watched girl one suffer against her gag. Her words and demeanour were still so jumpy, it was as annoying as it was delectable, since it posed a bit of a problem, but she was reeking of fear and for the Garrett, the scent was rather heady. 'So, Ianthe, Luke and Chloe.' He confirmed pressing up against the girl with the wet blouse, just to highlight her helplessness now that he'd closed in on her and as she allowed him to manoeuvre her closer to girl two. 'Bruises, blood and bruises.' he joked, attributing the chosen colours to violent outcomes.

The belt of the device pressing up tight against the corner of girl one's mouth was clearly too uncomfortable for her. Or perhaps the groaning intensified because of the implication of Garret's color allocation. The sounds she issued only got more incessant as she insisted on doing exactly what Ianthe asked her not to... make this all about herself. In contrast, girl two had been rather silent under the threat of his blade. Finally, as if late to cue in, the brother chimed in. 'Please don't hurt her.' he said, straining against his binds. Hook, line and sinker. Victor thought as he slipped away from his Red Hades victim. The angle of his blade changed as he stepped towards the man, but the sharp end remained where it was, having still not drawn blood. 'Don't hurt her, but its ok if we hurt the other one?' he asked, ramping up the exaggerated incredulity in his words and then clicking his tongue. 'Wow, I guess chivalry is dead.'

'Name?' he asked, almost courteously in stark contrast with his action, which was to ram the hilt of the sword into the man's solar plexus. The handsome grunted and almost doubled over, only his restraints kept him in places. The Garrett snapped his fingers. 'I won't ask again.' The man took deep long shaky breath, as if to steady himself and to teach himself to play by the rules of his potential tormentors. Oh goody. the Garrett thought didn't want to waste much time playing with him anyways. The man introduced himself as Costanzo, following which the blonde cocked his head towards the gagged girl and asked for her name too, which was Carola. 'See not too tough. Now, Chloe, can you get her name?' He said, making an indicative gesture towards girl two. He sheathed his sword, playfully tapping his fingers against the hilt in tandem with the gentle tap of his feet. 'And then we can discuss just what everyone is willing to do, to not be hurt.'

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Deer Park [Chloe,Victor] Empty on Mon Jan 21, 2019 8:03 pm

This was clearly not something little miss Chloe should be dabbling in. Her demeanor and overall approach was completely dampening the mood, not to mention being questionable as hell. Was it some mistake to send this girl to do something like this? How did she even get in this guild? Ianthe could only wonder how Chloe ended up in Red Hades of all places, what's worse she was dabbling in the slavery department. Ianthe made a mental note to pull Chloe aside at some point for some " Girl Talk ". She was starting to become curious about this very suspicious acting girl.

Ianthe moved her gaze from the now introduced Chloe back to her soon to be plaything for the next few hours. With the assistance of Lucian she found out the girl's name was Carola. Ianthe didn't like that name, it was ugly and didn't roll off the tongue very well. She didn't care about the names of the other two, they weren't a concern of hers but it was fun to watch Lucian guide Chloe into forcing the name out of the other girl. The rain had slowed down from it's downpour to a steady drizzle, it really did put her at peace. At some point Carola had calmed down, probably coming to terms that she wasn't getting out of here and that all she was doing was wasting energy.

She almost couldn't wait for the other two to get started as she pulled the chair with Carola in it closer to the window, having her face it so she can see how close freedom was, and farther away from the rest. Just almost scoffed at Lucian's last few words about a discussion. There was nothing to discuss about what they were going to do, all three of those in chairs weren't leaving out of this place without being completely broken, and you can't break something without applying a lot of pressure. I'm going to take this gag off of you so we can talk. But you have to promise not to be loud, or I'll have to punish you, understood? Ianthe's voice cooed gently as she stroked the girl's hair, pushing stray strands from her face. Once she got a small head nod from Carola it was easy to remove the gag. That's a good girl. But you will respond to Della from now on. No more of this Carola, I don't like it. If you respond you'll be rewarded, if you don't you'll be punished. Simple right? All you have to do is what you're told and no fighting back, you wanna live right Della? Like honey dripping slow her words seeped out of her. The newly named Della quickly nodded her head in response and Ianthe couldn't have been more proud, this would be easier than she thought.

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Deer Park [Chloe,Victor] Empty on Wed Jan 23, 2019 2:12 pm

Chloé Leclair
Chloé could only watched as the victims introduced themselves and Luke saying horrible things to them. What the other woman did downright disgusted her. It didn't matter what the situation here was, nothing could have warranted the need to do something this cruel. It didn't matter we were criminals. It didn't matter what they had done. It didn't matter what we had done. Nothing could justify this kind of torture. Yet these people were completely serious about everything. Were these people even human?

Then the blond monster called Luke was standing in front of her. She still couldn't hide her fear very well. But hidden beneath that was a rage she tried to suppress. Rage against both the tormentors and her own helplessness. Fighting wouldn't do anyone any good here. The fact she had more respect for the man bound on his chair than for the one in front of her should say enough. She knew she couldn't defy him though, even if she could beat both of these two in combat, Lyse wouldn't even allow an attempt. In the end, she knew that the only possible outcomes were for Lyse to take over and make things worse. Or to treat the three people as other sacrifices for her own survival, again. Luke had brought her towards the one girl that hadn't introduced herself yet. She knew what he wanted even before he asked.

I will... She said after a weak nod of her head. She took no joy in this nonsense. But she couldn't do anything but obey right now. She saw the fear in the girls eyes, the kind of eyes she wanted to take away from the world. If they were any more fearful Chloé might start to cry in her stead.

"Hey... What's your name." Chloé asked ashamed of herself. Chloé didn't want to do this, and would rather get it over with. She had already accepted that these people would be more casualties or worse.

"It's... Elisa..." The woman said, seeming to understand the situation pretty well. Realizing her best way out of this situation would be Chloé, and probably her only hope. Since it was clear that the red haired girl didn't approve of this. She feel another chill going through her spine. This one wasn't caused by the blond man or the other girl. It has a special tone to it, Chloé knew this feeling, the demon was plotting something and that was never  a good sign.

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Deer Park [Chloe,Victor] Empty on Fri Jan 25, 2019 2:45 am

Victor Garrett
From the way both he and Ianthe responded to Chloe's weakness, it was fairly apparent that they had both scheduled a one on one with her, at least in their heads. Victor wanted now to be as much of a prelude to that as possible. He didn't interrupt Ianthe when she stole away the sister, Carola for herself, that purple-loving-leotard-wearing lady was the true eager beaver. While Luke had become more patient and perhaps more refined in his ways, he couldn't help but admire her excitement and fascination with the prospect of moulding her victim. She definitely had more than a knack for it, the way she placed Carola by the window, to remind her of what she couldn't have... The pacifying tone in sharp distinction with the content of her words.

He was curious about Ianthe's experience though, which was in such stark contrast with the red-head. He wasn't about to just give up an opportunity to have some fun with both these girls. So, with expert precision he split his attention between them, keeping an eye out for their progress. 'Della, is much better. Right Della?' He praised and called out to the woman as the gag was pulled off, when there was no swift response to her new name he sliced across the outside of Costanzo's arm, the fabric tore and soon was coloured with bloom of crimson. It wasn't a deep cut, but enough to sting, a feeling that would accentuate the helplessness no doubt and the fear... in all likelihood.

The Garrett sighed with audible pleasure at the sight. 'To spice things up, the siblings can take punishments with each other, every time either of them don't follow instructions...' Victor casually patted the uninjured arm of the whimpering and groaning man in front of him. 'They can both suffer together.'  he said opting not to mask his glee at the increased quantity of overall suffrage. He let him stew for the moment as his attention was stolen by the redhead, who he'd still kept in close proximity. Chloe's meek questioning and the girl's quick and quiet response. So it seemed she was going to be good cop.

If Elise was already keen on collaborating it would mean less work, but that could also potentially mean less fun. 'How wonderful, that was relatively painless. What else can you make her do, Chloe?' he said, almost singing in the red-head's ear again. He took a step away from her and used the hook of his sword to gingerly lift a strand of her red hair and tuck it behind the girl's ear, allowing her a glimpse of the sheen of red on the blade.

He turned back to the man. 'If she is going by Della, you can go by Duke, ok Duke?' The man who was still reeling from his two injuries wasn't quick enough to realise he was being referred to by his new name. The blonde chuckled softly and cocked his head, glancing once again at Ianthe and nodding gently to check if she was on board with punishing her victim for her brother's mistakes too, he was curious to see what she'd come up with as a consequence and would likely make Duke suffer similarly if it felt adequate or worsen it for the pair of them. Meanwhile, his darkened eyes flitted between Elise, Duke and Chloe. 'You got a new name for your bitch?' he asked, for the first time revealing a sharpened, cruder tone, with the intent to provoke the girl into doing something. Besides, someone had to play bad cop and it looked like Chloe didn't have the make for it.

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Deer Park [Chloe,Victor] Empty on Wed Jan 30, 2019 6:59 am

Chloé Leclair
Right, as if what they were doing wasn't disgusting enough he also decided to harm one of them for something they didn't even do. Chloé knew that there was nothing she could do. But this was going to far. She had to do something. Lyse probably wasn't going to like it, Luke most likely wasn't going to like it and Ianthe... she had been mostly to herself, but she'd probably won't like it either. But there was no way she could just let this happen. When asked if she could make the girl do an anything else her mind was made up. She could almost feel the cold of the blade in her neck. Still it did not shake her resolve. The red sheen only helped Chloé see that she really had to do something as this would never end well otherwise.

"Let's see..." She said as approached the girl. What could she do to stop the torturing. She pulled the girl's hair, uninterested. Which while hurt, wasn't going to be dangerous for the girl in the long run. For now she had to play along. After the blonde haired man let his guard down she could try something. What that would be she didn't know but she had to think of something. First she had to do something about the blonde haired man, he was the biggest, most obvious threat. She could see later what to do about the dark-skinned girl after that. Of course, if she realized Chloé had started something it might be to late... so she had to split them up somehow. Her mind drew blank on how to achieve that.

Eliza? Chloé said nonchalantly. Truth be told, Chloé was bad at thinking up names even if she was trying, which she wasn't. Partially because names meant very little to the red haired girl, partially because the girl had beautiful name already. While pulling her hair with one hand her other hand was placed so Luke couldn't see it, hidden between her body and the girl. Though all it was doing now was stroking the girls shoulder gently. Undermining Luke harsh words. Allowing the girl to stay somewhat calm despite

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Deer Park [Chloe,Victor] Empty on Thu Jan 31, 2019 10:13 am

Victor Garrett
Victor scoffed softly, slowly losing his patience. His free hand rose, so his fingers could rub his temples. He really was making quite a show of his disappointment. He wanted to offer Chloe a chance to remedy her ways. She made her intent so obvious with the lack of intent in the poorly executed act of tugging at Elisa's tresses. This had to be dealt with and soon. He waited to check if she'd at least pick an accurate name. The red-head made it blatantly clear that she wasn't really on their side. The only small mercy Garrett could offer, was that at least she wasn't being a hindrance... yet. He couldn't possibly offer her the time to find a way to meet that expectation too.  When she picked the name Eliza. Garret smirked. This was game. She'd given him enough reason.

He narrowed his eyes, keeping Chloe pinned with his scathing gaze, as he swiped his blade seemingly missing her by a mere inch. As he completed the motion, two intended targets got caught in the slice. He left a sharp gash across Elisa's waist and as the sword came down, it cut through one of the legs of Duke's chair, so it lost balance and he fell face first towards Ianthe and his sister. A gesture to make it obvious that both Duke and Della were her responsibility. Poor Elisa screeched and howled, struggling against her binds as she was met with the urge to press upon her wound to alleviate the sharp pain no doubt.

He took a step towards Chloe again immune and oblivious to the chaos that ensued around him. He  raised a splayed hand, as if he was going to strike her, but he didn't pull it back too far. In fact, he didn't hurt her at all. 'I'd ask you to try again, but I think you're a wasted cause, aren't you?' His hand landed on her cheek, but there was no sting of a slap. In fact, despite the build up, it fell upon her rather gently. His fingers patted her patronisingly, making the fact that his question was rhetorical rather obvious. He clicked his tongue as his finger traced her jaw and hooked under the girl's chin, he lifted it gingerly to ensure that the their eyes locked. 'That little talk needs to happen now, but I'd hate to cut Ianthe's fun short.' he said, sighing exaggeratedly and acting as though he was going to be the responsible one and take one for the team.

His fingers now made their way into her red locks, but instead of showing her what a real tug is, he left it as a threat yet again, finger-combing the silken strands. 'We're going to split this little party. You're coming with me.' his words as sharp as his weapon. This was definitely not a request, but an order. As a prelude to what potentially waited for Chloe, he did offer one sharp pull. 'With Eliza.' He spat the chosen name, stressing the z sound, which was barely different from the original. Following which he sheathed his weapon and moved to open the door, he stood with it held ajar, to highlight the urgency of his demand, as he waited for Chloe to obey, or dare to disobey.

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Deer Park [Chloe,Victor] Empty on Sun Feb 03, 2019 9:40 am

Chloé Leclair
She didn't even bother to look but as she noticed the swipe she kicked Elisa's chair backwards but not enough that it would fall over, making her avoid the sword. The cat was out the bag already, so there was no reason to hide it anymore.

"It can't be helped, we can't all be great at coming up with names." She grinned back at the blonde man. Though the smile was more to hide her real emotions: fear, sadness and despair were currently setting in. At any rate as long as Lyse knew Chloé was suffering like this and her life wasn't in immediate danger she probably wouldn't intervene yet. She had to do something before that came to pass. She looked the man in the eyes, not looking away no matter what he did.

She had already seen this coming and she knew that this would most likely end in a confrontation. But it was the opportunity she was waiting for. The opportunity to separate the gold haired boy and the purple haired girl. Alone she may think of something. Deep inside she hoped this could be handled with words, even tough every ounce of common sense she had told her it was impossible.

"Very well." She said after a sigh. She helped Elisa stand up and guided her in front of her. She was sure to remain between the victim and Luke. Still tied up with her hands behind her and her legs tied to each other it was hard for the girl to move, but Chloé didn't mind that much. They had time after all. Whatever the blonde wanted to try he'd have to pass Chloé to actually harm Elisa any more. Elisa didn't struggle or tried to run away, mostly because she knew she wouldn't get far, Chloé was holding on to her and Chloé was the only thing between her and a guy with a sword who had shown he's not afraid to use it.

She opened a door on the fourth floor. Inside there was a table and a few chairs. Two more doors could be seen, left and right respectively. Chloé didn't know what was there, but there was no time to take a look. She helped the helpless girl inside, putting the girl on another chair, still making sure she stayed between Elise and Luke. Assuming Luke hadn't done anything yet, Chloé would turn to him and look at him, trying to maneuver herself if he tries to get past her, but otherwise just stares at him until he says something.

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Victor Garrett
Her protecting the girl was unprecedented, he did not expect her motives to get so blatant so quickly. While he was mildly annoyed, the feeling of a strange excitement presided. The Garrett liked a challenge and this girl was a much better prey than the three lumps of spineless flesh tied to the chair. He had been toying with her for a while, coaxing her true colors and intentions. This was the tool of his trade, to press buttons till it evoked an honest reaction.

He reveled in his small success and gloated some more when she realized that she was outmatched and surrendered willingly to his command. Their short walk was rather silent. Victor hummed pleasantly, as though there was nothing about his job that was out of the ordinary. That it was not violent, unethical and unlawful among other things. He allowed the Chloe to remain between him and Eliza, as she firmly but gently guided the girl into an adjacent room.

Before he could close the door behind them and start his fun, they were interrupted. There was a message for the red-eyed-demon-vessel. There was a task that needed his expertise more than whatever he was doing now. at least that is what the message said. Rarely did the Hades members use notes to communicate, so he assumed that this was a special occasion. He was tempted to not leave this vixen of a woman alone, but if this was his chance at being noticed, he didn't want to give it up. 'It is your lucky day.' he said, addressing both of them simultaneously. However, he did lock them in the room together, hoping that by some miracle the two would still be there for him when he made it back...


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