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Hush Hush [Regis & Phoebe]

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Hush Hush [Regis & Phoebe] Empty on Tue Jan 15, 2019 3:03 pm

Phoebe Rainsworth
Reunite, powers and problems are all together, fixed and foremost and mostly completely lazy. She sat on the chair in the bar, her eyes just scanning the crowd, nothing interesting, nothing fun. Just wait, dear.

She rolled her eyes to the person in her brain, Baal was mostly just talking at the moment, no power, no process nothing and yet, it made her bored. "You mostly expect you to be a lot interesting when you talk." She said softly while musing at the looks of the people in the bar, interesting but not enough. She was waiting for one person only, their reunion put off because of Baal's quest for her but she couldn't wait to be reunited with her friend. That made her wonder how in Wrath's name they got through with the potion. The Prince of the Abyss had a lot to tell and a lot to make up for but the girl did not mind too much to talk about all the sappy things that did not matter anymore. Life was just waiting for fun, she had been pushed from one corner to another and no longer was waiting for orders from someone. She was a free soul, only to do what the guild would let her do and for her to enjoy.

She ticked with her well-taken care nails on the table in front of her, would he know where to find her. How many months would it have been? Not too many, she kept a close eye on Regis and she believed the better they got with the potion, the more it was vice versa as well. She was sure Baal just wanted him around for protection but she was fine as long as they would get to the ritual of fixing that. Which made her grin to no one in particular, that was going to be a fun event. Soon enough they would have to meet Victor again and Baal and Phoebe both couldn't wait to see Luci's face. How angry would he be, probably more angry than Phoebe had been, but by impersonating his old lover. Save to say; no one would be happy.

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Hush Hush [Regis & Phoebe] Empty on Tue Jan 15, 2019 3:52 pm

Regis Karlinius
The noise one expect from a man like Regis seemed to echo in a manner would be how he would normally attend to be. The noise of shifting plates,The door open and the wither armor, worn and torn cloth Phoebe knew all too well, Just Regis did not pick up on where she was yet.

But Regis seemed like a normal person now, no steps of his seemed delayed or slow. Walking over to the table the veil of darkness that covered his face staring at some one he would ask for a drink."Glass of rye on the rocks." The voice did not skip or sound fragile, Just the armor was the same and that was it for him, Waiting for his drink and looking around like the quietly the little words were normal of Regis but he looked around like he expected her here but she was either hiding or still out of view.

But Regis was not annoyed by it, these things happen in there own manner and he could deal with that, his temper was that bad he would get that annoyed with it.Picking up his glass Regis would slowly walk a long the tables like the ever quiet and watching person he was.

Thinking to himself she was around here he would find her, but where and how much different was she now. The time apart he did not remember how long but no longer mattered to him, The past was dead now and needed to keep it that way if he lingered he got bitter about it, He could be happy slightly about this situation to just allow something to be there to be happy if he could ever be happy about something again. If that kind of emotion could exist for him.

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Hush Hush [Regis & Phoebe] Empty on Wed Jan 23, 2019 9:53 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
It was hard to miss Regis, while it seemed to be hard to miss Phoebe. She wore a simple black leather jacket and her hair loose but as the colours blended in well with the dark crowd, no one would see her unless you looked well. She moved up her hand, showing the pale skin colour of her hand and wrist while trying to get the attention of her friend. Three months it must have been or already four? "Regis~" She said in a sing-a-song voice trying to capture his attention for real now. She would lower her hand and sit back on her barstool when she was sure he had seen her.

In these months she had joined the Red Hades group and she wanted Regis there with her. Should be for the better, it might be wise to have someone you can trust.
She visibly rolled her eyes while Baal spoke to her but she did not say anything, she wouldn't have to as the Demon Prince would know what she thought. All very fun and well but she would rather only think about herself and work on herself, yet she did not mind if Regis was around. At this point, she would only accept Regis around her. Victor might be useful from time to time but she was sure his pride or should she simply call it his ego, would not let her do what she wanted. She clenched her fist only thinking about what she had done and how naive she had been. It was now for the better, she would be in charge of her own life and it would have the fun in it that she wanted, instead of being taken away from her like always.

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Hush Hush [Regis & Phoebe] Empty on Wed Jan 23, 2019 12:21 pm

Regis Karlinius
There seemed to be in the age of a different time, Regis almost seemed stuck in the part from his look. Whom he would consider the savior looked almost the same but slightly different. But Regis did not care if her looks had changed. So thus being called over Regis seemed to follow, quietly and politely. Like a loyal servant to a master, Even if Regis had his free will still.

So much like other moment in life Regis arrived before  her. This time his words were clear and normal. Taking off his helmet Regis went on one knee and bowed his head."Hello, Old friend." Regis greeting her in his the voice that would be different then the bring hanging in there, full of suffering voice Regis had for the longest time.

His face was clear and well taken care of now, his hair was short, she blue eyes looked healthy. He would get back on his feet no too long after and sat down quietly next to her, It seemed how Regis showed respect for Phoebe, He did not put on his helmet back on. Taking a slight drink out of his glass and he seemed to almost wait like he was waiting for her to say something.

This would be new and interesting for them both considering their past, No doubt she was one of the few people still had respect and trust her. Even over his own family but that did not matter to him, If there was anyone whom would be willing to help him with his goal, It would be her even if he needed to do things for her in return. Regis would consider it a life honor bound promise of pay back in some manner, Regis would figure out the words eventually.

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Hush Hush [Regis & Phoebe] Empty on Wed Jan 23, 2019 12:50 pm

Phoebe Rainsworth
Regis seemed to have noticed her and walked over to her table where he immediately came to greet her, in an amusing way that brought a happy smile on her face. She was also of course very happy to see him. "Likewise my friend, it has been too long." Phoebe grinned as she invited Regis to come sit with her. She took a sip of her own drink and hummed a bit when she thought how best to approach the subject, also considering the crowd where they were sitting it was obviously best to not talk out loud too much about a hidden guild.

First more important questions, "How are you? No pains or anything?" After two years of working with the potion that Baal made, not Persephone even though she still was surprised how much Baal knew about plants and their reactions on the human body, she was just curious about many more things but she was also worried about her friend. Mostly she did not care about others but at this point Regis meant everything to her, the only one who sticked with her. "I hope you didn't bump into your sister?" Now she had basically brought Judina to Regis before but at this point she had to avoid the Rune Knight before difficult questions would be asked and the Red Hades mage would have to avoid everything. Now her father's body was obviously recovered after a few months but no one knew where Mary was or Phoebe so they were all worried.

Phoebe did not really hide her identity but at this point no one had asked her yet and she wanted to keep it that way, freedom and the way to earn money exactly how she liked it was more important. She had not much in general to say for herself, she was in her home town and still felt a bit on the brink of danger, at some point she would have to leave but right now it was the best point of a rendezvous. Who knows what she could get out of the old shop of her dads still. She had already robbed him off much before she killed him until the final straw and she pulled out his heart to perform the ritual that Baal gave her. It wasn't enough though, his powers still sealed behind a vanguard that she did not know nor understood.

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Hush Hush [Regis & Phoebe] Empty on Wed Jan 23, 2019 3:12 pm

Regis Karlinius
The way he was Regis was already sat even more neatly seated then most could easily like he understood how to look neat over anything else even if the withered looking armor let off something else, A sharp contrast compared to the woman next him."A good many years, Yet the time and age seems to leave you unaffected."Regis said to mention something nice to her, It is true he could enjoy looking at her, Even if they have a different kind of trust and bond.

But his answers where simple."I seem to be in perfect health now, I do know any difference at this point." He mentioned to her guess him speaking normally was proof right now."I would feel as normal as I believe I could feel."Regis carried on but even taking a sip of drink. He almost looked he fit in place in whatever position she would mention him as.

"Last I saw her."
Which he would mention easily."Was a funeral last year for my wife and child of mine I ended up doing what i did too while i was insane." Regis did not sound proud, If anything it made him took a sip of his drink sooner,Avoiding anything that would be him to remembering he still felt haunted by it but it was slowly being lifted off of his shoulders.

"Since then, I have not wished to see or nor have I. The same could apply to the rest of my family have lost contact with me."
Regis mentioned, He sounded almost bitter about it and just as much he did not care about not keeping contact with his family members.

It would most likely be guessed Regis would most likely break the neck of anyone who would cause a problem for her."But you seem to make your look...pettier, What has changed with you since we last met?" Regis mention to carry this conversation on with her. Maybe avoid making too many passes calling her pretty it might get awkward.

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Hush Hush [Regis & Phoebe] Empty on Thu Jan 31, 2019 1:34 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
She sat differently, she did not change much if you looked at her fair skin, her body build, her hair might be a bit longer and the way she used make-up might be different but it was still Phoebe. Her personality, however, made her not slump on a chair, make her not want to feel invisible until she would meet or see her friend. No all she could think about right now was that she would just want to be here and be seen. Her status of herself was highly amusing and she was very okay with that idea. She smiled with a happy smile to her friend, this wasn't amusing, Regis was her friend and she loved him dearly because of that, he stuck with her even in the bad times. It would be a shame if they did not but well Phoebe was lucky. "You just say that." She said with a wink but she felt good, she looked good, right? Well as much was to confirm as Regis just said that. But she was concerned for him as well, now that Baal was not really who he had said before who he was, what if the potion had not worked. But it still did.

"I am glad to hear. I bet it makes it easier, as well as the conversations with me." She took a sip of her drink to relax, now that they were reunited, she had a lot to tell and yet did not know where to start. What did surprise her was how long ago he had seen his sister, but that proved to be something that would make her happy. She wasn't entirely sure of her memory anymore but she believed his sister was a knight and that might make things well, difficult. "Oh, that's nice of you." was her reaction to a funeral, she had given her father one, even if she was the one that killed him too. Phoebe leaned on her left hand, looking at Regis to see what he meant and what he wanted to tell, it did sound bitter, his voice but she wasn't entirely sure if it was about his family. "You don't need them. Family is a burden until you make one yourself or you pick the people who are dear to you."

She was happy when he said she looked prettier, silly, she knew that too but for Regis to tell her was good enough. She knew he meant it compared to some others who did not look further than well some aspects. "Oh you know, wandering here and there, trying to work out this new magic." She had not told Regis about Baal yet, but one day would come. The Demon Prince wasn't happy about that aspect but well, who was in charge now? "I found a guild." she said in a hushed whisper, trying out the surroundings that were loud and obnoxious enough to not hear them. "It is perfect, all the guild wants is for you to have fun."

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Regis Karlinius
At least his compliment was taken well, then again it isn't like Regis had the worst intentions with her, in a way he was just showing who he was. Then again not like Regis would do anything really to Phoebe beyond being a friend so far in his mind. Maybe he was just gaining social understanding as well."More I meant it." He seemed so casual and maybe even partly clueless but seemed to catch on after the wink, but he did not seem embarrassed or bothered by it at all after all it was just how he was so far.

What did she mean with that Regis would wonder."I do not see why my sister would cause you problems."Regis mentioned after all considering she knew she helped him why would she cause her problems. Then again Regis did not realize what that very problem would be since he did not really know in general but his next reaction. Maybe it was just he viewed it or saw it, maybe it was just the fact he felt normal and really in reality he was not, it could be many things."Did you forget I made one just as quickly as I had ended it?" He mentioned more curious about it, seemed like Regis was checking to be sure and if she was distracted by something else.

But then again his wife and child were not a burden to him when they were alive not like it really mattered now so he did not stick on about it too much, Because there was more things to talk about."New magic? interesting, I still did not learn any magic last i check, unlike the rest of my family."He didn't know but Regis did have magic, just has yet to ever be used by him or shown.

"If the guild is all about fun, why whisper about being in one?"
Regis mentioned, it just showed what he did not know, But should assume he did not keep track of it all because he did not need too."Even one that is mostly about all about having fun." He seemed to be a bit more blunt, like he could have always been.

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Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe smiled at Regis, it was nice to be back together, it felt less lonely and sure she had not been lonely at all but she had been doing a few things separately and even if that had been fun, it was nice to be together with someone again who she could trust. It was nice he meant the compliment as well, better than all the empty ones people threw out so easily. It was the way how society worked but she did not like it nor could she actually care less about it. At this point, she just wanted to tell him.

"I might forget things here and there." She did admit, not entirely sure how she could forget and if it was just her own arrogance in doing so. Because she clearly had not wanted to offend Regis, but he did not seem to be so. "As for your sister, I am not sure she particularly herself is the problem, just Knights are not the most appreciated people in the world." Which was a construction to what she would say later, about a guild just wanted to have fun. "We could try and find a way to train your magic, there is nothing we can't do together if you ask me." Which made Baal make a strange noise in the back of her mind but she did not answer that nor ask him what the matter was. It wasn't important and she would only want to talk to her friend.

She couldn't help but giggle when he said why to whisper about it. "Because not everyone in society understands the meaning of fun. No rules, nothing, you can do whatever you want, whatever the world thinks about it. As long as you know how to keep it hidden, unfortunately, the world is not ready yet to see." But only she learned so others might as well and she hoped Regis would not disappoint her.

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Hush Hush [Regis & Phoebe] Empty on Thu Jan 31, 2019 9:49 am

Regis Karlinius
He seemed to ponder on that thought for a moment. maybe life was different now, then again how different of a life could it be when you think everything else was your almost not having and managing to just hang on to it by a stroke of luck he thought.

"Clearly you seem bit more interested in other, which is not a huge deal."
Regis also mentioned politely it was just his life and not generally her worry after so many years a part, he just allowed himself to still stew on it, But he seemed okay now, for the moment.

"Maybe i just don't care about what problem they could cause me until they get in my way." Which none of them have, none he could recall anyway. sometimes the thoughts run out of his mind which means something were forgotten some were not. a conversation continued on still.

"The knights do as the knights do, Maybe i do not see what is wrong because i had wanted to be one before my sister." Which was true he did not wish to be one until after the various things that had happen to him.

Now he assumed this would be an interesting part to talk about."if we are not bound by rules, Then are we not bound by our own morality?" Regis asked her. He was wondering where she was going with this."After all it almost sounds like you want the total freedom but what is left for you to choose what is right or wrong." He generally mentioned it to her."Maybe i should not speak since, I will achieve something i want too...no matter the cost but anything i stop myself at." Which he also pointed out as well, he was not blinded to just his view.

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Hush Hush [Regis & Phoebe] Empty on Sat Feb 02, 2019 3:07 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Now and again she did not agree with Regis but she finds it highly unnecessary to do so because it did not change anything. Not their relation, not their thoughts, they just did not agree about things. The Knights do as the Knights have always done, true words but the problem was that they were noisy and she wanted them to be gone. She took a sip of her drink and smiled as they talked about her new guild, yes she agreed. "Oh yes, it is your own morality, total freedom. I don't mind doing the dirty work as long as it is interesting and gives me something." She said it with her shoulders tense and afraid that there were people who would eavesdrop and she did not feel the need to explain herself. "Not anyone would always agree with that prospect but you Regis, I know we are alike in thoughts, we should do what we want to do, don't you think?" She let her shoulders drop now and again to make sure she relaxed, she was not afraid but she did not want any trouble. "Why don't you travel along with me? I want to go to my guild again, it's in Dahlia, I could introduce you there, we could try a few jobs here and there to see if you like it? Wouldn't it be exciting to be in a guild that cares about us? Together?" What was she? Some advertisement girl? She did not care, she wanted Regis by her side that was all that counted.

"Don't see the world between right and wrong, see the world as in what you want to do and if you accept the consequences." she said, finishing the drink and waiting to see if Regis would agree, "We could go immediately if you want. There is nothing here either but the fake festivities, Orchidia is hateful, it always had been." It was her hometown, she should know but it was the ghost of her father maybe that haunted her or the looks that did not change over the years that made her afraid they linked the murder to her, but she and Mary disappeared, which one of the daughters would it be or were they only taken as hostages in this murder investigation. Only Phoebe would know.

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Hush Hush [Regis & Phoebe] Empty on Sat Feb 02, 2019 6:03 am

Regis Karlinius
It seemed like even if both have changed this situation would lead them almost the same path now, They could walk the same path. Then again Regis had a different goal, different wish, a different desire. But one that was easily able to be taken goad him into various things."I do not care my path, Dark or light. I only wish to achieve my the one single goal."That is plain enough for him to state, Nothing else seemed to be interested, What else did he really have left beyond this offer? nothing else really so he had at least something now.

Was it worth the shot it seemed like a harmless offer."I have never else to do, nor anything else to lose."He just mentioned politely, even if his drink was still quite full currently for the moment."As long as I get the one thing I wish for."He mentioned that while he even took rather large sip  and put the glass down some where close by, What else would he do? walk pointlessly walk around normally and almost endlessly and not really learning much it was quite annoying so far.

then kind of finished his drink and exhaled, and then just said."Let us go then." He seemed to have made his choice quickly, he would take this step himself just with a guide from some one who even if they had their own wishes and things to do, Would do just to help one another."After all, it make it almost sound like it was worth more then just the time."Regis said to her as well. Since she also seemed a bit quite about whatever guild if she had problems arrive from it, Regis would solve it in his own manner, What that would entails who knows.

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Hush Hush [Regis & Phoebe] Empty on Sun Feb 03, 2019 6:00 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
She finished her drink quickly after Regis did, she was excited and very curious about his goal. She did not dare to ask in the pub, she should tell him that. Talking about their own morality had not sparked interest from surrounding tables and she did not want anyone to be focused on them nor hear things that they should not hear. She stood up, "Let's talk about it when we leave. I just need to pick up my bag from the inn where I am staying, then I am good to go. I have so many questions and so much to tell you, but it would be so exciting if you join the guild I am in. Someone I know and someone I can trust." Maybe that was a mistake, that's what Baal thought but Phoebe thought differently and because that was normal nowadays, that they fought about matters so small, she decided to ignore Baal still.

Once outside the pub, she would take her bag from the inn that was across and would wait for Regis to be ready to. She explained a bit more about the guild but told Regis that she did not know much about it either, she told him also about her new magic, Demon Soul and that it was one of the reasons that she wanted to enjoy her freedom and her own possibilities. With that in mind, she hoped to convince him to join already, all that was needed was to arrive in Dahlia to get a stamp from the guild but they would be fellow guild members, how lovely that would be!

Once everything was said and done, she pointed Regis into the direction of Dahlia, it would take a couple of days but she was sure the two of them had enough to chit chat about and catch up.


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Hush Hush [Regis & Phoebe] Empty on Sun Feb 03, 2019 8:48 am

Regis Karlinius
It must have been something rather really important to her if she was pushing so hard, Then again maybe Phoebe just worked that way and Regis had never really picked up until his mind went sane and normal again, He would not judge anyway. So Regis would actually take his time to get himself ready, Traveling yet again. so thus Regis for once would not feel like he dragging himself to follow some one this time, He just was doing it willing for once in his life and that was it.

Kind of relief in his mind, So he would just as many times before hand would follow the same woman again, But in a new path that would lead him for something he wished for, Regis would hope she would help or being the guide he needed as well, Even in return if Regis would have to blindly follow some one, It proved what little left he had to attach himself too, What little life had for him that he cared about, Stand around just think and doing nothing? Or take it this some where he could go forwards.

Seemed like a simple choice for him, He would not too lagging behind for too long before Regis would be ready to go and travel he seemed a bit more clear about what he would do now, So with in a few a minutes after Phoebe had gotten her bag, Regis was actually a few feet away and just like many times before had nothing else on him just that old armor and him. Being guided he would not not fee like he was just being dragged along like animal, It was different now, It was something he was driven too do, He woulf do it, None would stop him.


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