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Moment of Reflection.(Open)

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Moment of Reflection.(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:52 pm

Chloé Leclair
Looking puzzled at the way the man was going. She wondered what he was thinking, but she followed him nonetheless. The path unlike the main path didn't seem to be used that much. Only the two left Their footprints in the snow in the otherwise abandoned landscape.

"Is something wrong?" Chloé asks when. She looked herself around, but could not find anything out of the ordinary.

Chloé noticed how silent the armored man could walk in his armor. The only reason she could notably hear her was because the cold woods were rather silent this time of the year. Chloé made even less noise though, but she was sure she couldn't do that in heavy boots like the mysterious armored man was wearing. She stayed shortly behind him so the path was mostly already made.

Chloé wondered how far this path went. She'd probably had sneaked into town by now if she had gone with her original plan. Still it seemed not to move away from the town so they had to be almost there. The moment she thought that she could see the houses in the distance.

"Oh... We're here!" She said while looking around. This was the village alright.

"Thanks... I will go change now." Chloé said before heading of towards the inn where she had some extra outfits stored.

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Moment of Reflection.(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Tue Feb 12, 2019 5:47 am

Regis Karlinius
He did not know what else to do now, He did not think what else could be done here. Even if it seemed effortless and quietly done they arrived back in town and Regis felt still clueless about everything else in his mind. So far he almost felt like either sleeping, eat something, just something normal to get his still slightly bitter thoughts out of his system.

Even losing himself to his own thoughts for a moment. Picturing a faceless figure being strangled to death by his own hands, it was just him watching an image of it happening. It was a picture of his rage of what he wanted to do for whom ever may eventually feel Regis' wrath for cursing him, since he was a blank imaging of a person with a black hair and faceless. Even imaging this person struggling in his mind as well followed by a loud snap, Almost like he just wanted to do the same some one else forced him to do to the one he cared about.

He felt his mind just building up a bit of rage from that thought currently. Part of it made him feel better picturing his own wishes happening in front of him, he would smile still wanting more in his thought of it wanting it to be reality and not just a dream,  his mind was not even worried about if this woman never came back in his slightly own depressing manner he almost assumed she wouldn't return because Regis almost seemed a scary for the moment in his own mind.

But nonetheless Regis would walk into this Inn himself to find a place to sit down for the moment just to let himself sit, even if being by the water was nice the pace was different now,But came to a different thought about it."I will find her another day." He had something else he wish to do.


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