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Mage and The Beanstalk [Quest|Sage]

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Mage and The Beanstalk [Quest|Sage] Empty on Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:42 pm

It was another day in Orichidia. The holy knight walked among the streets with his sword by his side. But he didn't bring his armor as he had always think that they are such a burden to carry. He preferred a more light item like a cloak or something. He looked at the sky and the sun was reaching its zenith, the clouds were floating above them gracefully as ever. But there was something peculiar that could be seen from where he was standing. There was a tall beanstalk so tall that the tip of it couldn't even be seen from the ground and it seemed like the townsfolk of Orichidia had already noticed this and they were all scattered around the tree wondering what in the world was that. Sage started to head for the place as he could see a few rune knights trying to keep the townspeople as far as possible from the giant beanstalk and he guessed that maybe they could use a helping hand. As Sage arrived near the giant beanstalk with his sword saddled on his back, the townspeople grew quiet as the sword could be intimidating. Coupled with the baby face Sage had it might seem a little bit absurd but oh well what else can he do about it. The noisy riot began to turn into a whispering crowd as Sage walked towards the beanstalk, maybe they had heard about him before but his fame wasn't a lot compared to higher figures.

When Sage reached at the front of the crowds, the rune knights noticed him immediately as a holy knight, maybe due to the sword, or maybe to the warm smile and the radiant aura Sage brought along wherever he walks. "What's the matter here?" Sage asked with a calm tone while the other rune knights were sweating and their face seemed worried about something. One fo the rune knights hesitated to answer but Sage shifted his gaze at the surrounding of the giant beanstalk and he could sea boy with reddish skin and he was sweating a lot. Sage rushed towards the boy who was surrounded by medics and so he asked them, "What happened here?" with a worried tone. One of the medics turned around and looked at Sage, he then pointed at the giant beanstalk, "This tree over here is the cause of the boy's sickness. We will take him to the hospital now, you should talk to Inspector Nillan if you wanna solve this matter." he said then turned around and picked the boy up using one of those things ambulance use for carrying people who can't move. Sage let out a huff and turned to see where this professor Nillan was. When he saw someone talking with a serious face, he guessed that was him so he walked over to the man with the handsome feature and nice cut hair. He was talking with a few rune knights but it seemed like they were arguing about something.

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Mage and The Beanstalk [Quest|Sage] Empty on Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:43 pm

Sage decided to cut in because he didn't want the giant beanstalk around anymore as he saw what it did to the poor boy, he couldn't let any other people get hurt and the giant beanstalk must go down as soon as possible before any other injuries are done. "Umm excuse me," he said but the people seemed to not hear or care of him. So he coughed a little and still they didn't seem to notice him. He wondered if everybody was going to be like this towards him, it kind of pissed him off that everybody sees him as a little kid even though he was capable of doing something so much greater but it is the world and prejudice exist everywhere. He sighed and then let out a loud voice as if he was shouting and he rarely shout so they really did it that time,they pissed him off. Once he got their attention he cleared his throat. "There's no need to argue about this matter, we obviously need to bring this giant beanstalk down as it portrays as a threat to the citizens. So quit arguing like babies and let's get this shit done." he said to the obviously people older than him. He didn't know why, maybe it was the sword on his back or maybe that he was being logical but some of the people who argued left but one person didn't.

It was the handsome Inspector Nillan who didn't leave as from what Sage had heard earlier was also on Sage's side wanting to cut down the tree. "Thank you," he said to Sage but he shrugged it off as it wasn't a big deal. "We already set out a movement to clear the village on the north but we still need a strong force to kick this thing down." he said, not looking to Sage but at the giant green but Sage got him. Sage told him that he could do it but Nillan of course hesitated but Sage told him not to worry about it and just set the movement going already. While the rune knights were at that Sage sat on the ground in a meditating state. He closed his eyes and yellow aura seemed to appear from him, every minute it gets brighter and brighter. While Sage was focusing on his magic to harness sufficient strength, the rune knights set out to the villages and cleared it. When that was done Sage stood up, a sun emblem was etched on his forehead, the concentrated yellow aura around him compared the brightness of the sun and it was so strong it was as if a strong wind current was produced beneath Sage, making his hair swept by it upwards. He walked towards the giant beanstalk and grabbed his sword from his back. He unsheathed it and gave it one quick slash. The giant beanstalk immediately fell toppling onto the northern side of the village but no one was harmed as the rune knight had set a special string so that the beanstalk won't reach the ground. Nillan asked him to bring a sample of the sap from its vines by using a sampling device given by him. Sage did so and went to Nillan's office giving the sap sample to him.


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