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Intercept The Package [Quest-Chloé]

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Intercept The Package [Quest-Chloé]  Empty on Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:29 pm

Chloé Leclair
After a night where she really doesn't remember what happened anymore Chloé was surprisingly fine, considering the amount of ale she took in. She was thinking about skipping town today and go on her way back to the guild hall. But when passing the market place she witnessed a really aggressive to one of the merchants. Chloé like a lot of other people turned to the duo and watched the scene hoping that it wouldn't turn out in a fight. At first it seemed the man would attack the merchant but then he met eyes with Chloé for a second. Because Chloé quickly looked away and he walked away. Accidently bumping into Chloé before running off. Only he seemed to have dropped his handkerchief. Which Chloé picked up and followed him.

She found him a little further away. Only about two streets from the market street, waiting for someone.

Mister! Your handkerchief! Chloé says while running towards the man. He still looked intimidating, but looking at while looking at her he seemed to calm down.

"You... you're a mage aren't you?"

He asked, assured of his answer. She didn't know what part of her looked like a mage, but she didn't really have a reason to lie about it.

"Yes, why do you ask?" She asked the man curiously.

"You interested in a little job on the side? I don't care the guild you belong too, as long as you finish your job." The man asked her for a job. She wasn't sure if she could do it, but if his statement meant he wasn't asking something legally yes she could. That she would do the job remained to be seen.

"Yes, sir. Could you please tell me more?" She asked, as polite as always.

"You noticed that scene in the market right? That merchant has receives a particular item this evening. I want that item. I don't care how you get it, all you need is get the item and make sure it can't be linked to me." He said while handing over an image. A special sword. Chloé didn't recognize it, but that wasn't important. Her client wanted a sword, since this wasn't a murder mission she didn't really feel that bad for accepting the offer. The man gave her directions to his house and told her a caravan would come and how it would most likely reach the city this evening. She had done far worse things for worse reasons.

"Just wait for the caravan for the gate and tell them you are It's new errand girl. They know me, but they don't know you." He gave her a bit of a small piece of paper with a single scrabble on it. It was the merchants autograph, which she could use to make it seem like she really worked for him. Totally not legal, but it was probably the best way to finish the clients request.

Chloé spend her time waiting for the caravan trying to get the autograph right. That the merchant's name wasn't too long was a blessing in disguise. It made it so that the signature wasn't too hard to copy and easily learn able in a single afternoon. After that she want out of town to wait for the caravan.

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Intercept The Package [Quest-Chloé]  Empty on Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:30 pm

Chloé Leclair
The caravan arrived on the dot, about an hour before sunset. The caravan came in sight and the young girl would approach the caravan. Waiting on the road in plain sight so they could see she didn't have any ill intentions. Which she did have, but she couldn't let them notice that.

"Hey missy, watcha doing out in the city all by yourself!" The caravan master asked as the caravan passed through towards Orchidia. Somehow Chloé should be able to get him to give her the sword her client so desperately wanted.

"Hello there sir! I'am It's new errand girl. He told me to pick up that special sword so we could test it immediately! He even gave me this magical quill that would sign for him, which can only be used to sign in it's owners name!" Chloé bullshitted her way through the caravan master. She didn't really knew if such feathers existed or not. But she did think it would be might convenient. Of course, there was nothing magical about the feather. She would just use some basic magic in her fingers to make it look like the feather was using the magic.

The caravan master looked at her, while she kept her most convincingly honest smile face up.

"Oh that sounds great! I want to see that!" The caravan master said while handing her the paper. She took the quill and put a little magic in it so it gave a visibly dark aura. Then she started to write the signature she practiced the whole afternoon on the paper.

"Here you go!" Chloé gave the paper back to the caravan master. He glanced over the paper and looked very carefully. She felt a little guilty over lying to the man, but it was a better alternative than murdering him in cold blood.

"Well, this is actually the real deal. The quill must work! I'll give you the sword and after that you must tell me where you got that quill!" He said very enthusiastically. He ran towards one of the wagons and pulled the special sword outside of it. Of course Chloé didn't bother to ask what it did. She didn't need to know and if the caravan master realized she didn't knew what the sword does the entire plan would fall in pieces.

"Thank you, the boss will be very happy! I'll tell you about the quill later!" After which she ran off, back into the city. She managed to get the sword and her victim was none the wiser. And wouldn't be until the merchant came to get his sword and realize the sword had been stolen. As Chloé had been seen in the open it might be best she wasn't in town when that happened. Which meant she had to hurry.

She arrived at the clients home. There was no sign of life, but she still knocked on the door. She was allowed inside. After giving the client the sword she was hired to get she received her payment. After which she went away to lay low somewhere until she could skip town.

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