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Decorator [Quest|Sage]

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Decorator [Quest|Sage] Empty on Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:03 am

Sage was walking down the Orichidian streets, his hair honey-blonde and wavy as usual. It glinted under the morning sun. His hands were rested inside his navy blue jeans' pocket. His shirt was thin and was pink in color. He was walking with his white sneakers. The day before, Granny Betty had asked him to come over to her house. She had requested him to go to the market and buy stuff to decorate her new apartment. The apartment which Sage himself cleaned yesterday. Having known the structure and the inside of the apartment well, he already had ideas on what he should buy.

He reached the Granny Betty's house and he saw her unlocking the apartment's door. It seemed like he arrived just in time as her. She smiled at him and greeted him good morning, Sage replied with a good morning too. They then settled in the house and Granny Betty brought with her breakfast which was a relief to Sage because he hadn't had breakfast yet. She made some sandwiches and it was delicious, Sage enjoyed every bit of it. After that granny Betty gave him some money and assigned him to go to the market to decorate her house. Sage looked at the amount she gave him and it was a lot he was shocked a little. He looked back at Granny Betty and she smiled cunningly back at him. He had heard that Granny Betty was a rich lady who could afford a mansion at the capital and he thought it was just rumors but apparently not. He gave her another smile and walked off to the market.

When he reached the market, his warm smile was the first thing people would notice about him. He always had this radiant aura around him. As he walked, his honey-blonde hair was silky just like his elven mother and it swayed forth and back following the rhythm of his movement. It was early in the morning and the shopkeepers was just opening up and their mood was bright. They greeted Sage as he passed by and with the warm smile of his he greeted them back but didn't stop as he had a destination to reach, the furniture store. Once he reached there he saw a rather old looking man but from the posture of his body and the radiant glowing skin he gave off it seemed like the old man was healthy, maybe due to the labor he need to put every day at the furniture store and it was obvious that he was the owner of the shop as he greeted Sage with a smile. He greeted the old man back with yet another warm smile and the old man asked if he could help him with anything. Sage replied by saying that he need some furniture, the old man than led him to a section of the store. It was quite a huge store and it seemed like it has everything one need for a house.

Word Count: 502
Total Word Count: 502/1000

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Sage looked at all the furniture, the couches, bed, dining table. He had a quick look a the quality of the items but especially the colors of it. He had always been someone artistic and he would be pissed if he sees a non-matching color together, it really stings his eyes. He had settled on the idea that he would take on the theme of earthly colors. It wasn't for his own settlement but Granny Betty's. Even though he himself like the idea of earthly colors theme he guessed it would also fit Granny Betty's old age. The earthly colors are soothing to the eyes and it gives off this calm atmosphere that for sure almost all elderly would love, having lived for quite a long time they must want to rest and settle in somewhere calming and non stressful environment. Hence it also answered one of his day dreaming question on why do orichidia has a lot of old people, because the place was surrounded by nature and who would give away something like that? It provides fresh air and soothes the eyes. Not to include the creatures that lives in te green like the birds who chirps sounds amazing. It should've been obvious to Sage before but he could also miss a few things of course as he was half human and they tend to make mistakes. He wasn't sure if elves also make mistakes but he guess every creature makes one to learn right?

When he had looked at all the furniture he met back with the old shopkeeper. The old shopkeeper gave Sage a paper to fill in, it consisted of list of all the furniture that was in the store along with its codes at the side. Sage ticked the furniture he wanted to buy and after that paid the shopkeeper with the money Granny Betty gave him. Sage was then informed that the furniture would arrive soon at the location Sage had gave them, which was the location of Granny Betty's apartment. Sage walked back toward the apartment and waited with Granny Betty for the furniture to come. They chatted for awhile and not long after that the sound of a truck could be heard outside. Sage went outside and saw the truck, some of the workers were moving the furniture already. Sage helped them a bit and after an hour or so Granny Betty's house was colorful with the earth themed colors. The furniture workers left and Granny Betty seemed really happy about the new atmosphere in her new apartment. She thanked Sage and gave him some jewels which Sage happily received. Granny Betty then walked back to the kitchen and took out a basket of cookies. Sage grinned warmly as he love cookies. She gave Sage the cookies and he thanked her. Granny Betty also thanked him for helping her house so much. Sage then waved goodbye to her and left the apartment. While walking back to his room, he wondered when he would settle in a house like that.


Word Count: 508
Total Word Count: 1010/1000

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