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Stage Manipulation [Quest|Sage]

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Stage Manipulation [Quest|Sage] Empty on Fri Jan 11, 2019 12:27 am

Sage yawned as he rose his back from the comfiness of the mattress of his motel bed. The rays of the morning sun peaked through the small partings of the curtain, glinted at the touch of Sage's magenta eyes. He rubbed his eyes with his hand and moved the blanket to the side, moving his hips in a way so that he could touch the ground. He stood up from his bed and started to walk towards the bathroom and locked the door once he entered it. He started to strip and walked into the shower room, turning the tap and cold water flowed from the shower head. The water ran down his body as he took some soap and rubbed his body with it. As he enjoyed the freshness of the water, his thoughts started to drift away from reality. He started to think about the event that took place yesterday, one of the head guards of a noble family in Orichidia walked up towards him and seeked for his help. It was late at night already so they planned to meet the next morning and have breakfast together. Sage wasn't doing any quest at the moment and so he thought it would be a good idea to do some as he was going to run out of money soon.

He closed the tap of the shower and the water stopped flowing from the shower head, little droplets of water started to fall from it instead. He reached for the towel that was hanging by the bathroom and gently dried his face first and continued with the rest of his body. He then wrapped the towel over his waist and walked towards his motel room, he reached for his clothes and put them on one by one. He pulled a sleek jeans over his legs and a thin white t-shirt over his body, putting the towel over his head to soak some water from it. After a few while he hanged the towel back to where it was and walked over to a desk with a big mirror on it. He looked in the mirror and saw his slightly wet messy hair. He reached for the hairdryer and switched it on, he aimed at his air and the hot air it released started to dry his hair. When he felt like his hair was all good he switched the hairdryer off. then played with his hair with his hands until it got the style that he likes, where the bangs covered his forehead. He smiled at the mirror and walked off towards the door with his wallet and room key in his hands. He locked the door and walked downstairs towards the motel's lobby where the exit was. When he step his foot outside, the morning sun's rays lightens his honey-blonde hair and made it radiate with light. He looked left and right before he crossed the streets. The head guard said that the cafe was just two blocks from where he was staying.

Word Count: 505
Total Word Count: 505/3000

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He turned around the corner of a street, his hands in his pocket. He looked forward and he could see the head guard from yesterday crossing his arms, smiling widely at him. Sage returned the smile and waved at him and walked faster towards the cafe. The head guard was of course taller than him and he got that father figure vibes coming out of him. "Well good morning there young man!" the head guard greeted him as Sage got nearer, patting him on the back while he did so. For some reason Sage didn't feel awkward being around the man before him, as he usually freaks out whenever a stranger touches him. "Good morning to you too, let's get this done." he replied cheerfully accompanied by a warm smile. The head guard then opened the door of the cafe for him, "After you," he said while he held the door with his hand. Sage grinned and said thanks to him as he walked into the cafe. The head guard followed soon after that and they settled on a table by the window. They sat opposite of each other on the red cushioned couch. "Order anything you want, it's on me." the head guard said and Sage couldn't help it but just to smile. The waitress soon came over their table and he ordered pancakes with a cup of coffee while the head guard only ordered a really black coffee.

"So what's the job?" Sage opened the discussion with the question, his hands rested on the table, clenched against one another. The head guard than looked weirdly at him and spoke, "First, my name is Jelias, and you must be Sage am I right?" he grinned at the end of it, Sage completely forgot that they didn't know each others names, it was quite common for such thing to happen to him but still his face turned as red as a cherry. "Oh- Um please excuse my silliness, and yes I'm Sage, nice to meet you Jelias." he couldn't help it but to grin the whole time he spoke as it was quite embarrassing. Jelias chuckled a little at the sight of the clumsy Sage, the waitress then came and served their orders, Sage hungrily sliced the pancakes and filled his stomach while he hear what the job was from Jelias. "So you have to know first, that I am not who you might seem to think I am. I am a weak general whose liutenant is ten fold stronger than I am and I have bluffed my way up the rank," he stopped for a moment analyzing Sage's reaction, Sage kept chewing his food and locked eyes with Jelias as he was waiting for him to continue, "Go on," he said with a full mouth which shocked Jelias for a moment as he didn't expect that. he coughed a little and took a sip of his black tea, his gaze shifted to the windows abruptly and shifted back towards the honey-blonde teen sitting in front of him.

Word Count: 508
Total Word Count: 1013/3000

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Jelies was a bit shocked that Sage didn't flinch or react in a way he expected him to but nevertheless, he continued with the mission. "So there is this criminal whom we rune knights have been trying to catch for so long but it seemed like we already have a chance. The criminal challenged me to a fight and if I win he will willingly turn himself in but.." he stopped for a moment, the young Sage looked at Jelies wondering why did the man stopped. "if he wins his records will be cleaned completely." he continued with full of dread in his tone. Jelies was about to continue further but Sage cut him, his words were dull and his face expressionless as if he changed his personality in an instant, "The criminal knows you're a big bluff and by challenging specifically you he had already won by default and so his records is considered erased by now.". The magenta eyes that was used to be filled with warmth was dreadful. Jelies looked at Sage with shock and amazement that he was lost in his words. Sage then let out a heavy sigh and drank his coffee, his expression wasn't as tensed as before. "So what do you want me to do?" he asked guessing that Jelies had already came out with a plan. He tricked his way up the rank of the rune knights and Sage couldn't put that fact aside and believe that Jelies was someone witty.

A slight smirk could be seen at the end of Jelies's lips, his eyes sharp and cunning. "Well that's where you come in. We have already agreed to battle at a stage nearby. I want you to sneak in there tonight and set traps and whatnot so that when I fight him tomorrow, he will fall in the traps. But don't make it obvious though, this is to keep my image and in the same time capture the criminal for good." he said with his raspy voice but behind it lies a cunning mind. For some reason Sage liked to do this, to cunningly do stuff maybe it is in his nature but he doesn't want to have that kind of trait to take over his personality completely. "It's on, but I'll still get some payment right?" he asked with a smirk and Jelies couldn't help it but to chuckle, "I thought Holy Knights do things for the sake of good deeds but you sound more interested in money." he ended it with a grin, amused by Sage character, "Well I do need money you know to live in this world." Sage said with a slight whining tone which further amused Jelies and sent him to a burst of laughter. Once he started to settle down they finished their food and like Jelies said, he paid for it. They then walked outside of the cafe, "Thanks for the food, see you tomorrow!" Sage cheerfully said to Jelies as they parted ways. Jelies smiled widely and waved at him then walked in the opposite direction.

Word Count: 513
Total Word Count: 1526/3000

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Sage turned around and walked under the morning sun along the Orichidian streets. He headed back towards his motel room as it was no use of him to go about the town then, he needed to get some rest as later during that night he must go out towards the stage which Jelies had given him the address location and set up the traps so that Jelies could keep up his name and to capture the criminal and send him behind the bars for the greater good. Sage walked pass pedestrians and a few tourists who seemed to look at him longer than normal and started whispering at each other with a geeky smile across their faces. He had then realized that his pointed ears were shown and maybe the tourists haven't seen many elves before. Despite that, he walked on. He had then came across the Orichidian church. The sight of it was still spectacular even though he had seen it a lot of times before. WIth intuition, he stepped inside the church. He had known the pathways of the church already as he came there a lot of times before. He sat in the hall and closed his eyes, clenching his hands together and brought it to his face. He then prayed for him and his parents' health and for his sins to be forgiven including those he wasn't aware of. He then prayed for the plan to capture the criminal tomorrow would go smoothly and that the odds would be in their hands.

He then kissed his hands and opened his eyes, he stood up and walked out of the hall. His hands were kept in his pockets as he walked back to the motel he was staying at. When he reached his room he unlocked the door and pushed it simultaneously. After stepping into the room, he locked the door behind me and threw the keys onto a nearby table the jumped onto his back and made the springs of the mattress bounce up and down. He turned his stomach up and looked at the ceiling, thinking of the plans for the traps he would be setting that night. After a short while, his eyelids began to weaken and closed itself dozing Sage to slumber. After a few hours, he woke up and he immediately looked at the sky, through the curtains in his room. The sky was pitch black and the road was silent, he looked at the wall clock and it showed that it was eleven at night. He jumped off his back and stretched his back, yawning at the same time. He went to the bathroom and turned on the sink which then water flowed out of it. He held his hand to contain some of the water and immediately splashed his face with the icy cold water. He took his towel and dried his face putting it back to its original place soon after. He pulled on his black slack and grabbed his jet black jacket and went into the night.

Word Count: 509
Total Word Count: 2035/3000

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He walked down the stairs of the motel, holding his hood and wore it over his head before stepping into the cold silent night. The street was empty, stores closed and the only movement that could be seen were the insects helplessly flying around the street lamps. Sage's face couldn't be seen in the dark and plus the fact that he covered most of his head with his black hood. His attire was completely black making it harder to make out that he was even there as he blended perfectly well with the dark night. For a moment, he felt extremely uncomfortable as he felt like he was doing something bad, which will affect him greatly in the halls of the holy knights. But then he thought about it again, while his hands were getting cold due to being stuck out in the cold night air without any clothes to warm it and his reflex was to immediately put his hands into the pockets of his jacket which were warmer than the cold night air. The fact that he was doing it to capture the criminal that was being hunted by the rune knights seemed good enough. But the fact that he was helping Jelies to continue with his bluff, then he quickly shut his mind as he realized that even though he won't help him the criminal would instead be cleansed off his criminal records which would be bad. So he decided that the path he was taking was for the greater good.

He arrived at the location of the stage Jelies told him the day before, the place where the fight would happen the next morning. He observed the stage, waiting for ideas to come to his mind as it always did. The stage was made out of wooden planks, a ring of wires around it along with wooden poles to make it stand. It seemed like a budget stage used by street fighters or people similar to them use to have their duels in. It seemed to be quite famous to the locals as he noticed an overflowing trashcan indicating that many people went there. An insight then came into his mind as he saw a nearby screwdriver along with nails around it. A grin stretched across his face, a cunning smile and malice in his eyes. He walked over to the screwdriver and the nails and picked them up. He then walked over to the middle of the stage, crouching down onto the wooden planks and started to screw the nails embedded in the plank out of it. The plank was then very fragile as whoever stepped on it will fall immediately. He did this again but only at the middle of the ring though. HIs plan was that the criminal would fall and Jelies could then strike him with a striking blow mid-air which would, in turn, be more effective and would hurt ten times more because the criminal wasn't in touch with anything which then he would receive one hundred percent of the damage.

Word Count: 510
Total Word Count: 2545/3000

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After a few screwing of nails, Sage stood up from his crouching and let a deep sigh as crouching wasn't his favourite position at all. He then walked off the stage, keeping in mind to not step the middle of the stage as they were filled with mine traps. He then placed the screwdriver and the nails somewhere around the stage, at the bottom of it but it would be too small and the place was quite overshadowed by the stage for anyone to notice it. He then walked towards his motel room, the street was still quiet but when he looked up he could see the stars twinkling in the sky ever gracefully. Orichidia wasn't a town populated by that much light, it was instead covered by trees and greens. So the stars could be seen from there, it was a spectacular sight indeed even though he had seen something more wonderful and more beautiful. When he reached his motel room he unlocked the door as usual and pushed it open stepping inside and jumped onto his bed. It was a few hours left before sunrise which he and Jelies had planned to meet again so that Sage could explain what he had modified at the stage. Plus he didn't feel sleepy and so he killed some time by reading some novels of his.

When the light of the sun beamed from the partings of the curtains, Sage closed the book and grabbed his light blue sweater, putting it over his body and then pulled on a pair of sweatpants. He then walked down towards the motel lobby and jogged towards the cafe he met Jelies the day before. When he met Jelies they had a drink and Sage explained about the nails he screwed out of the wooden planks at the middle of the stage. Then he went on and told Jelies to strike for the criminal's face or ribs when he falls. Jelies was excited and thanked Sage. Jelies then paid for the drinks and went off to the stage but Sage didn't follow so that there would be no suspicion of them working together. After an hour, Sage was still in the cafe and he was enjoying his pancakes and as soon as he finished Jelies came in walking with a wide grin across his face. He sat opposite of Sage and told him that his plan worked perfectly and that the criminal surrendered to defeat as he couldn't stand up anymore. Sage grinned widely as he used some of his physics knowledge to strategize a one shot blow. His knowledge is his greatest weapon and of course he would use it in any fights. He then shook hands with Jelies and Jelies took out a pouch from his pocket dropping it onto the table in front of Sage. It was the payment for Sage's brilliant work. Jelies then thanked Sage and Sage replied with a your welcome, they then walked out of the cafe and went onto separate ways.


Word Count: 504
Total Word Count: 3049/3000

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