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Fractured Paths [Kyam]

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on Thu Jan 10, 2019 8:40 pm

The cool, crisp air of winter caused Ianthe to zip the leather jacket up that she wore. She was coming down off of her high but wasn't ready to take a hit just yet. For whatever reason she wanted to see how long she could last without the drug, without the medicine. She was already feeling irritated and as she looked out over the river she prayed to no god in particular that she could fight what would no doubt soon come over her. She could remember the first time she tried to get off the drug, the backlash was almost immediate and she knew that it would be impossible. Yet here she was, trying once more, as if it would make any difference at all. Pulling her hand out of her pocket she checked the nice little watched she swiped off some unfortunate fool. She was only ten minutes in but she could feel herself really needing the hit. With a deep sigh she began to move about, walking back and forth and continuing to breath as a stinging sensation settled in. She wanted to be free, a small part of her wanted to be free, but she just couldn't be strong enough to fight.


on Fri Jan 11, 2019 3:57 pm

No matter how cold it got Kyam just never saw the need to wear anything heavier than his typical business suit. He slowly poured some mana onto the skin around him which did a good job at keeping him warm considering it was of the fire element. Kyam placed the joint he had been smoking between his lips and inhaled the thick marijuana smoke into his lungs before exhaling with a smile. He couldn't believe how great of a herb marijuana was, especially since it was something that showed no negative side effects when humans smoked it. Some people even considered the plant a drug but Kyam had his own opinions on the matter so even in public he had no problem smoking his weed. As he walked slowly through the the streets of Orchidia he thought about the future and what was to come. Savannah was always heavily on his mind because he had big plans to CONQUER it. His destination for now though was the river. He entered the forest and moved quickly to reach the forest so he could rest and finish the other joint he had. When he approached the river he could see a woman up head pacing back and forth. The only thing that made her interesting was her skin complexion and so he approached her. As he came closer though she seemed really bothered more or less, irritated actually. "Here." He said with a smile as he extended his hand with the joint in it. "Look like you got a lot on your mind, you alright?" He asked seriously concerned. For ordinary pale skinned Fiorians Kyam hadn't a care in the world, but she wasn't any ordinary Fiorian obviously.


on Fri Jan 11, 2019 7:16 pm

She was started to sink into her own mind, blurring out the world around her as she continued her deep breathing. This caused her to miss the presence that was coming towards her, she hadn't even noticed until a voice pulled her back causing her to snap her head up and turn to the source. Oh. Now most normal people wouldn't just accept a joint off of a stranger. Most normal people would probably politely decline but Ianthe couldn't decline something like that. People could debate all day till they were blue in the face about if marijuana was a drug or not, but she needed something to stab off the pain that was slipping into her body.

Uh, thank you. I'm..I'm gonna be ok now. a light chuckle followed behind those words as she placed the joint to her plump lips and took a slow and satisfying pull of it. She was thankful for this kind stranger to appear like a mocha angel from out of nowhere. It was a rare thing to see such acts of kindness. Pulling the joint from her lips she inhaled in a bit of air as she did so before holding it all in for what felt like the longest ten seconds of her life. It was good stuff she had to admit that as exhaled thick smoke from her nostrils. The pain she had experienced seem to recoil as the hit from the joint began to set in. Passing it back to it's owner she mustered up a smile. Sorry, I probably looked all sorts of stressed huh? She didn't need anyone worrying about her but she was sure glad this guy did, if he did. She hadn't even realized that she was out of it.


on Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:19 pm

Not a lot of women Kyam knew smoked marijuana like he did. Usually the women in his life were only present for a quick nut and go, but they never took him up on his offer to smoke. This girl was different though. When Kyam held his hand out she took it, not rushingly but he could sort of see that she was happy to see the joint. The woman thanked Kyam and implied that she'd probably be okay now. "It's no biggie. The beauty of this magnificent herb- it can make anyone feel better." The young Savannan chuckled and glanced away. He didn't want the stranger to feel like he was rushing her or anything because he had another one just for himself. When the woman finally attempted to pass it back he shook his head and lifted his hand, gesturing for her to keep it. She also asked if she looked stressed. "No no, that's all yours ma'am." he said gently before taking out the other joint in his pocket. "Honestly yeah, you looked like something was really bothering you. Everything okay?" He asked in Savannan while quickly placing it into his mouth and lighting it with the tip of his finger. His gold eyes looked gently into hers and he was genuinely concerned. "Hope you're not in any trouble." He asked with an eyebrow raised hoping that she could understand him.


on Sat Jan 12, 2019 7:01 pm

She was surprised of course but wouldn't complain. It wasn't everyday that people gave out free weed. Smiling she took another pull, this time slower and deeper. Smoke filled her lungs and she held it there as he spoke and exhaled it slow once she heard his switch in language. Colored her a little surprised to hear it as she could only remember hearing from one or two other individuals in fiore. †She almost chuckled at his last sentence but she continued to smile and shook her head. This stranger was worrying too much about her, on one hand it was nice on another it wasn't any of his god damn business.

I'm always in trouble, but trust me it's nothing serious. It's nice to see a fellow Savannian though. What's your name? She let the words flow, fluid as she spoke the mother tongue. It always felt good to use the language especially to another who could understand it. Though as that may be she needed to push the conversation in a different direction. She didn't know this man and at the end of the day she wasn't about to share her life story with him, that included her own problems.


on Sun Jan 13, 2019 3:32 am

Just as he hoped. The woman was indeed Savannan and she was just as fluent in the language as he was. Cracking a widened smile he bowed as she began to speak. It's been a minute since he's met a Savannan who was fluent in the language which honestly made him happy. In a country that he otherwise despised there was at least someone who could understand him a bit better than the rest of the people who he walked amongst day and night. The woman had purple hair, something not totally uncommon but not completely common either in Savannah. In fact, Savannan's with hair other than the color of white or dark brown/black were especially favored for their beauty. This woman had all the traits of a Savannan. Perfect brown skin, obvious eyes and a nearly perfect body figure. The woman responded by saying she was always in trouble- a mental note was taken down as she followed her answer by asking him who he was. At first he quickly thought about if he should reveal his identity to her since she could have been one of the bounty hunters that were after him but considering she hadn't actually been looking for him and the bounty hunters hadn't pursued him in days he felt like there was nothing he should hide from a fellow Savannan. "Kyam...Kyam Malia" He stated glaring into her eyes as if he was attempting to see through her soul, much like he did with everyone he first met. He was a good people reader so he began to process of analyzing her at this very moment. The Malia Kingdom was one of the most famous- if not the most famous Kingdom of Savannah. Not only were they a huge kingdom but they were also very wealthy. If this woman knew anything of her country she'd be well aware of the name of the Kingdom who went from rags to riches in a matter of years. "And you are?"


on Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:08 pm

Ianthe..No last name, sorry to disappoint. Chuckling lightly she took note of the glare she got and the way he spoke his last name. She didn't think anything of it of course but she thought it was a little...Off. Taking another pull from the joint her eyes began to wander for somewhere to sit and enjoy the company of another home lander. He was handsome enough, though not her cup of tea..Not since her tea had a little daemon in it. †

With a little inspection she spotted a nice thick tree. It was a perfect place to take a seat and enjoy the rest of the gift she was given. Exhaling a dragon's breath worth of smoke she motioned in the direction of the tree. Ianthe could only hope he caught her drift as she took the lead towards her new resting spot When did you come to Fiore...Why did you come to Fiore? She wanted to continue the conversation, she could at least do that for someone who was nice enough to bless her with weed. Her questions were basic at best but they opened up to so much more. She always wanted to know more about her fellow †Savannan, and if she gained a friend in the end it was that much better.


on Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:51 pm

"Ianthe...beautiful name." He replied after her introduction. The name suited her well, though it didn't sound Quite Savannan. Kyam wondered what it meant since it was unusual but he didn't ponder on the origins of her name too much. Pulling from the marijuana cigarette, the young Lamia Scale mage exhaled deeply releasing a cloud of smoke just as thick as this woman's. Being surrounded by another Savannan was like a breath of fresh air. In fact, this could be his chance to start recruiting for his upcoming plans. Of course he'd have to acquire more information on her such as her own plans and if she could use magic or not though even if she couldn't use mana to her expense having a fellow Savannan behind him was good enough anyway. The woman motioned in a certain direction before slowly moving towards a tree. With a nod Kyam followed until the two sat beside each other. The prince slowly drew his spear from his back before sitting and placed it onto his lap just as the woman asked him about when and why he came to Fiore. For most foreigners to was for a chance to have a better life but for him was deeper much much deeper than that. Although he didn't know this woman he wanted her to open up to him as well so he'd give her a little something to work with. "Well..." he began before pulling from his joint once more, the burning paper massaging his ears. His eyes dimmed as he began. "I am the banished prince of the Malia Kingdom. I committed crimes a few years back and staying back home would have meant death, so, I came to Fiore. I wasn't exactly wrong for what I did so as cliche as it sounds I plan on getting strong enough to claim what is rightfully mine." He said quickly while he exhaled as if none of it was important. A part of him wanted her not to hear it and another part of him regretted telling her but it was in the open now. Quickly he gripped his spear with his hands left hand just in case she was actually a bounty hunter after all. "What about you, Ianthe?"


on Mon Jan 14, 2019 5:14 pm

A part of her wanted to laugh in Kyamís face, another part wanted to question him, and another part wanted to eat. All in all she couldnít realistically believe what he was saying to her. Maybe it was the weed twisting his words up a bit but it almost sounded like he was a prince on the run. One on hand it could be true, who was she to question the validity of his claims? She didnít have any right to do so, but Ianthe also didnít get this far in life trusting every little thing that was told to her either. ď Sounds like a wild ride. I came to fiore while I was young, didnít really come willingly but nothing could have been done about that. ď Taking one last long pull from the joint, she put it out and tucked the rest carefully in her jacket pocket. With an exhale of smoke she let her head rest on the bark of the tree while she looked out towards the river. †She could feel the stomach hunger catching on as a small growling noise began to surface. It was at this point she stood up, stretching her petite body and rolling her neck. ď I know I heard you say youíre a prince, but more than likely I was too young to know who the Malia family was. So sorry if I seem just a little less than impressed. But donít worry your secret's safe with me, even if Itís weird that you shared that with a complete stranger. ď They might have been born in the same land but she wasnít all about the brother and sister come together life. He was still a stranger to her, and thatís what he was going to be until she was comfortable enough with him to change that. Another growling in her stomach caused her to frown, she wouldnít be able to think on a empty stomach fueled by weed. ď Hey, how about we continue this chat over some food? Iíll even treat ya...Of course thatís if you want. ď She would wait on his answer before making any moves, her violet gaze resting on him.


on Tue Jan 15, 2019 12:57 pm

Savannan in the country of Fiore who wasn't trying to ill him was a potential ally, so he had no problem revealing who he actually was to this girl, especially since he was going to stop trying so hard to hide it anyway. The bounty hunters from Savannah haven't been on his trail for a few days now so they either gave up, or the king of the Malia Kingdom pulled them back. Ianthe spoke about how she came to Fiore forcefully which made him wonder for a moment. Slavery? he thought as he nodded at her giving her his undivided attention. She continued on by saying she heard that he was a prince but was probably too young to know anything about the Malia Kingdom. Part of him was disappointed. Being a prince of one of the greatest kingdoms on the continent of Savannah was the only thing he could brag about at the moment. He loved the look on people's faces when he revealed that he was a prince but his woman didn't seem impressed at all. The woman suggested that they talk over a meal but Kyam actually had other plans. "I would, but I shoul actually get going now." he began as he took out a piece of rolling paper and fished out a pen from his pocket. He used his hands as a clipboard and wrote down his apartment number. "I'd like to talk to you about some other things concerning our....futures here's my apartment number Stop by whenever, I'll probably be home." He then bowed to Ianthe. "Pleasure meeting you though Ianthe." He said before leaving.

~ EXIT ~


on Tue Jan 15, 2019 5:05 pm

Her offer was rejected but he was nice about it, even gave her his address so she could visit. Ianthe wasnít one to be rude for no reason so she took the paper with it scribbled on and stuck it in her pocket. She could only crack a smile as her ears picked up the way he spoke of their futures, she admired his confidence. ď Oh no the pleasure was all mine. Hope to see you soon Kyam. ď She watched as he walked away, her mind still in a haze about what just occured. She didnít know if she had met an angel or she was about to fall into another devilís trap. Another grumble from her stomach pulled her from those thoughts and she began to make her own way towards town. Her mouth began to water as she got closer to where the shops were, deciding that getting a burger was for the best, she soon forgot about her chance encounter with a prince and began to indulge in the sweet sweet meat that came from cows. As she went about her day a nagging feeling in the back of her mind was slowly eating itself to the front of her skull, and she soon remembered why she was out and about in the first place.


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