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Baska to Orichidia [Train Travel|Sage]

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Baska to Orichidia [Train Travel|Sage] Empty on Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:18 am

It was a new day. The glistening rays of the morning sun lightened Sage's motel room. His wavy honey-blonde hair was tight back and he was wearing a pink shirt with a light blue jacket on top along with stripes of black and white at the edges of it. He zipped his black bag pack and put it on his back, moving his back in a way so that he is comfortable. He walked over to the mirror next to the closet and checked his hair and face. He was satisfied by how he looked and gave himself a smile and a wink.

He walked cheerfully out of the motel room, closing the door and locked it from the outside, tossing the keys up and grabbing it back when it fell back down. His warm smile stayed intact on his face. After returning the key he walked towards the train station and bought a train ticket to Orichidia. He wanted to visit its church as he knew it was beautiful. After he grabbed a bun for breakfast he hoped onto the train for the ride. It wasn't long until he reached Orichidia, he hoped off the train and ventured the streets.


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