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Humble [Great Demonic Incursion

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on Wed Jan 09, 2019 8:21 pm

Multiple rifts had already opened in Orchidia. Minor ones and major ones, each causing destruction which could not be apprehended by many citizens. Some elderly citizens had seen war and were familiar with the bloodbath that came with war, but this was not war, it was a massacre. A large rift had torn into the fabric of space just outside of Orchidia. It was a shocking sight. Bodies were lying around everywhere. Some bodies were still trembling. They were not dead, but perhaps they wished for death at that moment. Their bodies were torn apart in bits and pieces and feasted upon by the fiends. Their faces were almost unrecognizable. The muscle and bone could be seen directly on some parts of their heads. In the distance, a few adventures had gathered to the scene. They would have to annihilate all these demons to close the rift. The majority of the demons were of one small kind, almost similar to goblins in size, but they appeared more horrific or deformed. Their weapons of choice were their teeth and claws. They would attempt to do what they did to the poor victims on the streets to these adventurers. Among them were a few taller ones, more humanoid, wielding large swords and axes. They were slightly taller than humans. The most horrific ones in the group were the six enormous beasts that were rampaging around and smashing buildings into pieces. They were slow, but strong, standing six meters tall. Will these adventurers be capable of ending this slaughterfest?


  • Esperia

  • Alisa

  • Kailette


on Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:47 pm


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Alisa barely had time to process what exactly had happened, but she'd been in that place to remember the stench. Not something she'd forget anytime soon, a smell of guts and brimstone she wouldn't forget anytime soon. She had traded and effectively lost her magic to hack and slash her way into the Abyss to rescue a friend, but even if her magical sense might have dulled, her battle instincts most certainly hadn't, not after having seen one too many wars:

"They finally tried their luck huh...? Guess hunting season opened a bit sooner than expected.", noted the sculptress, recalling what she'd seen as she clad herself in an armor as black as her hair. When it came to hunting demons, devoid of her magic... Alisa momentarily abandoned the pure white she always cherished, devoid of an armor of diamond to clad herself in as she strode resolutely towards the nearast sound of carnage she could floor. Following her nose really, she needn't much more than that as nostril eventually twitched at the reek, glancing around to witness the bloodshed with a hint at disgust...

Not so much at the blood and guts lying around, but the filth that caused it, snacking on whatever fresh meat they could find. Such was the law of the Abyss, kill and be killed. Mindless fiends like this understood nothing but the cold steel of a blade or ruinous blast of magic... She did note somewhat indifferently how she hadn't been the first combatant to reach the scene, but she would be the first to survive it. Their bodies littered alongside the many dead citizens, several fighters of various creeds and affiliations had perished just as easily as the people they'd come to protect. In that moment, Alisa spared little moment to mourn the dead, instead she felt a frigid, seething fury boiling up deep inside her, the massacre scene reminding her of that fateful day... Back then, the brutal murder of her mother alone shaped her into the woman she was today, but ever since then, Alisa strove not to let her emotions rule her.

As hard as it got when those fiends growled and bared their teeth, charging at her like rabid dogs, foaming at the mouth. And rabid dogs much be put out. Assessing her surroundings, she noticed how among the many weapons the dead discarded, one of them stood out: A colossal greatsword, blade black like the starlit sky. Alisa could swear she'd seen this blade before, but almost as strikingly as the weapon itself, she quickly noticed how the butchering demons seemed to avoid that area like a plague, never lingering there for much longer. As one of them lunged at her, Alisa, deftly dodged it, sidestepping it:


Bringing her feet together as she dodged, before snapping forward in counter attack, toe kicking underneath the airborne demon with her full force, shattering most of its ribs, sending it flying and putting it out of the fight with a sickening, bone crunching crack. As it's buddy came by without a hint of concern for its dead kin, it only seemed interested in climbing over his corpse and claiming yet another kill for himself. Against small fry like this, Alisa wouldn't even break a sweat, taking a step back as it tried countering her, and dashing back in with a quick forward step, all of her momentum behind a thrusting side kick, aimed perfectly to kick the fiend against two of his brethren further along the back. Flipping her hair behind her, Alisa took her stance, steadily approaching the ebony blade further away:

"So, filth found some way of crawling up from the gutters of the Abyss...?", spoke the her posture calm and collected, eyes focused and narrowed, betraying naught but a hint of the hatred she yet bore for dark mages and the demons, almost as much as the demons themselves when they climbed out from their sewers of their own Voilition. Instead, the sculptress kept her wits about her and little by little, that faint smile returned to her face. But she'd be lying if she said the thought of killing demons had nothing to do with it, the invigorating power of her enchanted armor said as much, heightening her predatorial instinct towards the creatures of the dark, "As unseemly as it may sound, someone must take out the trash and drag it back under~..."

She'd make full use of what weapons she could get her hands on. The small fry may pose absolutely no challenge, but their larger, tougher, arguably smarter kin could possibly put up a fight should she not come at them with absolute, overwhelming power.

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sat Jan 12, 2019 5:01 am


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There was a difference between the events of Crocus, and those that were unfolding today within Orchidia. In Crocus she had dealt with a war, it was a battle, a gruesome one but at least it was a war, this... this was attempted genocide. When the rift stirred into activity she had been inside her room in the inn she and Alisa stayed at, gathering the last of the materials she wanted to prepare for the upcoming battle when a sudden flash of green light blinded the window and a moment later she felt an unpleasant tug inside her chest, as if something or someone was calling out to her.

"And so it begins..."

Asmodeus hummed quietly as Esperia pulled her staff toward her and inhaled deeply. She was ready for this, her training had prepared her as much as she could for an event like this, and now all it would depend on was her resolve and her allies. Rushing outside the inn and into the direction the rift had breached from, it didn't take long for Esperia to arrive at the outskirts of the market streets where she spotted a sight that could only be described as a brutal massacre! Various corpses were scattered along the ground, some of them recently killed, others were already mauled beyond recognition as those demonic goblins surely had feasted upon the bodies of the fallen. Speaking of those demons. She could spot a bunch of them further ahead, several of them, a handful at best were spread around a corpse, feasting like hungry vultures. However, it was the sight of who they were feasting on that made Esperia's eyes narrow into a shock of disbelief. It was one of the merchants who she used to talk to a lot ever since she visited his stall during the flower festival. To think that they had desecrated the poor man's corpse.

Her eyes narrowed into a glare of pure unbridled fury as she raised a hand into the air toward them. "How dare you..." A magical circle emerged in front of her outstretched hand, when without any warning she clutched her fist and pulled it upwards as if she was trying to uproot something. "HOW DARE YOU TAINT THOSE LANDS WITH YOUR PRESENCE!" A sudden surge of mana erupted underneath the demons as a magical circle was the only hint that the demons would have received before a flurry of razor-sharp barbs impaled them from underneath.

It didn't take much effort for one to imagine that the sheer amount of barbs that impaled them left no chance for salvation, and yet it was clear Esperia wasn't out of troubles just yet, for a soft sob came from nearby, leading the girl to rush toward the direction the sound came from.

There weren't just victims, but also survivors and the sound seemed to come from the latter, a small child who was clinging to the hand of her lifeless mother. "It's not safe here-" Esperia began, but before she could even call out to her a trio of goblins had spotted the child and were running over toward her.

Esperia swiftly lunged forwards, a stomp of her foot causing a green colored magical circle to appear before her, one which caused a barbed vine to whip out of the ground and smack one of the demons away, and with a swift pointing motion of her hand she caused a flurry of pink colored flower petals to spread forward, just enough to cover her and the child in a protective wall.

"It's going to be alright~ I'll take you to safety now." Esperia reassured the sobbing child, a hand gently ruffling the kid's hair when all of a sudden she heard the light bashing against her barrier.

"Shit, it won't hold up for long... If I don't transform I won't be able to get out of the barrier, nor will I be able to protect both this child and deal with the demons..." Muttering softly Esperia tried to figure out what she could best do. Perhaps call for Alisa? Surely she must have been nearby... But if she shouted she might end up drawing more demons over to her side! What in the world should she do to ensure she would be able to keep her promise...

Tough Love (A-rank) used: -100 Mana, 1 post cooldown
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Cooldown Reductions:
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-1 from Demon soul take-over
-1 to other buff spells from Bard amulet

50% Mana reduction from 270 int

6150-100-25-50= 5975/6150 Mana

To be a classy lewdling you got to be:

Elegant, Tempting, Adorable.

"And a hopeless little pervert~"
- Esperia & Asmodeus

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on Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:38 am

To see you again.
I'll Climb Every Mountain & Swim Through All The Seas

Her eyes and her mind were telling her different things as her heart was yelling at her. This ordeal was a repeat, but with different positions as there were demonic beings hording in Orchidia. She had to hurry up and get ready as she put on her necklace, her suit and boots to immediate leave from where she was staying. This felt like a repeat of something that happened before, but as someone she knew said; 'War never changes'. The area she was supposed to go help was the Market as she knew that there were other people helping in other areas, including the Church and Guild. She felt nervous as she never saw these sort of things before. Kai had her hair up and her eyes that were usually sweet and nice were slanted with hatred, her lips frowned in disgust as she saw a few demons in front of her. They weren't at her though, but instead they were creeping towards some innocents, a child and man who were praying. ''You filth don't deserve to even exist!'' She spat and shot towards them with her pointing finger towards them both (right and left). Her nostrils motioned upward as she shot them down, one lazor for each.


She heard them cry out as she killed them both. Quickly, she dashed towards them to help them up. ''Get out of here as fast as you can. Here's some money. Go!'' She had to hurry and tell them in the most motherly way possible in this situation as her eyes were now gentle just for that moment. As soon as they nodded, took the money and left her eyes were back to being half-closed in a unsatisfied and disgusted manner. Her hands clenched as she tilted her head to see afar. The sky was some kind of toxic green, a glow of light that wasn't the Holy One for sure. It was sending out demons left and right, but the real question was 'Who was there with her'.

'Kill every living being while you're at it.'

'We must save them all!'

'Let's find any allies to help us.~'

The three voices/muses spoke as she listened to them, but not follow their action for now. She had to think carefully on her action as she had to hurry at the same time. She knew though that no matter the case, she was to live through this because of a certain someone that was 'waiting' for her. Her heart started to beat nervously and a blush of red rose up as her cheeks became warm before even her nose from the cold. ''Why are demons attacking now?!'' She spoke and bit her lower lip. ''Help!'' She heard the most casual yell for help, with that she left towards the yell.

Jogging, she went towards the yell which she then looked around from the outside. ''Where could they be?'' She wondered out loud, but then saw she was next to the Candy store. Swiftly, she went inside as she opened the doors to see a human-sized demon. It was the color of red with a beating bright color of orange as if it could burst. Its' spine had spikes going down from head to 'tail' as it had no legs though. Once she went inside the woman was holding her baby who looked helpless. ''Doesn't seem to be the greatest time for sweets.'' She laughed softly and smiled in a rather sinister way, having her hand go towards the demon.

''Hey! Shall your death warm the holy one's heart.~'' Her eyes closed as she puckered up, pointing her finger at the demon and blew a kiss at the demon. A dart evolved from light that came from the bright summoning circle. At first it was as tiny as a dart, but it evolved into a bigger dart as it sped up  and blasted the demon with a de-lightful explosion. Once the demon 'disolved' into nothingness, she walked over several fallen over candy barrels to get to the people. ''Here. Take it and get out of here as fast as you can. Away from Orchidia for a day or so.'' She told her quietly, pointing to the back do that was towards the forest as there was some safe spots there. Once she left, Kai kicked off some candy that was sticking to her boots. ''Imma have to get these cleaned.'' She spoke in disgust and walked out with one more slide-kick to use the ground to get the crap off. Her head turned, her eyes wandered to see if there were anymore people out. ''Time to go look for people again.'' She replied to her own self as she walked about.


on Sat Jan 12, 2019 12:59 pm


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Yes, no doubt she'd have recognized many of these victims if only she looked at the for long enough, in fact, she was sure she counted some among her acquaintances - or, well, former acquaintances - right at first glance. For now though, she thought little of it.. Far too soon to go around identifying cadavers, even the few of them someone actually could, when fresh corpses were getting made right before their eye, more people falling victim to this plague blighting the peaceful city of flowers. This close to Alisa's hometown, she felt this attack as a far more personal one than she otherwise might have, making it harder to keep her wits about her instead of flying into a murderous fury as she might have a few years before.Fighting demons this close to the abyss made that spot on her back throb, a feeling she recalled all too well, a tingle across her skin she felt ever since acquiring Demon Slayer magic, whenever she wandered too close to the creatures that magic existed to slay. Even though she wholeheartedly refused to depend on her yet unstable magic, relying on such went cleanly against her ideas of surefire tactics:

"Not as if I'd need it anyway...", she mused to herself, picking out a couple more weaklings gathering around, knowing how matter the quanity they could come up with, they'd never make up for their lack of quality.

Far more pressing than this lot, was the behemoth waltzing around like it owned the place, a creature as beastly as the ones before her, but far beefier and more menacing. Therein laid the main tactical reason for Alisa's interest in the greatsword behind her, and why she refrained from charging at the three demons in front of her, instead preferring to take a couple of steps back, approaching the weapon, trying to bait her enemies into attacking. She'd much rather they charged her all at once like their earlier buddies instead of routing after she killed the bulk of them, forcing her to chase after them lest they murder some more civilians along the way.

As two imp-like demons stared her down, growling at foaming at the mouth, baring those foul, disgusting yellow fangs, one more joined them. Enemies of this level had no chance of posing a threat to her. As she stood less than a meter from her blade, another demon howled to its pack as it charged her from the flank, attempting to reach close enough and unleash a downwards slash, cutting her down like all the rest. Swaying back, she dodged she first attack as two others came right after him, but instead of counter attacking, she took a single step back. As the others charged right at they actually showed a surprising measure of teamwork, all three of them coordinating slashing attacks to supposedly keep Alisa on the defensive, prompting her to take one, two, three more steps back until she had finally reached her mark.

"Didn't I say it before...?", she spoke, a cold, frigid tone as that faint smile faded for the briefest of moments. Turning her rear left foot outwards, she pivoted as one of the growling imps finally grew impatient and leapt at her, skipping over his buddies who all but struck him from cockiness. She wouldn't give them much time to mull over their errors, even assuming these creatures had any semblance of intellect to comprehend them. Now within reach of the jet black, blood stained blade known as Yoru, her turning motion let her avoid the attack and grab the hilt of the sword amidst the spin. For all their moronic nature, the blighted beasts understood the danger they were in, the blade they'd been carefully avoiding before their bloodthirst got to their hand. Once that fast, powerful woman gripped its hilt, they froze in fear. But theirs was a short, quick suffering, compared to the gruesome pain they'd been inflicting on their victims, "HAAAAAAAA-!!!!"

With a bellowing, ear piercing Kiai, Alisa barely gave the creatures enough time to stagger before her blade sang through their bodies one by one, the absolute, tremendous power of its demon killing abilities proved true right before her eyes, with all the power on the palm of her hands. Literally... Purple, foul smelling blood barely splattered her clothes with the sheer sharpness of the strike, bissecting the demons at the waist:

"...You will all go right back under, one way or another.", she said, swiping the heavy blade down with one hand, easily wiping off the demon blood into yet another splatter. Not so much a trap, baiting the demons as such allowed her to kill three of them with minimal effort, and one look at the blade revealed just how useful a weapon she'd just gotten her hands on.

The sheer size of the sword didn't seem to hamper Alisa in the slightest, aided by the invigorating boost from her Dark Hunting armor.Far too cumbersome for her tastes, and the cross like shape a bit too gaudy for her preference, but she couldn't deny it's effectiveness. She'd put it to good use in the coming battle, and the ones after that should the need arise. Following the cries and screams with her swords drawn, hanging close to the ground, she made her way through the streets thinking the next battle, citizens to save, enemies to slay, and instead her eyes widened as she came face to face with a friend:

"Wha... Ari?!", startled, Alisa immediately hurried over to the girl who was the closest to a sister she'd ever had, and yet who she'd hadn't seen in a while. Far too long, and yet there was no mistaking that face. Immediately her lips drew into a welcoming smile, even with the bloodshed as she casually approached the woman, "Ari... You really are a sight for sore eyes. We have so much to catch up to, but for now, shall we clean up this mess like we used to~...?"

Acquired Yoru!

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sat Jan 12, 2019 1:48 pm


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This was a disaster, a pure disaster. To think that she would be cornered so early on the battlefield, and all simply because she wanted to try to save the poor child. The feral noises of the goblins only intensified as they tried to claw and scratch onto her barrier, yet fortunately for Esperia the protective layer still held sturdy.

"What is your name little one?" Esperia called out to the child, a hand gently ruffling the child's hair. "Eiri" the girl answered as her sobs slowly subdued while she was being calmed down. Meanwhile, Esperia tried to figure out the best course of action. Her barrier wouldn't keep up for much longer, especially if a stronger demon decided to approach them, and judging from the light tremors she felt she was likely about to run out of luck soon.

"Listen carefully Eiri, I'm about to lower the back of this barrier, and then you'll have to try to run as far as you can, okay? If you keep running along this street there should be a defensive barricade manned by the Rune Knights, they will protect you."

The child looked at her with a worried look in her eyes as the barrier started to dissolve at the back. "B-But what are you going to do miss?" Yet all the purple-haired lass did was smile softly, a gentle nudge against the child's back beckoning her to start running. "I will teach those demons what it means to go against me."

Meanwhile, on the other side of the barrier, it seemed that Esperia was running out of luck. In the wake of the succumbing of the first line of defense of the area, the lesser demons in the form of goblins had quickly swarmed the streets, and several larger humanoids were marching among them, similar to the captains of a unit. Although to call them a unit was foolish, for that went under the impression that those demons were an organized force.

Instead, the two humanoid demons looked in amusement at the goblins pounding on the barrier in the distance. "You'll get the Behemoth ready, I'll deal with the mage." the demon said in the abyssal tongue as he started marching over toward the barrier.

Looking quietly at the barrier the fiend slowly raised his sword and cleaved with a violent sweep through it, causing the purple-haired lass who had been hiding behind it to become revealed, the sight of the lass making the demon grin wickedly. "Make her taste despair."

However, as the trio of goblins rushed at her Esperia was quick to respond, a tap of the bottom of her staff causing another magical circle to appear before her, the barbed vine lunging straight toward the demonic creature before her and impaling it.

Meanwhile, as the second goblin raised its clawed appendage, preparing to maul at her, the Blue Pegasus mage flung her staff toward the head of one of the creatures, bashing it into the ground while the third one staggered backward, clearly shocked by the sheer ferocity the girl displayed.

"Useless mongrels, I deal with it myself..." the fiend called out in frustration as he loosened his grip on his sword and instead cracked his knuckles. "I don't need a weapon to deal with a human girl." It was with a swift dash that the demon lunged toward her, although Esperia's attempt to dodge the attack had only barely worked, and with her flinging her staff toward the back of the monster's head she had almost expected for her attack to work, when without any warning he grasped a hold of the end of the staff that she had flung at him, and instead made a sweeping motion with his arm, knocking her straight against the nearby wall.

"Gah!" A pained cry escaped Esperia's mouth as she collapsed onto the ground, a hand raised toward her mouth as she felt bits of blood drip from it. She really felt weak, to think that without Alisa she was so powerless... Would she need to rely upon Asmodeus' power once more?

"Now we'll just send the Behemoth down the street and this town will be ours..." The demon mused in amusement, preparing to step away from Esperia. The loud drumming sounds came closer and closer, as the sight of the gigantic six-meters tall creature revealed itself! No... she wasn't going to let them chase after that child...

Climbing back onto her feet Esperia glared at the demons and shouted out loud. "LUXURIA!"

A sudden surge of demonic energy erupted from within her body, the sight of it making the demons clearly look confused, the remaining goblin even running away in fear as the cocoon wrapped around the purple-haired mage. Just as suddenly as it had appeared, the cocoon burst and revealed the raven-haired demoness whose eyes were narrowed into a glare.

"I'm angry... very angry... Tell me Asmodeus, what does a Demon Lord do when she is angry?"

The demoness whispered softly, yet the humanoid demon quickly grabbed his sword and spoke hesitatingly. "Asmodeus? Impossible, she disappeared ages ago..."

The demon muttered while his companion joined at his side, the two of them brandishing their weapons at her.

"Well... I do love having others express my frustration for me~" Asmodeus hummed in amusement as Esperia took a step forward toward the demons.

"I'm angry, and you know what that means, right?"

Esperia inquired coldly as she stopped a few paces away from the demons. Raising her fingers toward her lips she gave a playful smooch into their direction and hummed softly "You two are going to die~"

The demons, taking this as a clear sign of her hostility prepared to lunge at her, but to their surprise the six-meters tall juggernaut behind them grabbed a hold of both demons and brutally flung them into the ground, a motion which repeated several times till they were left as lifeless bloodied heaps.

Pleased with the result Esperia climbed onto the enthralled demon's shoulder who slowly started to march into the direction the loud kiai came from. Just as expected she found Alisa at the source of the sound, and surprisingly enough she was talking to Arisa?

"Ali~" the demon girl exclaimed with an excited smile as she waved a hand from the shoulder of the demon, spreading her wings as she started to descend toward the duo. "I'm glad to see both of you are alright~ Unfortunately, Orchidia is doing quite bad it seems..."

Transformation into Asmodeus
+40 Constitution Buff
Charm used on Six-meters tall badass demon (-250 mana per turn)

5975-250= 5625 mana left~

To be a classy lewdling you got to be:

Elegant, Tempting, Adorable.

"And a hopeless little pervert~"
- Esperia & Asmodeus

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on Sat Jan 12, 2019 3:23 pm

To see you again.
I'll Climb Every Mountain & Swim Through All The Seas

Kai walked slowly as she heard her own steps against the concrete. The bodies around were like rain, but in their own separations. Many were men who tried to fight the demons back, some were unlucky women and children. Her eyes looked at them with pity. 'You'll be avenged... Hopefully.' Her head turns to look forward in the distance as it was super quiet, too quiet. She didn't like it when it was really quiet as that usually meant someone was watching you. Animals even knew better to make any sound when someone was around. She had to hurry though to look for more survivors and any demons to destroy. Her facial expression was serious, with glares and a scowl.

Her blonde  hair flowed behind her as she ran for the distance she had to go before she made an immediate stop. Her heart was pounding fast as she felt worrisome. Out of no where a demon appeared from behind. Swiftly, she turned around to put her arm forward, palm open and finger pointed towards him. ''Stop there you disgusting creature!''. She didn't realize it was a human-looking demon till she saw his face, body and his eyes gazing towards her. Her eyes widened as she saw what he looked like...

''No... You're not him.'' She spat as her facial expression changed to frightened.

The demon just wore a large grin as his sharpened teeth showed within that sinister smile. ''I see you haven't changed...'' He stopped and heard someone appearing. His eyes went hallow, The black abyss as eyes. ''I'll see you again...''

''W-wait! I don't understand... I feel like I know you, but I don't remember you... Please help me!'' She cried out.

He frowned as his hand reached out to pat her on the head and then stepped away. ''I'll Be back someday... Rather this life time or the next. I always find you.''. He tilted his head to look down and vanished into a black smoke. As he did, more demons appeared. Her heart was hurting more than ever as she had her free hand against her chest, but her palm still out. Her golden mirrors teared up as she remembered those eyes... Those eyes were from somewhere. The thing she didn't know was that those eyes were the same eyes in her birthmark on her back, but why were they there in the first place? Kai felt like she'll never know in this pace, but had to continue to help Orchidia. After looking down in a hopeless manner, she looked up towards the demon that came forward. She screamed as her heart was hurting, her emotions felt pain and blew the demon up.

After casting the spell, she swung back her arm, tackled the demon and punched him a few times. The demon slashed her sleeve to cause a small scratch before it just stopped moving. Her fist continuously punched the demon in the face in full speed till after a few moments. She stopped, her arms fell against her own side. Her eyes watched the aura of the abomination leave its' body and towards the rift. She could feel her knees against the cement since the body disappeared with the soul. 'A moment... Just give me a moment.' She prayed in her mind as she tilted her head to look up at the sky with small hope. 'I believe in you, but I need help... Mentally I do.' She spoke to the Holy one as she slowly got up with the heavy heart she had in her chest. Kai slowly walked forward to search around more to see if anyone needed help or if anyone could help her. There had to be someone, someone she knew in the past or at least Arisa. Who was Arisa and what was her full story? What was her own story now that she was here? Her hair was a mess as the bands in her hair were gone as the winds brushed her hair back.

Her hips swayed, arms crossed against the pit of her stomach as her eyes wandered. Here and there some people appeared and ran passed her for safety. Some of them she told them to hide out of town in the safe house made of cement and materials from the hard cold earth that made it look like another hill. It was safe from the dumb demons that didn't know the difference between ally and enemy, but also none of them knew how to open doors unless they were actually people. The demon that appeared as a man was one of them. Her eyes revealed a woman with black raven hair, eyes like pools of rubies and skin as fair as her own. The girl turned around and spoke to her as 'Ari', assuming it meant 'Arisa'. Motherly, Kai smiled with tears in her right eye as she felt happy for some reason.

Does this woman have connections with her? It felt... like how she did towards family. Was this woman like Judina? It didn't matter at this moment as she just chuckled. ''Indeed.~ It has been... quite like forever ago.'' She agreed without thinking much on her words as if she was letting her heart speak like she did with Odin. ''I think we should destroy these abominations as soon as possi-'' She was going to continue, but then she saw someone coming and speaking towards who named the raven haired girl 'Ali'. Anything could go after 'Ali', but it seemed more common to be Alice or Alisa. 'Alisa?' She thought and waited for her heart to respond, but it just seemed to still be in pain all the same as it felt also good. The girl who appeared had a blackened silk color for hair and eyes of gold, but with pupils that gazed at them both. She felt confused on what to say or do in this situation so she responded the best she could. ''Gladly, we can still save those who are left and kill as many of these things as possible, yes?~'' She spoke in a teasing way and smiled motherly.
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on Sat Jan 12, 2019 8:03 pm


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What had happened to her... What was happening to her? Arisa had never been exactly stable, between her shattered psyche and ruinous past, but even for her, something felt off today. Alisa would soon learn the girl had completely lost what memories she yet had, but she easily fooled her at first. The way she shed a tear upon seeing her for the first time in two years:

"Indeed. But if we are to stop this invasion, we must nip it in the bud.", nodding in agreement, she nonetheless shifted her body aside, pointing her thumb back towards the rift, "Close that rift and trash stops spewing out. Otherwise, no matter how many we kill, they'll ke-"

Before she could even finish her words, a familiar voice called out to her. Alisa turned her head on reflex, that long, raven hair whipping around gracefuly as her eyes fell on a familiar, voluptuous shape. Drawn in by her battlecry earlier, Alisa's eyes widened slightly at the sight of her pupil, pleased to see her safe and sound. At one point, she might have hoped the girl wouldn't have been caught up in this war, but at this point, if you were in Orchidia, you were either a fighter or a casualty, and at this point, she could find solace in knowing she wouldn't so easily become the latter:

"Espy~ Good to see you've done alright by yourself.", praised the sculptress, eyes widening as her gaze trailed downwards, looking over the mount she'd procured herself.

If she hadn't been training with her up until recently, Alisa might have asked why in the world has she decided to hitch a ride on a demon, and most importantly how did she tame it. Simple discipline perhaps? No, not quite... Ever since Mastering Asmodeus' ungodly power of charm, exerting her control over a simple minded demon, if titanic at that, should feel like little more than child's play:

"Would you be so kind as to having him guide us to that rift, Espy~? Make sure he takes us through the path with the most of his buddies.", asked Alisa, hand on her hip flashing a soft, cool smile at her junior, calm and collected, keeping a clear head for the battle to come, "Until we close it, all the demons will just keep pouring right in... If we stick around looking for people to save, we'll only end up with more corpses in the long run."

Looking between Esperia and Arisa, she finished her earlier argument, a brief outlook of her current strategy before she turned on one heel and started heading towards the rift, heels clacking across the cobblestones as the path would inevitably lead them into contact with more demons. Two of them eating a corpse, they only turned to look at Alisa when she reached about ten meters in, gripping her blade tightly enough she might break it, that one expression of vindictive fury the hunter could simply not bury:

"Filthy small fry.", glared the sculptress, quickly dashing in as the enemies charged at her. Now fully accustumed to their speed and predictable movement patterns, she could easily dash towards the duo's right side. Her sword pulled back on the opposite side, wielding arm wrapped around her torso, she swung it horizontally mid dash, effortlessly decapitating the two creeps without much trouble. More of them poured in from nearby streets, clearly sensing their portal would soon be in danger. But amongst all of them only the approaching behemoth could take a bit longer to get through, "It would be lovely if your pet demon behaved like a good little raging bull and gored his friend."

Gripping her sword with both hands for once, Alisa awaited the puppeteered demon's charge to rush in right after, aiming right for the demon behemoth. Instead of aiming for the head like the creeps, she aimed a similar dashing attack, using Yoru's sheer bulk and demon slaying prowess to carve the demon at the waist, likely disembowling and killing him outright. Though she had no aim of killing Esperia's pet demon, she'd make no attempt to prevent it either if it got in the way.

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on Sun Jan 13, 2019 6:58 am

As Esperia was seated on the shoulder of her steed the girl couldn't help but smile sheepishly at Alisa who seemed quite pleased at the sight of her arrival. With a little hop Esperia descended back onto the ground, her wings briefly unfurling as she gracefully landed onto the ground and hummed softly. "Unfortunately, I'm not entirely unharmed~ Before I transformed one of the demons accompanying this big boy knocked me straight into a wall. Fortunately Asmodeus' magic is numbing the pain, but it's likely going to leave a bit of a bruise for a bit once I turn back to normal. But who is your-"

Taking a step forward she peeked straight into Arisa's eyes, a soft gasp of surprise escaping her lips. "It's Ari! I'm glad to see you here~ I'm sure that must mean that Daiko is somewhere also, we were training together a bit ago. Poor lad thought he was turning into a chicken instead of a take-over mage."

The giant demon towered over her, its eyes seemingly cast at Esperia in a enthralled daze. Of course, she was quite pleased at the fact her magic had done its work, the giant juggernaut crouching down onto a knee as Esperia unfurled her wings once more and hovered over to the side of the beast, a gentle tap on its cheek following. "Yes~ Yes~ Good boi, you crushed those demons quite nicely earlier~"

"Mhmm~ I'll have him open us a path into the direction of the rift." Esperia mused softly, her lips curving into a smile as she started to hover toward the direction of the street the rift was situated at. "You might want to step back a little Ali, Ari~ I think the big boy is quite protective of me in his current state."

Indeed, as the demon seemed almost like a docile pup earlier, the moment several armed humanoid demons, accompanied by a legion of small goblins started to pour from the direction the rift was at, the moment one of them snarled at her all hell broke loose.

The demon roared menancingly and lunged in a straight line toward the horde, a sweeping arm knocking several of the goblins into the air while grabbing a hold of the humanoid demon, and with a violent swing started to use him as a batt!

It was a bloody sight to say the least, the gigantic demon sweeping through the horde as Esperia hovered several meters behind it. Some of the goblins which escaped the creature's wrath were skillfully dealt with by Alisa, and soon it seemed another obstacle would show itself.

A gigantic demon, similar in kind to the behemoth she had charmed slowly approached the group, and with the same feral warcry from before the fiend lunged straight into the direction of his companion. Although one of his horns had succeeded in goring into the demon's chest, the monster raised both his clawed arms and struck onto her enthralled pet's head, bashing it violently, but with Alisa having a clear and easy chance of slicing into the impaled demon's waist, cleaving through it like butter.

However, her entralled pet seemingly was quite injured by the earlier attack, staggering back to its feet as it roared once more and with shaking steps advanced further toward the rift, the green colored light in the distance suggesting it might had been there further ahead at one of the large plazas.

However, it appeared they were not out of the danger just yet, as the sound of wings beating through the air quickly drew her attention, several winged demons, resembling monstrous bats descending toward the group!

"Ari~ Can you make them go kaboom please?"

Esperia mused playfully as she felt a light tugging in her chest, a soft gasp escaping her lips. "Careful Ali, Asmodeus is sensing something or someone, I don't know who it is but it's an unpleasant feeling..." The raven-haired demoness whispered softly as they seemed to soon be reaching the outskirts of the area leading toward the rift. Just a bit more till they could advance to the rift itself and close it at last! But what would await them beyond that? Only time would tell!

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Transformation into Asmodeus
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on Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:20 pm

To see you again.
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Her arms crossed and were against beneath her plushy chest as her golden eyes mirrored the two. Kai felt confused on what to all do, but her facial expression stayed soft and happy. Alisa seemed to be closer to Kai than Kai was to 'Espy'. While they were talking, her eyes followed their lips as to whomever was speaking. She didn't know what more to say till they were at least finished speaking. Her mind went back onto the people she did manage to save though and if they made it or if their fates were already sealed. 'May the Holy one rest your souls peacefully.'. She prayed in her thoughts as she thought of their death upon them.  

Alisa seemed to have agreed to wanting to destroy the demons and their filth. Towards that, she nodded as she was happy with her agreement. Espy on the other hand stepped towards her to gaze at her. Has she figured it out that she wasn't Arisa? I mean, she was, but she wasn't since they pretty much shared a new modified body of hers. This body was a pure version of hers that was gifted from the heavens, but then again Kai didn't know that either. Kai feels that this was her body the whole time or so her memories tell her. She felt like a ghost of someone's past embraced her from behind as she felt a small chill. It wasn't Espy nor was it Alisa, but it was surely something or someone. Espy seemed to have known Daiko according to her words, but does that mean Daiko lied to her about knowing her in the past?

She hated to be lied to...

Her eyes slanted a little as they started to walk towards the rift. The green oozing light that was in the sky, harming the heavens with its' mark. Her eyes mirrored the toxic unknown 'rift'. She cat-walked towards the direction with her arms still crossed under her warm bosoms. Her blonde hair tickled her neck and the back of her neck as it wasn't cold at the moment. It was as if the rift was giving off warm vibes instead of cold like the supernaturals such as spirits and ghosts. Her skin still felt goosebumps as the small hairs on her arms struck upwards in response. Her eyes then laid upon the demonized character that was with Espy. Could they trust it? Her eyes moved towards Espy as they walked in front of her so they couldn't realize she was watching them all.

She was use to this, being in the back, being the one that stayed behind. There were many reasons for this, but the one that mattered was they it was because she just wanted to. It was that simple. She licked her lips and nibbled her lower right lip as she constantly watched the three. 'Not sure what more to say anymore. I don't want them to know during this time.'. She was worried, but she also didn't want the problem to become a distraction when they had a truer goal, a righteous goal to help mankind. The other thing that really bothered her was perhaps the demon she ran into earlier. She felt so close to him, but had no idea who he was. He wasn't the one with her heart though, no, not this heart that was inside her currently. This couldn't be her heart in the first place so could it be possible for a heart transplant?

But wait...

Why did she even need a heart transplant? Soon enough they were encountered by some demons. Her eyes watched with an emotionless expression as her eyes mirrored their actions. Her eyes then switched to look upwards to see about a few flying bat-like demons. Before Espy said anything she lifted up her arm to point to the sky where a circle formed. A few star-like beams came out as they went through the few that came forth. There was no reason to use a high class spell on things such as them. Their filth. Her eyes flickered a red color like some glitch, but returned back to gold as she watched the demons fall into the ground. 'If only I had a weapon to crush their pitiful disgusting skulls with.' She darkly thought as she could smell the aroma of death, oozing or burnt flesh. The Neph was disgusted with the smell, but kept a calm expression as she followed them passed the demons they just killed. Finally, they went on towards the rift and destroyed whatever became of their path.

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The puppeteered demon did it's thing quite helpfully at that, trading blows with its behemoth brethren, leaving it wide open for Alisa's finishing blow. Bit and slow, taking them down without magic was only a matter of getting close to them without taking damage, and thankfully, Esperia had her big thrall to make that easier. It didn't get away without taking some damage, but in the end that was of no consequence; if it miraculously survived until the end of the fight, they'd have to kill it like all it's kin, after all, nobody had any illusions of the behemoth's true affiliation without Asmodeus' influence. But thankfully for it, serving the hunters had allowed to to survive and taste blood in battle for a little longer...

The fact it had to do so on the opposite side seemed of no concern to it whatsoever.

"Let me known when you need to save your mana Espy. For now though, I'd say your puppet has proven useful enough~...", quipped the sculptress, nodding sternly as the pressed forth towards the rift, unimpeded by however many more demons show up, hoping to stop them. At times the imp like small fry, tried mobbing them, prompting Alisa to slash left, then right, mowing them down like grass, one after the other. Yes, wielding such a colossal sword was obviously slower than the Katana she favored, but at the same time, Alisa had already learned how to compensate for this using her mobility, merely holding the sword at her side and dashing in whatever direction, cutting down two, at times three enemies after carefully lining them up. Together, the four would easily inch closer and closer towards the rift, until Esperia's words made her eyes narrow, she too feeling a faint tingle in her skin, strongest at that tattoo on her back, "I feel it... Up there, close to the rift. Something tells me we'll run into a demon that might actually fight."

She'd leave the fliers for Arisa who could just as easily fly on right after them, after all, she'd been keeping an eye on the girl ever since they formed their little party. Almost like the sculptress knew fully well how Ari would rather follow than cut the way ahead, as with someone she was used to working with. The closert they got to the rift, Alisa predictably noticed how survivers got increasingly rare, and the myriad corpses had been stripped down to the bone:

"No more survivors from here on out huh...", mused the sculptress, all but thinking out loud as they reached closer and closer to the rift, "...Only corpses and demons to kill."

And if they don't kill them all, the whole town could potentially become no different from these messed up outskirts, turned into a massacre scene for no reason other than the amusement of some filthy abyss dwellers. Before they reached it though, they came face to face with one last, big battle. This time, no minions came to greet them but instead, three huge behemoths, brandishing weapons, all ready to cleave whatever they came upon in half. Judging by the modest amount of bissected imps, Alisa quickly understood why no grunts stuck around this lot, and instead hosted her colossal greatsword in front of her:

"Guess we have some more demons to put down before we see what awaits us there. Against all three of them, I doubt your thrall will aid us much, Espy.", assessed the sculptress, barely peeling her eyes away from the enemies. They didn't give much time to strategize, roaring furiously and charging headfirst, one after the other.

Giving it no luxury of striking first, Alisa rushed in, locking her eyes with the demon at the middle, also brandishing its own greatsword. Unlike Alisa's though, it was thicker, far bigger and heavier than Alisa's and even the demon itself. So when it struck her, even Alisa struggled with bringing her own sword down. Gritting her teeth, she dashed aside, swinging her sword downwards and striking the behemoth's, deflecting it towards the ground as fast as she could as the blow nonetheless connected with Your's crossguard, knocking Alisa a further few feet back to her left, right onto the path of another, charging behemoth! Fortunately, it seemed as if her parry had broken one of the behemoth's blades, forcing it to discard it in a rage and beat its chest, resuming its forward charge against the rest of the team.

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on Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:50 am

So far it seemed things were going well for them, at the very least they were getting close to reaching the rift, although with three giant behemoths standing in their path it was clear that they wouldn't pass that easily. Of course Alisa played the role of a vanguard perfectly, watching Alisa clashing against one of the behemoths, the resulting aftermath which knocked the girl backwards quickly had Esperia decide to take some initiative also.

"Ali retreat behind my thrall for a second!" Esperia called out to the huntress while raising her staff and hand toward the space in front of her, seemingly preparing to cast some sort of spell. Meanwhile the enthralled demon roared in defiance, rushing at his kindred and with the fiend unarmed was able to lock itself into a wrestling battle. However, Esperia wasn't going to await the result of the demons their struggle, instead the scarf around her neck waved lightly through the air, "Jurvag!" Esperia called out to her sentient companion whose motion swiftly caused a green colored magical circle to emerge underneath the two demons while her enthralled demon had just succeeded in knocking the behemoth onto its back! She hoped that Alisa had retreated as requested, because the area behind the demon started to lit up with a large magical circle, clearly a spell familiar to the sculptress: one of Esperia's buffing spells.

Meanwhile the circle underneath the demons errupted into a sea of barbed thorns, impaling the feet and legs of the two wrestling demons, a pained howl coming from the behemoth while the enthralled demon collapsed downwards in exhaustion, a larger barb visibly lunging upwards and piercing its throat with a fell thrust!

"Ali, use its corpse and make that demon regret entering Earthland please~" the raven-haired seductress humemd softly, If Alisa had followed her suggestion earlier she would obtain quite an easy kill, considering the demon that was impaled by her sea of barbs was still pinned down, trying to force itself up again, a rather difficult endeavor with the fact the corpse of his fellow kindred was on top of him!

However, there was still one behemoth left for them to deal with, but she was pretty confident that Arisa would be more than capable of managing the final beast. From what Asmodeus told her, Arisa's powers were quite effective against demons, which made both her and Alisa the worst possible combination for the demonic incursion to face!

Still, Esperia had to admit she started to feel the exhaustion from her magic usage, her wings shrinking into her back as she kept an eye open for any potential threats which might still be lurking nearby. With them being so extremely close to the portal she wouldn't be surprised if some sort of unpleasant surprise awaited them the moment they approached the rift! And even then, if they wanted to reach the rift they would first need to succeed it getting past those three behemoths that opposed them, but with one of them already on the brink of annihilation... things were looking good for them!

WC: 516
Total WC: 3022/4000

Charm ended with the thrall's death (-250 mana for this round)
Using A-rank offensive spell: Tough Love (-100 mana)
Using Lesser Flight -50 mana
If Alisa steps into the buff circle: Asmodeus' encouragement and Blessing of Asmodeus used

+80 Strength +80 Speed (-200 Mana)

Transformation into Asmodeus
+40 Constitution Buff

5325-250-100-50-100-100= 4725 mana left~


on Tue Jan 15, 2019 3:07 pm

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Kai continued to follow the path that lead to the rift. It seemed to get bigger for some reason. Was it because they were feeding on the souls that were taken? It could be possible, but the real question was where did they come from directly? Her mind wasn't really in the right state to really think too detailed about what was happening. She had herself to think about at the moment and the people she met after she woke up from the year and so many months coma. The rift was to be seen as a large electrical current ball of green toxic lines. The motions were like a heart beat, a wave of currents from a sound coming from something and somewhere. Rather or not it was like that, that was how she saw it. It was just some portal for demons and other undead things to step out of to destroy everything in their path.

Luckily enough there was Alisa, Espy and herself to destroy it here. Her golden eyes mirrored the green rift, but also the bodies that gave it a path. It reeked the smell of a pool of bodies that have been decaying for weeks, but these were fresh. Did time go faster for them as they turn for necromancy? She sighed as she used her middle finger to slide her bangs behind her ear to get it out of her face. She just wanted to get this over with so she could go adventure about to find out and see what happened before she woke up in that hospital bed. It was for the sake of those around her and for herself. The clouds were so grey other than the green that gave it color. Alisa mainly spoke towards Espy, but oddly enough she could feel eyes on her. It didn't take some specialist to feel it.

Here and there, the three fought through the herd of mini-demons that weren't that strong. Usually it meant that the 'big boy' was hiding, it was waiting for them to come closer like a panther in the bushes, spying on its' prey. Her mind felt so foggy as she was just doing what she could to help the two. Most of them weren't flying demons, but when they were, she just decided to use her fear to make them weak. All of their enemies were trembling and it made it quite easy for them. Her rank was high enough to be just fearful. Kai didn't know much about being a Neph as she didn't have wings or so she thought. Arisa on the other hand was able to have wings when she felt like it without paying any energy/mana, but now Kai had to use mana. She didn't know this. Kai only thought of the fear and perhaps the thought of flying passed her mind. It was just using it that wasn't given much thought. The time was ticking though as they had to get there as soon as possible, they had to stop wasting time as there were no more survivors.

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Yesterday at 1:13 am


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"Very well, Espy, they're all yours~", replied the sculptress, giving her her student the chance to put her plan into action. Keeping an eye out for enemies as she retreated behind the thrall who also charged towards his three kin. Biding her time, Alisa kept her blade ready, lips widening into a faint smile as she watched Esperia sacrifice her pawn, "...Well played~"

In way of reply, the sculptress leaned forward and sprinted forward, aiming at the pretty much disabled demon further towards the front, watching the others coverging on her out the corner of her eye. She made sure to walk through Esperia's empowering circle, claiming the enhancing effect as she indeed locked onto her target with a predatorial hint, narroing her eyes as she rushed in. Disarmed, the creature raised his fists, in however way he could ready to shield himself however, and failing miserably, visible fear flashing in his eyes at the sight of that jet black blade and the woman who wielded it.

But when she finally dashed, she instead went straight for one of those furthest to the back, taking full advantage of the enemies' meager intelligence, exploiting their antecipation of her impending attack on the weakest link. Only they seemingly forgot; all of them were weaklings for each othe mages here, and thus it all came down to how many of them she could take down in a single rush.

"One.", muttered the sculptress, landing feet first on the creature's chest, past it's guard, impaling her sword through it's neck, blood gushing out and splattering her face. The creature wailed, or at least, it tried to, but instead its last breath did little more than cause more purple, tainted blood to spill out as the creature drowned in it with every breath.

Kicking off with her feet, Alisa pushed the slain demon down on the ground and herself off him. Her feet turned, her body twisted around as Alisa aimed at the enemy she'd have initially targeted, hopping right towards it. Yoru hung back beside her, pulling along into her second charge, sweeping her greatsword across, unleashing a gruesome slash across the creature's neck. Between Yoru, Alisa's own strength, and the added boost from her enchanted armor, that blow tore into its neck, cutting through and butchering it instantly. Sure, she was strong. But after a point, Alisa's experiences against the forces of darkness and a massively optimized choice of equipment turned her more of a beast than the very beasts she'd rather kill, when stuck in a battlefield with them.

"Two...", as her feet rested on the ground, she looked at the last remaining demon, should none of her allies have killed it at this point. Quite frankly, Arisa had an even easier way of doing this, simply blasting them with light spells. If she hadn't, Alisa would calmly walk over to it, eyes sharply following its every motion, ready to dodge whatever attacks it threw at her before finishing it off with a slash to the chest, "...And three.", she'd declare cooly, turning around to her friends, making sure all were fine,"That's the end of that. Let us see what manner of vileness they're cooking at that rift shall we?"

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Yesterday at 3:02 pm

It was quite a peculiar sight to behold, a girl aspiring to become a demon lord was aiding her mentor and a winged angel to banish the incursion of a demonic horde from Earthland, in a way it was almost even ironic. However, Esperia made no delusions to think that there was such a thing as traditional loyalty in the form of friendship among demons. Most of them tended to possess some sort of reason or motivation for being willing to aid another, in this case the horde that had been spawning forth from within the rift, no doubt served a much more powerful and dangerous demon, but the question was: why? What could possibly have driven those fiends onto Earthland?

Which reminded her, what was the reason for Asmodeus to be willing to lend her a hand? She said it was simply because it was beneficial for both of them, and that she was quite fond of her, whatever that might mean. Nonetheless, it seemed her magic had done its work, and so did her slain thrall, and to make matters even more impressive, the demon huntress which came in the form of the sculptress before her, had easily dispatched of the three remaining behemoths.

So far it looked like things were favorable for the trio, no serious injuries or worse, although Esperia did feel the slight discomfort in her chest from the earlier crash she made against one of the walls. Still, it was not to the point of debilitating, and so the raven-haired demoness remained quiet, at least till they arrived at the plaza.

As expected, the sight was a brutal one to say the least, the initial wave of defenders, or rather the corpses that remained of them were scattered along the ground, here and there were even the bodies of several unlucky civilians who were unable to get away in time. And there, where once a fountain had stood was now a large ominous tear into the very fabric between Earthland and the abyss.

Quietly Esperia approached the plaza, her gaze cast around the landscape as she could feel that familiar discomfort of all the carnage that had been caused by the incursion. Some people said that once you experienced war, you grow jaded to it, but Esperia couldn't imagine ever getting used to this the same way Alisa and Arisa seemed to be.

"Ali, Ari, Asmodeus is saying that if you want she can lend a hand in closing the rift. The gap is quite large, perhaps too big to seal by normal means but if I was to use Asmodeus' power, I could forcefully close the gap with the influence she has over the abyss. However, it is likely her presence will become noticed, and the chance that the demon leading this incursion would decide to show himself, is fairly large all things considered..."

Indeed, it was a worrying thing to know that the leader of those demons might still be lurking nearby, waiting for them to strike! "Ali, Ari... can I please ask for you to watch my back while I start to prepare on closing the rift? It won't take too long~"

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