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Ghost Town [Minor Demonic Incursion]

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Ghost Town [Minor Demonic Incursion] Empty on Wed Jan 09, 2019 7:18 pm

The apartment buildings were lifeless. Most of the residents had fled the town and for good reason. Those who didn't were going to regret not heeding the warning of the Knights. Right in the middle of the tall blocks of buildings appeared a small five meter wide black rift. Even the foolish ones who hadn’t abandoned the apartments before have begun to run at this point. However, none managed to escape, as the rift broke open upon sensing the presence of mortals, and dozens of small ravenous demons clawed their way out of the rift and hunted the scrambling, horrified citizens. At the edge of the apartment compound were a few adventurers. Those who had either come to stop the demons from causing mayhem, simply fight the demons for fun, or trying to stay out of it. Irrespective, they will be given no choice but to engage the large swarm that was beginning to overrun the whole compound, at least to defend themselves if not to protect the citizens.


  • Akuma

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  • Victor

  • Michelle

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Ghost Town [Minor Demonic Incursion] Empty on Wed Jan 09, 2019 9:12 pm

Akuma stared at the demons that streamed from the portal and scowled. So these were what the Rune Knights were afraid of? Not long ago, the knights gave a warning for civilians to evacuate the city, for they feared this very situation. Of course, some of the weakling people didn’t listen. Being the ignorant dumbasses that they were, they stayed in Orchidia and decided to live through their daily lives. Now… There was a whole heap of them being murdered for their idiocracy.

Akuma watched the carnage in front of him, taking note of everything that the creatures were doing. ”They seem to be working as a group and killing people like a unit,”  he outwardly said.

These demons were smart, Akuma would give them credit on that. A single ant on its own would not make a big difference. However, when multiple ants worked together, they could devour anything. These demons were ants, weak alone but strong together.

”It would be smart to let the knights handle this, but... I’m feeling a bit extra blood-hungry today.” Akuma looked at Tengu, his most trusted partner, and gave off a malicious smile. ”How about we go demon hunting?” he asked her.

He was aware of Tengu’s hatred for supernatural creatures. He knew that she would love nothing more than to kill every single one of these bastards. Though, for Akuma, this was going to be more of a sport. How many demons could be crushed by his bare hands? Akuma wanted to know. He wanted to test himself and witness his full limit and capabilities. He wanted to see if he’d gotten stronger over the past years of training, and if his power actually meant something now.

That was why Akuma was willing to fight these demons, and that was why he held no fear in his heart as he stood among the carnage.

”Whenever you’re ready Tengu,” Akuma said as he began stretching his arms and legs. A few demons had been drawn to his massive sight and started streaming towards him. ”We can begin.”

With that, Akuma dropped into a fighting stance.


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This was likely the most unexpected event Tengu thought she would have to deal with outside of her hometown of Dahlia. Rifts that allowed demons to pour in to the human realm, she wasn't a fan of the creatures one bit and would make sure that none of them were left standing. Akuma and Tengu stood now at the edge of the compound watching the lifeless area seemingly come to life and she stretched her arms over her head, making sure to stay limber and nimble.

"Screw the Holy Knights, this is a job for a huntress."

Tengu added on with her hand on her hip and her eyes observing the scene as well. The demons were easily chewing people to hell and back and working in groups to do so, given their own weak forms. Moving her eyes to look at Akuma when he suggested going demon hunting a sick smile spread across her featues that confirmed her interest in the quest.

"You know I wouldn't have it any other way."

With that she was taking note of the fleeing citizens who hadn't left being devoured and the two other people beside the infamous duo. She didn't know if they were competent but she didn't exactly care either and so with a few steps forward and the wind lashing her knee length ponytail through the air, her eyes went into hyper focus.

"Let's commence with the slaughter then, shall we."

Moving now, Tengu was in a full sprint forward; ready to take on the creatures before her. With Akuma by her side she was more than sure they could handle the underling demons.


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Victor Garrett
Victor was on the first floor of a low-rising building. He peered downwards with a mildly concerned expression and scoffed. In the distance he noticed the rift and witnessed the bloodshed of the townsfolk close enough to the Abyssinian creatures as they crawled out. He'd had other plans, hoping to please Lucifer by allowing him to address the dwellers of his home, but Lucifer had chosen to remain rather silent today. Additionally, from the way they tore down everything in sight, it would seem that these lesser demons wouldn't see reason long enough for him to exchange words.

He knew it wouldn't take long for the demons to seek out the living amidst the buildings. A few demons broke away from a larger group and made a beeline towards his building, he narrowed his eyes and soon realised that their target was a couple in the distance, who were for some inane reason... not fleeing. A demon amidst the small posse had outrun the others, giving up the advantage they had in numbers. He probably wanted to devour the humans all by himself. Victor smirked, perhaps it was time to create a debt.

Without warning he leapt right off the building. He had that swift demon under him to break his fall. He remained crouched and held the sword out blade first, slicing through the beast as he fell. Now he was right in the way of the girl, who was, for some reason sprinting towards the rift. He widened his stance and angled himself in a manner that if she was unable to stop and ran into him, his left shoulder would take the brunt of the force and hopefully he'd keep his balance. 'Wrong way! And you are welcome, I brought you a few more minutes of life.'


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Michelle Hunter
Michelle wasn’t sure why they had come to Orchidia. Surely, Victor didn’t care enough to fight the demons and protect the people. That much was certain. Perhaps the demon inside him had asked for this. But with the way the two had been roaming the town purposelessly, finding the least affected area to try and stay out of the fight, it didn’t seem likely. This looked more like the adventure her half-brother craved than anything.

Of course, even if she disagreed, she followed. It wasn’t like she had much of an option. When they reached Orchidia, the town was already half burning, with the little abominations pouncing on anything and everything that moved. They had managed to skirt around, avoiding any major encounters, and reach the apartments. It was when they had just crossed the main gates that the duo heard the screeching of the abyssal beings and the screaming of the victims. They immediately rushed to the upper floor, seeking high ground.

Michelle stood next to Victor and looked down at the scene just as he did. Most of the sorry citizens who attempted running were either already ripped apart or were in the middle of it. Two of them, however, seemed unfazed and wasn’t running for their lives. Michelle frowned, wondering who in their right mind would stand there asking for these demons to come after them. But then, just as she thought that, her stupid brother jumped down, prompting her to roll her eyes. Ever since he had gotten that orc sword, he had been too eager to jump into fights. She followed, and luckily it wasn’t too high for her to be unable to jump.

She watched as Victor landed on the demon that was rushing towards the two who weren’t running away and killed it. But, for some reason, he ignored the other demons that followed the first and began taunting the strangers. Shaking her head in disbelief, she extended her hand in his direction and cast her Displace. A magic circle formed on the ground behind him, and the moment the demons were on top of it, she flicked her hand, knocking them back and away from her brother. “Less talk. More killing,” she said bluntly.


Spell(s) Used:
Displace - 20 Mana (20% Mana Cost Reduction from 31 INT)

Mana: 600/620

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Tengu ran ahead of Akuma, but Akuma didn’t care. He was right behind her. At any moment he could move fast enough to move in front of her and shield her from the horde of demons in the area. Though, before he even had the chance, some man came from the sky and landed on a demon in front of them.

Who was this man that tried to get in their way? He seemed absolutely annoying. Akuma wasn’t the type that cared for guys who had god complexes. In fact, he absolutely despised those type of people. And, this guy… He seemed to have nothing but a god complex.

While he was so busy giving Tengu “A few more minutes of life,” the horde of demons that were originally attacking decide to stream towards him. Luckily for him, he had someone watching his back. They made sure that the demons scattered thanks to their magic. Akuma looked up and at the person who helped the man and gave a sigh.

”Looks like she just gave you a few more minutes of life too,” Akuma said. Though, that was all he willingly said to the man. Really, Akuma wanted to ignore the guy and get on with the fighting. However, if the man insisted on continuing to get in their way, he would have to acknowledge this guy’s existence eventually.

”These things attack as a unit to overpower their enemies,” Akuma said to no one in particular. ”So unless you want a bum-rush of demons sinking into your skin, I suggest you keep your distance.”

Funnily enough, Akuma wasn’t going to take his own advice at all. He wanted every single demon to look directly at him and come for him. It was easier to murder them all that way.

Akuma placed a hand at his heart and balled it into a fist. Suddenly, magic circles appeared over his fist and sent them jolting with electricity. Though, that wasn’t the end of it. A magical circle formed behind his back too, giving his entire body a surge of lightning enhancement. When Akuma was finally preparing himself, his large form became cloaked in wild sparks of electricity.

”Demons!” Akuma yelled out without fear. ”This place will be your grave!”

And with that, the rampage had begun.

Akuma broke into a sprint, surging forward like a beast without a mind. Running directly ahead, he didn’t stop his momentum as he lunged in the air and towards a demon. The poor monster had heard Akuma’s yell but was too focused on a meal it had murdered to pay any attention. Akuma landed next to the monster and thrust his palm directly down on its head, crushing its skull against the floor with his bare, gigantic hands.

Seeing its comrade going down, a demon tried to sneak up behind him. Sadly for it, Akuma was ready for it. He twisted his body, extending his fist towards the back of the creature to make it clash against the monster’s face. When it did, the already deformed creature became more deformed. With just one punch, Akuma broke its nose, smashed in its teeth, and forced blood to splurt out its body. It went down hard.

The berserker in Akuma was released. Every creature that stood before him was his enemy. Though he had some control over this destructive way of fighting, there were still times when he allowed his mind to go completely blank so that the instincts of battle could take over. Now was one of those such times.

Akuma wasn’t aware just how many demons he had drawn in. One of the cretins snuck up towards his back and sunk its teeth into his shoulder. Akuma yelled out a scream and cringed in pain. Three more flew around him and and began clawing at him. For a regular person, this situation would seem very dire. Though, for Akuma, this all just pissed him off.

He grabbed the legs of one of the demons that were clawing at him. Using it as a club, he swung the demon in the air and smashed it against another demon. The second demon went flying into a wall headfirst, delivering a concussive blow. With the third demon, he extended his other hand to the monster’s face, entrapping the creature in an iron claw grip.

He shifted his attention to the first demon for just a moment to throw it to the ground, where he then stepped on and crushed its face like he was crushing a bug. Back to the third demon, Akuma grabbed it by the throat and began squeezing it. He didn’t stop squeezing either. With just one hand he tightened his fingers around the monster’s throat until he heard a violent crack radiate from the beast.

Akuma showed no mercy. He was here to murder monsters. He had a demon biting into his shoulder and several scratches on his figure with blood seeping through the wounds. Did he care though? No. The savage that he was didn’t focus on the pain that he felt. Instead, he focused on one thing… Killing.

”Is that all you demons got?” Akuma taunted as he tossed the limp body of the third demon at another one.


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Just as quickly as she had started sprinting some random man managed to crush a demon under himself and jump in front of her. Telling her she was going the wrong way and that he's granted her a few more minutes of life. Tengu simply raised her brow and let out a hearty laugh despite the situation at hand, "That's cute." was all that followed before she was moving past him. Uninterested in any further discussion.

"Water Slicer"

Forming two quick hand signs and extending her arm to the right, Tengu would summon a blue magic seal before lashing her hand forward. Sending off a scythe blade composed of water that managed to completely bisect an unsuspecting demon. Both halves of it's body falling away from each other while more demons rushed past their fallen comrade.

That's where Akuma politely stepped in to make quick work of a few of the demons, and a woman joined the fray telling the duo to do less talking and more fighting. Tengu liked her already, well as much as she could like anyone, and agreed with her all the more. At least one of the new comers had common sense.

Tengu, taking Akuma's advice, decided to leap backward and gain some space between herself and the demon. Forming one hand sign and extending her hand at the small horde once more while forming a blue magic seal, her words following suit. "Torrent Blast"

It wasn't good for damage, but her spell was excellent at keeping creatures at bay. The seal before her hand suddenly summoning a powerful spout of water that kept everything she aimed at 5 meters away from herself, she wasn't willing to get bitten by these hell spawn. Not after she'd just had a spa day.

Continuing to blast the beasts away from herself, Tengu would turn out of instinct to watch her flank and for good reason. The sound of a snarl and the meeting of a claw with her shoulder was enough to cause her emotionless gaze into a raging grimace. Her shoulder being opened with a small cut stung, and the cold air biting at her wound wasn't any better; and she quickly stopped her spell to smack the demon to the ground.

Stepping on it's head and glaring down at the creature before her heel was crushing it's skull. "Damned pest." She growled, whipping her head back to see how everyone else was fairing, mainly Akuma because he was the only one she held any loyalty to, but the others just so happened to be in her sights. As well as more demons rushing her... just great.


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Victor Garrett
Garrett had no real role here except to prove his worth to Lucifer and to find a way to get out as unscathed as possible. He had no real inclination to linger and certainly had no noble intentions to save whatever was left of this mangled town. But there was no out. Swarms had spread through the block and he noticed that there were groups blocking all the exits.

Victor rolled his eyes. Wretched ingrates, he thought when the two refused to thank him. Ironically, he reflected the same ungrateful sentiment by grunting at Michelle. Just mere acknowledgement after she apparently saved him from the onslaught of the Abyssinian critters and in response to her unnecessary suggestion. 'No shit.' he muttered under his breath when the man suggested that the demons' strength lay in their numbers but then proceeded to charge right in with the water mage.

Sure enough, any of the demonic beasts who broke away from the pack, found themselves slain at the hands of the couple.  The other two were probably the sort of idiots who thought they could handle it the rift walkers by themselves. Cocky nitwits. But Victor just offered a smirk and shrug, their funeral. If they wanted to dash into their death, that was their deal. They'd bought the Garrett and the healer a moment by throwing themselves into the swarm so recklessly.

He jogged after the other two, slower in pace as he spoke. 'Let's just follow them, they'll clear the way, we'll get the flankers and hopefully make a clean ex-' his words and his swift lunge were interrupted by a loud otherworldly screech. His hands instinctively rose to cover his ears just as he closed the distance between him and the others. A gigantic monster stepped out of the rift.

Curved tusks extended from the beast's cheeks, and he seemed to have a mouth full of a million sharp teeth gleaming like daggers. The limb like projections were graced with sharp processes, facing downwards.The demon didn't waste time in gobbling up one of the lesser demons straggling by the rift. The moment he consumed the poor creature he grew almost half a foot in size... and he'd already been towering over the rest before. 'Great.' Victor whispered, his word dripping with acidic sarcasm.

The monster stamped the ground and it shook, before it ruptured under the humans. A forceful energy was released from the cracked ground under them and they were knocked into the air. Along with that force, sharp teeth emerged under them and shot upwards, slicing and piercing anyone caught within. Meanwhile the monster merrily walked towards them, clearly giddy with greed, in the hope to devour his exotic meal.

'HEAL ME.' he demanded, grunting as the arm wielding the sword took a hit. Groaning, he lifted it into the air to cast a spell that helped him endure the damage while he waited for his partner to do what he bid of her.


Spells, stats, mana and The Demon:

Meet Cho'Gath
Ghost Town [Minor Demonic Incursion] Cho-gath

Spell Used by Victor: War Cry (Sword, Rank A)
Mana: 620-200=420

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Michelle Hunter
Obviously, neither of the two were pleased at Victor’s heroic entrance, let alone his snarky comment. The one he jumped in front of just laughed at him and ran past the blonde to deal with the demons like she originally intended on. She went after the ones that Michelle had knocked back with her spell and dealt with them easily. Meanwhile, the tall one poked at Victor’s ego and suggested a strategy before charging forward, which was the opposite of what he suggested. Michelle simply sighed and shook her head, but when she saw Akuma’s rage and frenzy, she was quite impressed and decided to not discard him as a fool yet.

The fighting had begun, with the two strangers going neck deep into the horde. Michelle stayed close to Victor and away from the thick of it. She wasn’t surprised when her brother suggested they use the two as meat shield while they made a getaway. The healer held no ill will towards the strangers, but if she had to choose between their lives and her brother’s, it wasn’t going to be a difficult decision.

While the two ahead of them were dealing with most of the fighting, there were still a few demons behind them that were more than happy to pounce on the healer. Even though she had gotten physically weaker after the damned ritual that changed her magic, her muscle memory was still intact. She may not be as strong as she used to be, but her reactions were still on point. When two demons headed her way, one attempting to slash at her from behind and the other from her right, she ducked to dodge the closest one, held the abomination by its leg and threw it at the other one. The sharp claws of the second demon sunk into the first, killing it. However, this only enraged the one that was still alive, and it charged back towards her after an angry scream.

Michelle knew she would be minced meat if she let those claws any closer. So, she quickly dashed back a few meters to avoid the demonic being. Unfortunately for her, she had not checked what was behind her when she chose to dash back, and ended up colliding with another demon. The creature took the opportunity to cut across her back, tearing her robe and leaving a wide gash there. She groaned in pain, swiftly turned to kick the demon that had managed to strike her and then get ready for the one that she dashed away from. Luckily, she was close to where Tengu was and she had knocked back that demon with her water spell. Glad that these strangers weren’t dead weight, the nature mage got ready to assist them the way she best could.

After checking on Victor and noticing that he was doing fine so far, she turned towards Akuma, whom she found was dealing with way too many demons. One of them had managed to get him from behind, and while he didn’t seem to be bothered by it, the wound looked bad. She swiftly pointed towards his shoulder, causing a green magic circle to appear behind him. Out of the magic circle, black vines will shoot out and gently pat the location where he was injured, healing him. Michelle would watch his reaction, not to see if he was grateful or not, but only to see if his pain was relieved. Immediately after, she would turn towards the water mage to see if how she was doing. Upon seeing that she had gotten an injury on her shoulder as well, the healer was about to cast her other healing spell. However, before she could complete her cast motion, she was interrupted by a maddening screech.

“Ugh!” she moaned, instinctively clapping her hands to her ears. She turned towards the direction of the rift to see what was causing such an infernal sound. It was a monstrous demon that looked nothing like the ones they were dealing with. Michelle’s eyes widened in horror as the huge creature gobbled up one of its own minions to grow even bigger. One more reason to not let it eat any of them. Before the shock could fade, the monster stomped the ground and a large magic circle formed in the general region under where the four fighters were. Michelle was very much caught within the area and had no way of escaping it. Even if she had tried, it would have been futile. An abyssal energy shot out of the magic circle and knocked her up, which was quickly followed by a volley of sharp teeth that sliced her from all directions.

The healer fell down with a thud and a pained expression. The monster was on its way and she could feel the earth under her vibrate with every step it took. Hearing Victor’s cry, Michelle realized she wasn’t the only one who had been caught in the attack. So, she swiftly rolled away from the monster to create enough distance so that she could successfully cast her spell before she gets stomped by the abomination. Extending her left hand towards Victor’s sword arm and cast her Vitalize. A stream of dark dust shot out from a green magic circle next to him, and healed his hand. Once she was sure she had done her job, the woman turned towards the monster, which stood on top of her and was about to squash her with its humungous purple foot. The poor healer hoped someone would intervene and stop the damned creature from turning her into pulp.


Spell(s) Used:
(20% Mana Cost Reduction from 31 INT)

Invigorate - 20 Mana
Vitalize - 20 Mana

Mana: 560/620

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Ghost Town [Minor Demonic Incursion] Empty on Mon Jan 14, 2019 8:18 am

Akuma ripped the demon off of his shoulder. The creature's bite riddled him with pain, but he had fought through worse before. He chucked the creature to the side, crashing it through a window and severely disabling it.

While Akuma tried to recover from the damage he received, he suddenly felt his body starting to heal itself. He looked at the shoulder that had been bitten before and saw a black vine touching it. That vine apparently carried some amazing properties, as it healed his injury upon touch.

Who could've done this? Tengu didn't have this type of power, and there was no way that that walking god-complex of a man would do this to Akuma for free.

It was then that Akuma looked towards the other woman on the battlefield, the one that had saved the man not long ago. Could she possibly have been the one? Did she help him?

Whether she did or not, Akuma gave the woman a slight nod. Later on, he would have to buy her a drink as thanks. He was never the type of person to owe anyone anything and he wasn't going to let her leave without him properly showing her gratitude.

Getting back into the battle, Akuma winced at the sound of a devastating howl. Something else other than those demons extended from the rift. In all honesty, Akuma was surprised. This creature was more terrifying than he had imagined. Had this thing appeared first, Akuma would've thought twice about carrying Tengu so close to danger.

Well, hindsight was a bitch.

Unfortunately, what would come next would also be a bitch for Akuma. The monstrous creature apparently had control over magic. From just one step, it extended a large magic circle that nearly covered the battlefield. Thankfully, the time for casting the spell wasn't incredibly fast, and it gave Akuma the chance to perform one swift action.

"Watch out!" Akuma shouted as he moved to where Tengu was. He grabbed the woman by her shirt then, with a show of impressive strength, tossed her out of the radius of the magical circle.

Akuma taking damage was one thing, but Tengu being hurt? Akuma would never forgive. She had so much value to him, not just in combat. He wouldn't feel right if she got killed in front of him.

With Tengu safe, Akuma happily took the blunt of the attack. His body lifted in the air from the force that exerted upwards. It was then held there helplessly as teeth protruded from the ground and inserted themselves into him.

Blood splattered out of Akuma's mouth as he felt the sharp objects penetrate him. For a moment he hung there on the battlefield, skewered by a plethora of teeth before they disappeared.

After the attack, his bloodied body hit the ground with a hard thud. When it was over, Akuma didn't make any sound. His eyes had been completely devoid of life. Thankfully, his heart still had a beat, but his consciousness was gone from the shock of the attack.

Luckily for Akuma, the creature had ignored his limp body and went after another pray, the woman who had healed Akuma before. It appeared that it liked her more for a meal, and with Akuma down for the count with that last magical spell, it was likely that he wasn't going to be able to repay her for her kind action towards him.


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Tengu was suddenly raising her hands to her ears, the appearance of what appeared to be a much larger demon was irritating to say the least. What came next however is what made her jaw drop ever so slightly, seeing the demon consume one of it's brethren to grow ever so slightly sent a chill down her spine. Tengu despised the supernatural but she especially didn't take kindly to demons that had no loyalty; they were always the hardest to get rid of.

Suddenly the ground would crack from an incredibly hard stomp and Tengu would feel her shirt being tugged. Before she could react she was being tossed through the air by the silhouette of what looked like Akuma before he was subsequently taken down by the spell. "AKUMA!!"

The water mage cried out before shifting her weight while soaring to catch herself as gracefully as possible, rolling along the dirt to a halt. She would groan and slowly pick herself up, breaking off into a mad dash toward the titan of a man she cared for. Kneeling down beside him she would check his pulse and feel a wave of relief when she could still feel him breathing.

"Wake up you big behemoth, this is no time for a nap. WAKE UP!!"

Tengu damn near demanded, raising her hand to quickly slap the man who laid unconscious on the floor. Repeating the action a second time before looking over to the creature towering over the young woman, and since she had healed the man she aligned herself with she would help to protect her until the others were back in the game.

Groaning to herself, she dreaded leaving Akuma alone but the attack from the bigger demon had managed to wipe away most of his comrades in the aftermath. The perfect opportunity for the group of fighters to focus their attention on the larger beast, which wasn't great for him. First things first, she would need the other guy to hurry up and come help her to double team the bastard.

"Water Whirl!"

Aiming her hand at the creature and forming one hand seal, a blue magic circle would stamp itself onto the ground under the belly of the beast. Concentrating her power into the seal a torrent of spinning water would quickly rise from the magic seal, forcing the beasts body to stumble backward from the hit by the slicing cyclone of liquid. It's 0.25 diameter keeping it from hitting the woman she was assisting and instead focusing all it's effectiveness on the Cho'Gath.

"Don't allow yourself to be pinned in one spot!"

Tengu expressed, clear irritation on her face as the creature managed to survive the hit and turned to face her now. She wasn't afraid, she seemed to be the only one at the moment who hadn't gotten hit by the spell and that gave her a small advantage. Nothing ground breaking but it was enough to distract the beast for even a little while.

"I can assure you, I won't be an easy prey."

The beast snarled at her words as it charged forward, good, maybe she could lead it away until everyone recomposed themselves. Taking off into a sprint away from the others, Tengu's legs propelled her with all they could to get away from the demon. All the while her hand was forming two hand signs, preparing for a sneak attack on the savage demon animal.

Suddenly turning, a blue magic circle would form in front of her hand and she would lash it forward similar to swinging a blade; launching forth a scythe composed of water. "Water Slicer!" The projectile would swim through the air before making unpleasant contact with the creatures mouth horn, lopping off the left side and leaving it shrieking in pain. Something Tengu found amusing until the beast was knocking it's right arm into her body, sending her flying through a window to one of the apartments.

Tengu could feel the air leaving her lungs as she was flung through what appeared to be an office. Her back slamming into some sort of desk leaving her breathless in a seated position, her body bruised from the heavy hit. Slumping over to a laying position she found herself unconscious in the dark room.


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Ghost Town [Minor Demonic Incursion] Empty on Tue Jan 15, 2019 12:08 am

Victor Garrett
It was the Garrett's ability to observe more than his sheer skill that had carried him along so far in life. Not that he was abysmal at being able to hold his own in a fight, but he was certainly not as skilled as those who toiled at it day in and day out. Nor did he intend to compete with them in that regard. According to Vic, one had to venture out and broaden their skill set, he definitely prefered being a jack of all than an ace of one. His reaction to the demonic being had been very cautious.  

When he noticed the assault of the magical teeth under him, he'd realised that there were pockets in the attack that were not as densely packed with those blessed, shearing processes. So the spellsword had stepped into one of those pockets and remained as stationary as he could while he was tossed up and then as he fell. Of course, his calculations weren't perfect, but he still had legs to stand on. In contrast, his fellow man, had moved around through the attack to save his beloved. Oh, the folly of love. Now he lay broken... The Garrett stifled the urge to look smug.

Mostly because he still needed his partner to heal him, while he felt that he was entitled to it, he certainly didn't like having to rely on her this way. Nonetheless, she complied and that is all that truly mattered. He felt the sharp pain in his hand, dull to a throbbing ache, which was much easier to deal with and didn't render him useless. His sword felt a little heavy in his hand, so he let it drop while he got accustomed to the new sensation. Rolling his shoulders a little, till he was convinced he was ready.

It was because of this precise rapport, that he shared with the healer that a small voice compelled him to act in order to save her. He felt the tiniest tug of the protective instinct, to somehow save her from that stomp. If nothing else, then because she still had a purpose in his schemes. Given that it wasn't his most natural instinct to save another by putting himself into harms way, he was too slow to act on it. Lucky for him, or rather her, after briefly mourning over the state of her partner, the other girl stepped up.

Amidst all the critters who probably knew what their big daddy was capable of, had so far given the group caught within the knock up, a wide berth. Now that the teeth had done their job, a small swarm of demonic critters decided to test his patience. Making their way to him from his side probably intending to get past him and make a meal out of the semi-unconscious man. Given that there was a much bigger threat to deal with, he drew in a long breath and hacked and slashed through them. Taking quite a few cuts and bruises which he knew would need tending later.

The dark haired woman lured the monster towards her and managed to lob off one of his tusks and then winded up thrown against a building... Of course. he thought, bitterly. Emotions always blind. With Michi out of harm's way, he did see a plan emerging, and the woman's move had left an opening. But it would need coordination, and it'd depend on if Michi followed through on his next... request, or rather order. 'Michi, throw me up.' he said, rather bitterly, not amused at having to risk himself for a getaway. But such was the circumstance.

There was a permanent grimace on his face from the injuries he'd suffered, but at least he wasn't down... yet. The plan would involve him being thrown up, and basically shoving his sword up the roof off the damn creature's mouth. He then could use the hook of his blade to latch onto the lower jaw and break his fall. If teeth were his weapon of choice, maybe tearing open his mouth would be their best option. He prepared himself, these idiots were going to owe him their life today.


Spells, stats, mana and The Demon:

Meet Cho'Gath
Ghost Town [Minor Demonic Incursion] Cho-gath

Spell sustained by Victor: War Cry (Sword, Rank A)
Mana: 620-200=420-200 = 220

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Ghost Town [Minor Demonic Incursion] Empty on Wed Jan 16, 2019 3:02 am

Michelle Hunter
Michelle didn’t like the state she had gotten herself into. As the magic circle formed under them, she watched Akuma dash towards his friend and throw her out. It was obvious that he didn’t intend on escaping himself, but only wished to get the girl out of harm’s way. So, except Tengu, the other three were soon knocked up and hit by the razor-sharp teeth. Akuma seemed to have taken the brunt of it, followed by Michelle. They were knocked up in a weird angle and too many of those small pointed fangs had found their target. Meanwhile, Victor had ensured only one side of his body was affected, with his arm taking most of the damage. Her healing, coupled with his sword’s mystical spell, the blonde man managed to stay afoot.

The healer had curled up defensively and was ready for the large claw of the demon to stomp her violently. However, the limb never made contact, but she heard the thud. Opening her clenched eyes, she noticed that the water mage had knocked the demon back a few feet to ensure the attack didn’t land, saving Michelle. The purple-haired woman took the opportunity to get back up and quickly put some more distance between her and the demon. She was truly grateful to Tengu for saving her and hoped to return the favour. Unfortunately, however, by saving Michelle, Tengu had attracted the attention of the demon and made herself the target. The healer could nothing but watch as she was flung into a building by the monster.

Irritated, Michelle wished to end the demon as soon as possible before it wreaked any more havoc. It seemed Victor had the same idea, as he ran towards the monster with his blade at the ready. He didn’t even need to tell her what to do; she was already making the required motions to cast the spell when he spoke. A green magic circle will form right in front of Victor, and the moment he stepped into it, she flicked her hand upwards, slightly angled towards where the demon was. The thick black vines will shoot Victor up by five meters, and she would watch him drive his hooked blade up the demon’s mouth. It was a risky move, with the demon’s many small teeth potentially sinking into his arm, but he didn’t seem to care. After that, he pulled the blade down, hooked it onto the monster’s lower jaw on his way back, tearing it open.

The demon let out an abyssal cry as its blood splattered all over the area. It wobbled with its many feet for a few meters before falling, lifeless. Michelle stood still, watching the monster carefully for several seconds. When she was certain it didn’t move, she rushed to Victor’s side to take a look at his injuries. “Come here,” she called out to Tengu, pointing to where Akuma had fallen. Michelle would then beckon Victor too to the same area. Once all three were together, the healer would cast her Rally spell underneath them. The healing spell was not as potent as her other two, but it would heal all of them. She hoped the minor healing was sufficient to at least get Akuma up and capable of moving. If not, she was ready to assist in carrying him out of this hell.

“Let’s get out of here before more come through,” she said, as she knelt next to Akuma to see how he was doing.

Rolling for Boss!

Spell(s) Used:
(20% Mana Cost Reduction from 31 INT)

Rally - 3x20 = 60 Mana

Mana: 500/620

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The member 'Michelle Hunter' has done the following action : Spin

'Dice 100' : 55

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Victor Garrett
It wasn't crimson. The blood that spurted and then oozed out of the monster he had stabbed, was not the colour he liked. That was the first vague thought that streaked through his mind. He grimaced as it splashed all over him, effectively drenching all his fine clothes in dark goop. He resisted the urge to throw up, simply because it would involving opening his mouth and he didn't want to risk ingesting any of that crap. Then came the pain, which made it almost impossible. He clenched his teeth so hard as a garbled groan escaped his slightly parted lips. Matters only worsened as he fell back to the ground with a crunch and his knees buckled under him. He fell into a heap and was just glad that the monster collapsed in a different direction.

He had clenched his eyes shut after the impact, when he squinted them open again, he noticed that his vision was very blurry and it was a rather drastic drop in acuity too. He winced as he slowly got to his feet... or rather foot. One of his ankles seemed to have sustained too much damage. He half stumbled and half hopped towards the vague direction of the healer's voice. His healer. While his body wasn't quite responding well to the demands of his mind, his thoughts were still clear. He still maintained a sort of possessive attitude towards Michelle and was definitely not happy that she was willing to waste her magical potential on healing the other two. In his eyes, they weren't worth the trouble, but then... who was?

If he'd possessed the ability to speak with clarity and not risked the embarrassment of slurring, he would have relayed as much.  For the moment he flopped beside the bloodied man. 'Owe... me...' he whispered, unable to form the full sentence. In fact even the two words came out so mangled, mingled with groaned and separated by a tall pause, that he wouldn't be surprised if the fellow missed them. That was if he was capable of paying heed at all. The Garrett just felt a compulsive need to highlight that he'd saved the day. Perhaps, because he was still labouring to prove his worth to Lucifer. Maybe the fact that he'd just helped in slaying an Abyssinian monster would do the trick. Lucifer just scoffed softly, betraying no such emotion.


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