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Magnolia to Orchidia [Train Travel - Adriano/Idran]

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Magnolia to Orchidia [Train Travel - Adriano/Idran] Empty on Wed Jan 09, 2019 3:47 pm

Adriano Knightingale
At long last, they had reached Magnolia. There was no time to wander about town and such, despite how much Adriano would have enjoyed such an endeavor. No, they unfortunately had other business to tend to, matters that were simply far more important.

Although his cheeks were puffed like a child, he still went with Idran to the train station, both of them knowing it was the quickest and most affordable form of transportation available to them. Maybe after they went on a few more jobs, he would suggest that they buy horses, just to make things easier on their feet and pockets in the long run.

The wait to catch their ride was not a long one, and for that the brunette was grateful. With the amount of booths and street performances available to the public, it was a downright uncomfortable experience. This was the reason he preferred to travel by foot, or by horse, or any other means possible... as long as it meant he would be able to have breathing room. Getting onto the train was not much better though.

He became antsy the more time passed by, tapping his foot, his leg, practically anything to keep his mind preoccupied. The less he focused on how crowded his environment was, the easier it would be to get through this ride. He had even ordered a drink for Idran and himself, especially when milk calmed him down considerably.

Merely and hour or two passed until their train finally stopped at Orchidia station. There was no hesitation in Adriano's movements, his mind pushing him to get some fresh air, and personal space. However, after he gathered himself, his emerald eyes hardened. There were more people trying to leave than arrive.

So, he thought to himself, this is where the party starts, I suppose.



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Magnolia to Orchidia [Train Travel - Adriano/Idran] Empty on Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:52 pm

Idran Alfius
Idran was so close he could feel his heart racing as they approached the train. Just a little while more, he prayed that his father would see the same sky he would. He approached the train as fast as he could, boarding it without notice. Pushing his way past people, he and his companion found a nice place to sit down. Idran could barely react to his surroundings or any of Adriano's shenanigans, all he could think of was his coming fight Mind you, he wasn't scared. Idran was only scared of a couple things, fights were not one of them. Oh no, Idran was more pumped that he has ever been. He wanted to start the fight more than ever. However, he felt the pressure build up on him. He couldn't fail this mission, for his father's sake.

He could see it clear as day, His father and him fighting side by side, while the world watched. He never thought about who he was fighting, just them two standing atop a mountain of defeated enemies fighting together. He dreamed of the day the world spoke of the best heroes in the world, his father and him. He would be the best and no one would stop him. However, the thought of failure plagued his mind. If he failed, there would be no way he would be number one.

His thoughts were interrupted as the drinks Adriano had ordered came to his booth, honestly, it was just what he needed. He downed the drink as fast as he could. His eyes leaving his drink to face the window. He could see Orchidia in the distance.




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