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A Moment of Repose (Open)

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on Mon Jan 07, 2019 5:15 pm


Training vigorously was something that Tengu was far too used to. Pushing her body to it's limits and building it back up from the broken mess was a task she actually enjoyed, but it seemed she had reached a point in which her vessel was beginning to break down. How often she found herself forgetting to take it easy from time to time, and so she would take full advantage of her time off by visiting Orchidia's hot spring.

It wasn't often that Tengu came to the land of Orchidia, but when she did her first must see was the hot spring. Something about those bubbling, sulfur filled waters just knew how to work every kink out of her muscle fibers.

Tengu was no weakling, but even she knew full well that everyone has their limits. So with her nude body covered by a pelt crafted from a brown bear her beloved had slain, Tengu would meander into the room that housed the large pool of steaming water. Her gemstone colored eyes surveying the waters she lusted to dip into, eagerly awaiting it's embrace.

The hot spring was empty for now, good, she liked it when she had a moment to herself in the springs. Letting the mists dance around her as she cleared her mind and allowed aching muscles to relax from the surrounding warmth, it was serene. So with silence Tengu would remove her pelt allowing her feet to nibble at the surface of the massaging pools, furrowing her lip to a satisfied smirk while moaning in exaltation; slowly sliding to sitting position in the water. Letting the warmth kiss sensual ivory toned derma.

Taking a deep breath and releasing the air from her nose, all while readjusting herself into an entirely comfortable slouch. This movement would cause a light splashing to be heard under the bubbles constantly popping and rolling along the waters surface from the heat that fueled it. Aside from the fact that her bosom was now floating up freely to bounce along the waters surface as well, she was unashamed and simply focused on letting her hair down from it's ponytail. Soothing her scalp as long strands of off black played in the waters, she would close her eyes and tilt her head back.

Letting the warmth consume her worries while the waters kneaded her aching structure akin to fine dough.

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on Mon Jan 07, 2019 5:26 pm


The Last few days had been excruciating for Eryll. He had travelled all over the eastern side of Fiore doing Tests for his guild. He had had to camp out in the woods, where he had eaten pine needles because he could might find better food till later. Then, he hiked up a mountain in Sieghart to retrieve a special crystal that his master wanted him to get. Then he had swam a dangerous channel to retrieve another rare item, an Apple. His final test had been to spend the night in aldenwald where he was chased by lycans and vampires. Those were the reasons Eryll chose that today would be the day he would take off a little bit and go into the spa. He hoped there wouldn’t be many people there so he could relax a little. It was all ways better to be alone sometimes then to be with actual people.

Eryll walked into the main area and placed his clothes into a locker so they were not stolen. He waded into the warm water and let it wash over his bare skin, something about the heat sweeping into his cold and tired body just wanted to make him sink into the floor. To his surprise, there was no one there so he could enjoy everything to himself for a little while. Eryll relaxed for a little bit before he leaned his head against the separating wall and spoke out loud, ”This has been the best thing I’ve done all month.” he wasn’t sure if anyone would hear him on the other side of the wall, in fact he wasn’t sure if anyone was there. If anyone did respond, he wouldn’t mind.


on Tue Jan 08, 2019 5:57 pm


Ears, red from the steam that hovered over them perked at the first sound of movement within her vicinity. Tengu's eyes didn't open yet and instead she merely listened to the light footed individual that had entered the room, and only peaked up at the person while they stood still. Watching as the person eased their way into the simmering bath to join the soaking woman.

The sound of the boys expression caused her to let out a soft chuckle before opening one eye and looking to the boys own. Tengu's amethyst eye examining his expression before slowly moving her head back to allow her long locks to become soaked and the water to cover her entire upper body silently. Drifting to the surface once more, moving to where the waterline was at her clavicle, Tengu gave a playful gander with a small smirk added on.

"I'm more than inclined to agree with you on that front."

Tengu would then begin to comb her hands through her cascading dark hair before dipping back into the water. Slouching back as she had previously been doing and swaying her hands back and forth underneath it's surface, invisible to the naked eye. All the while she would moving her eyes from her own form to the water; observing the man from her periphery.

He didn't look like too much of a threat, but then again that wasn't enough to rule out any hostility or double intent he had. She would have to wait for some other sign of what his intentions were and go from there.

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on Tue Jan 08, 2019 6:17 pm

To Eryll’s surprise, there was another woman in the bath with him. As he had forgotten that orchidia’s Bathhouse was unisex, that fact did not bother him much though, most people napped in the bath houses. The other woman responded to his comment, agreeing with his opinion. Eryll smiled then closed his eyes, letting his body skunk farther into the water until just his head sat above the water. Neither of the two people spoke and only the occasional ripple in the water filled the void of silence.

The other woman was interesting, distant But observant was the only description Eryll could give to the woman. She sat across from him, quietly playing with her hair while she looked blankly at things around the room. Eryll was not disturbed my her presence or actions, he was more intrigued by her interesting movements.

After relaxing for a few minutes eryll crosses his arms behind his head and leaned back against the wall. ”Life has just been so busy recently, this is the first time I’ve gotten to relax in forever, what about you?” he asked, opening one eye slightly to look at her expression. Eryll hopes the conversation would persist, otherwise he would soon fall asleep and become a very pruny elf, so talking to someone seemed like the very best option to stay awake.


on Tue Jan 08, 2019 6:38 pm


The silence that sat between them was to be expected. After all, neither had shown any real effort into keeping the conversation going and he merely watched Tengu play with her hair. She didn't mind, in the end he wasn't worth much of her time or energy and she wouldn't become vexed due to wandering eyes.

Her mood however slightly shifted when she'd seen those ears of his, clear that he was an elf. How she hadn't caught it before was beyond her but there was no mistaken that she was in the presence of an elf, and she truly despised supernatural creatures. She was trained to hunt and kill them, so what on earth kind of interest did she have in befriending one, but Tengu wasn't triggered. He wasn't a vamp or anything and elves rarely interested her when it came to combat.

"You could say the same,"

Tengu would say while tossing a glance over to the man, her face and hair soaking wet and sensually hugging her neck. Sensual eyes passing over to those of the man spoke to briefly, catching their blazing color before moving back to her hair, giving it a much needed rinse.

"I tend not to stay in one place for too long."

She finished, the dripping of water from her hair and face into the pools around her was almost like white noise. She wasn't too focused on her surroundings and more so on her new destination of choice with Akuma. The two of them were on a traveling spree to gain power and renown, and she couldn't get that by staying in one shabby place.

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on Tue Jan 08, 2019 6:50 pm

Conversation was sparse to say the least. The girl answers with short sentences and paid little attention to Eryll. While normally this would have bothered Eryll, they were in a bathhouse and bathouses have different social manners. The girl mentioned not staying in one place for too long, taking it as a slight invitation to throw in another comment, Eryll did so. ”travelling is nice, but I think I’ll be staying here in orchidia for a little while longer.” Eryll said. He had things to deal with, mysterious tunes, demon snakes, and the fact that he had quite the lack of money right now.

The girls dripping hair created more noise than had existed before, but that did not bother Eryll, he tuned out the dripping quite quickly as he stared at the water. He drew invisible circles with his finger , watching the ripples move outward as he did so. As a water mage he had an affinity for however water worked and messing around with it was one of his favorite things to do.

Eryll looked back to the girl, ”Where do you plan to move on to next? I was just in Dahlia.” Eryll said, referencing the last test he had taken for Lamia scale.

Eryll waves his hand around underwater, enjoying the little bit of resistance that came with it. Bathes were quite literally one of the few places Eryll relaxed.


on Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:20 pm


Tengu merely nodded as the man spoke, giving some sort of fake affirmation that she cared what he was saying. He had to have realized by now that while she had heard him she wasn't actually listening, a skill she picked up quickly in her lifetime. "Mmm." A simple noise to make it sound like she considered Orchidia an okay place.

There wasn't enough chaos here for her to enjoy. She had much darker taste.

Her ears however caught sound of her hometown, Dahlia the city of eternal terrors, and for a second she froze. Almost like even the mention of such a place was enough to strike a nerve and she caught herself before she had an outburst, instead looking away for a moment before looking back to the man. A raised brow on her visage.

"Oh?" She asked, a clear perk in her interest given her rising tone. "Anything interesting to tell from your time there?"

From her unchanging expression one wouldn't know anything about her relation to the hell hole. She could admit to herself that she wasn't strong enough to go back there just yet but when she did, she would bring hell on earth for those vile creatures. With Akuma and Phantom Lord by her side, Dahlia would be cured of the supernatural plague that ran rampart through the streets.

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on Wed Jan 09, 2019 12:21 pm

The girl paid little attention to the other things Eryll said, only giving small sounds of affirmation. Eryll noticed, but truthfully, he didn’t really care. Their conversation was mediocre at best and it only existed to fill the void of silence. Eryll expected the conversation to stay this bland for the rest of the time they would be there, but, to his surprise, his mention of Dahlia sparked the girls interest. Eryll smiled to himself and leaned back, recounting what he did in dahlia. ”I was there with a guild member, trying to survive the night in aldenwald unarmed and unable to use magic. We ended up escaping a pack of werewolves and evading a hungry vampire. My friend almost killed the vampire, but instead she disabled it so we would be able to flee and the vampire would not be dead.” Eryll finished. He himself would have likely killed the vampire, while he held nothing against vampires, it was survival of the fittest. Eryll held that saying close to his heart, life was very much a game of kill or be killed sometimes. Eryll would never hurt an innocent creature, but if something was killing him for reward or gain, he would fight to kill as well.


on Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:12 pm


Keeping her eyes on the man, their purple hue piercing through the steaming air between them like a rapier in a rib cage. So he was from a guild, funny that she didn't notice, but then again she hadn't exactly been checking him out when he came in. Maybe his guild mark was under the water? She would have to remember to take a peak to keep tabs on who she was speaking to.

"Werewolves, Vampyres, all commonalities in the city from hell..."

Tengu spoke, shaking her head as if it were something she was reminiscing about. In all honesty she was actually more so interested in why exactly the duo had went to the city in the first place. Was their intention to make a game out of the horrific state the town was in? Typical of foolish men.

"Disabled?" She scoffed after realizing what he'd said. "They are disgusting, vile creatures that deserve nothing but the most grim of deaths. Why stop at disablement?"

Tengu said now, her voice filled with ice and her gaze holding the same hatred. It wasn't her intention to burn a hole in the mans head with her visage but then again her friend had done something she would never approve of. To allow one of those night mosquitoes to survive more than a moment with the opportunity to kill them was foolish, reckless and annoying all in one.

"Would you have shown such mercy to the beast?"

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on Wed Jan 09, 2019 5:56 pm

The girl remained mostly separate from their conversation. She was listening intently, but her mind seemed to be somewhere other than the bath house. After Eryll mentioned the vampire and werewolves they dealt with she said they were all common in Dahlia, which was very true. Eryll
Was surprised when she very angrily yelled about vampires. Taken back a bit, Eryll raised an eyebrow. She seemed to calm down a bit to ask what Eryll would have done. ”Me? It would have depended on the situation. I choose to follow the law of nature. It stated that it is survival of the fittest. At that moment in time I would have had to been the fittest, which would mean killing the vampire and I would have. At other times, when I would have been allowed to use magic, I would have likely disabled the vampire and continued on with what I was doing for the sake of time.” Eryll said.

He held nothing against super natural creatures like this woman here did. By definition, Eryll would be one too, except his kind, Wood elves, were not creatures of the night like vampires and werewolves. Eryll, taking a chance to pry, asked a question. ”If you had been without weapon or
Magic, like me, what would you have done?”


on Wed Jan 09, 2019 6:33 pm


Tengu's eyes never left his as he spoke, her own glaring until he completed his answer. Softening only slightly from their naturally cold state, and moving to look the boy up and down once more. This time she could see that he was no mere coward and actually had some balls... but he was no Akuma.

"Good answer," She affirmed. "And why exactly were you not allowed to use magic? Some kind of... game?" Tengu asked, confused on what exactly he meant by that. Was there some sort of magical happening she hadn't heard about, or was this some guild initiation thing?

With the mans question Tengu would let out a soft chuckle and raise her hand, playing with her fingers and causing the water to slowly form a small orb floating above the surface; taking the shape of a heart. Gripping the creation she would massage it gently before bursting it in her grasp. "I would take it's heart out of it's chest with my bare hands."

Moving her hand back under the waters surface, Tengu would move it around a bit and offer only a small bit of her origin to the man. A tiny grace she didn't mind giving, but if he pried she likely wouldn't oblige, or she'd make up some lie like always.

"I was born and raised in Dahlia to be a Huntress... It's in my blood."

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on Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:28 pm

The woman was now dead focused on Eryll, every word he said now, she listened. Their conversation had grown from something that neither was really interested in, to something that had both people heavily invested.

The woman held a deep hatred for vampires and lycans alike it seemed. She was pleased that Eryll would have killed it in his situation, she was confused however, on why he was unable to use magic at the time being. "It was a requirement of a test I had to pass. It was not a game, that would have been a stupid game." Eryll said. By now most of the Lamia Scale members who chose to do the tests had finished them, at least he hoped.

To Eryll's question, she popped a heart made out of water in his hands. Her magic peaked his interest, he too was a water mage and he always found that interesting.

She said she was from Dahlia, a huntress born and raised. Eryll himself had not been born for a cause, at least not one that he knew of. "A huntress? Do you have a particular favorite prey?" Eryll asked. He knew that some hunters liked to specialize in a creature, he wondered what hers happened to be.


on Thu Jan 10, 2019 3:20 pm


Another good answer, if he would of stated the use of magic was prohibited for a silly game she would of likely scolded him. So instead she nodded her head in a manner of understanding guild tactics and thinking, considering she had recently joined one herself. Phantom Lord, a name that brought terror to the hearts of some and sinful glee to the hearts of others... where she belonged in her current state.

"Agreed." She affirmed once again, this time leaning back with both arms laying flat on the edge of the steaming pools. Now listening only a hint of interest, but her eyes did go to the man to show she was listening to his next question. A good one at that, and one she didn't have to ponder long on.

"My favorite prey?"

She toyed with her answer, giving a sly look to the man across from her. "Weak willed men..."

The woman burst out into laughter after her words, finding her own sick thoughts amusing to say the least. While some might of seen it as odd others would find it disturbing if they only knew the things she had done in her short lifetime, she was definitely a monster in human guise.

"If we are referring to the super natural then I would have to say..." The pause wasn't long but it was long enough for her memories to flash back. That night that changed her life forever, the night she'd lost her family to a pack of snarling beasts in Dahlia. In that moment her gaze turned icy and she looked past the mans head, in a sadistic gaze; imagining what she would do to the creatures when she returned home.

"Werewolves... Their cries of pain satiate me the most..."

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on Fri Jan 11, 2019 12:02 pm

The woman had a magical laugh, and as Eryll should have assumed earlier, the girl was likely not a good soul. Eryll wouldn’t say anything about it, he was enjoying his bath along with an interesting conversation. The woman had a taste for pain, her love of Lycan cries seemed to fill her with glee, something Eryll found kind of odd.

Eryll let silence sit for a moment as he splashed water around on his hand, enjoying the pleasant gurgling noise it made. Turning back to the woman, he came up with an interesting question, one some of his guild mates would likely dislike him saying, ”what was your first kill?”it was an odd question, at least to a support mage like him. He did not think about killing others much, he just wanted to protect people, keep them from ever getting hurt in the first place. But there had been times in the past where he had had to kill someone or something for the safety of other.

Steam still wasted trough the air in the boathouse. Eryll enjoyed it, the heat, the steam, it reminded him of Astera, and the ocean. Eryll leaned back and cracked his neck, listening to the woman.


on Sun Jan 13, 2019 8:39 am


Tengu could tell her words were likely leaving a bad taste in the mans mouth, and to be frank she didn't much care. The fact that he had managed not to invoke her wraith this long was a feat in and of itself and so she would oblige his question. Silence sitting between them for a moment before he managed to ask her about her first kill. A small smirk came upon her features as she reminisced about her stupidity as a child... so headstrong for nothing.

"My first kill," She would let a small chuckle escape before continuing. "It was when I was barely a teenager. I lured a vampire into an alleyway one night after I managed to sneak out, defying my parents. Just as he was about to bite me I impaled him with my fathers dagger... and I haven't looked back since."

Sighing now with closed eyes, she would cross her legs under the bubbling baths and lean her head forward a bit. "And you?"

A voice smooth like silk, she was interested--barely--in the mans own history with homicide. Was he like her, someone who had changed after their first kill or someone who didn't enjoy the killing like her. She wasn't opposed to a good maiming, but it wasn't her favored method of disposal.

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on Sun Jan 13, 2019 3:36 pm

The unnamed woman had killed a vampire, for fun, not outnof self defense. Eryll wasn’t someone who enjoyed the concept of killing, he would only do it out of self defense. This woman, whoever she was, had a taste for death. She asked what Eryll’s first kill was. ”It’s hard to pinpoint exactly. I’m not an innate killer, but the first man I killed was likely out of self defense.” Eryll said. He remembered the day clearly. But he was not going to dhow weakness around a murderer. He had been trying to escape a dark guild after a quest gone wrong. He ended up killing a man who was blocking his exit. It had haunted him for a few days, but he eventually got over it. Eryll preferred not to kill.

Eryll stretched out his body, the warm water was soothing and this bath had been quite pleasant. Eryll returned his gaze to the woman, ”what made you want to kill the vampire? Other than it being a mosquito.” Eryll asked. Everyone had alterior motives and he was curious to know what hers were. Eryll gazed intently at the woman as she spoke. He would not break eye contact.


on Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:01 am


Looking into his eyes while he spoke, she showed no signs of reading him but that was exactly what she was doing. So his first kill was in self defense similar to her own? She didn't buy the fact that he didn't remember as someones first kill was something they rarely forgot. It was enough for her to deduce that he wasn't someone who enjoyed killing, maybe was even haunted by it, but she wouldn't pry.

Smirking a bit, she would twirl a strand of her hair around her dainty finger while she looked back into the mans eyes. Their intensity combining to form what could only be called thick air, and she would scoff at the question. "One doesn't need a reason to kill a vampire... They are pest and deserve nothing but extermination."

Standing now, the water would drip from her bare form loudly into the pools around them. Long dark hair cascading down her body like living shadows while she grabbed the towel she'd come in with and dabbed herself dry, slipping on the large fur she'd worn into the hot spring.

"My parting advice to you. Weak men have nothing to offer in such a dark world, so show no mercy... for your enemies will have none."

A dark smirk was all that painted her visage before she was sauntering away, off to get her clothing on and continue with her day. The soak revitalizing her sore form for what was to come, more nights of mayhem and chaos with her guild mate and friend. There wasn't much else she could ask for.

~Exit Thread~

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on Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:56 am

The woman, whoever she was, was a killer at heart. She chose to kill vampires because they were blood sucking pests that should be wiped from existence. Eryll remained quiet, watching her. She stood, letting the water drip off her body before she got out to dry. She gave Eryll parting advice, bestowing her own ideas on the world upon Eryll. Avoiding conflict, Eryll said nothing. His views were different to say the least, he would rather help people then kill them. Though, he did agree with her ideas of making sure that you were the one that came out on top. Eryll would never hurt a young person or someone who had done no wrong. But he had no quarrel putting a murdered 6 feet under.

After the woman was gone he allowed himself to sit in the water awhile longer. Enjoying the soothing waters that washed over his body. He stayed in until his body became accustomed to the temperature and it was no longer warm. Eryll clambered our of the bath and dried himself off. Today had been interesting to stay the least.

He paid and left out the front door. He had no idea if he would ever see the mystery maniac again.


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