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Charge! (Kazmir)

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Charge! (Kazmir) - Page 2 Empty on Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:44 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"Great, I'd love to learn some new techniques."
She had immediately started to put up her ponytail at the mention of teaching him techniques. He took a slow bite of his last pancake not ready for what she had planned, thinking to himself...'now.' He finished the bite and pushed the rest in his mouth.

He brushed his hands off on his pants and was ready, but it seemed she was just getting comfortable and talked about her eye instead. He swallowed the food relaxing his body from the idea of training and leaned back into his seat. She had already talked about so much and he didn't intend to bring up the painful memory of what happened to her eye as well.

She suddenly hugged him. He didn't immediately know what to do. The last hug he got was from...her. He lifted his arms but let them hover a foot from her back unsure about completing the hug or not, his eyes wide with surprise and his shoulders tense. With an exhaled breath his shoulders released their tension and he put one arm around her. It was a small moment but meaningful to him.  

Her words hit his heart as she talked about his fiance and he put his hand on her head still in the hug.  It was easier to talk about without making eye contact. "I won't forget," His response was short but had the weight of a speech when he said he would not forget his time with her. "Thank LeeAnn. Your kindness means a lot."

When she stuck out her tongue he grinned back, "Cheating...who makes these rules?" he asked playfully.

"Ohh, A challenge huh. Standing in rivers is not the only thing I did in the forest," Saying as he stood to his feet, finally understanding why she put her in a ponytail. She meant to challenge him in skill with a bow.

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Charge! (Kazmir) - Page 2 Empty on Fri Jan 11, 2019 12:01 am

LeeAnn Nakamura
"I will teach you what I know in time" she smiled. LeeAnn loved putting her hair up since it got out of the way. She loved her long red hair, but it gotten in the way a lot while she was trying to eat or talk. It was a constant bother to the young mage. Oh well, it was one of the few things she loved about herself. It took a while to get there, but she still loved that about herself. After putting it up in a ponytail, she looked at Kazimir who was staring at her. She turned a little red again and blinked. Why was he staring at her like that?

"Are you okay? You are staring at me oddly" she said, getting the creeps. She could tell he was a reserved fellow, which she respected. LeeAnn felted touched by his words and actions that giving him a hug was the most appropreate action she could thing of. Bold, but needed in her sense. Leeann could sense that Kazimir was thrown off and not quite expecting it. She met eyes with him seeing that the wind mage was not quite comfortable, but gave him a small hug. It puzzled her. Usually people loved affection. Why doesn;t he? Hikaru would of taken it. So would of Kon at least. This made her wonder and
took a mental note for later.

Giving a sincere smile, she laughed a little. Trying to lighten the mood, she was teasing him the best she could. "Why me, of course! Wow who knew a wind mage could be so air headed! Glad I am not like that" she teased again. Clearly, she was trying to get a playful rise out of him. She felt a small gust of wind wisp past her cheek, gently blowing her hair out of her eyes.

She smiled and got up onto her feet. A grin upon her face appear, one that was only shown to those close to her. From ear-to-ear, she got up close to him and stood on her tip-toes to reach his height. She was tall for a girl her age, but still felt short around most men. "I bet I can hang upside longer than you can! The looser has to...uhm...uuuhhhh....make dinner for the other?" she dared. She oculd not think of any other punishment other than a really awkward one. So she kept it simple. If he agreed, LeeAnn would climb up a tree onto a sturdy branch and wait for him to do the same.

"Oh the count of three, we hang upside at the same time. One...two...three" she said. Flipping upside, Kazimir would notice how long her hair actually was. She looked over at him and had a twinkle of a dareish streak in her.

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Kazimir Seiryu
He said very plainly, "I was looking at the unique color of your eye. My apologies." It was something that was unmistakably noticeable and grabbed his attention but he made an effort not to bring any more attention to it.

She broke away from the hug and they continued their conversation as normal. She was more comfortable around him to go in for a hug. It came naturally to her and it would be something he had to get used to. Especially if they would be spending more time together.

She boldly proclaimed that she was the rule maker, to which Kazimir jokingly crossed his arms. When she made the comment about him being an airhead, all he could do was a shrug. "Without being an airhead it would be impossible to be a wind mage," he jested. She tried to change the tone of the conversation to one that was more playful and relaxed. it had been heavy and it was after all their first time meeting. Those heavy topics would be better for another time.

She did not have to stand up very far as Kazimir was only a few inches taller. She proceeded to dare him to a hanging contest. Her challenge at first was with a bow and it had changed to a hanging contest. "Are you sure you aren't a bit airheaded yourself," he joked back at her, because of her ever racing mind.

"Haven't you already made dinner...does that mean I've already one?" He asked knowing that wasn't the case and she would protest.

He waited for her to get halfway up the tree and then used the wind to launch himself to the branch before she arrived and waited.

He smirked, ready for her to begin. She counted to three and on the last one she flipped herself down. Kazimir looked as though he would join her but at the last minute, he didn't drop with her.

Instead, he carefully sat on her legs that were on the tree, playfully keeping her upside down. "I guess I owe you dinner?" he gave a small laugh to himself waiting to see her reaction. LeeAnn's long her dangling below her head

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Charge! (Kazmir) - Page 2 Empty on Fri Jan 11, 2019 2:49 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn only turned red a little when he said he was looking at her eyes. How unique they were. No one ever said that to her before. Not even her fiance. Hans would never compliment her. She took a little dazed and blinked before breaking her trance. "No need to be sorry...I am just caught off guard is all" she said a little embarrassed.

In a daring look, he had no choice but to accept her challenge. Though, making a snarky comment of how she was a bit airhead too. A few small embers flamed from her body. "I am not airhead! You're the wind mage!!! I am fire, I am hot headed, not air headed! There is a different ya know?" she retorted back. She had a bit of energy behind it and looked a bit red still in the face. How did this guy get her so embarrassed? This usually did not happen with her at all. Most reaction people would get was a shrug of the shoulders or even a raise of the eyebrow. Leeann tried to not worry about it and climbed the tree. "I couldn't think of anything, okay?It was the only thing that came to mind" she defended herself.

When she reached to the branch, Kazimir was a little delayed, but eventually he made it. She counted to three and flipped upside down. To her surprise, he admitted defeat. Her ears flattened as this was too easy of a win for her. "You're a Rune Knight! You're suppose to be putting up a fight, not give in easily!!!" she hissed a little feisty. Her facial reaction changed 180. She felted someone sitting on her legs, lifting her back to the best of her ability. She saw Kazimir sitting on her legs.

LeeAnn gave him a look, not amused, but also embarrassed. "What? What are you doing, Kaz" she asked a little curious. She was pretty funny with her facial reactions as she just hung there upside down. Face still red as her crimson hair and could not hide it. "Is this your way of winning?" she asked not amused. She wondered how long he would sit there. Was it until she gave in?

"How can you cook a dinner if you sitting on my legs" she asked, with a smile. Of course, LeeAnn could do nothing to him since she was sorta helpless unless she wanted to use her magic. But what was the fun in that?

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Charge! (Kazmir) - Page 2 Empty on Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:48 am

Kazimir Seiryu
LeeAnn responded in a manner fitting of a fire mage and true to her statement that fire is as dangerous as the wielder. She protested his statement about her being air-headed and he put his hands in the air surrendering, "Indeed you are much more hot-headed than air-headed."

She had an energetic dispostion that rose Kazimir to be a bit more humorous to match. It had been a long time since he had joked with someone like this and it was refreshing for him to do so. He grinned at her comedy partly because it was funny but also stirring a bit of nostalgia in him of a simpler time, of which he was appreciative.

As he sat on her legs, winning in his own way, she looked back at him with her hair dangling around her and a silly expression brandished on her face. One that was made up of embarrassment and the awkward angle of looking at someone upside down. She had even informally called him Kaz again. A name he was known by in his youth but few called him that now. Possibly because he got to know very few people.

He could see how unamused she was and he couldn't help but to fill a rush of laughter swelling inside. His stomach tightened trying to hold it back but he let out a laugh harder than the ones he gave before, causing him to lean forward slightly as his shoulders bobbed gently.

He cleared his throat with a fist in front of his mouth, "You're right, I shouldn't have given up. But I owed you a dinner since you made the last one. So this is my way of winning."

He stood got off her legs when she questioned how he could cook dinner there, "Of course. Well then, I'll owe you dinner tomorrow, but you'll have to tell me what you can eat at least...Ann." he shortened her name as well to see how she would react to it.

he lowered his hand to help her up if she would take it.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
It was nice o let loose and be her true self. Someone that was vulnerable and open to getting hurt and not clammed up like a hermit. It was rightfully so that he agreed with her. Finally, someone who did not talk back. She felt a little happy seeing she was right. Fire.mages were more of hot heads that most people. Her true temper was silent and deadly but with close family or friends they see how violent she really is.

"Good. Besides you re more of the air head than anyone else I know" she said quite proudly. LeeAnn was dangling upside down with her arms cross. She was ready to see when he would let her go. Apparently, something she said made him laugh. She noticed his muscles were not tense like they were before. A smile let loose from the kitsune. He was having fun. Good.

Sitting on her legs was a way for his win in his own way. Shenhated looking. Much like her older brother. There was a small competitive streak in her to want always win but it was one of her most boldest qualities. Kazimir seemed to keep on laughing. She raised an eyebrow. "Are done yet, pretty boy? Or do you have some more" she asked really unamused but she couldn't help but crack a smile and laugh as well.

Wiping a tear from her eyes, he asked her what she would like to eat or what she could eat. Making dinner? Lee's face turned red a little thinking us I was a date. "Uh...anything that is not beef, seafood, carbohydrates, or snails....I think that's it" she said.

Once she was let down, her mind started racing a mile a minute. Was this considered a date? Was he just being nice and friendly? She could not tell but it was apparent that she was embarrassed about something.

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Kazimir Seiryu
He looked up at the sky above. The sun was still shining through the trees. "Me...The most air-headed person you know huh." He was a bit surprised that he had won that title so quickly. Did he really come off that aloof? Although he knew it was in his nature.

It seemed that once he relaxed a little, LeeAnn was a bit happier as well. It was interesting to him that she would feel that way so soon, but she was a caring person and it made him feel at ease.

She made a sassy comment as he sat on her legs but couldn't resist the urge to laugh along with him. It was a long time ago that he had shared a laugh like that with someone. There was just something about the peace of the woods and the hot-headed yet jovial mage he spent time with that got to him. After her comment calling teasing him about being a pretty boy, he helped her up. He didn't want to make her upset or have her face turn as red as her hair.
"Yes, I'm finished. altough it was a good seat."

Her answer to what she couldn't eat was shocking, to say the least. That was an expansive list that didn't lend itself to many options. Especially taking out carbs. He put his hand on his chin in contemplation, unaware of what sort of expression or embarrassment was on LeeAnn's face as he was focused on what food it could be. "I have to pay you back for making me the fish here, and showing me around so I'm sure I can think of something." Kazimir also had to think back to if he had ever cooked for anyone before...other than making breakfast anyway.

"When was the last time I did make anything other than breakfast?" he asked himseld out loud but in a more hushed tone.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn dangled there. She smiled as he wondered if he was that air headed. The kitsune finally was able to let down as he got off her legs. She felts blood rushing to the areas, which felt weird to her. He helped her up like a gentlemen, rarely anyone had that quality before.

Unlike most people, LeeAnn did not know how to socialize or what was flirting. It was amusing to a lot of people with her reactions to many things and thoughts on a lot of subjects. Most would just laugh and not say anything. Leeann would want someone to be blunt and tell her what certain actions means. It would help her a lot in the near future. Maybe that's why she was sent on this mission to make friends.

Kazimir felt obliged to pay her back for being so kind to him. She scratched her head a little, feeling bad he felt that way. A little too modest, but she could use a free meal that was not her own cooking for once. Being the polite person she was, she nodded. "If that makes you feel better, be my guest. I really don't want you to go through the trouble of making food for me, but if it helps you feel like were even. I really don't mind" she smiled with shrugged shoulders. Personally, she felt as if she was putting him through this whenever he offered her to make it. Or well...won in somecase, but she was not going to admit that!

He was deciding on what to make since there was a limited list. Thanks to her cursed body, she really could not have much without problems later on, but for a friend such as Kazimir, or what she considered him as a friend, she would not mind. With enough time, she would come to trust certain people again. Kazimir was the first step to making a friend. While he was unnoticing her embarressed looks, she was really confusing herself. "Am I really that much of a burden on him? No. He offered. But does this mean its a date? Wait...it is?! I think...two people of hte opposite gender that go out is called a date. So this is a date? Oh for the star's sake, stop worrying so much Alister! Lee? Fucks sake...I am overthinking things again" she thought. She was a naturaly overthinker by nature. It was just in her blood. "Sorry Kaz, if I am such a burden with the limited list. Just a illness I have..." she laughed, nervously.

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Kazimir Seiryu
The two of them stood in the forest with the sun showing that it was the afternoon. It's angle leaving beams of light to shine across them. Kazimir thought about what he could make her when her face showed a hint of concern or worry. The way she spoke didn't make him feel good about what she thought. "Well, it's not just about being even. You made a meal for me. So I'll make one for you. Not because of some sense of duty, but because that's what friends would do. And I enjoy spending time with you"

He thought about her limited list and pointed to his now empty skillet, "I may be used to only cooking breakfast but I'm sure it'll be easy to make something else." He didn't want her to feel as though this was just some sort of business transaction. They were becoming friends after all and this was simply a gesture towards those means.

He shook his head, dismissing her claim that she was a burden, "You're not a burden at all, think nothing of it. I have the list and am ready to make something...at least edible." he didn't do things out of obligation. LeeAnn had a presence that he enjoyed and he wanted to spend more time with her. They had already grown a bit closer and he was curious as to where this new found friendship would lead them.

The part about having an illness seemed to sneak into the end of the sentence almost unnoticed but he had heard it and it concerned him enough to ask without thinking about it being rude, "Does this illness effect a lot of your life?" He couldn't imagine being so bound by something but then again be it physcal illness or emotional, the binidngs of life all find us one way or another.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn started to feel as if she was being a burden, friend or not. She really did not want to put more tasks on someone than they are willing to handle. Though, Kazimir seemed alright with it. He was offering anyways. When he mentioned to her that he sees her as a friend and enjoys her company. She was a little taken back, seeing  that she really doubted how people could be towards each other. A small rosy blush came to her cheeks as she gave a large smile. A small giggle escaped her lips. Looking at him again, she blinked. "Glad we see each other the same way, you are so much fun to be around, Kaz" she smiled. Laughing a little, she felt right at home much like how she was with her brother. Never really feeling like she could be this close to someone already and barely knowing each other.

She thought about how small simple situatiuons could lead to many friendships and even relationships. It was hard to not think this could go further such as a boyfriend or girlfriend, but she brushed it off. Simply, the kitsune was overthinking a lot.  Kazimir was different from most people she could talk to. He stood neutral about many things from what she could tell and was a private person. They had many things in common. "At least edible, anything is really edible if you think about it" she replied with some weird logical. How that would make sense? No clue. LeeAnn logic. Who knew?

As she was relaxing, the conversation took a small turn to her illness. She froze. Immediately, her eyes flared open and hers stood straight up on her head. Sitting up from her spot, she tapped her chin trying to figure out how to answer this question. Leave it as brief as possible, but opening up about this secret to one soul would not hurt. "Uhm...a lot more than you could ever think. It's more of a curse that was given to me for just being innocent. It makes people view me as a demon or ghoul, my body functions like a ghouls, my body is in pain if it eats something wrong, and affects how I think of myself. It's...taken a mental toll on my health mentally and emotionally. Come to think...who in the world would love a damage soul as I am...uh...sorry if that got grim...its a dark subject for me" she replied. Getting up and standing her back to him, looking out into the forest. If he would apologize, she would simply just look back with a depressed, but a small smile.

"Don't be sorry. I needed to tell someone about this other than my family or the council. It's a deep, dark secret that I am ashamed of, even if its out of my control" she replied. She would sit next to him, watching him prepared for the food. The aroma smelled great. It made her mouth water even more. "Where did you learn how to cook" she asked.


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Charge! (Kazmir) - Page 2 Empty on Tue Jan 15, 2019 10:40 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
LeeAnn had giggled! A reaction that was both surprising and somehow pleasing to Kazimir. It made him smile a bit with her. "You are delightful as well Ann."

Kazimir gave a strange and amused look at her comment about anything being edible. His brow cocked in intrigue thinking about someone eating a show and perhaps making a joke of it later with her. "Well, I won't be forgetting that anytime soon," She could see his mind racing to a million things.

She told him about being a ghoul, something that he had never heard of before. It both intrigued him and made him sad for her situation. He hoped that one day he could help her find a way out of this and how to get past it. "I am truly sorry that happened to you. e don't have to talk about that now if you don't want. Anytime you want to I am here." When she said how could anyone love her, he felt like he suddenly learned a lot about her perception of herself. "Everyone is worthy, of being loved LeeAnn. I'm sorry I brought this up."

He prepared the food again but pretended to drop his shoe in to mess with her. "I just learned from my clan." He said as he sat next to her, cooking and enjoying the next few hours of sunlight with her. He thought about how lovely the day was spent like this, with no real worries at the moment.


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