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Charge! (Kazmir)

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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

Charge! (Kazmir) Empty on Mon Jan 07, 2019 2:19 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
People. People every where. She was alert. Scared and just tense. Her horse felt the distress radiating off of her. The hooves clopped loudly downt he street as it was slightly barren. Orichidia was different than most cities she had been to. It was more of a maze where as other citires it was easier to meander around and you would eventually find where you are going. Right now, she was lost. Asking for directions was out of the question. LeeAnn held the reins tightly.

"I have no idea where it is. God Damn it...Thowra what's wrong?"

Thowra, her horse, perk his ears up heating something in the distance. Some how it startled him. A quick in pace of his hooves was made. Bursting into a gallop. Luckily there w as no one on the road at the time. LeeAnn started to pull the reins bit nothing was stopped. She pulled them again and nothing happened. He was too frieght an by something and he was a skittish horse. More than most for some reason.

"Thowra STOP!!!! Someone help"

She cried in panic. The horse stopped. Thowra reared into the air and  threw her off chasing her to hit the ground and black out for a minute.

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#2Kazimir Seiryu 

Charge! (Kazmir) Empty on Mon Jan 07, 2019 9:18 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir finally arrived in Orchidia. It was just as described to him. Plant life grew from every corner and almost overtook the city. This only added to its appeal, tucked away surrounded by a lush forest. He had no idea how to navigate the streets but had heard of some of the places and meandered to find them. A part of him though, really just wanted to get to the rune knight office and find some work.

The calm atmosphere didn't last long. Which seemed to be a recurring theme since returning after so long. A woman's scream cut through the crowds of people standing on the sides of a street. Rushing over he stumbled to an abrupt stop almost being trampled by a horse. The large beast, startled, reared back and Kazimir cautiously grabbed the reins. "Easy does it," he said trying to calm the horse but it bucked again and pulled itself loose of his grasp.

Kazimir was never one for an abundance of physical strength, so it was not difficult for the horse to yank itself free. He jumped in its way trying to halt its movements before any civilians came to harm/ They shuffled back and forth only a few seconds and the horse finally became settled. Grabbing the reins he noticed the rider in the street.

They were no doubt thrown from their steed. He hurried to the woman's side, who was out of her wits for a moment. Giving the horses reins to a nearby civilian, he knelt down beside her seeing if she sustained any head injuries.

"Are you alright?" he asked once he was certain there were no visible injuries. She seemed to be alright and only dazed for the moment, at least he hoped. He waited for a response before he would help her up.

#3LeeAnn Nakamura 

Charge! (Kazmir) Empty on Mon Jan 07, 2019 9:31 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
She came to her senses not long after her horse was calmed down. Clearly, LeeAnn was groggy as she heard footsteps towards her and felt a hand underneath her head. A male's voice asking if she was alright. Slowly opening her red and black eye, she saw a young male around early twenties she guess, staring down at her concerned. His expression was genuine and made LeeAnn relax a little seeing he was calm and could attempt to trust him, but not too much.

She groaned a little and nodded. Slowly, she at up and checked herself for any broken ribs or bones. The most she gotten was a sore back and bad bruising. "Y-Yeah...I think so. I am going to kill me dad when I see him next...no wonder he got this horse for so cheap" she spoke. LeeAnn looked at the other fellow person. For some reason, she just stared. Studying him and guessing his mannerism, afterall, she did this a lot. Especially not trusting a single thing into people. He did show some sign of concern, so perhaps he was nice? Nononono! "Sorry...I'm LeeAnn Nakamura of the Rune Knights. That horse is Thowra...my only source of transportation. " she said. Her fox ears lowered themselves as it showed she was still apparently frustrated with her newly, gifted equine. He was a good horse, but often got scared.

She stood up on her feet again and dusted herself off. Looking back at her six kitsune tails, she huffed. "Guess I have to brush my tails again when I get back to my hotel room. What brings you here to Orchidia? What's your name> I have to thank my savior properly" she gave a small smile, holding out her hand in a polite manner. She was trying to show some sign of being thankful, but could come across as trying to hard or just socially awkward.

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#4Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir gave a small sigh of relief seeing that the woman was okay and returning to her senses. When she opened her eyes, Kazimir couldn't help taking note of her different eyes. He had never seen any like that before. His posture didn't change but the curiosity could be seen in his own eyes. It was now that he actually noticed what made this woman so different. She had fox-like ears and laid on a bundle of tails.

He pulled himself back to his senses and backed away, giving her room to breath and regain her composure. "Judging by your response It seems you're okay," he said with a small smile at her threat of killing her father. "Isn't it more rewarding to break him in yourself," he said only half-joking about it.

The woman took a moment just to stare at him as if she was evaluating him. He simply stared back at her with his unflinching indigo eyes and patiently waited, adjusting the white scarf that hung around his neck. He had been the victim of surprise attacks before, he didn't think her the sort but was ready and calm nonetheless in case this was another attempt to take out a rune knight.

His inner suspicion subsided as she readily introduced herself and was a rune knight at that. She made mention of her horse and his role in transportation, "Seems like a swift mount even if a bit wild," he gave a slight laugh.

She brushed her tails out and Kazimir refrained from asking about her mysterious origins. She then extended her hand with a few questions of her own. "It is a pleasure LeeAnn. I'm Kazimir of the Seiryu clan. Also a member of the rune knights." He reached out and shook her hand even if her gesture was not meant for one. He did it reflexively, not intending to be rude.

"I'm here because of a summons from the Rune Knights. Also, I've never been here before so I don't really know where anything is or about the place," he said looking around at the foreign city. He shook his head at her mention of the word savior, "Hardly a savior. Just in the right place and the right time...but thank you."

She seemed a nice enough person and something was fascinating about her. So far all the rune knights he met were pleasant, "If you are stationed here would you care to tell me where a few things are?"

#5LeeAnn Nakamura 

Charge! (Kazmir) Empty on Mon Jan 07, 2019 10:19 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
He seemed to be light-hearted with a small humor. It brought a small genuine smile to her that she never thought of Thowra that way. Always looking at the glass, half-empty, looked at the beauty of the black horse Thowra was. He was a magnificent horse, afterall. Just...LeeAnn did not like things that were difficult after being spoiled rotten with a well-trained service pet that adored LeeAnn later to be murdered by her dead fiance. The thoughts of that only brought back bad memories of what happened or what she thought happened that day. "I guess I never thought of it that way. What can I say? I am a spoiled daughter" she teased. It was true! She was her father's favorite despite being adopted and being the only girl. She was very lucky.

LeeAnn noticed that staring at Kazmir that his eyes were indigo. A rare color she never saw in humans ever now that she thought about it. Eyes were everything to her since she always studied features of every person she met and thought were worth knowing. Her mind was put to at ease a little when he mentioned she was a Rune Knight too! This made her feel even more comfortable, but not fully. Only just a tad. Though, it was noticeable in her facial expression of how she relaxed. Easing her body a little, trying to relax. She smiled a little. "Glad I ran into a fellow knight. Boy, am I glad to see you. Seeing Holy Knights and just others from other guilds. Its good to see a new face. Pleased to meet you, Kazmir" she said. A thought crossed her mind thinking that the last name Seiyru had any sort of trading relation to the Nakamura family. Afterall, the Nakamura's were once well known traders back in the day. Now, not so much, but it was a valid thought. She would have to ask Hikaru later when she ran into him again.

"Well, you did calm down my horse. I can't even do that well and I own him for a while. You must have a way with horses. The least I can do is show you around. I have been here the past few weeks so I will give it my best shot. Just hop on Thowra" she spoke. The young kitsune climbed onto the now calm horse. She reached out her hand to the young knight. If he would agree to ride the horse, she would pull him up and take him where ever he wanted to go. It was the least she could do as a thank you for saving her. "Is there any place in mind you would like to see" she asked, trying to sound kind.

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#6Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
She said she was a spoiled daughter but did not act it. Aside from complaining about being thrown from a horse but who wouldn't in that situation. If she believed herself spoiled for that, what else was her opinion of herself, though she did say it with a teasing gest. It may be Kazimir over thinking it.

"I've yet to see anything that amounts to being spoiled," he said in a typical calm manner. It was easy to surmise that he didn't change his expression too much regardless of topic. He had a firm baseline partly due to something always lingering in the back of his mind, and from years of keeping his emotions under control.

"My eyes changed when I acquired my magic," his voice was soft even in the candid statement as they peered at the oddity in each other's eyes. Almost forgetting that he too had an unusual pair. He did not ask about hers as it may be something of an ill memory but hoped his statement would give her some more clarity on him and perhaps he would learn one day about hers.

"Are there many others here? and are you here for work?" his question was one also out of concern in case a large gathering was the prelude to something bigger. "It is always nice to meet another knight."

"I used to ride them often when I was younger, so I've spent a considerable amount of time with them I suppose." She invited him along with her as a show of thanks, an expression he had not expected. He was eager to learn about the place though, and she was a kind-hearted person to take the time to do so.

He hesitated for a second and took her hand, "if it does buck again, I'll be breaking your fall this time," poking fun at the situation and her fearless return so quickly to the back of the horse.

When she asked him where he wanted to go he had no idea. He smiled at his own whimsy, "I have no idea, my usual method is to just wander aimlessly or chase work...I guess wherever you think is important." He paused for a moment, "But is there a place with music...or pancakes?" He made no change to his expression, not realizing it may seem silly to ask for that.

#7LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura
It was quite clear they were always thinking. LeeAnn noticed he was probably not from here either by his clothing. Perhaps, she was just overthinking as well. She would not pry into his private life. It was probably something she would find out later. Some people were open books, but form how quiet and reserved he looked. Kazmir seems to be the "Leave me alone" type of person. Not much of a talker social butterfly like some other mages she knew about. In the back of her mind, she would always remain alert. Kazmir asked why she was in the city. She remembered what her captain had said about making friends and bit her lip seeing his scary face in her mind. "Something like that...a...odd job, but a job nonetheless" she replied, keeping it vague. She relaxed a little as they hopped on the horse. He teased about him breaking her fall if the horse decided to buck off. In the back of her eye, she noticed Thowra having a sorta mischievous smirk on his face. One she did not like.

LeeAnn narrowed her eyes at the animal as it only began to trot around on Leeann's command. "Haha, I am not going to let you fall you know? I don't want you to get hurt, Kazmir" she said, not realziing it was a joke. She was not up to par with her social skills like most people their age. Reason why she was sent to Orchidia. They began to meandering around the city just aimlessly finding a place to sight see since the plants here overgrew the buildings giving a more nature type look. It was something LeeAnn loved about this town. The oddest request that her ears ever picked up was a place with pancakes? This puzzled her as she looked back at his expression while saying it. Trying to not laugh, she bit her lips and tried to not burst into laughter. After fighting it for a few minutes, she could not keep it in. "Hahaha, sorry...your expression really was funny while you said it. Actually, yes I do. I cant eat pancakes, but they do make them and on occasion play live shows there. I went there one time and it was great, lets see if I remember" she spoke.

She halted to a stop and looking around. All the buildings looked the same with overgrown plants and moisture in the air. It confused her as she played like she knew where it was. "This way..." she whispered to herself. After several minutes of pretending to know what she was doing, it was clear they were lost, but she did not want to admit it. They were in a more of a forest area with thick brush and bramble. LeeAnn had Thowra stop and looked around. "We are not lost! I know where I am going...Thowra just wont listen to me" she said. Blaming it one the horse, Thowra lowered his ears and snorted. He sat down causing both Kazmir and LeeAnn to tumbled onto the ground.

When LeeAnn opened her eyes, her face turned red and got off of Kazmir quickly. A small pang of anxiety rushed over her as she was burying her face into her jacket. "I-I'm so so-sor-sorry, K-Kazmir. Sorrysorrysorry" she stammered. Thowra on the other hand looked proud of himself.

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#8Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
He climbed onto the horse still a bit leery of the mounts trustworthiness. He kept his hands folded in front of him as the horse was moving slowly. It had been since his youth that he rode a horse especially sitting in the back but he didn't mind. It was a nice change of pace and brought a simple sort of relaxation. The only awkward moment for him was situating himself so he did not disturb her tails.

Making no remark about her own eyes, he left it at that and readied himself to ride out.

She urged the horse to go and unlike what he assumed happened before, she had complete control. For the moment that is. She was vague about the job she was sent on and so was he. They were still just meeting each other after all.

LeeAnn replied in a way that implied she had not completely caught his joke. He opened his mouth to tell her but upon hearing her worry about him falling he left it alone, "I thank you for your care then."

They gentle march through the city was calming as Kazimir took in all the sights, easily distracted by the architecture and movement of people through the vines that wrapped around each building. It was certainly worth the trip and being off of his feet after traveling here made it all the more pleasing.

He saw LeeAnn fighting back something, her body appeared ready to burst out until her laughter finally fought through. He smiled back, "I suppose it is an odd request," forgetting that his quirk was a peculiar one and joined her in laughter albeit not as hard as hers.

"Can't it pancakes? That's a shame, they are almost exclusively what I do eat. Why is it you can't?" he asked without a second thought, not thinking it was something detrimental, perhaps a dietary choice.

After hearing her response he addressed her knowledge of the perfect place to go, "Lead the way then. I suppose I should find the office at some point too."

LeeAnn took several roads across the city. Stopping occasionally to whisper that she was on task and headed the right way. After a few attempts, Kazimir began to see the actions of an unsure person. He had spent time himself being lost in the woods and knew the game of pretending well.

As they arrived in a thicket of forest his fears were becoming solidified. Even more so when she felt the need to exclaim she wasn't lost. "Haha, Most people who aren't lost don't need to state it. It's no worry I enjoy the forest just as well," he added as she blamed the horse for his digression. "Seems that Thowra..." he was about to defend the horse as it suddenly sat down sending them to the ground.

Kazimir hit with a thud and another thump followed after, landing on top of him. LeeAnn had fallen atop him and immediately threw herself off in embarrassment.

To Kazimir it was nothing more than a typical accident that could happen to anyone. Although he didn't trust the look on the horses face.

He stood to his feet and dusted himself off, fixed his scarf and replied, "Not a problem. Looks like I broke your fall after all," he jested seeing that she was unharmed and walked over to place a hand on her shoulder, "No need to be so worried, I can't take a bit more bumps than that."He found something endearing about the six-tailed fox mage burying her face timidly in her jacket.

Looking around at the forest, "first...where are we?"

#9LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura
The horse was mischevious and had a plan that was going to unfold. He sat there meeting th eyes with I admit then at LeeAnn. Giving a snicker, he got up and scalloped off before either one of them could chase after him. This freaked LeeAnn out giving the sense that officially they were lost. It hurt her pride to admit it though. I admit was alright and gave LeeAnn a sense of relief but she still felt bad and poked the ground a little. The young kitsune realized that she was showing more signs of being comfortable around him than most people. Probabaly given the situation was one of those she wanted to avoid was getting lost.

She looked around and could see they were in the surrounding forest. "Were in the outskirts of the town this is...it is! Come on Kaz" she said. She grabbed his hand and gently walked him to the river. Hearing the sounds of water immediately runny gave her a sense of relief. She loves being in nature. The river was always run no g out of the town. If they followed it they would be lead back to the town. "If we follow the river, it will lead us back to Orchdia. Besudes, this could be the first part of our tour. I come here a lot by the river and draw or write. Its a good place to sit down and admire the scenery. Do you want to give it a try or are you a little freaked out" she asked.

She could not tell if being alone and lost would freak him out or just being in the forest was. She could be over thinking yet again. A common habit of hers. The young kitsune sat down and patted a nice bed of warm grass for him to sit on. "Come on and sit, thus could be a good experience to show you a little bit about my favorite spot" she invited him. She would have him sit if he wanted to or if he wanted to go that was okay too. LeeAnn would close her eyes and hear the sounds of the forest. "Not many people come to appreciate nature and what it brings. Its always been a calming thing to listen to the sound of the birds and water. We as people are too involved with our lives that we don't come to appreciate the small things she spoke.

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#10Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
The two of them surveyed the area, trying to get their barrings. LeeAnn had started poking the ground no doubt feeling bad about the situation. He thought to reassure her for a moment but then decided the best way would be to find a way out. He started to examen which tree would be best to claim. It reminded him a bit of the forest he ran deliveries for.

He started to walk towards one as LeeAnn suddenly leaped up realizing where they were. She grabbed his hand and his gut reaction was to pull it away not used to that kind of brazen action. She could feel him tug away slightly but then relax his hand in hers. An odd feeling for him to be guided by the hand but maybe it was time to get used to such things if he would be traveling with others from now on.

They arrived at the river that flowed into the town according to her. "Well looks like you weren't lost after all. What do you write about?" he asked after she finished with her statements. He smirked a bit at being asked if he was freaked out by the forest and looked into the trees, "Not at all. In fact, I was raised in a forest." He looked back at her as she now sat in a pile of grass, "You enjoy solitude then. It is pleasant to be away from it all sometimes. I'd love to sit a while," as he sat down in the place she had graciously reserved for him.

The female knight sat back with her eyes closed and expressed her feelings on the nature that surrounded them. Coming from a forest himself he felt connected to what she was saying. He listened to her words mingling with the sounds of nature around. The rushing water brought back old memories. Ones he was not keen on exploring at the moment.

"Nature is filled with a beauty that many take for granted. It's nice to meet someone that shared an affinity for it."

He looked at her tranquil expression and instead of saying anything more he had a different idea. For whatever reason he would share a bit of his hobby as well. He slipped the flute out of his gi and brought it to his mouth. With a gentle blow like a soft breeze he matched the harmony of the birds.

#11LeeAnn Nakamura 

Charge! (Kazmir) Empty on Tue Jan 08, 2019 8:33 am

LeeAnn Nakamura
She could tell he was a cautious person like she way by his sudden expression. Feeling his hand tug away, it was not enough to let go. LeeAnn guided him to the area. Mentioning her writing, she turned a little flush in the cheeks. No one asked about what she wrote about. Nervously she laughed a little to ease her anxiety. ""oh...nothing special just my thoughts and feelings. Stories and just a little bit of everything" she would reply to him. After some time, they got to listening to the sounds of the forest. Hearing that he was raised in a forest perked her interest. "You were raised in a forest? Wow, that's really cool" she replied a little amazed. She never really talked to anyone who as raised in nature. Uncommon or rare in Fiore to hear about.

He agreed with her on how nature was over looked by an lot of people. It was the one place where she could not have any panic attacks or flashbacks of trauma. She heard a sound of a flute which made her ears twitch and raise up. A small peel to see him playing music. She never heard of.this kind before but it was beautiful. Music was a subject she never explored much. Seemed he really loved music. A smile came onto her face. "That sounds so beautiful and really calms me down. You are really good flute player Kaz" she smiled. For the first time, he was completely relaxed with the surroundings and with someone that she can somewhat trust. Even if hey did not know each other that well, LeeAnn felt right at home. Yet she was still alert but not freaking out like she always was.

"This really calms me down. I have not felt like this in years...almost forgot what not feels like to actually relax" she spoke. Opening her eyes o we the sunshine leering through the trees and hearing the water running in the nearby river. Nothing could be better than this!

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#12Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"Have you been writing for a long time?" he had never taken up writing as a hobby but nonetheless interested in the art form of it. As her face flushed, he realized it must be some pretty personal feelings within it. "I imagine it helps to think about things more clearly to have it written down."

As they listened longer to the sounds around them she inquired about his time in the forest. "Yeah. That is where I was raised by my clan. We were tasked with protecting it and the neighboring civilizations. It is a place far north of here though. He spoke of it plainly but a keen intuition could hear the mix of affection and sorrow in it the faded as quickly as it arose.

"And you? Are you fiorian?" he asked as he felt it customary to exchange such information. Although he was beginning to see that she was a secretive person.

He was lost in his own world while playing, only briefly coming out of it to see a smile on LeeAnn's face followed by a compliment. Following the compliment, he saw a change in her that showed a more relaxed side. "Thank you," he smiled a bit with a quick laugh, "It was the only wind instrument I could find."

She took in the sunshine that shone around them and sparkled on the water. "I'm glad," he replied to her comment about being calm. "This is a wonderful place you brought me too." He had a feeling of peacefulness around her. Nothing was about work or battle. He continued to play for a bit and then asked, "Do you draw the landscape here?

#13LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura
They enjoyed the solitude of the woods and wanted to enjoy the music playing. She was beginning to calm down and starting feel comfortable. "Yeah for about two years now. It was a way for me to cope with certain issues. My dad bought me a journal when I was in the hospital a while back. How long have you feeling playing the flute? I am sure people love listening to you play. It surely is comforting"" she replied. LeeAnn list end to him carefully about his clan and how they were there to protect the nature and its people. She could tell it was a bitter sweet to think about it for him. Much like how she was about her adopted mother. When she was found. She did nothing but torment her foster father. As much ad her father did for her, she had to kick her mother out and force her dad to divorce.

She looked at him. " I am sure you will like it here in Fiore. Its wonderful as well" she replied. Sitting up, he looked at him trying to cheer him up a bit with a smile. A question struck her that he had asked. If she was Fiorian. LeeAnn paused and thought. She never really thought about that. The news about being adopted really changed everything. "I really don't know. I recently found out I was adopted. My foster dad is Fiorian while my adopted mother is Boscian. What about you? she said.

He played and pissed glad about her comment. A small smile came to her lips. His music was something he was clearly passionate about. LeeAnn could see that. He was happy she brought him here since it was so tranquil. The calmness around Kazmir just flowed to her making her feel easier to open up. "Honestly, a little bit but I mostly write. I just picked up drawing. I like drawing animals and people the most though" she replied. As she looked at the water she was reminded if that other night she was angry about her fiance. Now that he was gone she could be free from heavy chains of guilt. At that time, she nearly drowned and accepted her fate of death since she did not know how to swim. Lost in thought, a small rustling in the bushes as a rabbit popped out making her jump instanlty.  

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#14Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
At her mention of the hospital he was curious about why, but seeing that she was in relatively good health now he didn't pry. What was done is done and if it came up he would listen. "That's probably quite a lot of writing you've done then. I'm surprised you still only have one journal. As for me, I've been playing this old thing since I was a kid. Something to kill the time that just stuck with me."

He looked at the calm water again when she mentioned other people listening to his playing, "Other than a group of school kids in Magnolia, I don't often play for people. I do it more for myself mostly, and when I'm out I prefer to take in the music. You are one of the few people I've played for." He said as he placed the flute back down on his lap.

He was impressed she caught his mood change, and her smile did indeed bring him a bit of comfort.

"I see, looks like we have yet another thing in common. I hope they are kind to you," He said with concern as he knew what it was like to be without birth parents.

"I wasn't raised by my real parents either. I was raised by the clan leader and the whole clan. That was their way." He spoke of it not one way or the other, now he had no family aside from the presence of the white wolf.

"You are certainly more talkative now. Both secretive and blunt. You are an interesting person," he said with a hint of intrigue.

The conversation was pleasing and she was one of the more calm people he had met throughout Fiore so far. Everyone else seemed to have a flair for the dramatic. His mind going back to the beaches of Hargeon.

The more they talked the more open they became with each other. But he still guarded his more jarring secrets.

"I'd love to see some of them sometime. We can call it even for your horse tossing me off," he said with a grin only to make light of it.

As they sat, he let her thoughts wander as she peered into the river. Even now she still seemed calmer than before until a small rustling in the bushes startled her.  She jumped and Kazimir grabbed her shoulders lightly in reaction, peeking beyond her to see the rabbit.

He gave a smile and stood up, letting her go and taking his shoes off. He rolled up his pants and stepped into the shallow side of the river, "That reminded me of an old exercise I used to do. Care to join me?"

#15LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura
She smiled as he commented how long she had been writing. She had already went through 5 journals but his was the sixth one. A small blush flushed her cheeks at he comment. "Actually this is my sixth journal. All my thoughts nd secrets are in her" she corrected.him politely. As much as she was secretive about her journal, he rarely played for anyone. She was one of the lucky few. LeeAnn felt honored with this immediately. The redhead giggled a little show her true, vulnerable nature. "Well, I feel super.honored, Kazmir"" LeeAnn smiled.

Out of every one she knew, she was extremely lucky to land parents like her father and a sibling like Hikaru. She was super lucky and knew it too. Her grandparents were amazing and so was the rest of the Nakamura family. They all knew besides Hikaru and her. "I am very lucky to have such a nice and welcoming family like the Nakamuras. I always thought they were my real family. I recently found out through my dad I was abandon in the woods alone. He had to take me in and always wanted a girl. At first, I was angry that no one ever told me and felt ashamed for not being Nakamura blood. My older brother, Hikaru, said its the blond we all share. I would always be a Nakamura. Its nice. What about yourself? Were you Just as lucky? You don't have tell me if you don't want to. Its not my business to pry" she spoke

LeeAnn was an observant person. She always had been since the incident several years ago. Taken a back a little by how observant he was. The young redhead only blinked in awe. "I never liked people. They always made me nervous and I never can trust anyone besides my family. Though, with you, I don't feel that way. I feel...I don't know how to explain it but happy? Relaxed? Comfortable"" she spoke in reply.

LeeAnn was a little.embarrassed by how jumpy she was and the rabbit came out of noe where. It was as if it was huge predator ready to chomp down on LeeAnn. He got up and rolled his pant legs then stepped into the water. She looked hesitant to follow but cautiously took off her shoes and rolled up her jeans."I...I can't swim just so you know. What are we doing? she asked. She took his hand and clung to it scared to drift away like last time she was in water.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Her giggle made him smile a little. Things had gotten friendly between the two. He almost didn't notice that she switched to calling him Kaz once but then changed it back. He was going to say it was alright but kept it to himself, whichever she was more comfortable with was fine with him. A name is just a name.

She had paid him another compliment about playing the flute for her, "Thank you," he replied not really knowing what to say after that. It was a different environment than he was used to here.

She had opened up about some of the difficulties of her past and finding out she was adopted. A heavy blow to anyone. "Finding out the truth about one's past can often be a troubling thing. It is nice that you were found by such a supportive group of people. I am sorry you were found in such a way though and that one day you an find the reasons behind it."

Kazimir paused for a moment looking back at the water, "I feel like any other family. We had ups and downs. In the end, I formed strong relations with some and was given the power to protect others as they taught me magic. I don't think of my birth parents much. I've never known them so they are just strangers to me," the last part was said with unworried expression. The thoughts of his birth parents to him was just a leaf blow in the wind. It did not matter where it landed, who looks at the path of one leaf among thousands until it crosses their path.

She grabbed his hand and once again. He almost pulled away, a feeling of uneasiness at the affection, but kept his hand with hers. Not that he was awkward about social norms but that it was not typically his way.

"Not to worry, this is as far as we're going," stopping in the shallow end of the river. The water rushing past them up to their knees. He released her hand and stood to relax his shoulders. A deep breath came from his mouth, "When I was training we would stand like this in a river with our eyes closed. Feel the rush of the water around us...feel the surprising crash of a rogue fish hitting our legs, never knowing when it would strike." He walked out because of her startled reaction to the rabbit. It was a practice he used to get used to never knowing when something would hit him like the fish at his feet.  

"And when we were ready...We would strike!" he said with a bit more enthusiasm as he thrust his hands in the water to grab a fish. It's slick body riggling free of his hands.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
The kitsune was finally able to open up about recent events that hat taken place in her life. Of course, it was not easy for her to, but she forced herself to at least start with the news about being adopted. LeeAnn was thankful for having her family and how accepting they were. She knew well others were not so lucky! The Nakamura family treated her extremely well and loved her for being her. Kazimir could relate for this as he never knew his birth parents either. His clan raised their kin in a group much likes a wolf pack. "That's cool! We have somethings in common I notice, more than I realize. Do you wonder what your birth parents are like? I do sometimes. Other times, I a satisfied with the father I have and older brother. Maybe someday, you will get to feel how it is to be in a real family again" she replied.

She felt sorry for him in so many ways that it probably hurt not being around his family. Though, it was not her business to pry what happened. The subject of family or his past was  touchy one similar to how she felt. People who stuck their nose where it does not belong pissed her off the most. When she stepped into the water, holding Kazimir's hand tightly, scared that she might drift away. One of the many things she was scared of happening. Of course, she was overthinking again about the situation. KAzimir reassured her that this was safe. Trusting what he said, she let go of his hand. He showed her the excersie of knowing when to strike.

He demonstrated by closing his eyes and letting the water rush through his legs. This was an exercise that he did in his years of training. After he capured the fish and showed her. LeeAnn was reminded of the Rune Knight training her foster mother put her through. It was noting like this. This was more calm and tranquil. Must ike something her father was have her do, but he never really trained her reason why she fights so ferciously in battle. LeeAnn closed her eyes and did as he had said. Letting the rush of the river crahs agaisnt her legs, it was cold and freezing that she had noticed. Clearing her mind, she gave herself a couple of minutes.

Think of nothing. Think of nothing. Clear mind. STRIKE! She splashed her hand into the water and pulled something out hat was not a fish. Opening her eye, she saw it was just plant. Disappointed, she dropped it. "Stupid!! This is rigged! I am trying again" she said. She repeated this multiple times getting different things such as her own tail or Kaze's foot. The final time she was more focus and completely calm. Striking hte water, she managed to grab a fish. It was slimy but she held it in her hands proudly. "I got it! Finally! Now what? Do we eat it? Oooorrrrr.....release it? Besides, what was the point in this anyways...to calm down or know when an enemy is near? Rune Knights never trained me like this before" she asked curiously.

She held the fish with a lot of pride of her accomplishments. If he said to put the fish back, she would, but if he said nothing she would assume their were going ot eat it. Considering she never liked fish, she was going to cook for him since it was a nice gesture.

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Kazimir Seiryu
She seemed happy that they had a bit more in common and a part of it was refreshing. "I used to think about them when I first found out but not so much anymore. "
She mentioned him being a part of a family again and it was something he had not really given much thought to. He enjoyed meeting people and forming friendships, but the idea of a family didn't appeal to him very much. However, he replied, "Perhaps one day. The wind is always changing." Feeling like a real family. He had one and it was not something he intended to relive, but he showed an appreciative nod to her comment.

Although it seemed she had gone through much herself. She carried herself in the manner of a person that had a heavy weight on their shoulders. He hoped that one day she would shed it. For Kazimir shedding his weight was easy...once he was strong enough.

The fish had escaped out of his hands. in Fact he had only been able to actually catch a fish a few times but like the idea of practice more than anything. However, she had not noticed his own failure as she closed her eyes intent on grasping a fish.

She dove her hands in yanking out a plant. "Almost," he replied with a shrug.The next thing pulled from the stream was her own tail. "Not yet, getting closer though," On her third tree she managed to grab..."My foot!" He stumbled a bit hopping on one foot, "Nope, getting colder."

He closed his eyes with her, "It's not about the fish or the plants or even the water. It's just about the feeling of change. Catching the fish is just an added bonus." LeeAnn was intent on catching a fish though and with another swift attack, she plucked one from the waters.

"I suppose the point was just to feel. To not be startled by changes that happen around you."
He looked at the fish in her hands. "Huh...," he remarked impressed, "I actually almost never catch one like that. I always just shoot them out with wind, haha. Whatever you'd like to do, you caught it after all."

Regardless of her answer, he would walk with her back to the shore.

#19LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura
Lee always felt that she had a close bond with her foster family. She valued family above all else. She could we Kazimir's gears were turning in his head about what she had mentioned. One day. One day she hoped he would have the feeling of family. But some people were not wired that way. She would leave it up to him to make that choice. The door was always open to him if he ever wanted help.

She loved helping people but she hated people helping her since she felt she was being a burden and a lot pride as well. LeeAnn could see he was thinking about something. Made her curious about what exactly.

She kept on trying with grabbing the fish. Getting his foot which threw him off. Turning a little red she placed his foot back into the water. "Sorry Kaz. I totally meant that she apologized. The girl was super embarrassed. He mentioned it was more if a swift motion and about changing. She still did not understand but was a bit impressed with how she had done it. Still confused. She held the fish tightly and followed him back. Without saying anything, she gathered some wood and dead leaves into a pile. She used her fire magic to start the fire. Placing the fish on a clean stick. "I think you must be hungry. I hope you like whatever kind of fish this is" she smiled.

Once the fish was dine, she would give him the full thing. Her body would not take fish at all otherwise she would being in pain for the nest day or so. "Thank you for the comment earlier. I was never taught that way. You mind teaching me? If not that's okay" she asked. The young kitsune sit close to him. She did not realize if she was giving off a very affenate side possibly making him a little wary. Her social skills were not up to par with people her age. "This is the first time I have ever felt comfortable around someone. I usually don't trust anyone" she mentioned. Holding one of her tails tightly as a sign she was a little insecure.

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Kazimir Seiryu
She placed his foot back where she got it and he regained his balance. It was a silly moment that she apologized for, "It's nothing. Although you probably won't find very much substance to eat from my boot."

As they returned to the camp she asked him about being hungry. He hadn't thought about it, but it had been some time before he had eaten anything. In fact, that was part of what they set out to find. Time had flown by and he didn't really know when it was anymore outside the sun's position.

"That would be great. I think I have some stuff in my bag to make some pancakes too. I always bring it with me just in case." He spoke as he rolled down his pants and rummaged around his bag to find his skillet and the other ingredients. He didn't pack much in his bag but made sure there was room for that, despite there being far more things of importance that he left out. He pulled the skillet and ingredients out, "There we go. I'll whip them up when you finish with the fish."

He faced her just in time to see her conjure a flame and ignite the fire, "A fire mage then. It would be nice to see what all you can do with that," this time he asked partly out of curiosity about her and the other side of him wanting to see what fire magic could do. He may be able to learn some things.

She handed him the whole fish and then asked him about teaching. Two rapid-fire actions that left him pondering. He split the fish in half and gave it back to her, "Half and half, you are the one that caught it. As he handed her the fish he remembered she didn't eat pancakes, "Oh I forgot. Sorry about that," he rotated the skillet in his hand, feeling rude that he had forgotten and placed it back in his bag. Still unsure what her reasoning was, but he still offered her half of the fish back.

She brought up teaching her and he replied, "Oh, I don't really know what I could show you. You're already better at fish catching than me," a grin came across his face.

"I'm glad you feel comfortable. Your presence is relaxing along with this place." He felt at ease with the beginnings of this possible friendship that had started to grow in the Orchidia forests. Her body was still closer to his than before but he took it as a sign of her becoming more comfortable. He felt a bit odd but made no move to change it.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
The thought about pancakes really made her mouth water. She did not know if she could eat pancakes. Though, she might as well try. There was one time she ate a waffle and was just fine. Oh well, it must be the same thing. She whipped up the fire. Her eyes lit up a little seeing he flames burn. It was quite clear that she loves fire!

Fires was one of her favorite things! She loved the way it was warm and always stood strong. If you get it angry, you got burned. Kazimir noticed she was afire mage and asked what she could do with it. A huge smiles came from her. "A lot of things, Kazimir. A lot. Let's just say, fire is dangerous much like its user" she laughed a little bit after she finished what she had just said.

They cooked for each other. Kazimir gave her half of it. Nervously she shook her head. "No thank you. I physically cant eat fish. My bod will reject it. You eat hte whole thing. I am fine, trust me. I have some food for backup in case" she said. Her worries were more on him rather than herself since she could survive a few more hours without eating if she did not have any food. LeeAnn looked through her bag and found some pork in a cooler with an ice pack and a caeser salad. It was a home cooked meal. LeeAnn opened the container and started to eat the meal slowly. She was hungry, but was wanting to take her time to chew and swallow. Last time, she nearly choked on her food.

The young kitsune looked at Kazimir. "There is plenty you can teach me. Like how you were trained, there are different styles you know? I was trained do it until you get it right or something like that. Mine was more brutal and harsh, no as calm as you were probably" she mentioned. The training her mother put her under was harsh and unforgiving much like how the Sokolov family was towards her. Kon was an exceotion when she first met him, but changed after that. How or why? She was still puzzled.

"You're just calm. Much like how I was able to be around my ex-fiance. Things change much like the wind as you said. I don't have many close friends. The closest friend, that is not family, tht I have a girl named Alice and I have not seen her in two years. I hope I am not being too...bold about this" she said. She was worried about coming across too strong for him with her feelings or not.

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Kazimir Seiryu
He eagerly awaited her response about being a fire magic user. She proclaimed herself to be just as dangerous as the fire she wielded, "Hm, well then I'm glad we are on the same side then." He sat a bit closer to the fire to keep himself warm, sending a gentle gust of wind to stoke the fire.

As she removed the fish he placed the skillet over the fire and poured out a liquid from a waterskin into the skillet. He had one container for his water and another for the pancake mixture. he continued to flip it until it was done.

She pushed the fish back to him once more with her exclamation that made him curious. He had asked her once before about her lack of being able to eat pancakes and she avoided it so he wouldn't ask about it this time. "Alright then. As long as you have something for yourself."

As soon as he finished that sentence she pulled out her own meal and began to eat. It would seem she at least did it even if it was rather restricted.

She then changed the topic to a conversation to something he was very interested in as well. Various training methods. She mentioned how brutal hers was and that his training seemed to be much calmer. "I see. I'd like to see your training methods as well. As for me, a lot of it was becoming observant and building reaction time. It was focused on defending another person while they led the attack so being able to gauge a situation and react to danger coming at them."

He flipped the pancake the final time and offered a couple to her and took some for himself. "It was lots of movement drills and how to remain always calm so we could ensure the safety of the strike team member." he didn't realize how casually he let out that information until it was already gone not that it was vital information, as much as a show of his own increasing comfort.

He thought about what is training meant and how much his clan had changed and how wrong he was about them.

"You had a fiance once? I am sorry that it did not work out for you," He said not asking about it but expressing that he would listen if she wished to expand on it. He had a similar pain but it was still to painful for him to bring up, especially being so close to the river.

"No you are not being too bold at all. It is a plaeasure to speak with about whatever you wish to talk about. I hope you find Alice soon. Was she a Knight?"

He paused for a moment and then expanded about himself, "I don't have many friends either. I have been traveling for some time and not at the same place for very long. I hope that being in the knights will give me a sturdy foundation though."

#23LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn was glad they were on the same side, otherwise she would of not met him. Having a hard time recovering from what happened all those years ago, it was hard for her to open up to people. For some reason, she could do that with Kazimir. Nothing made her more happy than that! He helped her stoke the fire. In the matter of seconds, they had a lively, burning fire. Crackles and embers were heard slowly burning the firewood.

As they cook their meals, she noticed he was probably wondering why she could only eat certain things. The information that she held was very difficult to tell anyone due to the heaviness of conservancy. As she pulled out her meal, she began to eat it without saying anything. It was then that training methods were brought up.

Her fox ears perked straight up peaking her interest. He said it was all about observation and timing. One of the things, LeeAnn was good at, but her timing could use some work. Nodding and hearing how his training methods were. It was sorta nice to talk about different styles. She could learn a thing or two about him through this. "The more knowledge we gain as knights, the more capable and powerful we become. Obeservation in any case is key. The timing is what hurts me most. Despite being a Seated Knight, I am not the best in the department. With how I was trained, it was brutal and unforgiving. You had to learn it and repeat until you perfected it. There were times I went hours without a break. Though, this was through my mother" she said. The mention about her mother grew graved and dark. Remembering her methods was literally throwing you into a pool and expecting you to learn how to swim. That's why LeeAnn was afraid of water. Her father on the other hand was more forgiving and made it fun.

Kazimir was more relax and open about how he said things. This gave her a sense of opening up more. She took a few pancakes despite her ability to eat them, she took some to not seem rude. The mention of Hans, her previous fiance, her eye grew grave. She took off her eyepatch revealing her right eye as a ghostly pale blue, almost seeming uncanny.

"Thank you, but after several years he changed. I lost my service companion, Abraxas, to him. He tried to kill me, but if it weren't for Abra, I would be dead. He was a heartless monster. I dont remember exactly what happened, but something tells me that is what happened. His fur was in clumps on Abra. Her...body was burnt and mangled...as if...he wouldn't stop. And his...was nothing but ash. The whole area was burnt. Abra tried to get to me, but I was...out cold" tears strolled down her cheeks. It was clear this was a hurtful subject. She missed Abraxas a lot, more so than Hans. The redhead silently cried, looking down at the fire. Her ears were folded downwards in sadness and anger.

"Alice is the only sort of friend I have outside of my family. Until now...that is.I don't trust many people due to the things that has happened in my past. What I am saying to you is something I never tell anyone. I fell...safe around you" she said. LeeAnn was not keen on telling people her emotions or how she felt. It just was not natural to her as it was to some people. She did not know how to handle them, so just being blunt was her way of showing or sharing.

"Sorry. You should not hear about my problems" she sniffled. Wiping her eyes, free from tears. He asked about Alice. If she remembered right, Alice was pregnant or so she thought back when she was Leon. "Yes, she is a knight. I don't know if hse still is, but last time I check she was. I know she is still alive and probably doing a job or something. When I get time, her and I should catch up" she mentioned. She missed her company and niceness.

Kazimir opened up a little bit about himself. He said that he did not have very many friends. He was hoping hte knights would form a stable foundation for him. It was starting to for leeAnn, if not already has. "Thanks for sharing. It's hard putting yourself out there. The fear of rejection and being alone scares me most of all. The Rune Knights is starting to help me open up and slowly, get comfortable with others within my rank and stature. I am glad we met...I already consider you a friend" she spoke.

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Kazimir Seiryu
He noticed the change in her ears and started to become used to the not so subtle way they gave away her feelings. It was an endearing feature as she explained the concept behind her training in magic, "Perhaps you could run me through one of those methods. I'm sure I can improve myself there as well. Especially since I focus on offensive magic now."

Once he heard she was a seated knight he gave an impressed look, "A seated knight. Congratulations. Many only dream of getting that far. It must have been hard work."

She removed her eye-patch revealing another layer of mystery around the fox-tailed woman. He looked at her eye closely, asking himself if she could see with it or if it held some darker purpose. She relived the tragedy of her past and tears began to stream down her face. Kazimir removed his long headband and pressed it against her face to dry one of the tears and let her hold onto it for as long as she needed, "Does that day have to do with your eye as well?" He asked but then continued, There is no need to speak of such painful memories. It was a tragedy that should happen to no one, and I am glad you are alive." He admired the strength it took her to keep on living after such a horrendous event happened to her.

He had lost the one he loved to but couldn't imagine the pain of having her turn on him and then to be unclear about all that happened in the moment. hers was Truly a gut-wrenching tail.

Feel free to share anything with me whenever you want, I'll always listen and I know you would do the same for me."

She brought up how she began to consider him a friend and Kazimir replied, "And of course...I came her lost in the forest but without that, we would have never been able to get to know each other and I am thankful for that and your company." He was sincere about his words to her and tried to console her the best way he could.

Part of him felt like he needed to say something about himself. About his past. It was after all a part of cultural norms to share with someone when they have opened up to you. He was still hesitant, not because of distrust but because they were emotions he did not care to dance with.

He took a moment to muster up some sort of response seeing the chance to make a more genuine bond, "I too loved someone once. A fiancee, but she passed away unexpectantly." He left it pretty vague only giving out enough for her to know he had an idea about the pain of losing someone.

"Perhaps we will be able to find Alice one day," he answered with 'we' as a way of letting her know that he intended to keep this friendship.

"Trust is hard to come by," he paused at her statement about friendship and moved closer to the fire. "I consider you a friend as well...even if you catch fish better than me," he added with a bit of a joke.

#25LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn nodded as his question as a reply
"Of course, it will be brutal but worth it. I will teach you my father's methods since they were most helpful" she replied to him. She moved her hair out of her face and put it up in a high ponytail tail. It took a while since she had very long tail. Crimson hair down to her waist. It was one of the many features that stood out to most people was how bright her hair was.

The hardest part was opening up to someone but it felt good and relieved her a lot from the pain. What caught her by surprise was Kazimir giving LeeAnn his headband. He used it wipe away her tears. She held onto it tightly as if it was a security blanket. "No, the eye is from something else that happened. My eyes were originally blue but something happened that screwed me up well" she sniffled.

The ears were lifting upwards a little bit, showing she was starting to feel better. Kazimir made her feel safe and want inside. She gave a small smile at him. He said to her that if she needed to vent or anything he was. A person she could go to.

The redhead hugged him out of no where. "Thank you, Kazimir. I will do the same with you as well. I keep my word. Glad we met" she smiled. He felt the same way that she did about their friendship. Maybe this is how you made friends by opening up? Easier said than done. Kazimir seemed to Lee that he was genuine and his actions supported her theory.

He opened up about looking a fiance or loved one as well. It made LeeAnn think. Her head tilted to the side and ears forward. She looked like a little puppy dog taking in what he was saying. Apparently, he was trying to make an attempt to share a similar experience. After he was finished, she had her ears fold back and gave a sad soften expression. "I am sorry that happened, Kazimir. At least, she still loved you in the end. That's what matters. Cherish the times you had together! Thank you for telling me. That must be hard to say for you" she admired. It took a lot for anyone to share painful experiences. LeeAnn admired that about him. He seemed strong much like how people said about herm of course, she did not see it but she could observe it in other people.

"I am sure we will! You would love her. She is super sweet" she smiled. He wanted to get to know herm seeing the small signs, he grew excited.

He joked with her about her fishing. She narrowed her eyes and smiled. "Well, you cheated with your magic anyways! I saw you" she smiled. She stuck put her tongue playfully.

"I mean...at least I can hunt. You probably couldn't even shoot a bow" she challenged him with a side smirk.

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