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Welcoming Committee (Quest)

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Ren Liath
Ren awoke early in the morning as he normally did. Though he normally got a early start, he always seemed to find little to no time to do whatever he wanted to do that day, and today he wanted to take on a request so he was in a bit of a rush. He would be doing a tough request today. Well, sort of tough. One that had about the same pay as the one he did with Adelaide, the Holy Knight. He wanted to prove to himself that he didn't need some Holy Knight to help him out all the time. He still couldn't get over the fact that he was the one sent on the mission to befriend a Holy knight and in turn try and lessen tensions between their two factions. he supposed that the only way he would get over it, is if he actually managed to complete it, or mess it up. Perhaps fighting her would be a good way to become closer friends. Fighting her may or may not be the best idea.She could have gotten more powerful just as Ren had, and she seemed to have a good artillery in terms of attack power and magic power. She was of course leaps and bounds ahead of Ren at the moment, but that did not mean he could not win. In fact it would make his victory all the sweeter if he could manage it. Though he could only cast... four spells was it? He still did it freely and was practicing all the time however he never truly got bogged down in spell casting or trying to learn new spells. So it could be seen that he was either confident in his amount of spells or he was just careless. Either one of those were viable, maybe one more than the other, but still likely. he guessed that he would see which of those were true if he ever got to battle Adelaide to test it out.

That notion would be visited another day. As for right now Ren got dressed in his usual attire and put his Rune Knight Pendant around his neck. Ren looked at himself in the mirror for a moment. He looked the same as he usually did but with one thing different. He stared hard into the mirror wondering what it was but still could not quite tell. He looked to his black shoes and pants. They were the same as they always were. His white top with black streaks was also the same. In fact they were only washed. His Rune Knight pendant was a new addition but he had become used to the relic. His face was exactly the same. Same scars he always had an no new wounds. His eyes seemed refreshed and not tired at all. His long black hair was tied up in a loose pony tail once more with a few long strands running down his back. His smile was, that was the difference! Renís face suddenly fell back to its usual stoic appearance as he noticed this. Ren was not used to seeing himself smile so naturally this would seem very off, yet it came so naturally yo the wind mage that he did not even notice the action. Was it because he was thinking of battling Adelaide? That would be fun he thought catching his smile yet again. That must have been it. Thinking on the notion once more Ren realized that it would be like the old days back in Joya. Ren preparing tirelessly to battle with one of his many siblings. He always did enjoy teaming up with his sisters. Maybe thatís what was making him smile, the memory of his sisters? Did Adelaide remind him of his sisters? Ren made a mental note to check that out the next time they would meet. As for right now he was already late for meeting with Dacol.

Running from his room and subsequently the barracks, Ren made his way to where he was supposed to meet the client of the day. After the quest with Adelaide he had made sure to ask Dacol if he wanted another quest done and it just so happened that he did and gave Ren a personal opportunity to do so. Dacol described the job as hard as the last they did. Ren figured that by phrasing the job in that way he was merely referring to itís difficulty as a D ranked request, which would not be too difficult now that Ren pondered more on the idea. Before too long had passed Ren arrived at the meeting point in orchidia. Thankfully he was just on time as Dacol checked his watch. ďAh young Ren, glad you could make it.Ē He said in a deep friendly tone. Ren approached Dacol trying to keep his composure. As he did his eyes shifted to the wad of papers in Dacolís hands. Renís eyebrow arched as his gaze met with Dacolís who seemed a little but embarrassed. ďToday Iíd like you to hand out these fliers to travellers!Ē *he said handing some of the stack of papers in his hand to Ren. The Rune Knight took them, his face remaining the same with little to no change. ďOf course.Ē Dacol seemed rather shocked at this. Most he gave this job to seemed very annoyed at such a mundane, but here was Ren who accepted it with no trouble at all. ďI-I see! Haha thanks Ren! Iíll show you how itís done with this person coming here.Ē He said nodding towards an oncoming woman. Dacol spoke to her formally and politely, just as how Ren was used to. He also had a wide smile as he put the flier into her hand. Ren made note of this and would do this to the next few people who came in as Dacol showed the woman around Orchidia. Ren had to do the same as Dacol at some points, showing others around town that was but for the most part it was simply just giving people fliers, weather they wanted them or not. Some were rather rude about taking the fliers but Ren did not notice nor care and simply completed the task given to him. Once he was done with the request he was paid and sent on his way.

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