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Decorator {Eryll|quest}

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Decorator {Eryll|quest} Coolte10

Eryll read over the letter that he had recieved from Killoua.

Eryll, upon your request I have looked through your father's books and here are the few that I have found anything to do with runes. I believe that there are books about Orc runes, dark elf runes, and fae runes.
Your father has been quite angry recently that he has been detached from his money, but he has not figured out that is hidden underneath the floor in my house yet, so we are all good here. He finished withdraw a few days ago and now he is somewhat back to normal, I brought a advanced healer in to look over him, he warned that your father would likely die if he drank too much again. If worse comes to worse I am willing to be a 24 hour caregiver for your father, but that will obviously raise my rate, if you wish that, please let me know.
Sincerely, Killoua.

Eryll looked in the package that had come with the letter, there were three leather bound books in it, Eryll had never thought about any of the fae species, maybe Killoua had given him a hint that he desperately needed. For his father, Eryll wished he had the money to help his father. Eryll could send a little bit of his own reserved money every once in awhile to help bump reserves for his father's care. Eryll rubbed his face, he did not have the money to care for the old drunkard. Eryll sighed, he could not exactly ask his mother for money to take care of her ex-husband, dealing with divorced parents was a mess. Eryll had kept some of his father's expensive alcohol in his own apartment, it would give him enough for a month of 24 hour care, if his father did well, Eryll would find other things to help, if it didn't, he would let things return to normal.

Eryll drafted his own note.

Killoua, thank you for the books. I have some money that I will send at the beginning of next month to help pay for full 24 hour care. For now continue on with your normal care hours and I will pay you the normal amount, thank you for taking care of him and using the healer, to pay for the healer just take money out of my father's account.
Sincerely, eryll.

It was a little demented to take money out of his own father's account, but the man would have only used it on alcohol, so it was put to better use having it used to keep him clean than to keep him drunk. Eryll looked over at the request on his desk, he should probably get onto that. He was supposed to be helping Grandma Betty again, she was such a sweet, lovely lady. Eryll himself had never been close to his grandparents, they were all to far away and his mother was not close with her own paretns at all.


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Decorator {Eryll|quest} Coolte10

Eryll walked over to the horizon apartments to greet grandma Betty who was currently sitting outside her apartment building in a thick jacket, a little money purse could be seen in her tiny hands. Eryll smiled and walked over, "Hello Ms. Betty." Eryll said. The elderly lady smiled and looked up at Eryll, "Please, call me grandma Betty young sir." She said. Eryll laughed, "I sure will. So, grandma Betty, how can I help you today?" Eryll asked. Grandma Betty smiled, "After you helped clean out my house, I realized that I needed some new furniture and decorations, so here, take some of my money and use it to buy new decorations. I will let you be the one to organize everything. I will be out for most of the day but I'll be home sometime around supper so please, take your time, I cannot wait to see what you make for me!" She said. Grandma Betty plopped the money purse in Eryll's hands and then walked off down the street. Eryll was slightly curious where she was going for the day. Eryll did not need to waste his time though, he got right to work going into one of the stores and finding out what was needed.

Inside the first store there were candles and candelabras, all sorts of interesting things. Eryll snagged a few floral scented candles of the rack. Specifically, spring time garden, white rose bush, and midday daisy field. Eryll then grabbed a small holder to place them in back at Grandma Betty's home. The next thing Eryll bought for her was a small little lacrima light that she could keep in her room to light it up. The last thing he bought for her were antique cookie jars. One was ivy themed with small little vines crawling their way to the lid, which was designed ot look like a bunch of the ivy leaves. The other was decorated with birds and the lid was a nest. The last jar he bought was shaped like a giant tea pot. Eryll strolled to the front of the store and greeted the cashier kindly. "Yes, I'd like all of these to be delivered to this address." Eryll said, sliding the address of Grandma betty over the counter. The cashier nodded and said that the total price of everything would be 250,000 Jewels. Eryll nodded and pulled it out of the purse. Surprisingly, 250,000 Jewels did not even dent Grandma Betty's purse, this old lady was filthy rich. Other staff members took away the supplies and Eryll walked back to the apartments where everything would be waiting.

Once back inside Eryll organized the candles to be on the table and all of the antique cookie jars to be on the counter so she could admire them. Grandma betty walked in and smiled, "Oh, I love this!" She exclaimed. Grandma Betty gave Eryll some cookies and paid him with money. Eryll was glad and left feeling very fulfilled today. It was a good day.


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