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Murderous Madman [Quest:Kai&Daiko]

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Murderous Madman [Quest:Kai&Daiko] Empty on Sun Jan 06, 2019 11:39 am

Kai was lounging on the couch that was upstairs from the guildhall. She felt bored ever since she came back from doing all those missions that came from the Guild Master. She has met the Guild master maybe a few times, but some of them she doesn't quite remember the details. Her heart started to feel weird after the meet with Judina. She had family other than the ones from Minstrel and she was adopted?! Her golden eyes wandered as she felt somewhat clueless. She doesn't remember such a thing, but in a way she welcomed more people to be her family.

The part she didn't understand was that she had kids? Her body would've remembered to have had kids as when she checked with the doctors, she was a virgin. It was strange as there was no way. Her mind started to feel like breaking as she then thought of things that may sound insane to others, but it came out of no where. 'What if they somehow switched my body? Or had me in some scientific experiment?! I look the same as this other person, but I don't remember any details.'. Her eyes looked towards the stairway as she waited for someone to come up. Who will end up being the person she rants to? It was up for questioning as well as she then thought of asking them if they knew her before these memories became all messed up. Slowly, she turned her back towards the stairs as she trusted the guild enough to do so.


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Murderous Madman [Quest:Kai&Daiko] Empty on Sun Jan 06, 2019 11:52 am

Daiko Flayme
Most of Daiko’s energy reserves had returned to him by now. He was flailing around the guild hall after having tested out a spice like the mad lad he was, casual fire blazes escaping his throat by the spiciness. It was a bad idea, indeed, but he thought that his Fire Magic would give him the upper hand against warm, hot things… wait, that reminded him of his whole magic now.

It was the first time that the Fire Wizard of Lamia Scale had grown feathers and wings out of his body. He had never experienced these changes before when he used ordinary Fire Magic. Was it true that Coda’s influence to him slowly changed him? Was he slowly transforming into a bird? He didn’t know what to do; if this was a phase of becoming an actual bird, then hell no!

However, he did feel much lighter and comfortable with those feathers on. He could stretch and move his limbs with absolutely no effort, and he could jump and fall graciously like a bird’s descent. Was this how Coda felt all the time? It was no wonder why birds loved to fly all the time - not only was it exciting to see the world from another perspective, but it was just relaxing too.

He had walked up the stairs trying to ignore the spiciness in his tongue and throat, but when he spotted Kai in deep thought, he opened up: “And what’s wrong with you today?” Fires escaped his mouth upon moving his lips, “Oh, don’t mind this; I ate a chili… it’ll go away soon… *firebreath* exotic, isn’t it?”

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Murderous Madman [Quest:Kai&Daiko] Empty on Sun Jan 06, 2019 12:05 pm

Her fingers played with her long blonde hair as they twined into the strands. Her hair flowed against her neck and downward towards her chest. She was in her black jeans with some tares on the thighs. Her shirt was a white tank top and wore a leather black jacket. Her socks were ankles white ones and her shoes were heeled black boots. 'Maybe that's why I've been feeling weird. My heart belongs to whomever she fell for, both of them. Was I created to follow her heart and continue on this quest?'. Her thoughts traveled for what felt like hours, but it was only a few minutes as she heard a familiar voice.

Slowly, she twisted her upper body to look to see who it was. A small smile appeared on her beautiful face as she saw Daiko. Once she saw him she let the lower part of her body turn so her body was directed towards Daiko. ''I see that you're finally here, Daiko.''. Her voice tone was low and soft as she picked herself up with her left hand pushing herself up. Her hair leaned towards where her head was tilted till she sat up straight. Her eyes looked left and then right as she then finally looked at him with a small smile once more till her stomach growled. ''I haven't ate yet sadly.''. She reported and then pushed herself up off the couch that she likes to lay on. ''We need to talk, Daiko.'' She spoke in seriousness as Kai then started to walk towards the stairs to go downstairs. She was silent as she went through the guildhall. Kai didn't want anyone to listen in as she waited for Daiko before going outside. People gazed at their Wyvern as they most likely have never seen her not smile. It was a serious thing...



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Murderous Madman [Quest:Kai&Daiko] Empty on Sun Jan 06, 2019 12:23 pm

Daiko Flayme
Upon meeting Kai, Daiko could see something odd in her facial expression. Yes, she did send a heartwarming smile towards him as always, but she appeared to do so suddenly, turning her face from another, previous expression that must have been much different from the smile. For now, though, those thoughts of his revealed nothing but question marks on his head as he merely tilted his head a little before smiling back. She said that she expected him, so maybe they both had a new request up… or maybe she was-

Yup. She was hungry. So was he, the chili did absolutely nothing to his hunger. Coda came flying from downstairs too, softly landing her talons on Daiko’s shoulder and looking around with sharp turns with her head. Once pushed up from the familiar couch, Kai had a more serious tone in her voice as she informed that they needed to talk. He hadn’t seen her smile fade away like that since the training season… this was more serious than he thought.

What did she need to talk with him about, though? Was it something about herself? She did explain a lot previous about how she felt as if her love was unknown to her… that she felt as if she was loving a phantom-like image of a lover. She could never put her finger to it, but she still felt loving to a certain person that she might or might not have ever met before. Could you call it ‘blind love’? He had heard that term before, but it had a different meaning. Differing from simply loving a person that you knew for little to no reason, the issue that Kai had was… unique.

How would he be able to help?

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Murderous Madman [Quest:Kai&Daiko] Empty on Sun Jan 06, 2019 12:28 pm

Once they were both outside she continued to walk, but slower as she wanted to walk side by side with Daiko. If he picked up the pace, she would sync with the pace and same if he walked slower. Her heart was nervous as she was trying to figure all this out. The weather was clear skies and snowy grounds, but the air itself was cold. There was happily no wind though as her cheeks wouldn't be hit with frost kisses. Her hair flowed from behind as the wind slowly started out of no where, but not enough to feel the coldness. Her eyes cornered towards Daiko and then she felt like this was good enough. ''Daiko... Would you kindly tell me something? Did you know me before the introduction and the mission Master Shahr gave us?''. It was good to ask him since she trusted him.

Her head tilted as her face was in the direction of the sky. Her mirror golden eyes saw how the sun was going to melt the snow away slowly, but it was unknown on rather or not there will be more snow coming. Weather was an unknown thing as it was irregular. Her eyes looked around for perhaps a cafe for them to go into first before actually sitting. There was surely a quest to do, but she wanted to get this done first. What madman will say that you shouldn't eat before a mission? Eating gives you energy unless it's junk food. Her stomach growled once more as it swirled pain into her stomach. Nausea was being felt at the moment as she was wanting food, but also she wanted answers...



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Murderous Madman [Quest:Kai&Daiko] Empty on Mon Jan 07, 2019 10:27 am

Daiko Flayme
Upon walking out, Daiko found it nice to see that his sweater protected him from most of the icy cold that he hated so much. Winter clothes were soothing deep into his heart and was held so dear to him. Coda enjoyed the warm fabric that she perched on as well, and the feathery creature even had her own wool bandana with street graffiti-like art on it. She usually pecked around with the string that held it together, though, and that just showed how oblivious she was with fashion. Daiko regularly pouted at the neck show that Coda was having.

… That was the weirdest question that Kai had brought up. Did he really know her previously? Coming to think about it… did he? Like, she did remind him of a heroine from a novel that he read in the past, but other than that, he had no clue. “N-No… I don’t think I’ve met you before, like, before that day when we started the training trip,” he replied worryingly, “… You do remind me of a lot of women that I’ve met before… that’s not really helping, is it?”

Coda squawked as a response. She didn’t care if she had known Kai before that day; she was a sweet girl, and Coda adored her with all her bird heart. He simply followed her to whatever café that they would attend to as he was hungry too.

He wondered just why he hadn't taken his time to get to know these places.

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Murderous Madman [Quest:Kai&Daiko] Empty on Mon Jan 07, 2019 11:10 pm

After listening to Daiko she had a somewhat hid a cold gaze upon the ground as she wasn't sure if he was lying or if it was the cold truth. He didn't seem to know her like some otehrs... To him, she still had a soft lovely expression with a motherly smile. Her mind felt like it was going to go crazy because of the fact that now it was him and Judina who both said she looked like someone, was someone else... Her hand touched the pit of her stomach as she walked forward. Her stomach swirled with pain from her emotions and from being hungry.

Do you feel used? Do you feel like a vessel?

It could be a test from the Holy one.

There are people who still love and cherish you!~

The thoughts were right as she felt this was some big test from the Holy Prince. The thing she didn't know was rather or not she'll fail or succeed. When it comes to the Test of the Past life's loved ones, will she pass? She felt like that was a subject to figure out later as in the present she had to figure out about friendships. 'Maybe Daiko knows more. Like who I'm friends with.'. She thought as she then walked to the nearest cafe. The doors were glass with metal frames. Unique designs were beautiful, but once she walked in they had shocked faces. Why now? Kai wandered with her eyes as they looked at her but maybe they too knew of her from the past. Both of them sat down at a table as they were escorted to one and then a maid with cat ears appeared to take their order... ''It's to-go, so make sure it's something easy.'' She told him. If daiko didn't want anything then she was sure going to get something.


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Murderous Madman [Quest:Kai&Daiko] Empty on Tue Jan 08, 2019 1:02 pm

Daiko Flayme
Kai had her face facing the ground for a while now. Daiko didn’t know if what he said hurt her in some way… oh god, what if he accidently hurt her feelings? Did he say something wrong? He sure hoped that he hadn’t touched any wrong areas - he didn’t want to see her sad and all. Let her keep her smile up for as long as possible like now, don’t make it lessen itself…!

Coda began pecking around Daiko’s wild hair as they both entered a nearby café. It was fancy and modern with glass doors, lots of natural light entering the windows and a lively staff consisting of, as a weird example, maids with cat ears… what? Were those real? Daiko almost stood up to ask if he could touch those to see if they were actual ears - the curiosity almost got to him.

However, Kai’s words caught him. She asked him to get something easy, so he would instead eye the maid next to them. Those cat ears looked fluffy and adorable to look at, though. “Just a muffin,” he ordered confidently.

The muffin was his favorite delicatessen. It wasn’t too spiced with sugary contents or anything too glossy or anything like that - it was rough, it was edible, and it was yummy. His choice of candy was ultimately the muffin - a chocolate muffin. Cocoa was an interesting type of bean that he knew of, and it was now cooked into the flesh of this muffin. Yes…!

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Murderous Madman [Quest:Kai&Daiko] Empty on Sat Jan 12, 2019 1:14 pm

Kai looked at Daiko as she listened to him. There was nothing more to say on this subject as she didn't want to pry on the subject any longer with him till she found out more by other people. Once they sat down, the person came to get their order. What did she want anyways? Her right hand was against the table while her fingers tabbed the table in a thinking mood. The possibility of being made to hurry was very to none as she didn't think the client would go on their way to find them. The food here was very much simple as it was easy to just eat, but the option were hard. 'So many options, not enough time to eat them all.'. Her thoughts were exactly that as she heard the voice speak for her at that moment. ''I'll have a few of those Croque Monsieur and a bottle of water if you will.''. As she ended, Kai grabbed the bang in front of her and placed it behind her ear.

She couldn't wait to try their Croque Monsieur as she has only tried it once. She doesn't remember when though. To put it simple, a Croque Monsieur is a ham and cheese sandwich that is baked or boiled. It was created in Minstrel that everyone gets in the morning because it was quick. So all bars and cafes had it. It was named from the word 'Monsieur'. Her stomach growled louder, making her cheeks flush a pink color. Her eyes darted away from any who gazed at her and placed her left hand against her lips, two fingers against them directly. She felt embarrassed that it was getting louder. Once the food got here, Daiko and herself began to eat.



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Daiko Flayme
The muffin was soon brought to their table along with Kai’s… uh… he prayed for forgiveness from her for trying this, but was it pronounced as ‘Croc Massage’ or ‘Crook Monster’… ‘Crook Monshter’… something along those lines. He had never heard those words before; maybe it was foreign. She did mention back then that she was from another country, so maybe she had knowledge of a whole other language. Maybe? It was obvious by now.

Maybe he should have ordered a bottle of water, too. He did see his throat getting dryer by time… nah, he had already ordered his muffin. As it landed on the table, he took a bite and found himself in muffin heaven; its texture and taste was on point, and of all delicacies - those damn, fine delicacies - he was the most tolerant with chocolate muffins. It was so random that it was funny.

Coda wanted a taste, but Daiko shooed her. Instead, he suggested: “Just take a bite from the Crocket Massager.” Ignoring the fact that he pronounced it oh so wrongly, Coda waddled over to Kai and took a small chop of the Croque Monsieur. It was reasonable; cocoa was off her menu, it wasn’t for birds like her. Besides, it might have even had too much dairy product in it for her bird body to tolerate.

“… Wait, it’s just a sandwich,” he realized out loud as he eyed the Crack My Suer, “I thought it was… well, more ‘complicated’. It sure has a weird name and all.” He was being honest with his issues about the name that he couldn’t pronounce right. Hopefully, he could be educated.

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She kept on a motherly smile as she had her elbows on the table. Her cheek slid against the palm of her soft hand. She felt somewhat sleepy as she waited for the food to arrive. The thing she ordered was originally from Minstrel and a cheese and ham sandwich sounded amazing - grilled style. Something within her made her gaze at Daiko as she wondered on a few things. 'Would he be a good culprit?'. Kai heard the darkened voice speak as she made her head face Daiko. The boy had potential when it came to fighting, he just needed a guide. She was willing to be his guide like a Greek Goddess to a boy with her intentions of making him strong enough to battle their enemies. She will make him that boy when it comes to it, if he is perfect for the job.

The people around her were a lot as the cafe was being kept busy with their ads, different tries of food and most likely the chicks in maid outfits. Her free hand rubbed her own face and then let it rest on her thighs. She felt tired, but continued to look as if she felt positive. Soon enough her sandwich and Daiko's food appeared. First thing first, Kai took a drink of her water after twisting the cap. The water felt refreshing to drink as she could feel the dryness of her lips, mouth and throat no more. After a few gulps she put down her body gentle and picked up her sandwich. 'Now to judge them.'. Thought Muse 2 as Kai took a medium bite of the sandwich.

The cheese was melted to perfection, ham was warm and not gross with its' oils that it usually has. The bread was grilled with its' lines to a perfection as well as it wasn't burnt at all. She smiled as she let her nose smell the aroma of the food. Her eyes directed away as she enjoyed the sandwich. Kai didn't think of even getting up and walking with it as she could just eat it here. It also gave Daiko enough time to probably eat his muffin. Once she was done with her sandwich she used a napkin to pat it against her lips and then cleaned her hands from any scraps left.

''Well, that was a good morning's food, yea?~'' She teased with a smile and looked at her dear friend. With that she butted the chair back and stood up straight. Her arms went outwards to stretch and watched daiko as to wait for him to get up as well when he was ready. As soon as he was, she took her bottled water, put on the cap and left the cafe with a wave. ''Thanks for the food. I'll be back later.'' She spoke to them with a twist of her head to look back. Once she was done she looked forward and hand her finger wrapped on the door's handle. Opening it, she let Daiko go first and then closed it after she walked out. ''Let's go meet this 'Inspector Nilan'. I heard that he had something important for us, but nothing in detail.'' She assumed it was important as much as the guy said it was. It was in question, but they both went towards the destination anyways.



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Daiko Flayme
Daiko took his sweet time as he saw Kai enjoy her sandwich. Crack Mansion was… wait, that wasn’t its name- nevermind that! She had her order, and she was delighted about their breakfast. And so was he. A muffin wasn’t much, and it was likely viewed as inappropriate for breakfast… at least a chocolate muffin like this one without coffee or tea. He munched it happily, however, almost sweeping in the taste with his breath and drilling his teeth into the soft texture of the muffin. It was very delicious, and his stomach wouldn’t play dirty with him in this case. Ventre crocodilis wouldn’t return to him, this time.

Coda wanted another taste of the sandwich, but Daiko eyed her and reached a hand into his pocket. Before the bird threw a tantrum, he gave her ripped muscle flesh from a rabbit that he took down yesterday. Coda was perfectly capable of digesting raw food that might have resided in his pockets for weeks, because Daiko took his conditions and measurements into account, so that Coda wouldn’t get sick of the food that he gave her. His precious raptor shouldn’t be pained by his maintenance of her, she was like a daughter to him. A pet bird who deserved the best, despite her tantrums.

Man, this muffin was good. He couldn’t help but smile throughout the devouring of it, and as he saw Kai equally enjoy her sandwich too, this breakfast was infinitely more cheerful than usually. It was magical to have these kinds of moments with people, doing daily things and enjoying them even more than normally. He wondered if he should get used to eating in cafes… but was that a good idea? He would risk getting less used to the wild, his safe habitat. In the end, he decided to stick to how he had always been, but once in a while wouldn’t hurt.

“Yup…!” he replied joyfully as he patted his stomach. The entire muffin was mauled and eaten, digesting in his stomach and providing with energy. They both rose up after having finished their meals, and Coda began munching Daiko’s thick hair with her beak in boredom. Kai greeted the waiters and workers to see them later as she held the door open for him to exit the café. They were now outside once more with people passing by in the later morning.

Now, Kai went back to business; there was an inspector called Nilan who wanted to meet with them and inform them about a serious case. Despite no details revealed to them, it was agreed from Daiko that they should go meet with him here and now. With their bellies charged up, nothing would stop them. “Maybe it’s a murder case… this town’s gotten wilder lately.”

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Murderous Madman [Quest:Kai&Daiko] Empty on Sat Jan 26, 2019 4:12 pm

the food was good as the sandwich was warm, perfectly created as the ham and cheese was placed finely. She loved her food as much as she loved her alcohol. As she was eating her sandwich she watched Daiko and then his bird friend. She wondered what it was like to not be alone as Daiko had Coda. If she did have some sort of companion that followed her, what type would it be? Will it be a bird, a random species that hasn't been discovered before? Her hands could image petting a cat or some form of furry animal as she has always wanted an animistic friend. She wanted someone that was hers and since she didn't have a lover, a pet or friend will have to do.

Her mind still couldn't leave the subject about Judina as it got to the point where she just ran off away from the girl who claimed to be like a sister. Her heart was being called upon, but by whom was still up in the air in questioning. She didn't know much at this point, but she truly didn't know what was going to happen in the soon future. She waited for Daiko as they were going to leave. Her eyes cornered to look at the boy and then finally wondered. ''You were known as anything else? Name wise...'' She had to wonder about this as she then looked forward to look at the path they were walking towards. They were to meet some guy that was an inspector, Inspector Nilan.

She wasn't sure on what exactly he looked like, but it was quite simple enough to know he'd look like a typical Inspector. She had her eyes wander as the mirror iris's reflected all she was seeing. The guy was suppose to send them the details, but it didn't seem like Daiko knew of them and neither did she. Kai was trusting Daiko to help her out in seeing this guy, but in honesty, she didn't care how long this took.



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Daiko Flayme
Hhm… Kai was kind of dozing out into thoughts again. It was clearer to see now that they had spent so much time together, and it was worrying him. Was he missing something? This was like a puzzle, and he missed so many pieces. He couldn’t put the picture together like this, could he? He was almost prompted to ask, but Coda’s nibbling prevented him and made him forget about his inner thoughts as he turned his focus on her. “Calm, there…” he assured her with some strokes by his index finger down her neck. She felt more ease and relaxed as he instructed her to.

“About the inspector… I have a good idea what this is all about,” he began to explain to Kai, “I’ve heard news of a veteran Rune Knight losing his life in the Horizon Apartments by a suspected murderer. Perhaps he’s still on the loose after that night…” It happened near Daiko’s room, even. He woke up to the noise coming from the investigators and medicinal professionals who checked the apartment where the victim lived. Somehow, when Daiko asked about the case, they failed to come with any clues or trails.

“… Either that or someone lost their cat again,” he joked whilst resting the back of his head with his arms, “But obviously, we know this town better than anyone. So if you’re worried or anything, please don’t be…” He expressed his own worry of Kai as her own expression grew more and more afar from her own position. “Hey, we’re here now,” he proclaimed as he saw the sign above the door to Inspector Nilan’s bureau.

Eagerly, Daiko moved forth and entered the bureau whose door was a weird, spiral-looking construction where you had to push on a window to make the floor spin and allow you to enter it. It was… strange. Perhaps modern, but strange to him. Either way, he awaited Kai’s entrance before walking up to the desk where usually, the secretary or someone under the inspector’s company would reside. Luckily, the inspector himself waited right next to his helper.

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Murderous Madman [Quest:Kai&Daiko] Empty on Sun Jan 27, 2019 11:08 am

Kai listened to Daiko as her first question was ignored, but she decided to put it off for another day. ''A Vet? Really now...''. She spoke as her thumb rubbed against the end part of her chin. They continued to walk as they were walking. She then remembered that the Inspector wasn't going to be at the meeting place as instead there was going to be three Rune Knights waiting for them. Each of them had their faces covered so she had no idea who these Rune Knights were. It didn't matter in the end as they weren't here to meet them and vice versa.

There was work to be done.

She cat walked towards where the rune knights were standing as they both looked towards her. She was quite known, but the name was still up in the air. There was the Lamia Scale title though that most cal her till then. She was known as the Wyvern for the guild, but how long will she be in the guild itself? She felt like her time is soon to leave as her heart didn't feel so close to the guild anymore. She felt like she should ask around the guild about why she did join since she doesn't remember herself. The knights engaged towards them both carefully and bowed their head. ''Thank you for coming, both of you. We must get started as soon as possible.'' One knight spoke. ''So when you're ready, please tell and then follow us as we'll explain everything and show you the way.'' The next one spoke in the middle. Kai nodded, ''We're ready whenever you are.~'' She spoke happily with her motherly smile. They nodded and turned away to walk towards where they had to go. The area they were heading smelled still like death, but not as bad as she has smelled death beforehand. Her and death seem to have some relationship that she quite doesn't understand yet.

She felt like she has experienced death so many times, but it didn't quite feel right. It was so complicated since no one had answers. The only person she has met so far enough to talk to was Daiko and Judina. Her mind remembered the day her and Judina talked. They were to be adoptive siblings, but perhaps she was lying. No. Who could possibly lie about being related to someone? Like her of all people?! Kai looked pure, motherly, but what was she really? She could be some monster inside, but ironically she was a Nephilim. ''Here we are. Please take your time and solve this.'' The last one said and then left since Daiko already did give out some of the news of what kind of happened. It didn't take some rocket scientist. ''Alright, let us get started so we can help these fools.~'' She joked around and pinched her noes. ''Ugh, you can still smell the poor sod's death 'aura'.'' At least she could... ''If this culprit is going to leave no evidence, he could've at least made it smell nicer, but I suppose he was most likely in a hurry.'' She was talking as she picked up debris and threw it to the side.



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Daiko Flayme
While spotting the Rune Knights awaiting the Lamia Scale Wizards, Coda had dug her entire head into Daiko’s hair. She was scratching a very itchy part of his head for him, and she was delicate in such professions. If humanoid, she could have become a splendid masseur or something - terms and professions that were alien to the Fire Mage. Didn’t matter, he never planned to engage in such activities himself.

Huh… the inspector must have been busy, because they suddenly found themselves accompanied by Rune Knights. They must have inspected the case too, helping out with tracing back any sort of clues that they could find. They were experts in that area, and with extra help from him and Kai in confronting the mysterious figure in question, they were guaranteed a completed mission. Daiko would happily aid the Rune Knights as he had no bad experiences with them…

… There was this one guy… nah, that was a long time ago. They got over things.

“Ready,” Daiko replied. He was always ready to be ready… that sounded stupid. Oh well, it was likely true. He walked with the Rune Knights and the motherly guildmate of his to a strange alley house of some sorts. It was near the Horizon Apartments, and the murderer must have quickly followed up… the pieces fitted together.

But he needed many more to solve the case…

“… *urgh*,” Daiko held his breath in shock. He wasn’t a canine creature, but he was repulsed by the smell even more. “*cough*… it’s been rotting for way too long, I tell you.” That was one note that he could write into the back of his head. Daiko was used to fresh, daily corpses - oxen and birds - but rotten flesh left to stink for weeks or more was… ew.

As contradictive as it was, even Daiko had his manners when it came to flesh.

“Wait… we’re not far from Horizon Apartments,” Daiko spoke up, “And it’s been such a while since the last reported murder… he’s keeping things low to draw less attention. He’ll probably not show up again until a month later.” If the murderer just kept killing frequently, then he would be found and caught in short time, because it just happened to be a very ineffective crime business. If he widened the frequency to months or more, then less and less attention would be to it over the time…

That meant that the murderer wasn’t just lunatic, but he was also smart.

“He must be trying to keep things low and hidden so that he doesn’t get worded so publicly-“ Daiko spoke as he turned back to the Rune Knights, “When did this case start?”

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Murderous Madman [Quest:Kai&Daiko] Empty on Tue Jan 29, 2019 12:33 pm

Her ears were paying attention to Daiko while her eyes were wandering for anything, anything at all. It was finalized that there was nothing here for them to go off of other than their guesses. Her guess was as good as Daiko's at the moment. There wasn't much left to do as they sat down on what there was to sit on. The couches were torn apart, the stairs creaked as the wood acted as if it was ancient. Her eyes closed to rest for a moment as she started to think of the problem and solution. The place was silent as the only noise being heard was most likely Daiko's friend bird.

As some time went on by the night appeared as the sky became a navy dark blue with some lit up stars. Her eyes looked at Daiko and then towards the door as she quickly stood up as she hard a scream. Quickly, she moved towards the door opened and it ran out without saying anything. Her arms were in an acute angle and against her sides as she ran forward towards the market place in the allies where she saw it. She saw a dead woman who just laid there. It gave her a flash back, a flash back that she didn't really like.

The night when she was alone in Hargeon on one starry night. She left a bar and was on her way to the apartment. She didn't realize she was followed by some men who wore hoodie coats as they then did some strange magic. It made her curl up on the floor, paralyzed and then they had their way with a body that looked like the one she was in. After that, they stabbed her a few times and ran off. The woman was left on the stone cold ground in the pouring rain to die. She did indeed 'die', but the sun made a path, lazored her back with rays of flames upon the birthmark she has on her back. The one with eyes, wings and still she didn't know who's eyes they belonged to. Maybe if she did find out, she'd learn more about herself and Arisa...

It was all up in the air. ''May the holy one guide your soul... or anyone they can spare.'' She softly spoke, bowed her head downward as if doing a prayer and stood straight up. By then Daiko most likely caught up, making her turn and looked at him. ''Alright, we need to lure him somehow so we can catch this guy or female... whatever they may be.''. She was stating the obvious as she then looked at the sky, the dead woman and then towards all directions as if she was trying to see who was out there. Lastly, she looked at Daiko in a serious way. ''I will be the bait. No matter what happens, don't come out, don't do anything till he appears with no escape. Understand?'' She wanted to make sure he realized what was at stack. This guy needed to pay - whoever he was. This death stabbed her...

''So first, I will change into a more alluring outfit, walk in the night - tonight of course and act all defenseless. That's when you'll attack when I run into a corner in an alley. You wait up there.'' She said and pointed on the roof after they walked away to a different alley. It couldn't be the same alley, he wouldn't dare chase or kill at the same location twice. This will have to do...



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Murderous Madman [Quest:Kai&Daiko] Empty on Fri Feb 01, 2019 12:03 pm

Daiko Flayme
One of the Rune Knights explained to Daiko that the case likely started a few couple months ago, when the first murder took place and they couldn’t find the murderer. It had made a pattern, and yet the identity of the guilty person was left in mystery with no apparent clues leading to anything of substance or importance for finding out. This murderer was very careful in his actions and made sure that they had trouble tracking him down. Daiko and Kai would have to approach the case differently from how it had been approached before. It was, hopefully, their greatest chance at identifying the murderer or at least capture him. He or she was a vile danger to Orchidia, and thus the person in question was an enemy of Lamia Scale in its entirety.

Coda kept her head hidden behind Daiko’s hair as the atmosphere freaked her out. He held a finger up to stroke her neck and calm her down, hopefully in order to ease her stress and make her take it easier. She shouldn’t be so anxious all the time, because it would damage her health in the long run. Okay… if Daiko could just go out and scan the entire town, then finding the murderer would be easy. He wasn’t meant to do such thing and he wasn’t able to, anyway. It kind of sucked…

… Then again, when he tracked down the yellow apple in the waters near Hargeon, he didn’t have the ability to scan the entire forest, did he? He had help from Coda and Kai- actually, scratch the former, because the feathery raptor was no help that day. She was, still not sure about it but, manipulated by their Guildmaster to challenge Daiko’s independence or some stuff. He was only guessing, but independence… that was a feat that signaled power and capability. Although, the Firebird would do as he pleased, and that included accompanying his close friend Kai.

… He still thought about it. Yet she hadn’t said anything directly pointing at it… did something happen during those years? Or was he merely overreacting?

He suddenly heard a scream as Kai moved out to find the source. Daiko charged right after her while the Rune Knight was startled and followed suit. He was having trouble catching up to them, but at the time, Daiko had arrived only to see the scene; the corner of a market place with blood spreading on the floor under a dead woman…

He couldn’t believe that another life was taken right under their very noses. His hair flared up in deep-red fires of fury, and the Rune Knight decided to step back a little. Daiko had lost his optimistic mood in exchange for a thirst for vengeance. But Kai… he couldn’t read the tall lady. Although, when she turned to face him after a moment of silence, her expression said it all; she had a plan to capture the murderer, and she would set it into motion right here and now. There was no time to waste if they wanted to spare the next victim of this madman.

After thinking her plan through, Daiko found the plan as exposing herself and letting herself fall into danger. What if the murderer was more capable than they thought? His continuous success could be blamed by magic, could it not? The murderer would obviously have been in the possession of some kind of magic that aided his criminal activities… like invisibility magic or shadow magic… but… Daiko was just worried for Kai’s safety. Yet her attitude and declaration was stronger in spirit than his worry for her as he saw her more cold-hearted side for… likely the first time ever since they met at the church.

She was right. If they wanted to capture him now, then they needed to take the chance and let him jump at the bait.

After having found a suitable alley where little connection to the rest of the town was available, Kai unfolded the plan; she would change into a more… alluring outfit as she worded it and act all defenseless or oblivious to the danger that lured in the shadows. Does she even need to change…?, he thought for a moment as he eyed her, along with Coda’s big bird eyes right next to his human eyes. When she mentioned that he would be hiding and awaiting the murderer’s arrival from the roof, he nodded quickly and backflipped towards the wall up to the roof, grabbing onto the cracks between the bricks of the wall and climbing up to the top.

From there, he would await the murderer’s arrival. The stranger wouldn’t dare touch Kai in his presence.

WC: 785
TWC: 2612 + 785 = 3397

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Murderous Madman [Quest:Kai&Daiko] Empty on Sun Apr 07, 2019 2:47 am

Kairisa was ready to do what needed to be done as this 'madman' needed to go down. There was some shit going on and she was going to find out whom and why. It had to be perfect, everything did. It was like a Lights, Camera & Action sort of gig. The weather was getting somewhat chilly due to the wind and the clouds being a clutter in the sky. She felt like Daiko was perhaps thinking of why did she need to change when she could just go as is, but it was quite obvious it was because 'enough' was not enough. She - herself knew exactly what to do as she ran quickly towards the nearest store to enter the bathroom. It had to be quick so she grabbed the best dress of silk white and came out. It was rather daring as it had a long slit on the sidelines on the right thigh.

'Alright, all I have to do is attract this sicko.' She thought and motioned into darkness. She felt Daiko watching or at least entrusted him to do so. She yawned as she trotted down the streets of darkness, sound of silence and perhaps towards her danger. Her hands were behind her back as they held each other. She felt unsure of what all will happen at this night, but perhaps they will run into the murderer. There is a small chance they won't.

Soon enough they ran into him and at that moment they engaged towards her. While she was ready to attack she realized Daiko already did his moves. A smile curved from her beautiful lips into a small smile as she felt happy to know he had her back. What came next was some forth world scooby doo stuff as they unmasked the man. The filthy man turned out to be one of the three guards she thought she could trust, but as it turned out - she didn't nor couldn't. ''Alright, Daiko. Time to drag him back to the Rune Knights.'' she softly spoke while grabbing the guy by the collar of his shirt. Once they got there they explained what all happened and both Daiko and Arisa got their reward. Finally, it was time to go.




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