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Cleanup Crew [Quest: Kerii]

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Cleanup Crew [Quest: Kerii] Empty on Sun Jan 06, 2019 10:18 am


The elf had done all the training requested of her by Shahrbaraz... for Orchidia, at least. While she knew that there was still more to be done elsewhere, there was more for herself to do in this town. She was gone for a while. Though she did a few requests here and there while in Crocus the past year, she was sorely lacking in her fair share of them. She hated feeling like she was behind. After her brief day of relaxation in the market streets, it was time for Kerii to start resuming her duties as a mage. She made sure to get up bright and early. The elf hopped in the shower to start her day off feeling fresh and awake. Once she got out, she dried herself off and threw her hair up in a messy bun. She threw on leggings and a sweater, and brewed herself a cup of licorice spice tea. Sipping it, she felt the delicious spices and warmth flood throughout her body. It almost made her want to crawl back under the covers and go back to her blissful slumber, but alas, there was work to be done. After draining her mug of the licorice tea, she got up to put her boots and coat on. Once that was done, she walked out of her dorm and stepped outside. It wasn't too far of a walk to the guild hall, but she had to go through Orchidia's Horizon Apartments first. The elf fully planned on going to the request board to formally take a request, just as most mages did, but sometimes plans changed. Though she didn't expect them to in the slightest, she would soon find out that she was sorely mistaken, for someone else happened to need along the way.

Kerii passed by a few rows of apartments with no problems; however, she was soon met with an elderly lady, looking around frenetically. Concerned, the elf strode up to her. "Is everything alright?" she asked, hoping nothing was seriously wrong. She completely expected something worse based on the woman's behavior, so when the old lady explained what she actually needed help with, Kerii was a bit surprised. "Oh dear. You see, I bought this apartment, but it was left terribly filthy by the previous owner. I was so excited, I invited my friends over tonight, but when I saw the house... I really don't know what to do!" Although she was sure that there were requests offering rewards, back at the guildhall, Kerii honestly didn't have the heart to deny this sweet old woman her help. She would feel awfully guilty if she just walked away. So, not even expecting to get paid, the elf decided to lend a hand. "I'd be glad to help you tidy up." The old woman's eyes lit up. "You'd really do that?" Kerii nodded her head. "Of course!" Smiling with delight, the old woman led Kerii to her apartment. "Just be sure it's all clean by sundown!" With that said, the old woman opened the door, gave Kerii the keys, and left her to do all the cleaning.

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Cleanup Crew [Quest: Kerii] Empty on Sun Jan 06, 2019 10:19 am


"Terribly filthy," as the old woman put it, was an understatement. When Kerii saw the room, she could hardly tell where anything was. She gagged at the mere stench of it all. She'd heard of hoarders before, but never physically saw the result of that horrible habit. It was a wonder this place even sold in the first place. Who would buy such an apartment not even knowing what it looked like on the inside? Surely someone would look at it first, right? She highly doubted that Granny Betty saw a picture of it beforehand. The picture would have to be recent, and judging by the looks of everything strewn across the room, this took at least several months to pile up. Kerii honestly had no idea how someone could live in a space like this. It was no wonder they moved out. Truth be told, the elf wasn't even sure she could clean it up in time, but she had all day to do it.

The first thing she did was make a trip to the store. She purchased loads of trash bags, cleaning agents, rags, dusters, and air fresheners. It would take her maximum effort to get that apartment ready for Granny Betty's guests. The whole task was probably one of the most disgusting things she had done as a mage. There was so much muck and grime. Where there wasn't garbage, there was a nice layer of dust for her to clean up. Kerii honestly didn't think that the previous owner even tried to clean up his or her mess. What was truly revolting, was the food that the owner had also neglected to clean out of the fridge. Several hours went by. Kerii allowed herself an hour long break to stop and eat some lunch back at her own nice and clean room, but once that was done, it was back to toiling away at Granny Betty's new apartment. As it neared sundown, the mage had cleaned up all the garbage she could find. All that was left was the furniture. It had been reduced to mediocre quality, but it could be touched up. She wanted to leave it for the old lady to either trash, sell, or refurbish. Once everything was cleaned, she sprayed air freshener wherever she could. It was tough getting the smell away, but she thought she did it well enough for the woman's guests. Kerii would leave the bottles though. The gods knew she needed it.

Once sundown came, Granny Betty returned home, just like she said. When she opened the door she gasped and almost dropped the tray of cookies she was holding. She was thrilled with Kerii's work, and offered her some of the cookies she had. Not wanting to be rude, the mage took one. After taking a bite, she felt a familiar rush of energy flow throughout her for a brief moment before dissipating. Kerii was about to thank Granny Betty for it, when yet another surprise came: a monetary reward. She reimbursed Kerii for the purchases she made, and then some for helping her out. She thanked the woman for her generosity and headed back home. Although the day didn't go quite as planned, she ended up with a similar outcome to if she did go to the guildhall and formally take a request.

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