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Stage Manipulation [Quest|Solo]

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Stage Manipulation [Quest|Solo] Empty on Sun Jan 06, 2019 4:45 am

It had only been a few days since the rather eventful encounter with Dex Miller and his grand scheme. To be honest, considering that last time she nearly found herself with a ticket to jail, Esperia had to admit she'd rather avoid Dex like a plague. It was understandable, after all she had been through, that man clearly was nothing but trouble, disastrous trouble even and yet it seemed that today was not going to be a day for relaxation.

It all began shortly after she was enjoying a pleasant breakfast in the inn where she and Alisa had been staying at. It was quite a simple breakfast really, just some toasts with cheese and a goblet of cold milk, she was quite in a good mood at the time, perhaps since the meal was being pretty good, but it was at that time that the first signs of troubles started to show themselves. She should have expected it really, after the recent events with Dex Miller it wouldn't be unexpected for her to run into more troubles, and indeed as she was quite occupied with enjoying her toast a armored knight walked into the area. A glimpse at his breastplate and the badge clearly shown he was a Rune Knight, she couldn't mistake that pendant for anything else even if she wanted to.

However, curiously enough the knight seemed to be looking for something, or someone and when he spotted her and that smile emerged on his lips Esperia knew how late it was: that man was there for her. With a confident stride the man approached her table and addressed her. "Good morning Esperia, having a nice breakfast?" The purple-haired lass did her best to muster a charming smile as she gestured toward the chair at the other side of the table. "I am~ How about you Jelias? Are you here on business, or do you prefer to join me for a meal?"

She knew the man well enough, after all during her stay in Orchidia it was difficult for one not to know the name of the head guard of the noble family that ruled over Orchidia. Luckily she also knew that Jelias was a bit of a simple schemer, as became evident when he took a seat. "I'd love to do both, have you heard the stories about the recent misdeeds of the outlaw known as Keith?"

Esperia raised a hand to her cheek, tapping it lightly as she took a short break from eating her food to ponder about the question. "I heard some stories before, isn't he some sort of bandit that has been terrorizing travelers in the nearby forest?"

Jelias nodded his head curtly in response. "Indeed, originally Keith was from Orchidia, but he was banished after committing several crimes, but he still continues to lurk around the forest. He is quite a nuisance to say the least."

Of course, Jelias must had a reason to bring up this subject now, didn't he? He would had been a fool if he had only been trying to talk about rumors and gossip...

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Of course, Esperia knew that there had to be a reason that Keith brought up the name of this outlaw, some sort of purpose behind this sudden subject, and so she decided to voice her curiosity. "But what does this outlaw have to do with me Jelias? I don't recall a job request being made toward the Blue Pegasus guild, so I fail to see the purpose of this subject."

Jelias smiled calmly in response to her statement, a light shake of his head following as he clarified further. "I will get to that in a moment Esperia, but first I need to tell you something important: The man has allowed himself to be caught in exchange for a deal, one the noble family intends to uphold."

How curious, the Rune Knights weren't the type to usually deal with bandits, so there must had been some sort of reason for them to accept this matter. "You see, Keith is incredibly strong, and also quite confident in his skills as a warrior, and as a result he challenged me, the head of the guard to a duel."

Esperia couldn't help but find her lips curving up into a smile as she mused softly. "And that is quite a problematic situation to be in." No kidding, Jelias wasn't exactly a warrior, the type of person who usually left the dirty work to his subordinates, and it was clear the man was aware of his own weaknesses also, as he coughed softly to avoid giving a response.

"Anyways, as decreed by the conditions of the duel we are supposed to duel at the grand stage on the center of the plaza. And this is where I'll need your help Esperia."

The man's words already made it clear a favor was incoming, so tilting her head lightly to the side she simply mused a soft "I'm listening." And so the purple-haired lass awaited the man's response, who started to explain in a more hushed whispering tone.

"Basically I need you to sabotage the stage, set traps in plain sight yet hidden enough that they look like simple accidents." Now that, sounded something more akin to the thing a villain would do. "Not exactly a heroic thing to request, is it now Jelias?" Esperia's question made the man smile weakly as he resumed his explanation. "And that is exactly why I'm making this a personal request for you, rather than send a job through the Blue Pegasus guild. Surely for you it's an easy way to make some money right? Since you're an outsider yet belonging to a reputable guild I can get you access to the stage and nobody will suspect a thing, unlike when I were to ask a Rune Knight to lend me a hand."

It made sense, the man needed secrecy and deception if he wanted to succeed in his plan. "You better realize that I am only doing this in order to see a dangerous criminal locked away..." In the end, it seemed like an easy way to make Earthland a little bit safer...

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Jelias smiled in delight, clearly pleased at the fact she had accepted his request. "Perfect! I knew I could count on you for this, Keith is quite a dangerous criminal, so it is in our mutual interest that he is locked away." Although she had the feeling that Jelias was simply doing this to save himself from the humiliation of having his act exposed. "So, when do you propose is the best time for me to visit the stage?" Jelias raised a hand to his chin, pondering for a moment about the matter. During the day would be too dangerous, people would be around and she would be spotted too easily which left only one potential time. "It would be best to do so in the midst of the night, then it will be harder for people to see, of course I wouldn't let you do this without some form of aid." The man lowered a hand into his pocket and soon withdrew what appeared to be some sort of vial as he explained himself further. "This vial contains a darkvision potion, if you consume it, you'll be able to see as if it was as clear as a sunny day."

At least the man came prepared, but the fact he had the potion on him, made it seem like he assumed that she would be accepting his request. She wasn't exactly sure how to feel about that, but for the time being she pushed the thought to the back of her mind. "I guess I'll get to work tonight then and report the results to you in the morning before your duel." With the plan forged Jelias raised a hand over the table, seemingly expecting a handshake, one which Esperia returned gracefully. "I'll be counting on you then Esperia." And with those words the man left the room.

To be honest, she had to admit there was irony in the idea that he had hired her of all people to manipulate the stage. Even if Jelias was likely oblivious to it, Esperia did possess the essence of Asmodeus, the Demon Lord of Lust, and as one who was heralded as one of the most dangerous schemers and manipulators in existence, this job was just perfect for her. Already she could feel the demon stirring within her, eager to take a look at the stage, but for now she had to wait. As Esperia resumed to eat her breakfast the girl started to wonder just how weak Jelias actually might had been if he had to rely on trickery like this to keep his reputation. Then again, as a manipulator and trickster upon the battlefield, Esperia had to admit that she herself wasn't exactly the best in terms of giving an opinion about that. Everything was fair in love and warfare, and Asmodeus had made sure to teach her plenty of tricks to ensure that it was not her enemy, but she herself who would end up on top in their tussle!...

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As planned, Esperia had decided to spend the rest of the day relaxing around town. Alisa was busy preparing some sort of special training program for the two of them, and as such the purple-haired lass found herself wandering around Orchidia by herself. If she was entirely honest, the town felt a little bit calmer now the flower festival had ended, a bit too quiet even for a young lady like Esperia, but at the same time she could also enjoy the tranquility that was found in a local like this. No wars to worry about, but then again she knew this peace was only temporarily. The rifts around Earthland were steadily growing, and it was only a matter of time before the Demonic Incursions would resume.

Perhaps it was exactly for that reason that Esperia found herself wondering what could be done to stop the tide of demons. Perhaps it was for that reason, that around the time dusk started to settle in and Esperia was quietly eating some ice-cream at one of the larger plazas of the town, that she decided to ask someone most curious about the event.

Asmodeus, what do you think is the reason behind the Demonic Invasion?

The inquiry caused the raven-haired seductress to emerge in a mental image before her, a hand tapping her chin lightly. "If I'm entirely honest, I don't know my dear. This doesn't seem like a scheme one of my fellow princes would have initiated. It is actually quite the unusual behavior all things considered. Most would be too occupied trying to vie for control over the Abyss, in the end, most demons aspire to become a Demon Lord someday. Yet here we are, watching legions of demons pour from those rifts."

Esperia tilted her head lightly to the side in confusion as she took another lick from her ice-cream cone and continued her conversation with the demon lord. "Do you think they would listen to you?" Esperia's inquiry earned a hearty chuckle from Asmodeus who hummed softly.

"Darling, it's likely they are serving a powerful entity, most likely a demon lord and would be too terrified of punishment to obey me. At the same time, do you truly believe it to be a wise idea to announce ourselves as the Demon Lord of Lust in the midst of an invasion?"

Asmodeus had a point, a very solid point at that also. "No, I think they are carrying out this incursion for another reason, but I have yet to fathom the reason why." Esperia sighed softly, a hand resting on her hip as she rose from her seat while finishing the last bits of her ice-cream. "Ah well~ It was worth a try I guess~ how about we give this mission a try?" Upon hearing those words Asmodeus couldn't help but grin. "How about leaving this task to me for a change? It's been a while since I was able to enjoy myself in a harmless way like this~"

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A playful sigh escaped Esperia's lips in response to Asmodeus' request. The Demon Lord had a point, ever since the rifts appeared, it had grown increasingly difficult for her to let Asmodeus take control without the risk of setting off a chain reaction of unpleasant events. In the end, it clearly wasn't a good idea for her to transform into the Demon Lord of Lust when there was an incursion of hostile demons who desired nothing but the total plunging of Earthland into chaos! As such it was perhaps a reasonable thought to have kept the demon lord like this, but she had to admit she also understood the woes of Asmodeus. Surely she just wanted to get some fresh air. "Fine~ But just behave, okay?" Whispering the one phrase after making sure that nobody else was around the purple-haired lass swiftly underwent her metamorphosis, and upon stretching her arms the lips of the temptress turned into a mischievous smile. "I guess we'll have to lend our dear Jelias some help in setting up some traps~

Approaching the stage Asmodeus spread her wings lightly, ascending onto the platform as she started to walk along to inspect the battlefield. "Hmm, this section here seems rather worn down, a bit of force will make the footing unstable, might even get him to loose his balance if Jelias can force him over there." And that clearly wasn't the only thing either. "Hmm, and here we have some loose nails, a bit of a push and..." Humming as she saw the nails poking amidst the wood, barely noticable but clearly there, and likely a serious hinderance if someone stepped on them, the demon lord continued to look around.

It was just like this that she spend the entire night, cleverly working on sabotaging the stage to the point that despite the fact they were cleverly hidden, if she could tell Jelias beforehand about where the traps were situated, the man would have an immense advantage even with his weakness.

"Say Asmodeus~" Esperia's voice was quick to pull the demon lord's attention, causing her to close her eyes to focus on the girl's thoughts for a bit. "Do you think we'll be able to stop this incursion?" Asmodeus raised a hand to her chin, as if she was pondering seriously about the matter. "By yourself it would be hopeless, but you have Alisa with you. She is used to dealing with demons, if I'm entirely honest? I pity the fools who decide to step out of that rift, the abyss might had been a safer place for them instead of entering the battlefield that Alisa is on."

Esperia couldn't help but chuckle softly at those words, clearly entertained by Asmodeus her attempt to cheer her up. "Anyways, I'll revert back to you my little lewdling~ We can return to the inn so people will be less suspicious in the morning." And with those words Esperia headed back into the direction of the inn, ready to enjoy a bit of rest.

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After her return to the inn Esperia spend a few hours enjoying a little nap, yet ensured that she woke up well on time for the promised duel between Jelias and the outlaw Keith. After a quick and simple breakfast the purple-haired lass made her way onto the streets of Orchidia, her destination clearly being the main plaza where the duel would be held. Upon her arrival Jelias greet her heartily, almost like she was an old friend of him, and after taking her aside for a moment the man started to whisper softly. "good morning Esperia, did you succeed in finding a suitable distraction?" The mage nodded her head lightly as she unfurled a small map she had drawn of the stage and handed it over to him. "Memorize this, I labeled the areas I placed traps at, they are small ones, like unstable wooden floors or nails growing out of the wood, but if you can properly get him trapped in there the advantage will easily become yours to exploit."

The man read the map, his eyes alit with the determination of a schemer while he pulled out a small pouch from his purse. "Excellent work Esperia, here is your promised pay." Nodding her head lightly the lass watched as Jelias prepared to approach the stage, and joining the crowd Esperia silently watched the man. It didn't take long for the outlaw Keith to arrive at the plaza, sword in hand as he declared his challenge anew, and Jelias openly accepted. It was an amusing spectacle, because of her traps it looked like Keith was just having quite a fair dose of misfortune, and Jelias clearly was exploiting it to the full result. The consequences of this was that after a short skirmish the bandit was defeated and Keith found himself caught in cuffs and brought to the dungeon.

The crowd cheered Jelias' name while Esperia turned her back at the performance and sighed softly. Of course Asmodeus knew better, this favor had put Jelias in debt with Esperia, and she was sure she would be able to put this to her advantage in the future. Still, to think that she actually had agreed to sabotage a duel, in the past she would have never even imagined to agree with something like this, and yet now? For some reason she started to think that deception was just a natural part of a battle, and that all was fair in love and warfare. Certainly, honor was a noble thing, but it was also something which often led people to an early grave! Perhaps it was for that reason that the purple-haired lass had started to think differently.

Or maybe it were Alisa's teachings which started to make her consider a different approach? Nonetheless, for now she had finished the assignment she had been given, and with all said and done Esperia decided that now was as good a time as any to see if Alisa had finished her preparations for the day.

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