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A Letter to You [Hikaru/Private]

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A Letter to You [Hikaru/Private] Empty on Sat Jan 05, 2019 7:12 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
It felt weird being all alone. For the first tme in a long time, she was on her own with no one to help her, but her father. Of course, she did not want to take advantage of her adopted father. Afterall, he fought for her tooth and nail, he was her number one fan. Treated her like one of his own children. Though, deep down she did nto feel like a Nakamura despite how often her father repeated it. He would say things like:

"You are a Nakamura! Its spirit not blood"

It still did not feel right. On top of that, the only person she would want to see was Hikaru. There was so much she had to tell him. So much she was trying to unfold to her older brother, but never had the strength to or felt like she would be a disgrace. Lying on the ground, she looked at the clear winter sky. She wore just a gray jacket with blue jeans and converse. Not so formal attire. The one thing anyone could know its her was by her six crimson kitsune tails and ears or by her bright crimson hair. She slowly closed her eyes and started fall asleep with her journal wide open. A few loose letters that were written to her brother were stacks inside. They stuck out since they were bigger than the small, leather bounded journal itself. A gust of wind caused the journal open and the letters flew unnoticed by LeeAnn. They lied on the sidewalk nearby where LeeAnn was sleeping.

Letter to Hikaru:
Dear Hikaru
September 20th
Tell me...tell me how writing a stupid letter that I will never send you suppose to help me? Dad sometimes does not make sense. He told me to find a hobby while I am sitting here in the hospital, waiting to be seen. My body is acting wonky, which is nothing out of the ordinary with me since I have the weird Parasite illness. Most people don’t know about it, other than dad.

I never got around to tell you, didn’t I? Guess I was too ashamed to admit it to you. Heh! I am so pathetic. Look at me, I put shame and taint the Nakamura name when I mention this. Please, don’t look at me any differently, Hikaru. I need you right now. Things are...shit….they really are at the moment.

I am sure you have always been curious why I drink so much alcohol and never feel any effects. Or, how this stupid mark appeared on my face with the mixed match eyes? Well, I have what is called “The Wendigo Curse’ or better known as, “The Parasitic Plague”. I was given this curse after being kidnapped by a dark cult along with mother for revenge on her. They performed religious sacrifices and to ‘repent my sins’. It was not any god I have ever heard of before, so it’s not any sort of common religion. I was tortured, abused, and anything else you can think of, it happened. During one of their ceremonies, they placed this unknown curse on me. It was super painful!

It still is! This curse caused me to eat humans. As much as I refused to, it caused my abdomen to hurt in agony. My body will attack itself if it does not get a piece of human flesh. Dad worked something out with the local hospitals to get the severed limbs of humans to get me by. Again, I refused to eat it. Hans would have to shove it down my throat while I was being restrained. Luckily, that is not the case anymore. I found a way around it by eat pig meat, instead.

There’s even more! Of course, everyday my body continues to go through so much pain sometimes I even faint. I can ONLY drink alcohol. It may seem like some miracle to you, but it’s not for me. I want to forget everything  that has happened and I cannot get drunk yet even eat certain foods. Otherwise, my body would attack itself.

So that is the whole story. I don’t know what else to say...other than I am sorry…

Your little sister, LeeAnn

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A Letter to You [Hikaru/Private] Empty on Sat Jan 05, 2019 7:45 pm

Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru walked down the street. He was wearing a black shirt that , jeans, and black shoes. He wore a brown jacket that looked warm, to cover himself up during this winter time. As he walked down the street, it was night time. The lamps were there and as he continued to walk he saw an individual sleeping in public. Hikaru looked only to see a paper inside of them fly out. The paper was on the sidewalk. However, another gust of wind decided to push it further. The paper looked like it was going to make a run for it, but Hikaru sprinted towards it jumping up and snatching it out of the sky before it could make it any further.

He wasn't one to read someone's letter so he started to approach the individual to bring it back. However, he glanced for a moment to see if it was an important document but that glance was what allowed for something to catch his attention. One word, that Hikaru had been writing since he was a child. It could of been coincidence, but Hikaru knew better. As soon as he saw the name that the letter was addressed to he became extremely curious of what the letter was about. As he walked back he began to read the letter. After reading it he saw who wrote it. He looked up and looked at the bench. The crimson red hair that he had missed was extremely visible now and it was none other than his little sister sitting on the bench. Hikaru approached her seeing her tail, it was something he wasn't quite use to, nor did he know she had it. As he approached her he decided to wake her up so he could properly return the letter to her and greet her.

Standing right in front of her Hikaru smiled as he seen the face he knew his entire life. He was maybe one or two steps away.


Hikaru coughed signaling that someone was there. He had a smile on his face hoping it would be nice for her to see his face despite all her hardship. If she did wake up, Hikaru would seize the opportunity to say the first few words to her.

"So you've been staying out of trouble little sis?"

Hikaru said to her with a big smile on his face.

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A Letter to You [Hikaru/Private] Empty on Sat Jan 05, 2019 8:28 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
Deep asleep. She was easily woken up by a sound of someone clearing their throat. Dreading to open her eyes, she hoped it was not another stupid person asking about her kitsune tails or why she look weird. The wind picked up her hair. She slowly opened her eye revealing the mixed match horror they were/ The first thing she saw was blue eyes then salmon hair. Rubbing them open and sitting up, she had to look twice. The face she desperatly missed. The only face she could trust. Sitting up, he said if she had been staying out of trouble.


Instantly, she leaped into the air and tackled him into a hug to the ground. It probably hurt him but she was too excited and full of tears. Looking down at her elder sibling starting to cry tears of joy. She noticed he was holding a piece of paper in his hands as she wondered what it could be."Where in the hell were you? Dad and I were worried sick! Hika, I ahve so much to tell you and just so much as happened. Hans is dead. I'm adopted and dad is divoriced-" she was stopped by her coughing from the dry air. She spoke fast and freaked out that she was extremely anxious. Getting off him to to allow him to stand up. A true happy smile came to her face as she would not let him go.

"I'm sorry...a lot went down hill and I am just so glad you are okay. Hikaru I have missed you so much. And...just" she said. A wave of emotions as she smiled with tears coming down.

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A Letter to You [Hikaru/Private] Empty on Mon Jan 07, 2019 4:24 pm

Hikaru Nakamura
The excitement that siblings had for each other was always a sight to see. Hikaru couldn't help but crack a smile at the reaction his sister gave him. He was tackled by her, and he was Happy that she seemed to be safe. The first thing he noticed however as she tackled him was the tails on her. He figured right now wasn't the time to get involved with that but rather cherish his sister. As she hugged him he listened as she spoke.

She spoke about a bunch of things he had missed when he was gone. Dad was divorced? That came to a shocker for Hikaru. He was sure he had loved Lee's mom, but it was safe to assume that the two maybe had grown apart. Lee, his sister, was now a widow. Hikaru felt bad for her and wanted to extend his apologizes but she seemed quite happy and excited, as if this was a pick me up. However, despite all the news, Hikaru heard Lee-Ann state she was adopted. This caught her off guard. His sister, was adopted? Looking at the appearances it could explain why her hair was not the potent salmon color and her lack of affinity to the lightning element.

Hikaru decided to slow her down. "Woah woah woah what?" He responded to all of that. She had also stated that she seemed happy. Hikaru had been on a mission for so long he forgot what it was like to have someone care for him. He forgot he had a bunch of people here who didn't quite know of his disappearance. As she cried he decided it was his role to cheer her up. "Lee.. It's fine."Hikaru said as he hugged his sister "I'm here now, and i'm not going anywhere." Hikaru said. He couldn't promise this wouldn't happen again, but for now he was certain he woudl be here for his baby sister.

Hikaru backed up and looked at her. "So it looks like we got a lot to talk about. First off, Sorry about Hans. I really want to give you my condolences. Dad's divorce had to be a tough one to do by yourself." Hikaru said knowing how close his father was to his step-mom. "And no matter who gave birth to you, it doesn't matter. Nothing can ever take your last name away nor our bond." Hikaru said. Finally he remembered he had something in his hand. He waved it now bringing it up, the paper that had flew out the journal. "So, what's all this about?" Hikaru said as he gave the paper back to her.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
The kitsune was glad for the reactions about the things she spat out. In all, she was a hot mess. The past two yeras she was sick in the hospital. Turns out instead of a mana disease all of this time, her magic and true form were being suppressed. She would explain about this later. It would explain his reaction for a split second about seeing the six fox tails. The ears changed a little bit as they were more fluffier and fuller. They fit her head quite nicely and perfectly portionate.

Hikaru claimed that he was sorry for what happened and wished he was there. What mattered was that he was here now. That's all LeeAnn had really cared about. Though, what put a relief off of her shoulders to know that he still considered them siblings. "Thank you, big brother. I still don't feel like I am a true Nakamura. I guess...it will take time for me to get used to the news" she spoke. Something that was in his hands. He waved it in front of her asking what this was. LeeAnn grabbed it and her heart sank into her stomach. She never gotten around to tell him about the illness, the kidnapping and everything. Her anxiety rose as she could not meet him on the eye, feeling ashamed she hid this for so long.

Multiple times, she has tried to tell him and everytime she could not bring herself to do this. She gave him the piece of paper. "A vent letter. When I was in the hospital constantly the past two years, dad told me to write letters as a way to cope. Hikaru, first off, what is in that letter is all true. I could not bring myself to tell you most of the times when I tried. I felt scared and ashamed, even if its out of my control. Several years ago, mom and I were kidnapped by some religious cult or group. They took revenge on mom placing their leader in jail. They tortured her and I, only in seperate rooms. I was used as a sacrifice multiple times for different occasions" she spoke. Taking a breath, she had flashbacks of remembering what had taken place this years earlier. It was very hard for her to talk about, but she forced herself to go on despite her wanting to scream.

"I don't know why they did it, but one night, they took me into this room to 'be rid of my demons' but instead they tortured me with this curse. They called it "Wendigo Curse" or we call it Parastic Plague. It forced my body to change into what you see now. They forced me to eat humans...no matter how hard I tried or how much pain I inflicted...I would rather starve than each another human, but somethings cant be helped. Luckily, Hans found me and saved me. Dad was distraught to see all of this" she spoke. She dropped to the ground holding her head not wanting to talk about this more, but had to keep going on. He had to know out of everyone, he HAD to know. LeeAnn clinched the grass tightly as tears rolled down her face.

"It is torture. Because of the church...I am this. A ugly, ghoul monsterous kitsune with PTSD and depression. This...curse is the reason why I can never get drunk, Hika...I'm sorry. At least now, we figured out a way to not having me eat humans now. I eat pork or bacon, pig tricks the body. But nothing can take back the mental damage I am in now" she explained. The girl was scared of how he would react, most of the family knew about this even their grandparents. Of course, Hikaru was the last know sadly. She curled into a ball, scared what he might think or feel.  

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A Letter to You [Hikaru/Private] Empty on Thu Jan 10, 2019 2:16 pm

Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru was glad his sister didn't feel as if she was being excluded from the family. However he was curious more about what she would do with thsi new found information. "So what's the game plan with this new information? Are you planning on seeking your true parents?" HIkaru said curious as to what this information meant. The thought of her leaving and finding another family would definitely be saddening. There was a fear she had other siblings, ones that were superior to him in every way. Maybe she would like her new family much more than she likes her current. However, if she did, she deserved it. She deserved a sibling whom would be there for her, unlike Hikaru who would disappear often due to his obligation to the Rune Knights. Bringing up the letter was a bad idea however.

He watched as simply showing his sister the letter made her break down. She verbalized most of what he had read, and told him more about it. She said the letter was true, and she began to vent about being kidnapped. Hikaru listened as she described the torturing she went through. She had been kidnapped by a religious cult. He hated how people would use the name of God for their alterior agenda and simply be able to do as they lease such as this. Moreover Lee went into detail about her curse and what it forced her to become and how it gave her an affinity towards other humans. Hans was her savior, and for how much Han's and Hikaru didn't resonate at first this made HIkaru further respect him. That man was a blessing, and Hikaru knew he owed him for saving Lee when he couldn't. Lee, who was on the floor seemed to blame it on the Church. Hikaru had heard that the church was prejudice against other races often.

Hikaru crouched down to Lee Ann stared at her for a moment and gave her a hug. There were no words said but the hug spoke a million different languages. It let Lee know that he was there regardless of it all. "You're fine now, you're safe which is what is most important.' Hikaru said telling Lee. He wanted to be sure to let her know that regardless of what happened he was most worried about her well-being. "Now let's get you up." Hikaru said as he stood offering both hands to help get his sister off the floor. "You're past. It sounds awful, horrifying, and degrading. But, that is not what matters. Lee, for as long as I've known you, you're a fighter. You can't control what's happened in the past. But you sure as hell can control what's going to happen in the future." Hikaru said pausing as he gave her encouraging words to let her know her future was still bright.

"I'm usually a pacifist, but I can't lie. I feel as though Revenge is a best dish served cold, and we've got a lot of serving to do." Hikaru said. He made sure to emphasize the We because as far as he was concerned this was now his battle as well.

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A Letter to You [Hikaru/Private] Empty on Thu Jan 10, 2019 10:17 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
Finally, she had told him almost everything that had happened. That she had been holding in for so long. She looked at her older brother, who was curious about this new information about being adopted. Clearly, she could tell he had a sad look into his eyes. There was one thing she would never do is replace her brother! "I will find them in time. I want to get answers of where I am from, but there is always one thing. You will always be my number one" she spoke.

Hikaru was told everything. To the nitty gritty details about her life since the kidnapping. How she was hiding everything. He took in all the information like a sponge. The tears just kept coming down about to admit defeat. Lying on the ground, on her knees. Though, in the light of it all, the only reason why she pushed forward through her life was to make her brother proud. To be just life him in every shape and form. She always admired he was strong and almost flawless. Nakamuras were always strong and brave much like those before them. Even without hte blood relation, she felt as if she was not suppose to be one, but fate brought her here for a reason.

Hikaru kneeled down as their eyes met. A stare down as taken place and without a word. Hikaru gave her a hug. It caught the kitsune off guard as she was reassured things would be okay. All her worries were starting to fade out of existence. It was enough to make her cry even more. Returning the favor, she hugged him tightly back, not wanting to let go. He was more worried about her safety and well-being. Something any older brother should value. She was lucky to have Hikaru as an older brother!

He held out both hands to bring her off her attempt at defeat. A light shined bright behind him much like in those cliche movies. Taking her big brother's hands, she was lifted off of her feet. He gave a small speech that her past was horrible, but it's what you do in the future that matters most. LeeAnn looked at him, still watery eyes. He was right! She was tired of depression and finding excuses to not doing anything about it. For a long time, she thought he was dead, but instead, he returned to her. It was not her business of where he went or what he did, but that was here now!

LeeAnn wiped her eyes clean of tears, but her eyes were puffy and sore from crying. Though, Hikaru yet again caught her off guard. He spoke that usually he would be a pacifist and avoid issues at all costs, but revenge sounded sweet. It would give a means to an end to her suffering. That they wer going to do it together!

Hikaru saw an old spark in her eyes. One that was only seen once right before she joined the Rune Knights! "You're right! I am fucking
tired of feeling sorry for myself. Everything htat has happened, I almost killed myself multplie times, but fate kept me alive for somethiung. Now, I think I know why. I wanted to be here when you arrived back home"
she started to speak. The redhead took her brothers's hands and looked up at him. "Since I found out I was adopted, I felt I was not a Nakamura. I WANT to be a Nakamura more than anything! I DONT want to leave this family ever! No one is going to replace you and dad! Hikaru ever since we were kids, I wanted to become just like you. You are so strong and brave. You would protect me from our older brother's torments. There is nothing more that
I want than to be by your side as a sibling. I love you so much! Dad was right. We share a lot of qualities depsite you being a ladies man"
she smiled. Teasing him a little, hoping to make him blush a little or looked a bit embarressed.

She hugged him again. "We're going to get stronger together! We will take down those who put bloodshed on the Nakamura name. I want to prove to myself that I am a Nakamura and will carry that name til death. Hikaru...will you help me on my quest to reach S-rank and defeat them once and for all? You're battles are my battles as well too" she asked. It was a large request, but those who mess with family, get the boot. Leeann wanted nothing more than to be the little sister Hikaru was proud to call family.

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A Letter to You [Hikaru/Private] Empty on Sat Jan 12, 2019 4:41 pm

Hikaru Nakamura
It was reassuring for Hikaru to here the words his sister said. She ensured that he would always be her number one. This was good for him to know. However she did want answers from her family and that was reasonable. Hikaru figured it would overall have a positive impact on her especially with all she's been through a little truth could never harm. Lee continued to pour out her struggles. She had dealt with so much, most people by now would be broken. However, she did remain strong and Hikaru admired her for that. Not everyone could do that. Not everyone could have the will to wake up every morning, and she even admitted to trying to take her life, however now she seemed to have a flare in her. Maybe he had lit a fire. Or maybe that fire had been there the entire time, but no one sought to inspire her.

Hikaru listed to Lee talk about their past. Her admiration for him was something else. But in a similar way Hikaru admired Lee the same way she admired him. His sister had a lot of qualities that he didn't posses. One of the biggest things he admired was her ability to make friends. And for as much of a "ladies man" Hikaru was, she had found love while he had not. Hikaru smiled. "If he said we share a lot of qualities, that's a good thing for me." Hikaru said ensuring that she had just as many good qualities, if not maybe more than he did. Hikaru was happy that she was now going to face and confront her problems straight forward. She asked Hikaru to join her on her quest to reach S-rank and also more importantly, to help her with confronting her enemies. "Lee, To be honest, I'd be honored to join you. Let's see who reaches S-rank first?" Hikaru said with a smile. He was excited that they would go through this journey together and grow together. He looked at her and how she was now more happy. "Now, That's the Lee I know."

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A Letter to You [Hikaru/Private] Empty on Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:44 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
Hikaru was always the best and perfect person in her eyes. Regardless of his flaws, she saw him a perfect even with the issues he had. She knew deep down he was not perfect or totally evil, no one was. Though, he was family! She would never turn her back on him even if he killed someone or committed a crime. He had her undying loyalty! A trait that he carried as well for those he held close. Nakamuras were always the loyal types to the law and really did not question it, but sometimes that could be a downfall. Reason why their older brother was basically disowned. LeeAnn shivered remember how cruel he was. Rumors have spread that he was returning soon and had plans. It frightened LeeAnn to know what would become of their father and family. That would be dealt with a later discussion.

His reply to what she had said about sharing a lot of qualities made her smile. "I am glad too! If it weren't for you, I probably would of ended up much like our...other brother. You are just perfect. You are fearless and loyal, not to mention able to talk to people, not fearing they are going to hurt you. Hikaru...you're the strongest and most sweetest person in the world. I won't let you put yourself down or else...I...uhm...will burn your ass" she said. It was kinda cute how she threatened to burn him if he was going deny her compliments. She turned a little red from being embarrassed a little and crossed her arms, if he did call her cute or adorable. Again, she was able to be her real, comical self around him and loosened up.

The fire had to relit again. This time by Hikaru, as their father had expected. It was like he could predict her every thought and move. That's what she gets for spending too much time with their father. The offer stood in front of him to join her on her quest. It was a hard thing to ask since she really did not like asking for help cause of pride, but this was her brother for star's sake. She had to!
When he agreed to their deal, she fox ears perked up once more as her six kistune tails shined in the sun. The two mixed matched eyes glittered. She tackle hugged him again, but this time crying tears of joy. "Thank you! Thankyouthankyouthankyou, big brother! I won't let you or the family down! I am doing this for us, mostly for myself. I need to grow and overcome these mental illnesses otherwise people such as our brother or those of the church will win! Honestly, I am glad we share the same views" she spoke. She still hugged him tightly in a loving manner, perhaps too overly excited, but filled with determination.

She got off of him and held out her hand to help him up. Afterwards, the fire mage stared at her brother, eyes filled with her internal flame. "You were the only one I thought about constantly these past two years! Also...uhm..how can I put this...do you remember that you were the one who named me. Why did you do it" she asked. It was quite clear she heard this story, but wanted to hear it from her brother's mouth. Still she smiled mischievously trying to tease her brother. "Also, I found your baby photos that dad hid in the attic. And YOU WERE SO ADORABLE...never knew you as a baby would make me want to have children of my own...not that I am going to have them with anyone but just saying...I think I should stop talking now" she said, clearing it backfired. She embarrassed herself yet again with another subject. The redhead's face was steaming with ensnarement.

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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru was glad he could be some kind of positive in Lee-Anns life. There were time he himself questioned what type of Brother, or Son, or relative he was to his family members. He wasn't around as often as he should, and he wasn't super stellar at keeping contact with everyone. Over the years, pursuing his dreams has consumed him, and sometimes Hikaru wish he would have just sat down and enjoyed the little things like moment like this where he gets to speak to his sister and find out ways to improve her life rather than his.

Hikaru smiled and nodded as Lee insisted he took the compliment so he didn't add onto it. They could go back and forth about complimenting each other. Hikaru was sure it could go on for hours so he just figured it may be best to let it go, and accept the compliment. It was partially modesty, but mostly it was his honesty kicking in when he was praising Lee. Hikaru was glad Lee shared the views that she did. That she did not want to let the family down, but more importantly herself. Hikaru couldn't help but smile at her and he said something to her after what she said. "You've matured. Not many people are willing to realize that they have a mental illness, and also a lot of people wouldn't dare say it out loud. However, I assume it's the Nakamura in you to not be shamed by your problems, but confront them head on." Hikaru said to his sister.

He truly did believe that someone capable of admitting their shortcomings or flaws was someone far stronger than an individual who never cries nor believes they are infallible. Hikaru's face got red as Lee asked why did he name her that. Hikaru figured sometimes it was best to lie and he smiled. "Can't remember, you know so long ago and what not." He said as Lee helped him up. He began to walk to avoid the topic. It was an embarrassing story. Hikaru heard Lee talk about wanting to have a baby and He coudln't help but laugh as she backtracked and he laughed himself. "Children are quite outstanding. Just look at how good they can turn out, like us. But personally, I think i'm far off from being anywhere near there. Maybe I should just start off finding a girlfriend" Hikaru said as he laugh joking around it.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn always saw herself as weak and useless. When she would look in the mirror, she would always think of how disfigured and mentally ill she was. It clearly was not her fault, but still. Someone would not want that kind of baggage. She didn't want to be a burden on anyone else no more. More so, for their father. Their father, Nicolas, has always made sure his children were taken care of. LeeAnn always was the golden child and beyond daddy's girl, but of course, he still loved Hikaru as much. He even broke the law a few times for LeeAnn health back in the old days to get medication that was banned for clear reason. At the time, it was the only thing keep her alive.

Now she felt as healthy as she could ever be, other than the wretched curse. LeeAnn always knew deep down, Hikaru had his own life. Had his own goals. LeeAnn was more concerned about her father's health and taking care of him. Just until now, LeeAnn wanted to do things for herself. To improve upon her life and find someone to marry. She wanted kids in the future, but many doctors said it would be dangerous in her conditions. That was back when her and Hans were first together and that scare. Turns out, she was never really pregnant to begin with. "Thanks, Hikaru. I really don't see myself that way, but you see something that I don't. You want the honest truth? I am shamed of them. I always felt like I wasn't a Nakamura for what all has happened. Reason why I am assulting these problems right now! To prove my place in the family, also, to pay you and the family back for always being there for me" she spoke. She always felt ashamed for all that has happened, but it was out of her control. She was just happy Hikaru still accepted her as she is, which was the most important thing.

Teasing her brother was perhaps the most favorite things she loved to do! Seeing his face turned race gave her a smirk of satisfaction on her lips. The young redhead laughed a little. "Also, dad keeps asking us about getting married and everything. Mostly you, trust me! When I bring the next guy home, either you or dad, will threaten the poor guy. I am really worried about how YOU will be. Man, you and Hans never really saw eye to eye. I still remember your face when I told you about him. Gods...that was funny. Besides, who knows who I will find" she smiled. For some reason, she sighed happily like a girl in love. Not realizing how she was acting, she thought about Kazimir. Even if they were starting to get to know each other, there was something about him that she liked.

"Kids are...something. I'm just probably not meant to be a mother with how I am. Who knows? I want kids. Just something I still need to think about. Besides Hikaru, we still have plenty of time to find someone. Who knows...we might already have..." she said. She placed her chin on her knee as she sat on the bench, staring at the sky dreamily. It was apparent now she had a small crush. "I might of..." she whispered, quietly not realizing she was thinking out loud.

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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru saw Lee admit more in her shortcomings. To do that you had to be someone who was strong. Hikaru saw that his sister was becoming a lot more impressive in his time away just by her response to things. However, she had always been like that for as far as he remembered. Her growth over short periods of times always seemed to impress him. Watching her go from that young little baby, to what she is now was something Hikaru felt blessed to be a part of and witness. Seeing Lee and his little sister made him know if he wanted a child he would definitely want a girl. She was all the right and good things of the world, regardless of her condition or what it forced her to do.

Hikaru listened to Lee talk about Dad asking when will they bring a significant other home. Hikaru smirked and shook his head thinking about it. He would never bring a girl home unless he was serious. For starters he figured his family could be intimidating. It was a powerhouse of mages, and they were a wealthy family. Hikaru didn't bring girls around for that reason, but also he wanted it to be a girl he was sure about it so it really meant something. Lee discussed Hans and Hikaru responded. "Though we never saw eye to eye. Reading your letter, and from what you told him. I've got a whole lot more respect for him more so than I did before." Hikaru said. He treaded carefully with what he said. Lee had said Hans had died, and he didn't really want to step too closely to that seeing as though his sister had just been crying. The last thing he wants to do is make her feel as if the world is coming down on her. He didn't want to ask about Hans, but he was curious how the mage died.

Hikaru heard Lee talk about kids. She then said that there was no need to think about that because they had to find someone, but hen Lee might of said something out loud by accident because she said she might have found someone. "Oh very interesting. I would recommend you make sure he knows you have an intimidating big brother who loves nothing more than his little sister. And an overly-protective dad as well. Not to scare him or anything." Hikaru said not jokingly, but half jokingly. She seemed to be deep in thought about someone. Therefore Hikaru wanted to make sure she knew that he would have her best interest in mind if he broke her heart. However maybe he was talking to pre-maturely. "so what's his name. Ya know just in case I run into him. I can give him the old scare technique. Maybe a knock a few teeth out.. Ha ha.. ha ha.." Hikaru said giving a forced laugh as if he was jokingly saying that but he was somewhat serious.

One thing Hikaru really hoped was this love was not going to be someone attempting to use his sister as a rebound from being a widow. It was no secret that sometimes guys target widows, and if someone was going to target his sister, they had something else coming to them.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn held her standards high for how she saw herself. Of course, they were so out of reach for her and nearly unrealistically impossible to reach. She knew that Hikaru and their father would always be there for her. It gave her great strength and realieved that she could rely on them. Family came first in her priorities. If Hikaru or another family member needed help, Lee would drop everything for htem. The talk of children brought to her mind of someone like her brother. Someone strong and caring. Hikaru was someone she extremely admired as a person and was her biggest role model since childhood.

It was apparent she was not thinking things through. LeeAnn forgotten about Hans. The mention of his name just made her snort embers from her nostrils like a dragon. A small fire of hatred could be seen in her eyes. The dead and burned body of her beloved pet that died for her master's life. All LeeAnn could remember waS her and Hans getting into an arguement. He was becoming possessive and controlling over her life. Next thing she knew, Abra was there bruised and beaten and Hans trying to get to her. Clearly, not himself. "He was a great guy until the end. I forgotten a small detail. He tried to kill me in an arguement over how to life my life. I had a service pet for my PTSD named Abraxas. When he was about to attack me, Abra stepped in and defended me. I grew unconcious. When I woke up, I could not find them until later. Abra died. Hans's body was in ashes. I am hurt. Yes. I am more scarred by him. I trusted him, but Abra did not....sorry I almost forgot to mention that" she said. She felt bad about how grim she turned the subject around, but was nice to hear her brother admire him or great respect for the things he had done for her. LeeAnn's face turned into a smile at him. "All I care about is you, dad, and the Nakamura family. No one will take that away from me" she smiled.

Though, hse was not paying attention to what she had said when the subject of a crush came around. The redhead was in a daze, but could see her brother was...being difficult. He stated to mention to her crush about them. She pictured Kazimir shaking with Hikaru and their father peering down on them. This put a little bit of worry into her mind. Of course, he was trying make it come across as a joke, but it was clear that he was being protective. She had never seen this side of him before, making her a little dry in the mouth. Stupidly, she said his name. "His name is Kazimir Seiryu. You will NOT scare him! Oh god what did I get myself into" she said. She was a little nervous about what her brother would do to him.

She only hoped for the best. She would probably have to warn Kazimir about it. Obviously, she knew her brother meant well. So, she would try her best to at least have no violence. It was not clear of this was just a crush or forming feelings for someone. It was perhaps the same thing. She sat there not knowing what to say, turning red by accidentally mentioning his name. She pursed her lips a bit apprehensive. Just patting her brother's head, hoping he was only joking. "I hope you are not serious about this...are you? she asked.


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