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Overdue [Daiko:Kai:Yasuki:Ael]

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on Sat Jan 05, 2019 2:32 pm

Kai walked towards the door as her hands pressed against the large entrance. Her ears heard the doors creek and her foot stepping onto the wooden glazed floors. The people looked to see who it was and their lips revealed smiles. The Wyvern was well loved by the guild as she to them was beautiful, strong and hard working. She loved and cared for all, but she was here for a certain reason, to find a someone. Kai hasn't seen Daiko since their mission in Dahlia. It simply was making her worry. As soon as she walked in the middle of the guildhall she stopped. Her head looked around as they carried on with their own business, but she wasn't quite done with them.

Her right hand grazed against her own cheek as she smiled motherly. ''Attention all. I am looking for Daiko. If you see him, please have him come up stairs to my office. Thank you!'' she happily spoke with her honey words. They all nodded, roared with happiness and went on with what they were doing, but eyes and ears for Daiko. She nodded once and walked up towards the stairs. Her body swayed and walked with elegance. Once her golden eyes gazed on a couch, that was the first thing she did. Plopped onto it as it was just on the right side of the stairs. The couch felt like leather, smooth and cold, the way she liked it.

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#2Daiko Flayme 

on Sat Jan 05, 2019 2:42 pm

After having trained for the longest time, Daiko just wanted to flop on a nearby bench in the guild hall and take a well-deserved nap. His eyes were heavy from the lack of sleep, and he just wanted to recover some energy. Having arrived at a good time, he did manage to regain a lot of his energy reserves, and the moment he opened his eyes again, he was fresh and refreshed… and then laid himself to sleep again.

Nothing was going to prevent him from sleeping… except a poking hand that woke him up.

“Daiko!” the heavy lad with large arms greeted, “Miss Káilètte is looking for you! You should go to her office and see what she wants to say…!”

His eyes widened a little. He hadn’t seen her since back at Dahlia - how come she had an office, already? He wanted an office! He could already imagine the contents of his office; a large desk with a branch for Coda, greenish background, feathers and heads of oxes, wolves and boars on the wall and-

He should just hurry up and see what she had in mind.

He rushed up the stairs and saw her thermal signature through the wall. She was right around the corner, so he hesitated not for a second. He flopped up in the air and did a quick salto before softly landing on Kai’s lap like a feather. He was too tired to mind anything else right now.

“Hi, there…”


on Sat Jan 05, 2019 2:52 pm

Her eyes looked at where the stairs were as she instantly heard someone charging up them. She didn't expect Daiko to be here so soon as she was just relaxing against the leather couch. Her head tilted back as her neck was against the back cushion of the couch. Her neck was really hurting and felt like instantly seeing someone to get the kinks. Her eyes cornered then to Daiko who somehow got right onto her lap like some floating bird that gentle went downwards. Her face would've blushed if it was someone else, but he was like a son to her. The age gap didn't matter as it was her heart who said so.

''Daiko, so glad you could make it.'' She spoke in her usual honey French accented words. She quickly moisturized her lips as she then looked forward towards where the guildhall would be if it there wasn't an empty space - no floor. Below that was where the guild hall was. ''I was thinking we should make a team. We've been doing these missions together and will like to make a team with you. You already feel like a son to me.'' She said with a smile at the end and a giggle. Her heart panic'd as she wasn't sure how he'd react. It was now or never.

#4Daiko Flayme 

on Sat Jan 05, 2019 3:01 pm

She didn’t’ seem to have waited for him for that long. That was good, so he didn’t waste any time getting here. Her motherly words brought a relaxing shiver through his body as Daiko felt at ease with all things in these times. It wouldn’t be long before Shahrbaraz sent him on a mission, though…

Kai had the idea that they should form an official team in the guild. He couldn’t… agree more. “Oh, yes we should…!” he agreed, “But to make a team, we first need a name… like something memorable. Something epic and unique…”

Coda came flying from the stairs underneath and up towards them. She landed her talons on the couch and eyed the two Lamia Scale wizards with happy eyes. “… like… uh… yeah, I’m not good with names, actually. I would think Coda-Crashers, but…”

#5Aelnera Selesium 

on Mon Jan 07, 2019 12:16 am

In the thick of night, a figure can be seen sifting through the shadow. Weaving in and out of the alleyways, the woman moves closer to the guild doors of Lamia Scale. With that, they open as Aelnera wipes the frost and snow of her coat. Her pale skin adorned with little heat bumps from the intense cold outside, Aelnera simply takes off her hood, her appearance shown to her guild.

Starting to walk towards to what could be considered the lounging area of the guild, Aelnera takes in the bountiful glow and warming camaraderie that surrounds her. Funny for what is considered a criminal in her town to be able to roam this guild and revel in the company of others. As she reaches the 2nd floor, she takes in the company of two others, one of which seeming to give off a saintly glow. Maybe just Aelnera's mind playing tricks on her? Well she was not the most talkative of sorts, opting to simply move to one of the other benches and sit down, away from the crows. She stuck out like a sore thumb, her dark purple hair and darkened clothing being a far cry from the warmer and more endearing colors of the others. All she would do for now is simply watch, listen, observe.


on Mon Jan 07, 2019 1:07 am

Making her way back to the guildhall, Yasuki had one thing to wonder about doing so. She still wondered where her family could be, or in fact her community. As she finds her way back to the guildhall, she ponders these thoughts remembering her innocent years as a child, and even as a teen, growing up within the community and at the time being fearless. As she approached the large door, Yasuki looked forward and then paused before pressing against the entrance. It was as if she looked for a minute and could hear someone familiar to her, her mother in fact, but when she blinked her eyes she just saw the entrance of Lamia Scale guildhall, her second home.

She entered the guildhall, and saw people around enjoying their food and beverages. As she delved deeper inside, she found a nice corner seat and sat down after she had retrieved a glass of water. From there she looked towards the entrance and then scanned what was in close proximity to her. However Yasuki would also dart her glance back at the entrance, to keep a close eye on her fellow guildmates whom she has yet to meet, though she hopes to meet some of them soon. With this in mind, she would be sure the straighten up her outfit, which she wore a green dress and she ensured that the dark colored wrap around her shoulders was tidy. Yasuki was doing the best she could to fit in and be normal, which wasn't as hard to do as one could think with her blonde hair that reached to her mid-back.


on Mon Jan 07, 2019 10:12 am

Kai laughed whole-heartly as much as a woman could as she smiled at her dear son-figure. He seemed excited for the offer as she then paused for a moment. Her body leaned back against the arm of the couch as she rubbed her chin with her right thumb. ''I suppose we need more, huh?~'' She spoke playfully with an open smile. Her hands tilted up and downward in a shoo'ing motion to Daiko before she got up off the leather couch. First she saw only one other person who here. Her golden mirror eyes reflected a woman with a darkened appearance. Her hair was a beautiful flowered purple while her eyes were like a pool of crimson water. Her skin was pale in compassion to her own.

Kai was confident towards other Lamia Scale members as she walked at least till she was a meter close. Her back arched to bow so they could see eye to eye. Her plump glossed lips curved into a motherly smile and brought out a hand to offer. Rather or not she took it, Kai stood up to look down at her now. ''I was curious if you'd like to join our little team?~ Maybe find one more to perhaps make this even...'' She said as she looked around as soon as she spoke about another. Her body twisted and turned away and instead towards the stair railings. She walked slowly to look down to see anyone that caught her eye. Perhaps someone that was on the same level as her little friend over here. Eyes squinted and then target acquired. ''You!''. She pointed at the blonde elf with green attire. ''Come up here for a second.'' Whispers were heard as it wasn't common the Wyvern of the guild wanted to speak to someone, but she wanted to make a team, a little family. That's what it felt like.

As soon as the blonde girl came up she scanned both of them. ''Stand aside each other. Yes... Yes..'' She giggled and smiled with a clap of her hands. ''Introductions are in order before anything.~'' She somewhat ordered but it was more of a suggestion. Her eyes cornered to look at Daiko who should go first.

#8Daiko Flayme 

on Mon Jan 07, 2019 11:19 am

Argh. He wanted to rest like this a little more… oh well, another person did join the area, so he could help himself a little, right? Straightening and rising up from Kai’s pillow of a lap, Daiko cracked his neck with a raw ‘crack!’ echoing in the hallway. It was stereotypical that Lamia Scale wizards, who were feared as top-notch powerhouses, stretched their backs and necks and appeared overall rough, sharp, deceiving in appearance - in this case with Kai, since she was a rather benevolent force to be reckoned with - and lots of willpower. It was a guild full of monsters, through and through.

They did need more than two to form a team. Kai immediately asked the new, violet-haired lady who sat ahead of them if she wanted to join them in their little team idea. He held up a thumb, given that a team should at least consist of four or five people to be considered a professional team or some sort of. That meant that at least one more person was needed to fill the team.

Kai also called for someone downstairs. Daiko let out a curious ‘huh?’ and looked to the side, eager to see who Kai called for to possibly be the fourth member of this team… whose name he had yet to find out. Perhaps ‘Bomb Squad’? ‘Monster Unit’?

#9Aelnera Selesium 

on Mon Jan 07, 2019 11:40 am

As Aelnera continued to look upon those within the hall, it seems that she caught someones attention. The girl she noted the glowing feeling from earlier began to approach her which elicited a sigh from the rogue. Why couldn't people just let her be? Have herself approach others instead of the other way around. After all, Aelnera was a careful one and very skeptical at that. For now, she would try to place nice, lifting her own hand in a manner to say that she did not need any help as she stood, forsaking the hand that Kai had offered her.

This, of course, brought about another dilemma. She had asked for her name and was very forward about what she wanted to do with the two of them, the other being the elven ranger beside her which made her raise an eyebrow. Aelnera let out another sigh as she thought about a response and she quickly straightened her back and looked at Kai with her crimson red eyes. "I guess if introductions are absolutely necessary I will oblige. My name is Aelnera." Was it nice to meet them? Maybe. Aelnera wasn't sure as of yet. She had to probe the situation before she made further judgments although she gave the upfront woman an odd look. One of skepticism with a small amount of curiosity mixed in. Her far deeper thought process brought her to question who this woman was. Aelnera was a curious one after all.


on Mon Jan 07, 2019 12:02 pm

Sipping her water, Yasuki begins to wonder where all these people of Lamia Scale have come from. Was there some event recently to bring in new members of the guild that she didn't know about? One of her favorite things to do was sit around and just observe people, that's what she's been good at anyway. So she remained down on the first floor in her corner, constantly eyeing the door though keeping her ears open and trying to overhear conversation. Throughout this time she never really heard anything of importance, just the usual whispers of rumors and what not. This made Yasuki think that there really wasn't anything going on of much significance. One thing was for sure is that she wanted to get started taking up some jobs, as she felt like she needed to do something of importance while back in Orchidia.

There was one conversation she could barely hear, as it seemed to be coming up from the second floor. Sounded like it was at least two, maybe more, people around. Yasuki began to sink down and try to cover more, so that she could just continue to observe the going on among the guild. This was until she heard something that sounded like it could be directed at her, as she heard someone trying to get someone's attention and then asking if they could move up. Looking around the guildhall, Yasuki noticed that everyone else seemed pretty preoccupied, but after the call out people everywhere started to whisper, and then she noticed that that call out was for her. Not sure that she wanted to turn around, she made her way to the second floor with haste and was met with two women, one of which seemed to have a odd glow about it and the other with purple hair. Yasuki also was met with another, a man. Seeing that two of these people seemed to be quite stronger than Yasuki, she decided to oblige and introduce herself "Why hello.. I'm Yasuki, a wood elf." she said with a enthusiasm as her ears perked up slightly. Waiting to hear as to why she was specifically called upstairs, but only guessing it had to be something of importance -- possibly.


on Mon Jan 07, 2019 11:47 pm

The girl replied as she then came up stairs. The girl with violet hair went into her position as to answer the question as to who they were. Kai didn't know much about everyone in the Guild of Lamia Scale. Her heart was beating nervously as she still had a confident look to her own expression. The violet hair woman spoke first instead of Daiko who said her name was Aelnera and the other was Yasuki. A simple nod and after Daiko spoke she then smiled happily. ''I am Kai. My full name is quite a mouth full, but I'm known as the Wyvern in this guild. I wish to make a team to help you progress throughout from now on. You two...'' she Started and looked at both Yasuki and Aelnera. ''You two will team up together and help each other. Every so often I will check up on you lovely's to see how it's all going. If anyone needs help, you just send a message my way by a bird or messenger and I'll be on my way.'' She ended it with that, but not finalized this meeting with it. ''Finally...''. Kai's eyes looked towards the door and then them. ''Got it! We'll be called Wyrm's Wraith. Everyone good? Good. Get to know each other and we'll also get to know each other and care about each other like family.''. That was it. After they agreed to it, Kai waved bye to them as she had to take care of some personal business....


#12Daiko Flayme 

on Tue Jan 08, 2019 11:13 am

The purple-haired lady introduced herself as Aelnera. Unlike many, she was a new face around the guild hall, and Daiko hadn’t seen her before. She wasn’t that much of an enthusiastic person on first glance, btu she did have a slight curiosity on Kai. He was eager to team up with her if she obliged to it.

The next person who came up the stairs was a wood elf lady under the name Yasuki. Upon glancing at her, Daiko’s eyes shone a tad more, because she looked just as joyous as he saw himself as. She almost looked like Kai in her sweet smile, yet her pointy ears added some spicy culture to his first impression. That did leave him wondering what weird traits he had from his Savannan heritage- maybe he shouldn’t think too much about it. Who knew what braindead things he inherited.

“I’m Daiko Flayme,” he greeted them both with a confident smile, “’Nuff said.” He figured that he needed more time with them to actually tell them - wordlessly - who he was, and no matter how he wanted to put it, trying to hype himself up was both internally painful and set him up for ultimate failures in the long run… no, just no…

And with that, Kai had pretty much established a possibly brilliant team under the name ‘Wyrm’s Wraith’. This name was likely inspired by one of the titles of the guild, Wyrm. He slowly pushed himself up on the couch and petted Coda as he listened to her words before looking at the two other women, wondering if they wanted to join the team or not. He would hope so - it would be awkward if they declined…

Either way, he would rest on the couch for a while before going out and take a request.


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