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Sieghart to Hargeon (foot travel)

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Sieghart to Hargeon (foot travel) Empty on Fri Jan 04, 2019 1:35 pm

Eryll began his long 4 day travel to hargeon. He and Kerii had successfully finished their second test and were on their way to third test. It was in hargeon. The pair would have to swim off from the azure coast toward an island. Eryll expected this test to take much less time than the camping and the mountain hiking. After they swam, Eryll and Kerii would have to search the island for a special apple. According to the details of the test it would have good and white stripes. Eryll himself was kind of curious what it would taste like and debated biting into one when they found them. After they had retrieved the special Apple, which was supposedly very rare and very hard to find. They would swim back to the mainland in which they would they would then set out on their journey to Aldenwald, in Dahlia. That was to likely be the hardest test. He and Kerii has a small chance of losing their life at it. While he doubted they wood, Shahbaraz was not a man to lie. The two wood elves would have to avoid anything that lurked in the night. To the best of Eryll’s knowledge, vampires and werewolves roamed those woods at night in hopes of a meal. And an unprotected wizard would be a perfect snack. The goal was to be quick enough to survive for that test. Elves were naturally quick so Eryll hoped that he and Kerii would both be able to survive the test with ease and no major injuries to either of them.

Eryll had been traveling for awhile now. Some found the walking on foot tedious, but as an elf, Eryll found it relaxing and not that tiring. Nature seemed to know the best way for him and he could easily make it places in much less time than a normal human could. Eryll thought for a moment about his conversation with Kyam. Maybe he was a little bit right about the superiority of other races. Eryll agreed that other races were naturally more adapted to the world, but humans were much more magically capable than other races. Yes high-elves were extremely magically adept. But humans could slay gods and demons with magic. Some held the souls of animals, fantastic beasts and demons within them. Eryll found those Magic’s especially interesting.

Eryll was in the last leg of his journey. The weather had become warmer and Eryll could feel the gentle sea breeze begin to creep into the wind. Soon Eryll would be well into hargeon. He would probably start with Kerii right away on their quest. It was impératif that they did so, they should not waste any time on it. Eryll was in desperate need of money and as soon as he was done with all the tests he would go immediately to questing.

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