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Orchidia to Sieghart [Walking]

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Orchidia to Sieghart [Walking] Empty on Fri Jan 04, 2019 12:21 pm


Kerii gathered her things and walked out of her dorm. Though she was technically bringing items other than her clothes along with her, they weren't to be used in their challenge. It was mostly just food, new clothes, a book, and a few other small items she was able to bring along with her. After all, once she was done in the Sieghart Mountains, she wouldn't be returning to Orchidia just yet. She would be going straight to Hargeon. Though the elf hadn't been to the Sieghart Mountains before, she was more excited about Hargeon. It would doubtlessly be much warmer there than in Orchidia or any of the northern towns.

It wasn't that long of a walk to Orchidia, so even though the elf hadn't been to her destination, she had little opportunities to get lost. And just like she expected, she was able to stay on the right path the entire time. There was plenty of light left in the day to complete her assignment when she arrived.

WC: 170/160 (Wood Elf Perk)

Orchidia to Sieghart [Walking] EBrRwks
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