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Granny-Sitting [Quest: Amen'ra]

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Granny-Sitting [Quest: Amen'ra] Empty on Wed Jan 02, 2019 12:38 pm


Amen'ra may have been visiting Orchidia, but it seemed he couldn't help himself when it came to work. The Holy Knight managed to snag himself a job while supposedly being on a small 'vacation' but how could he not help others wherever he went. Wasn't that the point of being a member of the organization, to help where you could? Sure the history of it was much more along the lines of purely protecting but standing by and waiting didn't get many people far.

So with that in mind he decided he would do something more subtle today, he would take care of an older woman. Her original care taker couldn't make it in and apparently Rynah, the woman he would be caring for, was forgetful at times. Forgetful enough to leave cookies in the over and nearly start fire and cremate herself and her neighbors.

She was definitely a top priority.

Knocking on the door of the apartment the woman was staying in, Amen'ra found himself checking his appearance in a window reflection near the door. Fixing up his spiked hair and black tee shirt, his blue jeans and black boots draping the lower half of his toned figure. He had already removed his beige fur at the door and was holding it, waiting for Mitya to open the door.

Surely enough, he answered... and he looked like shit.

"Hey, am I early or something? You look like you just got out of bed."

It was a small jest, and was dismissed by the hungover man with a wave and Amen'ra merely chuckled before walking in and removing his shoes. The introductions came quick, a small handshake for the woman and a quick farewell. Now it was the real deal.

Sitting in an empty chair parallel to the elder woman, Amen'ra smiled and offered up small conversation. The usual questions you would ask someone you knew nothing about and Rynah was more than willing to answer them, she was after all a very sweet woman. Everything she did seemed to be genuine like most grandmothers and it gave him an almost nostalgic feeling of growing up with his parents, even though his dad wasn't the greatest he did miss him.

Too bad there was nothing he could do about it.

So with a small sigh he would find himself getting lost in the woman's knitting, the rhythm of her movements and so he would ask her questions about the craft. Rynah seemed to know her stuff though, she didn't miss a beat when he'd asked her anything and eventually the two of them would start to do a crossword together. Her patience was admirable and while the man continued to do her puzzles beside her she eventually decided to sit in front of the window to reminiscence.

It was natural, of course, and he would offer a small smile each time he looked up to the woman and go back to finishing what he was doing. Until Rynah's voice broke through the room, scaring the living crap out of him until he listened to her request. So she wanted to make cookies? That could be fun, and what could go wrong with him here? So a nod was the only answer she needed and she was off taking off like a rocket.


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Granny-Sitting [Quest: Amen'ra] Empty on Wed Jan 02, 2019 12:59 pm


It was true, Amen'ra wasn't the biggest fan of cookies the woman seemed to believe she had the best to offer. Her constant reassurance that they will be amazing was enough to make his stomach grumble just a little and so she would smile and go to work. While her body was old and no longer limber it seemed her hands were almost infused with the skills of professional bakers.

The ingredients were whipped together and merged in damn near record time, all the while Amen'ra sat in awe of the spectacle. That might of been the fastest he'd ever seen someone make cookies dough and now his excitement was rising ever so slightly. Not that he showed it on the outside, he merely observed her while nodding slightly. He definitely approved of what he saw.

That was until he saw her pull out what looked to be blue sugar crystals or something of the sort and sprinkle it onto the cookies, it was enough to make him visibly raise a brow. After a few small whistles and setting the pan into the oven Amen'ra took note of the time to take them out and the two of them went back to passing the time.

It didn't take long, possibly around 20 minutes or so before the smell of fresh baked goodies was wafting through the air. He couldn't help but sigh in what sounded to be relief, his hunger having gotten the best of him. Not that the older woman would notice, she had been staring out the window the entire time.

Standing now, the black haired male walked over slowly to the oven and used a mitt to pull the hot iron from the warm box. Rynah would turn now as he did so and stand to walk closer observing the cookies. With an approving clap of her hands she would move the sweet treats onto a separate plate and offer one to the Holy Knight. To which he gladly accepted.

Taking one of what appeared to be sugar cookies with blue glitter, his mouth would open wide and take a hearty bite and despite it's heat it was a wonderful snack. What he didn't expect however was for a rush of energy to suddenly course through his body and veins, it felt like he'd be hit by lightning but it wasn't painful... it was quite the opposite.

Warm sensations traveled through his nerves and after a minute of what felt like a metamorphosis he would looked to the woman with wide eyes. Before his words could escape she would pat his shoulder and tell him the cookies were infused with mana crystals, something he'd never experienced before that very day.

As if on queue Mitya would come through the door and greet the two of them, perfect, Amen'ra was free to do his next quest for the day. Maybe he'd go help out some kids or something, those mana cookies had given him a revamped sense of energy and he had to expend it. Waving farewell to the two of them he would pack his things, collect his reward for the task and be on his merry way.


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