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On Thin Ice [Baron]

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On Thin Ice [Baron] Empty on Wed Jan 02, 2019 12:13 am

LeeAnn Nakamura
What was this? A wave of unfelt feelings?

LeeAnn could never deal with her emotions well, but kept them deep down inside. She had not outlet, but her journal. Anyone who touches that journal would have their heads decapitated!

It was not meant for anyone eyes, but her own, to see. Sitting beside the frozen river in the middle of the cold, writing out a monoloudge about a character named Parchi, a girl who had lost everything. A strong yet sweet character who could make friends, but was lonely. All she has was her brother. Sometimes, that's how LeeAnn felt. Only she had nothing but her father. The kitsune paused, not moving the pen anymore and staring out on the frozen wasteland. No one was around for miles. Away in solitude, it felt like that. The town as naturally overgrown anyways. The waterways were used as a way to transportaiton. Now, boats and barges couldn't get across due to the river being frozen.

The ice was thick and sturdy enough for anyone to walk on, but Leeann dared not touch any of it. From what she could tell, there were no life forms but her and the woodland creatures that dared stirred up a fuss. A snowy white fox darted across the ice chasing a mouse. She watched it disappear past the bridge off to her left. A flash of anger rose within. One she could not keep in.

A loud growl came from her. Slamming the journal and pen down on the ground, she took a wrong step and fell down the slope and onto the ice. The force was hard enough to cause a bruise, but nothing more. "That god...damn...idiot....he had to leave me. Can I trust NO ONE IN THIS FUCKING WORLD" she cried. The colors of crimson and orange flew the source, giving off a wave of heat and warmth to the area around her. "Trust no one. My dad lied to me. Hikaru is probably dead. My mother is a sociopath. And...I'm adopted. What the hell is my worth now?" she thought, angrily. The ice around her started to melt and grew thinner. Quickly, the ice crack and caved in causing LeeAnn to fall through into the chilled waters. Thing is...she could not swim. She was never taught. Struggling, she tried to swim up but was too much of a state to really care.

"I guess...I will end my book like this...hopeless and unfullfilled..."

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On Thin Ice [Baron] Empty on Wed Jan 02, 2019 3:52 pm

He couldn’t see anything. The brightness of the ice and snow made it difficult for him to see the tracks of his prey, he crouched beside a pair of fresh tracks there were three different sets he had been following and the most fresh seemed to belong to a human. Odd, he didn’t think anyone would be ballsy enough to go near the river during a freeze over.

He had been crouched besides the track for some time now, they were taking him to the riverfront soon enough, whoever left them seemed to be on the same track as the deer he had been tracing. Baron had already caught his meal for the day a snow white hare he managed to catch by hiding in one of the snow frosted trees, they were an explanation for his outfit for the day; he wore an all white track suit. It wasn’t the warmest but it assisted in helping him use the brightness of the frost to his advantage.

“Hm, must be out here hunting then.” the tracks were their freshest once he began to near a hill. A meek scent began to catch his nose, whoever it was was sweet that was for certain.

Eventually he would find himself atop the hill side looking down a slope that led to the water edge. There were marks of a bad fall and a hole in the ice immediately alerted him that something was wrong. Acting on nothing but his first gut instinct he’d drop the dead rabbit and charged down to the ice, as soon as he reached the water’s edge he slid on his knees and ended up plunging into the water behind the girl.

The first thing he registered was the cold, the shock of the sudden chill shook him to his core and nearly made him panic had he not spotted her. His hunch was right, someone had fallen in and any worry he felt had immediately been washed away.

He forced himself down, holding his breath and bulging his eyes. He’d swim towards her grabbed her by her collar. Once he had gotten a grip, no matter if she struggled or not he’d pull her to the hole she fell through and just as they were beneath it he’d release her, sinking just enough to put his hands on her hips and force her to breach the ice to rest beside the hole.

Once she was secure he’d get out of the water too and got on his knees beside her, “A bit cold for a swim yeah? Oh right! Mouth to mouth!” he took a deep breath and was about to administer procedure, hopefully she’d come to her senses in time.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
"I'm sorry"she thought. The very thought of dyingdid not scare her, but was relieved in some form. Closing her eyes, she saw nothing but darkness. Her last breath was released in a form of bubbles. Falling to the depths of the rier, she felt a tug.

She was conscious the whole time for some remarkable reason. A rough yet strong pair of hands pulled her up and out of the freezing water. The chilled air made her cold for the first time having her almost shiver. Lying there like a lifeless body, she heard a male voice. [i">"Guess I am not dead, afterall' she thought. Opening her eyes, revealing two different colored eyes. She saw a man over her about to give mouth to mouth. Coughing up some water, she sat up giving a cough. Looking tired and exhausted she fell back down staring at the sky. Off to her left was the person who saved her. "Thank you....for saving me. I was about to accept the fate of death, but I guess...I live for another day" she spoke. Sitting up, she felt weakened a little and started to cough.

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Admittedly he was a bit confused by what she was saying. “What do you mean you almost accepted death?” his face contorted into a look of intrigue and child like confusion, “Don’t you wanna live? Don’t ya wanna enjoy life?”

The tone of voice he was using with her could have came off as shocked at best as he watched her go through the motions of raising herself and resting back. When she first rose back up he had almost made an attempt to lend her a hand on her back for support but given that he was still none but a stranger to her he eased off of the friendliness while she collected herself.

“You’re welcome regardless of why you were so quick to give up,” he’d follow up to what he had said before, “But you guess? Are you alright? Sick or something?” he’d wait a moment for reply and regardless of what she answered with he’d stand up and dust the snow off of his legs. “That just won’t do.” he put a low base in his voice, almost sounding stern but keeping his usual high tone.

Rather or not the girl agreed he’d help her up before picking her up, one arm beneath her legs the other around her waist, “You would have frozen down there, I’ma take you back to my camp so you can warm up and I won’t take no for an answer. I don’t care if you were at death’s door and ready or you were trying to go for a swim I’m not gonna let a cute red head die on my watch!” he spoke with no shame as he’d slide off of the ice with the girl and back up the hill, that was if she came peacefully, had she not he’d let her walk on her own but no matter what she choose he had already decided he was going to get her warmed up before she caught her death.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
The kitsune's mind was in a fog. She felt the haze getting thicker and thicker inside her mind as if something was clogging her mental process. Almost committing sucide a few times two years ago, she decided to live to find her brother, the only one who could fix anything she felt. Hikaru did not answer any of her calls or letters via magic. Nor did he return home. Her father was worried sick about the two of them. "Depends on the day. If you have seen and been through the things I have, you would understand and trust nothing people say. I have been abused, tortured, burned, and called names. What will is there to live? The only things I have left is a possibly dead older brother and an adopted family..." she spoke.

Her tone was cold and slow, as if she had no emotion. Tuned up like a robot and to follow everyone else's dirty work. That's how she felt. Her fiance was trying to kill her come to find out and her companion died protecting her kill him in the process. LeeAnn was just done. Done with people. Done with humans. Just done. She was too weak to get up or even stand up. Her savior's tone was not too happy with her, demanding and worried. She could read he was geniunely worried for her, so she made the difficult desicion to attempt to trust what he was saying.

"Alright, since I am at your mercy. Lead me to your camp, I can walk on my own" she agreed. She was too tired to put up a fight and talk back. Usually she would deny most help at all costs, but mentally she was not alright. Never had been for years. Weakly, she stood up and shuffled to her previous spot, grabbing her journal and pen. LeeAnn followed him slowly to his camp to warm up at least.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
The kitsune stopped dead in her tracks. Regretting following her savior, she grew wary of him. Was he going to use her. She was always wary about people and what theuy had planned. It was the work of being too cautious. Her ears folded backwards as she just looked at him. Her soaked cloaked blew and chilled her for the first time in a long time. She actually felt cold. The water must of chilled her bones and put out her fire. That spark she held long ago, it was out.

Her fire out was out!

Hikaru was not around. Her father was in Hargeon. Her mother was dead to her eyes. Looking at the man, she sighed. "I appreciate your gesture, but...I think I should go back to my hotel and just rest. Perhaps, our paths will cross again and I can thank you properly" she said. Getting her things, she started walking away from the Lycan. Not because she was ungrateful, but she had fear of talking to another being. She wanted to avoid questions and answering them. What trouble will it bring to her? She could not risk hurting someone or someone else hurting her. It was for everyone's safety.

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