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Bad Publicity (Quest-Ashe)

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Bad Publicity (Quest-Ashe) Empty on Tue Jan 01, 2019 11:50 pm

Ashe Vermilion
Once again Ashe was looking for work, though she disliked doing things for others, it was a good way to pass time and make money, something she needed desperately. Money was needed to be powerful and power was what she wanted more than anything in the world. So today she was meeting with yet another shady man known as Mitya, she had heard rumors of his whereabouts and the conflict he was currently in. So she went to his usual place, or at least what the rumors led her too, and as luck would have it, he was there. She approached the man who seemed to be pouting about something, but that face lit up with excitement when Ashe approached, “Ah, you are here about my request? Goody!” The man said, clapping excitedly. He was very childish. Ashe only scoffed before nodding, not wanting to talk to the man. He giggled as if she was playing some type of game. “You see what I need is- well you see I want you to cause some trouble in Enil’s bar, he’s stealing all my customers.” The man said, angrily. Though it wasn’t like a normal man's anger, it was more of a childish tantrum. Ashe saw through this of course, he was green with envy, a feeling she knew all too well. She would do what he asked.

She headed across the street to Enil’s bar, it was quite busy, the crowd was wild due to it being karaoke night. It was a good thing too, it gave Ashe a good idea of what to do in order to cause some chaos. She would sing. It wasn’t that she was a bad singer, with the right song she could sound as good as an angel or an idol, but generally, she wasn’t great. That was of course only part of the plan. Walking up to the bar, she told Enil her name, a fake one, of course, a stage name of sorts, “Ember.” The name of her sister, whom she had killed. Ashe then took a seat at the bar, not ordering anything, though a drink or two would have probably made the current singers tolerable. Ashe groaned, listening to the three singers ahead of her was tiring. They were terrible and yet the crowd seemed to love them, booze made everything better. Ashe hated alcohol though, so she remained sober. When it was finally her turn to sing she took the stage and the loud bar fell silent. The bartender Enil introduced her and the crowd starred blankly. Ashe took a deep breath before she began to sing.

“I sleep all day, I prowl at night
Do anything to feel alive
I'm in the end just what you made me
I look the same
But I'm not fine
The master of my own disguise
If you knew the truth, you'd probably hate me

I need a fight
I've got you in my sights
Only one of us will make it out alive

I'm turning into a monster
You'd better run and hide
Turning into a monster
Right before your eyes
My tongue is a weapon and I'm locked and loaded
When you least expect it you won't know it's coming
And I'll strike
'Cause I'm a monster

I'm merciless
When will you learn?
Set fires just to watch them burn”

WC: 560

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