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Voicing the Unspoken Thoughts (Akira)

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Voicing the Unspoken Thoughts (Akira) Empty on Tue Jan 01, 2019 7:27 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura

The snow had melted the day before leaving hte forest floor a bit muddy. It was a light previous snow, one that would not bother the kitsune. Being on the cold or heat really never affected her since she was a fire mage and accustomed to change of weather. Infact, she liked it. It was away from humans and any other creatures. Away from interaction, she was never good at talking to others. Reason why she had few friends and even fewer since she never trusted anyone. A life is like a story book. Everybody has one and is always being written until their last breath. Her book

Imagine a leather bounded book that is thick. The pages are torn and tatter, but in tact. A lot of dark pictures of the most evilest things done to her. Images no one could erase from memory. Fires al laround her. Cult members cursing her with this mark. Being adopted and lied about your whole life. Being lied to that you were human. Loosing your fiance and your best friend.

She had a lot going on in her mind. Thoughts of the good old days when she was young with her father and mother. A loving family. At least, she still ahd her father by her side. Gripping her black jorunal, she opened it and started writing her thoughts down.

Orchidia is the same as everywhere else, I suppose. How could Captain Sargt, my commanding officer, one who was the only one to take me in, tell to go make friends as my MAIN assignment. I have tried and tried. No one. I just can't do this. There is no one I an trust around here, can I? Oh well. One thing at a time I guess.

Writing has been the only form of relief for me. Since my diagnosis from the doctor about my PTSD, anxiety, and depression. I really can't function like I once did. Those memories still haunt
me even after eight or nine years later. Personally, I am more bothered by that then my life being a lie. At least, I can live with it. Not too much of an issue. I hope Hikaru will get home soon! I miss him.

Placing her pen in her pocket of her cloak, she closed the journal and held it close. Looking out past the bare branches and up at the cloudy sky. She always came off as rude and snappy for a reason. It was to push others away. But once in a while she will be 'nice' and help someone out. Most of the time, she steers clear from people. She closed her red and black eye, heaving a heavy sigh. "Where did it all go wrong? she whispered, quietly.

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Akira Shimada
Respite. Akira craved respite, from the frosty bite of the chilly wind to the coldness in the hearts of those she met. At least the latter was partially due to her own undertaking. She wished there was a way to eradicate the former. Of course, her better informed self knew forever summer would certainly not work out for the creatures of the world, but fantasy did always seek to defy the logic of reality... At least today was better than the week before, she'd been blessed with a small heat-wave. All it did though was steal away from the pristine view, the only good thing about winter. Now it left slush where there was once a wonderful looking blanket of white snow. Maybe the fault was hers, she was incapable of seeing the silver lining.

She nestled herself tighter in her blanket. Clambering up into a tree with a blanket draped across her arm and her journal wedged between her teeth was certainly no small feat. There were bruises and cuts across her limbs that attested to the struggle, but it was nothing compared to everything she had already been through and far more rewarding in some ways. Worth it! she thought.  At least the tree was gnarly and only the strong branches remained after autumn laid it bare. Each breath stung her lungs just a little, but the peace was heavenly.

She was about to jot down her progress, in terms of learning to harness different forms of herself. The goal was to be able to exaggerate them and embellish them in manners that they successfully portrayed a chosen identity vastly different from her usual self. But before she could start, she noticed a figure had joined her down below and was writing something of her own. Akira was intrigued, to say the least. The Lunar mage grew very still, not even breathing as she watched the girl, hoping that she wouldn't be spotted. But when the girl looked up, Akira fumbled and dropped her own writing equipment... That face was so familiar. Her eyes widened, surely the lady would notice her too by now. Meanwhile, Akira was trying to place the familiar features, with a memory.

'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to eavesdrop and I didn't say anything because I didn't want to bother you.' she finally said, throwing her blanket down. She winced when it hit the wet mud below but steeled herself and swiftly jumped to land on it and picked up the tool that lay in the distance. Upon scrutinising the face better, she recalled her very first night in Baska... 'Oh...' was all she said for the time being, wondering if the woman would recognise her too, probably not. Most likely the memory was more significant for Akira than it was for LeeAnn. The Shimada ran her fingers through her hair before softly asking. 'But... I did end up overhearing and I don't mean to pry, but what went wrong?' she was far more tentative than usual. She'd never been too good with emotional things, but she'd learned a fair bit over three years, not to mention this woman had shown her kindness, when she needed it.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
Catching her off guard, LeeAnn heard a noise from down below. She tensed hoping whatever it was to go away. Glaring down, she saW a woman figure with a blanket. Her writing equipment scattered on the ground looking up at her. Their eyes met for a few short seconds until she piped up. Usually, the kitsune would grow cold and push people away. This time, however, was different. Studying the facial features of this woman, it looked familiar. LeeAnn had a memory of an elephant and could recall a lot to happen. She was not perfect, but had a photographic memory. It was like a sponge, soaking in all the information and remembering the most important factors.

The girl spoke. From the mannerism, she recognized her as well and was very polite. Returning the favor, LeeAnn gave a calmer face than her usual resting bitch face one. She adjusted her six tails revealing the significant change that happened since they last met. Upon noticing, she could tell the woman was some form of pain by the way she winced. Probably a bad injury or just got out of the battle, LeeAnn decided to ask about htat later. Her ears perked, catching interest and curiosity into this human. The redhead perched herself on the branch and placed her journal into her inside pocket. The girl asked about what went wrong, hearing what she had whispered. It caused LeeAnn to freeze, not knowing what to say.

She was a private person and only sharing her most inner thoughts to those she trusted, which was not many. Keeping it simple, was going to leave it vague. "A lot...just a lot of crap going wrong. Lost some loved ones recently and many other things is all. Personal issues" she replied. It was enough to answer her question, but broad to leave the woman wondering. If she really wanted to know, that would be given in time regardless of rank or status. Trust was the number one thing she valued among all else. "Your that girl from Baska. The one who wanted the knife, am I right?" she asked, changing the subject.

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Voicing the Unspoken Thoughts (Akira) Empty on Wed Jan 02, 2019 5:20 pm

Akira Shimada
The foxy features that embellished the girl's form were quite a sight to behold. LeeAnn had scaled the tree with far more grace than Akira could muster. So when dropping the implement meant she had to sacrifice her blanket and slink off her spot, she really had to consider whether going back up would be worth it, she'd look like such a total fool... So instead she lingered underneath, giving the woman an opportunity to put a stop the the conversation should she wish, while not closing down the option of an interaction if Akira had piqued her interest the way she had piqued the Shimada's.

'Tell me about it. Believe me... I know lots about crap and I've definitely learned a thing or two about loss since we first ran into each other.' Aki said, angling her head upwards as the engaged in a sort of poignant greeting. She did not bother to hide the heavy dose of sadness and even the slight bitterness in her words. The young girl didn't see the need to keep the details of the losses to just herself, but she also didn't want to intrude if this was a personal moment. While she sought not to hide things, she also didn't want to needlessly elaborate and burden LeeAnn. She wondered if the loss in question was the partner she'd seen by LeeAnn the last time their paths crossed, ever so briefly... But assuming either way would hardly serve a purpose.

Perhaps because Akira alluded to having seen her before, or just because the girl got a better look at the Shimada, Akira had been recognised. 'Yeah... I am. Akira Shimada' she reintroduced herself and let LeeAnn know that she wouldn't need one by adding 'And you're LeeAnn of the Nakamura household' Her tone turned lighter, though not jovial. She twirled her quill between her fingers idly, gazing into the distance now. 'I suppose you helping me out that day left a bigger impression on me than I did for you...' she punctuated her words with a chuckle, to let her know that it was merely an observation and being somewhat forgotten did little to steal from the moment.

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Voicing the Unspoken Thoughts (Akira) Empty on Thu Jan 03, 2019 10:36 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn's conspiracies were confirmed that was that girl from before. She was trying to buy a knife and was a beginning Rune Knight at the time. The first impression seemed a bit rushed, but LeeAnn understood being a page was hard. She had to go through the same exact thing. Vocing her thoughts on life was what Akira had done. LeeAnn knew all life forms had their own issues and had to deal with them one way or another, but in the end, everything was trying to live. They all had to! It was life's goal to make the gift the best you could be and figure yourself out. LeeAnn had to do exactly that. Her captain had ordered her to make friends as her primary assign. Where should she start?

It was hard for her to open up and Akira did not seem to be the kind of her person to snoop around. Which, LeeAnn was grateful for! There was nothing more annoying that a nose where it does not belong. Hanging from the tree a little bit, letting her feet dangle above the girl's head. She looked to be in rough condition. Concern for her wounds, LeeAnn jumped down where she would not hurt or land on the poor girl. She introduced herself as Akira. Her kitsune ears perked up and showing a sincere smile for once, letting herself become vulnerable. "That's a lovely name. Glad you remembered mine. I am an easy one to forget sometimes" she said. For the first time, she was actually being nice and showing her true self to someone. She looked at Akira a bit more seriously. "How did you get those wounds? Is there something I can do to help, Akira" she asked.

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Voicing the Unspoken Thoughts (Akira) Empty on Fri Jan 04, 2019 3:08 am

Akira Shimada
'Thank you... I believe my grandpa picked it out for me.' she chirped in response sweetly, a fond memory of the old man slipping into her mind. She had to forcefully push it away as it elicited a pang of sadness.Unbeknown to her, the words escaped her lips, luckily they were merely a whisper, like an audible sigh had been lent the gift of language. 'One of the unfortunate losses I've had to recently suffer...' her hand gently flew to her lips, as if she didn't want to quite be responsible for dulling the moment. She shook her head and blinked away any tears that threatened to make their great escape.

She wanted to reassure LeeAnn that the girl wasn't easy to forget, but any mention of her being special, or unique could just as easily be misconstrued as an implication that she was odd in someway, if brought up without context. 'Kindness is rare in this cruel world, I'd never forget those who're nice especially when they didn't have to be...' she said. Either that, or concern that had preceded this conversation she asked Akira about the scrapes. The Shimada chuckled nervously, they were hardly anything too painful to deal with. She'd certainly endured and lived through far worse.  

'Oh, its nothing, let's just say some of us aren't as gifted at the art of climbing trees.' she joked, softy. When the Nakamura offered to help, without sounding like she doubted the woman's prowess, Akira asked curiously 'Can you? Are you a healer?' Instantly inviting another wave of painful memories, this time of her partner. The girl really needed to stop wallowing, but at the moment, she couldn't really help herself. Once again, a small whisper slipped past her better intent and indicated her sorrow. 'I had a healer for a partner once...' this was probably happening because she'd recently revisited all the memories that had caused her bitterness to somewhat peak again. If only there was to help with mental wounds, instead of patching up the ones of the flesh.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
The redhead listened carefully since Akira did not look threatening as most people were to her. Remember what Captian Sargt had said to her:

"Your biggest asignment is to make some friends! Remember that!"

She had to follow orders and try to get outside of her comfort zone. Which meant to talk to people! I was hard enough to converse with them, but trying to trust one is super difficult for her. Within time, if she pushed herself or if someone did eventually she will heal nad be her old happy self. Much like how she is around her big brother. He was the only person that she could be herself around. The only person that saw her truly happy. She missed him.

Akira said that her grandfather gave her the name. This made LeeAnn wonder about her grandparents. She never really saw them at all. She never knew about the Sokolov grandparents. Kon never mentioned much about them and her adopted mother was out of the question. "I am guessing you were raised by them? They must mean a lot to you, your grandparents I mean" she spoke. she was trying to get to know the girl or make an attempt. LeeAnn only gave a small smile then dropped down. One thing she had learned was to deal with loss, it was one of her many obstacles to over come. She knew the right advice to gift even she did not follow it herself.

"Loss of someone or something makes it hard. Trust me! I lost something very dear to me, multiple things. Think of those close to you" she spoke. Her ears were parted away from each, folded down in a sideways angle. "It is. Especially if you have been burned many times by people. I have a harder time trusting others. More so outside of the Rune Knights. There is only one person I have my complete trust in...the only person who could make things better. He was even the one who named me. My original named was suppose to be Leona. He was what...two? He named me LeeAnn...god Hikaru was the most fiestest person I knew" she said. She remember that salmon hair, blue eyed freak. He was handsome and a lady killer. LeeAnn knew he was good looking and thrived it, he was also the most blunt type.

Hikaru was his name. A person who was a hard worker and never gave up. He was LeeAnn's role model and she wanted to become him. Strong. Confident. Powerful. All she sought was to see him again. Two years of not seeing him, she was distraught. Even his voice would do. She gave a small laugh then smiled with a tiny blush. "I'm sorry...I really miss him. Haven't seen him in about two years. He's in the Rune Knights too" she smiled.

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Akira Shimada
Aki smiled bleakly in an attempt to cheer herself up and her companion as she bravely spoke of her own loss. 'Partially yeah... And my mom. She and my dad never got along, so we left him behind in Joya and we moved to Fiore to my grandparents.' she explained. She paused to swallow and compose herself, she was older now, burdened by more responsibilities, she couldn't afford to break down and cry about loss. Death had always been a part of life... It just was hard. 'Now my grandma and mom moved back to Joya since... since y'know.' She finished, unable to bring herself to state that her beloved grandad was no more, so she left it at an implication. The logical side of Akira was almost befuddled at the heights of her own sensitivity and sentimentality. It accepted that with old age death got likelier and there weren't any fool proof ways to avoid it. Sensitive Aki won out on this matter though. She looked away, dropping her gaze to her own foot as it traced idle circles in the slush of ice and mud.  

LeeAnn was quick to the rescue though, reminding Aki that she wasn't alone in this loss. It was nice to be on the recieving end of empathy. Someone who understood, someone she didn't get the toughen-up-already vibes from. Although, she was partially to blame, her view of the people around her was usually coloured in a manner that led her to assume they were likely to be selfish, or hardhearted at best. Most people didn't bother to interact with her enough to change that view, but then, was it fair to expect the other to always do the heavy lifting? Here LeeAnn was, consoling Aki, she widened her eyes and curiously held her gaze. A spark of joy lit a fire of warmth in her heart, when she noticed the way the foxy ears perked up and then flattened against her head as she keenly reassured Akira that she understood.

'Right?' Akira chirped softly, chiming in that she too shared that inherent fear of people betraying her. The last time she had a conversation like this, was almost two and a half years ago, with Asura... Another loss. But she didn't let it weigh her down in the moment, for the time being. She held fast to that bleak ray of light that cast away the darkness that came with being lonely. 'Me too, it truly isn't easy to trust...'

She then went onto brighten things further by talking about her brother. A guy named Hikaru. Aki felt a pang of regret that she didn't know the person LeeAnn was talking about. 'That is so cute, I can imagine a two year old deciding LeeAnn was better than Leona.' she teased almost chuckling as she truly did imagine a young child calling out to his sister. 'What is stopping you?' Aki asked curiously and almost encouragingly. 'Has he been away on a mission?' she supplemented her question with the most plausible explanation. When she had the chance to open out, her deductions would often spill in the form of redundant additions. In stark contrast to her usual reservedness.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
Leeann lied back and looked at hte sky as she sat down again on the cold ground.She listened to Akira's story. Could not imagine being in Fiore along with no one to call family. LeeAnn was very lucky to never be alone in such a case. At least she had her father by her side or her big brother, Hikaru Nakamura. Akira was really from Joya and a broken home. Would LeeAnn consider herself a from a broken home? With divorce parents? A father who is heartbroken? She could not say for certain, but her story was tragic to her ears.

Folding her ears back a little and giving a small nod. "That is sad to hear. To be on your own with no family to rely on. I guess, I was lucky to have at least one person to always be there. Must be hard" she spoke. She was not going to pretend that she knew what it felt like. Maybe to some degree, but LeeAnn always had at least one soul there for her. The Nakamura family!

Her adopted family was the number one thing she held more dear than anything else in this world! They taught her the values of honor and never giving up. She was always a fighter. Something Hikaru had to teach her again! Akira seemed to be him hard with the heaviness of the conversation they were having. The talk about trusting people seemed to really be a relateable subject for the two of them. "It's sadly a vicious cycle. More so, one of my captains told me it's my main job to make friends. That's my biggest priority! I know damn well, that is my biggest weakness...why does this happen to me" she sighed, sulking a little annoyed. It was comical of her reaction to the mention of the assignment, but she was forcing herself to do this for the sake of her father, who has been worried sick about her.

They drifted off into a light hearted subject, which was a little more reliving off her shoulders. The mention of how cute a two year-old named her LeeAnn made LeeAnn blush a little. It was a tad bit embarrassing, but more so for her older brother. She would only imagine the facial expression on his face if she mentioned that. Giving a genuine laugh, the thought was just hilarious. "Yeah, my father was perhaps a bit puzzled, but went with it thinking it was only a phase. Come to find out, it stuck! Haha...Hikaru and I are pretty close and admiring each other's skills. I am pretty lucky to have a brother like him regardless of not being blood related" she mentioned. Akira seemed to find it funny as well, which made her feel happy. It was nice to see the girl laughing. LeeAnn liked to make people, whome she sought as worthy, happy, escpecially if they were in the Rune Knights. Though, the question floated of why she had not gone to see him. LeeAnn sighed. "The idiot has been away and has not told us AGAIN where he has gone. Plus, someone has to stay here and take care of our father. He's not getting any older and my work is here. I just can't up and leave"she smiled a little. Even though he was away, she had a strong feeling he was going to come back very soon!

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Akira Shimada
Aki scoffed softly, not bothering the tinge of bitterness in it. It had been hard indeed, though when she looked back, she realised she was being a bit of an ingrate. She'd experienced the most brutal stab of loneliness only for a few months, ever since her family left. Things intensified when she had accepted her mission and voluntarily stepped down to play bait for the enemies of Rune Knights.Then it wasn't just passive loneliness, but dealing with the active jibs by those who had their own reasons to dislike her. Some of them she could offer benefit of doubt to, assuming they truly disagreed with her breaking protocol. But, the vast majority were bitter following her trail blazing climb and now snickered after her perceived fall. 'I suppose we have the family we are born into and then the family we choose... I'll find my people.' she said, while her words were optimistic, they sounded hollow, merely spoken to avoid darkening the mood.

She noticed the foxy being lie down in the mud, ignoring the slush that clung to her form. That sort of abandon was inspiring and jovial in its own way. Aki dragged her already ruined blanket towards her and lay down on it too. Dampened and dappled sunlight, sought to brighten the day and the moment. 'Oh! We sure need more captains like that, seems nice and is still helping you overcome your shortcomings' she chuckled, amused that there were still a few considerate beings among the faction. It was fair to assume that LeeAnn had taken time for herself and was still a Seated or maybe a lieutenant. While Aki had risen beyond that, she hardly attributed power to such titles. 'Though I have to admit, I don't see that as weakness in myself.'

In her eyes, her scepticism and wariness had never really been a weakness. As much as it created an icy barrier around her and she often caged herself from warmth, it also covered for potential emotional vulnerabilities. So, in some ways the Shimada did prefer her handler to the sort of captain LeeAnn described though. Adragna was not just a captain, perhaps being on the council taught her to remain more measured. Aki wondered what kind of a captain she would be if she was ever gifted with a squad. The council knew better than to let her lead. While her prowess and work had earned her the title at a very young age, they knew she wasn't ready to handle the responsibilities in the conventional set up. Nor did Aki want to.

When they spoke of the name, she explained how her father had been kind enough to accommodate for his children's wishes. Aki found herself wishing for a father like that, ever so briefly. Then she recalled that her mother and Aki's grandparents had been equally accommodating of the Shimada. Her eyebrow quirked at the lack of blood relation. Such affection for an adopted child must make LeeAnn feel extra special, right? Before Aki had the chance to ask, she added that her brother had gone off on his own somewhere.

The story sounded familiar, the Knights often had sensitive missions that involved such disappearances. She could potentially use her title to find out more for LeeAnn, but she didn't want to put Adragna in an awkward position by using her access for personal use. 'I suppose you've already asked the higher ups? If you haven't found out yet, its probably for his safety and yours, but I'm sure he'll be fine. Must be nice to have such a wonderful family, I've usually heard of adopted children feeling out of place, is it you or him who is adopted?' Aki asked bluntly, not realising that this could be sensitive and perhaps inappropriate.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn could hear the emptiness in what Akira had said to her in reply. She looked over at her seeing the lies were clear. Her eyebrow was twinging. It was true. The family you are born into is different from the one you choose. For her sake, she will always try to think of herself as a Nakamura. It was clear, that Leeann was conflicted still about the subject. Yes it waS hard being adopted because she did not know if she should be with her real family or her adopted. Obviously, she knew they gave her up for a reason. Good or bad. "You gotta have faith in yourself to find them. Otherwise, you will never reach your goal. Those words sound empty" she said.

She sat up from hte soft, muddy group. Her oufit was ruin, but oh well. It could always be fixed. AFterall, most of hte time she was cinged and burning with embers on the tips of her clothes all the time. A local fire mage could understand her problems right then and there. Yes, it is quite nice. He has been filling in until my brother comes back. My brother is a lutienate and always been under his faction. Soon, I will be up at the same rank he is....only a matter of time" she spoke highly of him. Her eyes sparkled with glee just thinking about her older brother. He was perfect in her eyes, flawless or not. No one would change that.

"Yeah...I have, but they said they dont know or its top secret. I don't know they never know sometimes. Just like the time I was kidnapped. Took them 2 years to find be and by that point someone else had helped me escape fro, the clutches of the church. Man, the Church of Illumin is nothing but a bunch of lying selfish bastards" she spoke salting. The fire burned brighlty in her eyes. It showed true hatred and the need for revenge was yearning to be done.

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Akira Shimada
The insight of the woman threw Akira off a little, rarely did people reflect such observance and the ability to read through a tone so easily. Although, the Shimada had to admit that she probably hadn't done a great job with filling the emptiness that lilted in her words. 'I suppose you're right.' Akira agreed, although she knew the path she was set on, would make this so much more difficult, if not entirely impossible. Would the people she'd grown close to ever recover from the illusion of betrayal that her choices forced her to create? Will the truth surface in time and allow for amends to be made? There was no point toiling under these laborious possible prospects of the future. She had to trudge on and do what she could.

The pride she displayed while speaking of her brother, drew a wider smile from Akira who thought that the topic was a welcome distraction from her analysis of the future. 'Oh, that's great.' she said encouragingly. While the Shimada didn't judge others for taking it slower, especially considering how close she'd been to a  burn out on multiple occasions herself. At the same time a part of her did believe the Rune Knights would be far more efficient and formidable if they all adopted a similar all work and no play mentality. Perhaps even be at par with the guilds. In all reality that shouldn't be the bar, given that their duty was to be able to contain any of the guilds, should they get out of hand for any reason.

'Thought as much.' she chimed in, idly twirling her quill in her fingers. But then the kitsune went on to reveal something quite horrific. To make matters worse, given the road the Shimada was to take, she was rather torn. This was her first tough choice, between friendship and duty. The nineteen year old was honor bound to choose the latter, still in the dire hope, that one day the truth will help her earn forgiveness. 'There are good people and bad people everywhere.' she said, working very hard at keeping an even tone, without betraying her disgust for the actions of the church. 'You cannot let the actions of a few, define the entire organisation.' her words were measured but slightly strained. Unsure if she could maintain this character or not, she got up rather abruptly.

'I'm sorry, you had to go through such trauma, but... You shouldn't blame Illumin for it and instead have faith, so he may-' she drew a deep breath in. Drawing upon the strength of her training. '-May give you strength and help you tide over hardships borne out of the folly of man... Excuse me.' she said curtly. As she turned away, her shoulder dropped. Among everything and all the hates she had endured, disappointing a potential friend this way, had been among the heaviest burdens to bear. It echoed of her time with Tsuru... and reminded her of how much worse it was going to get.


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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn lied back. The hatred and pure seek for revenge dwelled in her eyes. Hikaru and herserlf were going to seek revenge on the church for tainting the Nakamura name. The family has always been on bad terms of the organization. The kistune's ears twitched and flattened knowing this subject was something she hated. There was nothing she could hate more for what happened to her. It caused her life to spiral out of control. It caused her pain. To becomes something she feared herself. No one could see that.

No one could. What Akira said next caught her off guard. Her ears twitched up and stared at the girl. LeeAnn took off her eye patch then stood up. A cold expression lied on her face as if she was about to tell her off. "How can I believe in something that their views are tainted? Believing humans are greater than other creatures? I'd rather burn alive then believe in a religion. No one will make me believe in such falsified crap" she retorted. Wathcing her 'friend' walk away so quietly, LeeAnn was too angry to notice anything else. Embers flared from body from anger, Hikaru would agree with her on this. For what they did to her, she would hate them for the rest of their life. leeAnn turned away to go find her brother, hopefully things would ease up for her when he saw her next.


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