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Mage and the Beanstalk [Quest | Augusta]

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Mage and the Beanstalk [Quest | Augusta] Empty on Mon Dec 31, 2018 11:06 pm

Augusta Rhines
There were enough things going on in Orchidia that had to wonder whether or not it was actually something that was worth being in Orchidia for the Holy Knight Augusta. As far as she was concerned, Augusta had determined that in spite of whatever risk that there might have been in association with her being there, there was no doubt that the risk was low, lower than that of what she stood to gain by her being involved and engaged in the affairs, not for the betterment of the people, as she did not care a bit ofr them, but rather instead for her own betterment. To influence and garner control over what might have been going on as a measure to know just what it was that she was doing there, that was the benefit to all of this. That also meant that she was going to go ahead and make a few decisions that would garner her favor, enough at least so that some might be more inclined to turn the other way if there were some sort of issue that was involved with Augusta, as a means to hide and keep her cover and not have them reveal her as though she were a member of the Holy Knight, or god forbid, one of the most lethal Holy Knights presently available.

A task that she had been asked to carry out had been issued to her by a man who identified himself as a detective within the Orchidia Rune Knight force, someone who was in the later years of his career, to the point where the growing feud between the two factions, the Holy Knights and the Rune Knights was no longer becoming something that was any important to him. Even in that, it was clear that Augusta could see in the man that whomever it might have been that was speaking with him, he would not even care, not in the slightest. What mattered to him was something that he was describing as a serious issue that was affecting the town of Orhcidia, some sort of plant that was growing deep within the main part of the city, what he described as a giant bean stalk, though Augusta could not help but find it funny that she was being responsible for taking care of something like this, that she was being charged with handling a task that was as dumb and foolish as cutting a plant down. Couldn’t the Rune Knights simply do this on their own? Was this the limitations of their ability? Was it really something that personified the Rune Knights, and if that was the case, how was it that the Holy Knights were having any sort of issue with these people? It made her worry and believe that the fact that this feud existed was a major indictment on the current Holy Knights, making Augusta wonder that she should turn her legions onto Fiore instead, bringing forth a new era for them.


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Augusta Rhines
Once she had come to see the plant that she was supposed to handle, her immediate reactions towards the Holy Knights and the Rune Knights began to fade a bit when she had come to realize that the plant was honestly something that was utterly huge, far bigger and larger than anything that she might have been possibly able to imagine. Just by the look of it, it was extending at least a couple dozen feet within the air, its roots stemming deep within the ground, ripping right through the concrete in the buildings, making Augusta understand a bit more as to why it was that much of a problem. At first she was ready to just go ahead and cut it down without there being any sort of concern, but after a little bit of time, the man was finally willing to explain to her that it was something that was causing a mild form of sickness to anyone who came too close towards it, which made Augusta upset that she was not made aware of this, as it would have been a deciding factor potentially as far as if she had taken this job. But again, it was told to her that it was not a very serious issue, and therefore it would not have any sort of lengthy side effect or have real issues with it. Augusta considered that whateve rhte risk might have been, it was something that may have been enough for her to go ahead and take care of the job, and it did take a bit for her to determine just what might have been the best course of action as far as cutting down the tree. It took a while, but eventually she determined that the tree would come down by taking down the roots, removing any sort of support which apparently was too much of a stunning idea for the Rune Knights to have taken care of, and when Augusta suggested it, it was far easier to take care of and within a short time the tree was falling to the ground, collapsing safety onto the ground rather than that of anyone’s home or something of importance. It was just a tree that fell to the ground that collapsed, one that would still be one in which the people could have and use as a tourist attraction. However, following everything that had taken place with this job, and the fact that it seemed that the idea of going ahead and destroying the plant by dealing with its roots, in spite of it being something that made sense and appeared at least to be something so simple and basic, that they did not understand it themselves, was a marvel idea that made her really wonder just how competent the Holy Knights leadership was, or at least, whatever it was that was causing problems enough that the Rune Knights, this sorry group, was able ot stop them from furthering their goals and agenda.


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