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Reconciliation [Quest | Alisa | Baron]

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Gamemaster wrote:


Quest: Reconciliation

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Rynah Noran: Rynah is one of Orchidias senior citizens. Word is that she's grown to be senile, forgetful and very nostalgic. Spending a lot of time in the kitchen Rynah rewards people who take her quests with cookies at the end. Rynah usually has a care giver around. Her children have been trying to convince her to move to a retirement home. Rynah and her son Mitya don't get a long because of this.

Summary: Rynah is feeling very emotional. She is convinced that her son, bar owner Mitya Noran, is trying to get rid of her. She thinks her son believes she is a nuisance and doesn't love her anymore and that is the reason he wants to send her to a retirement home. She is very close to her son and finds his behaviour ridiculous. She wishes someone would tell him that for her.

Mitya Noran: Mitya's bar is across the street from Enil's. He has no particular reason for it, but he really hates Enil. Being very childish, he is easily antagonized by even Enil's kind words directed at him. Mitya enjoys killing time by going to his competition's bar and complaining about the beverages they serve. He can go on for hours when drunk, speaking of his childhood, his lovelife, talking on and on about really, nothing. Beyond this, he is very passionate about the well-being of his mother despite the fact that she doesn't seem to feel the same way - which aggravates him.

Objective: Help reconcile Rynah Noran and her son Mitya Noran.

Extra Rewards:

  • +10 Mana


  • Create a topic at Orchidia's Horizon Apartments.
  • The usual stench of cat-piss will be masked by the comforting scent of baked cookies.
  • Inevitably, you will find yourself following the fragrance till you reach a door that has been left open and find an old woman sitting inside.
  • The woman will notice you and invite you into her home for a cup of tea. She will introduce herself as Rynah Noran.
  • Once inside her home, she will share a long nostalgic story about how she raised her son Mitya. She will break into tears as she gets emotional and tells you repeatedly how close they were.
  • She goes onto ask you to help her write him a letter, asking him not to send her to a retirement home.
  • Fill the letter with anecdotes that the old woman shares and then go to Mitya's bar and deliver the letter.
  • Mitya will read the letter immediately when you tell him that it is from his mother. He too will break into tears and then race to the apartments. Follow him.
  • The mother and son will share a touching moment as they reconcile. Mitya will explain that he only wanted to send her to the retirement home because it is a much better environment than the dank apartments.
  • Witness the care-filled discussion that ensues as they try to convince each other.
  • Mitya will notice that you're still there, but his mother no longer needs your assistance, since he is with her. The bar owner will reward you for your help.
  • Before you leave, Rynah will pack you her special, warm, freshly-baked cookies.

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Her training might have ended be despite this - or perhaps because of it - Alisa still saw very much the same need to accumulate every last drop of experience she possibly could, more so than the measly amount of jewels some of these Missions might award her. After all, she'd accumulated a rather enviable wealth, even if all of it could fade away into nothing, like dewdrops on a cool Autumn morning.

She got up as early as usual, no, defenitely a good bit earlier than that, eating a quick croissant and orange juice for breakfast... It felt quite lonely without Lumen now, but she was confident she'd see her former partner again, soon hopefully, now simply as friends. In the meantime, she'd press forth, just as she'd always have, clad in a brand new white jacket over black skirt - adorned with gilded trimmings - flaunting the her hourglass figure, the beginning of the new and improved White Empress. Quite a lot had changed in the past few years, but for the most part, Alisa would appear to not have changed much, her heels clacking over the cobblestones, skirt fluttering left and right with the elegant swaying of her hips... Her hair rippled under the occasional chilly gust, providing a measure of comfort from the surprisingly warm, clear skies above, brushing against the bare, smooth skin of her toned thighs like a lover's caress, keeping her cool and fresh as she neared her destination:

"Well, then, let's see what jobs they have for me today~...", mused the sculptress, a faint smile on her plush, glistening lips as her eyes scanned over the request board, hand going to her hip, noting with a hint of amusement, "Impressive how many of these requests seem thoroughly unchanged..."

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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The day had turned cold and Baron was jogging about as normal. He had managed to limit his distractions and went on about his business as normal. Every now and again he’d give into his old urges and seek out satisfaction in noodles, but he would do his best to stop himself and would sometimes instead find himself hanging on the rim of keeping his sanity and giving in to the animal instincts he had learned to embrace.

With his black track suit over his form he continued to jog, every now and again glancing around him, food, people, things passing him but he wished he could have partaken in but kept a leveled head that was until he noticed someone at the front of the quest board.

It was a woman, her supple figure hugged by what looked like a white uniform. His eyes narrowed, she almost looked like Asmo from behind, that was someone he wanted to get back at for sure. Biting his lower lip he tried to shake his head of such thoughts, but the demon lord of lust was strong on his mind.

He’d approach the woman, “Hey, you ever have your noodles slurped?” he’d asks. It seemed he had left basic manners in the wild with the rest of his mind.

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She could hear someone jogging past her... Normally, any loner worth her salt had to keep a good eye on her six, but in this case, it happened to be one of her own guildmates, greeting her in a way that immediately identified him:

"Curiosity killed the cat sweetie, haven't you heard~...?", Alisa replied, cooly as ever, chuckling audibly as a hand reached over her mouth. She'd heard plenty of cheesy come ons before but there was only one man who'd so sling out such silly innuendo as easily as breathing. More importnatly, she'd been trying to help him control this bad habit a bit, though she was sure he had some bad influences reeling him into the other direction. Pivoting on one heel as that hair whipped gracefully around him, she scanned her one time pupil her to toe, smiling approvingly at his ever stenuous training, "If you have time to slurp random women's noodles, surely you have time to join me for some work. Come along now~..."

She spoke sternly, that kind of cool, assertive voice that wouldn't take no for an answer. That said, she wouldn't really strap him down or anything - not yet anyway - and thus not complain too much if he chose to go his own way. Instead, she merely wiggled the request she'd peeled off the board and turn around, motioning him to follow her. Before they reached their destination though, Alisa would stop and sniff the air:

"This scent... I remember it all too well.", said Alisa, plush lips widening into a smile, breathing in the delectable fragrance overshadowing all the less then pleasnt alternatives in this piss poor part of Orchidia, "I wonder how Mrs Noran has been after so long. Follow your nose Baron, we're paying an old client a little visit first."

Old client in more ways than one indeed Rynah Noran. To her credit, the woman remembered the mage she once employed all too well, peeking through the door and taking a long look at the tall, finely dressed woman, a radiant figure difficult to forget about.

"Oh, Miss Vollan...! And a companion too...! By all means, come on in, join me for some tea.", opening the door, the old grandma invited the two Pegasus mages into her humble home, the mouth watering scent of cookies in the oven tickling their nostrils far too easily.

Leaving room for Baron to introduce himself (or not assuming he'd already worked for Mrs Noran before), she couldn't help look back as he walked over to the kitchen, spying a very visible cloud of sorrow on the normally sunny grandma's usual disposition. As she confirmed it, Alisa needed only ask:

"Your son again...?", crossing her arms with a disapproving from, the sculptress inquired further, not so much thinking about this being a possible job opportunity, more of a chance to help out a former client who'd always shown her nothing but kindness. And when the old lady nodded, hands over her chest with a grieving look in her eyes, she spoke again, "What did he do this time?"

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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He paused a moment as the woman chuckled, reality hit him like the mana truck that ruined his looks in the first place. By the time he registered who she was it was already too late. It was no other than Alisa, the woman that made him not only shave off his beard but also made him clean up his act literally and figuratively. He cleared his throat and tried to protest, it was like the fates were laughing at him right now as he tried to speak to the woman in a friendly, reserved manner.

“Uuuuh.” was all he could muster as his services were soon pulled into her work regardless of what he was going to say or do, thus he would accompany her despite having a few words of protest stored in the back of his mind. He would have to say something to her when they weren’t in the company of the old nan.

“Oh yes mam thank you, I am Baron by the way.” he tried to introduce himself, but as soon as the scent of cookies hit his nose his stomach began to rumble, betraying the rest of his thoughts. “Mmm, it sure smells good in here.” he chuckled to himself, as he held his stomach. This had reminded him that he hadn’t eaten all day and to make matters worst he was trying to cut back on sweets. If there were cookies he certainly wouldn’t be able to resist.

As Alisa inquired about the old nan’s son his mind trailed off again and thought about all of the food that must have been hiding in this house, he’d start snuffing it out by prodding what looked like a vase for scraps.

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That look on his face was utterly priceless, that of a guy caught with his hand stuffed deep inside the cookie jar. Thankfully for him, working for Mrs. Noran would liably get him some hard earned cookies. His groan earned him yet another chuckle and yet Alisa cared for this man. Lustful he may be, he had a certain measure of innocence, and most importantly, loyalty. Perhaps not in romance (she very much doubted that) but certainly towards his friends. And loyalty is a rare, highly valuable trait in a person as of late. The sound of his footsteps behind him made it clear he'd joined her, and luckly enough for this little visit had just turned into an unexpected bit of work.

"Pleasure to see Ms. Vollan in the company of a strong, handsome young man. It wouldn't fit a charming young lady like her to spend her days by herself, would it now~...?", at these words, Alisa all but sighed, answering the old lady's chuckle with a barely awkward one, give it to Alisa to keep her cool under any circumstances.

That didn't stop her from quickly changing the subject, clearing her throat, letting her former client go into a long winded story of how her son had been trying to put her into a retirement home. Under the insistence to help, Mrs Noran outright rejected it, yielding only at the idea of making into a small job for the two mages. Write a letter for her son, and deliver it. Sitting down at the kitchen table and inviting the two to join her, Alisa calmly listened and wrote down the old woman's words, in her finest, most beautifully penned handwriting. As she finished, she wrapped it up in an envelope, occasionally shooting curious glances at the cookies in the oven, looking between them and Baron:

"Mind delivering this to the address down there...? I'll keep Mrs. Noran company while you're out.", she asked her junior, flashing him that coolly radiant smile, gracefully crossing her legs at the table.

"Once you're back, you should both help yourselves to some freshly baked cookies... They should be be finished shortly~"

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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Baron was filled with disappointment as he looked down at the empty cookie jar. So the cookies were all in the kitchen, what a shame and to make matters worst it seemed Alisa would not be helping out in this one but instead keeping the old woman company. For the time being Baron hadn’t noticed much of the conversation between them as he was perplexed by the lack of visible cookies but it seemed the old nan had made the words of him being handsome and something about Alisa, whatever was said it made the BP sculptress visibly well... uneased?

He looked down at his hands, just crumbs came out of the vase, it was still a large disappointment and he wanted to partially voice his disappointment only to reserve his words and shake the vase upside down in case of any hidden compartments, he didn’t exactly want to take the mission, but if he wanted baked treats he seemed to need to hurry up and pick up her kid. There was a small, beat of silence from him before he’d nod to the woman and Alisa about the tasks given to him. He didn’t want to cause a fuss but if he wanted cookies as quickly as possible he needed to grab the guy and get out dodge.

Cracking his fingers he prepared himself for the coming mental strain of entering a bar, after all a bar was where he met... That person. The small elf that followed esperia around, they were kinda neat it was a shame they were gone from him now. LIcking his lips he looked back at the duo a last time and nodded again before exiting the small home. He’d look around a moment, entered an alley way and signed to himself. This was going to be quite a journey.

He’d cut through the alley and looked for the bar in question. It seemed to be a slow day for it and as soon as he entered he smelled nothing but smoke and the slow wail of a guitar. It seemed business wasn’t quite booming. Baron would approach the counter and cough, no answer, he’d knock on the bar three times and eventually a muff headed man in shades would come from the back room. It seemed he was the man he was looking for and instead of delivering any letter, he forgot it anyway, he grabbed the shaded bar owner by his collar and dragged him out of the bar kicking and yelling.

Luckily for Baron there wasn’t much int he way of knights out today thus he dragged the unsavory bar keep out of the building down the sole step and back to the alley he had cut through to get the to the old woman’s house. He’d drag him and drag him onward until finally making way to the house they had started at, he’d turn open the knob and dragged the still complaining man to his mother and almost instantly the two would begin to chatter. not wanting to get any more involved Baron looked for wherever he thought the kitchen was, swept up an arm full of cookies and headed for the door.


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