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Marigold to Orchidia [Train-Travel]

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Marigold to Orchidia [Train-Travel]  Empty on Sun Dec 30, 2018 9:12 pm

Akira Shimada
Two years. She had avoided the god-forsaken town of Orchidia for two entire years. Despite having stuck around in the place after committing the acts that changed the course of her paths quite significantly, she had lingered in the town for long enough back then. But, ever since she had the misfortune of dealing with the fallout, she skirted around it as much as possible. Of course, her training demanded that she stopped doing so, if nothing else than exactly for that purpose.

Akira was fairly certain that whatever cause and mission she had to deal with here, was trumped up. A bogus call just to force her to face the past. Every time the lacrima driven train had its announcer share the details of the destination, Aki's heart skipped a beat. What was the worse thing that could happen, if she decided to just give up and get off at any of the stations in between? At least it could cause a delay in her plight. Despite considering all these possibilities she held steadfast to her duty.

Time had healed her wounds somewhat, while she wasn't still convinced of the morality behind her own intent and actions, she'd been working on burying the past. She did what she had to do in the line of duty and that's all that mattered now. It wasn't like brooding about it was going to miraculously alter the path. Although, sometimes, keeping on the move was rather taxing. She always hoped that she'd run into the healer again. Using the resources she still had access to, the young captain had tried her best to keep an eye on his whereabouts. While the one aiding her with her training thought it was just a coincidence, Aki thought it uncanny that their paths often almost crossed...

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