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Theo Kaguya
"Oh man it feels good to have some time off!" The Young Knight shouted as he walked out the train station Now that I'm here I guess I should look for a place to eat, he thought. The sound of his feet hitting the fresh snow was always something that brought him joy as winter was his favorite seasons. Children dragging their parents around to shop and play with the snow made him miss those days with his siblings. Seeing all the families together made reminded him that his own was so fragmented now. Isabella is missing again, Caiís in jail, and heís far from home spending his day off looking for presents. He adjusted his scarf to cover his face more as he wandered around still looking for a nice warm place to eat I should write a letter to Alice when I get the chance just to see how things are, he thought starting to feel his hands get colder while in his jacket pockets.

T.K ducked into a nice cafe to warm up a bit †ďOkay I guess I could write and eat here.Ē he said blowing into his hands to warm them up. As he wrote the letter he said every line aloud while taking sips from his hot cocoa ever now and then. He stopped and looked outside watching the snow fall it was a nice and calm fall not to much but not too little either. The snow reminded him of just how many new people he's meat and over the past year and just how much he learned from them. The young knight finished his letter tucking into his bag. Paying for his drink and heading back out to find the gift for his parents or at least try and find one that both would love. With each shop, he checks the harder it got to find the perfect gift "Why is finding a gift so hard!" out of frustration T.K kicked a lamp poll hurting his foot.

Letter to Alice:
Dear Alice,

Its T.K just wanted to write to you and see how everything is going for you and the twins, oh ya how old are they now? Seems like yesterday I was a new recruit that didnít know much of anything but I digress, Iíve learned so much over the past year about myself and my magic. I have so much I want to tell you but Iíll just wait till we meet again. I wish you and your family have a fun time with each other. Oh could you tell Mr. Konstanian that I wish him the best of luck in his work and if he has the time I would like a another sparring match if possible.

Best Wishes
From T.K

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LeeAnn Nakamura
Upon her black Fresian horse, she clopped down the semi-empty streets of Orchidia. She was looking for a place to just sit for a while and write away from people. Nature was the ideal place, but perhaps something a big more cozy such as a coffee shop or small cafe. She was in the mood for that. Write about a story with dragons and places to help her escape the problems and reality of this world. Writing was her addiction. Thowra, her horse, stopped as he perked his ears up hearing something going off.

He was looking at a blonde boy angry about something. LeeAnn really did not want to know or cared to be honest. Trying to get her horse to go, a small tap of her finger with a small flame got him to rear up and have her fall off. Not the first time this has happened. He had a nasty habit of being stubborn. She swore sometimes that he had a bit of mule blood in him. "Stupid horse. Abraxas would of NEVER been this stubborn. Calm down" she spat. Her lower back as a little sore, but that was the only soreness she could feel. Grabbing the reins, she was able to calm down the horse.

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Theo Kaguya
He looked around to see a woman on horseback not too far from him, It looked like they were having some kind of fight or disagreement to that effect. He kept racking his brain to find something that his parents would like but nothing worked so he decided to have a third party help him make the correct choice "Excuse me could you help me with something? I promise it will only take a moment of your time." he asked in hopes that they would help with this problem. Perhaps this person would help with this situation in some way Riding a Horse in the Winter, that weird, he thought to blowing into his hands to warm them up a bit.

The snow had started to pick up a bit as he walked over to the horse rider waving at them in hopes they help him They looks familiar but I can't put my finger on it was she at the cafe before? No I would've noticed a horse in that case, he started to forget about the gift situation the more he thought about where he might have seen this person before. due to him not paying attention to where he was walking he slipped on a small patch of ice falling face first into the snow. The snow coked his jacket and scarf as he sat up from the fall dusting himself off "I really need a pair of gloves." he said to himself aloud, if the rider came to check on him he simply laugh the whole thing off and play it cool.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn noticed the kid off to the side trying to get her attention. She was too busy to really care what he wanted. Her focus was on the horse. Throwra was throwing a fit. Unlike her other previous pets, he was the most difficult. Fussy and stubborn. Sometimes she thought he would of made a better mule than horse. Pulling the reins down towards her, she was trying to calm him down still. The kid was trying to get her attention. "Stay out of my way, kid. This is no place to get trampled" she retorted. She did not want him to get hurt most of all. Well, she really could careless, but did not wanted to be sued or deal with the issues.

After calming him down, she tied the reins to the post and glared at him. "You seriously have not sense of what is going on around you, do ya? What do you want, kid" she asked, The kitsune really saw him on the ground, but did not offer to help him up. Salty and rude she came off to be, thats what she wanted. No one to bother her and for her to not deal with it.

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Theo Kaguya
TK picked himself up and as he looked at the horse "What's your name friend? the horse "Oh yes I' having a problem finding a gift for my parents you see I've been so focused with the knights I missed out on so much with them." he looked back at the horse It looks so cold out here now I feel bad for making them stop, he thought to himself reaching into his bag for something to feed the horse only to find nothing but his papers and the letter. "I can see that your cold both cold so don't we keep moving," he suggested to her if she did decide to follow he walk to the cafe that he was in before the women looked familiar but remembering the place that they could have meat was the hard part.

He felt like she wasn't a people person or an animal person for that matter seeing as the horse didn't really want to do as she asked it but this was something that didn't require his involvement this time around anyway. Assuming that she did follow him he would describe what his parents both liked, from their glass figures to their fine art "So now I'm trying to find the perfect gift for them that has everything they like." after he finished the explanation he waited for her to give any feedback she may have.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
Thowra was just stubborn. She could not get over the fact she had lost her best friend and best pet two yearsago. A lot had happened to her to the breaking point of almost shutting down. The kid was asking about what gift to get his parents. Pausing for a moment and staring at the glass in front of them, looking right into a store.

A memory flashed back to when she was a kid. Her father would take her and her brother, Hikaru, to the ice cream shop. To go shopping. She was pulling her father's hand to go buy some weird fox stuffed animal.

As the memory faded, she came to terms with the present. Almost drowning out what the kid had said. "Time. Time is a valid gift to your parents. Spend time with them cause tomorrow, you may never see them agaiin" she spoke.

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Theo Kaguya
As he listened to her speak he felt sadness coming from her "Thank you for your help..." not wanting to say something that could have made her upset he took a second to think about his next words That response she gave sounded like she's had a rough time he thought thinking back everyone that has helped him over the past two years. TK felt conflicted as it wasn't his business but at the same time, he couldn't let someone in need be ignored.

The knight had to think of a way that would help her without her know it but it was not a simple task as it was something that he has never really tried to indirectly help someone She doesn't seem like the type to just open up to a total stranger...oh I got it! with a smile on his face, TK put his plan into action.

"Excuse me but if you don't mind could I treat you to something? It's the least I could do." his reasoning being this was simple treat her to something and try and get to know her a little after all she didn't have to stop to help him. If she agreed to let him treat her to something he would take her into the cafe and sit at a table by the window. If she chooses to go on her way he would follow her in secret to best of his ability.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
the young kitsune was growing annoyed by this kid. She was not in the mood to talk to anyone. Not a social butterfly, she only stared down at the kid. Giving a small sigh and forcing herself to talk to him, she began. No problem" she replied. Fixing her eye patch, she untied the reigns of her horse. This was and indicator that she was †not in the mood.

"I would love to, but I have somewhere to be. Being a seated knight, I have to tend to some small jobs for my captain. Perhaps, some other time, kid" she spoke. She was trying to be nice, but it probably came off as annoyance to him. LeeAnn was not the best at talking to poeple and social things. There was a reason why her Captian said to make new friends. She could not see why though. Yes, it would be helpful, but how ere others suppose to help you. Getting up on her horse, she looked back at him once last time before taking off. "We will run into each other sometime later. Then, we could get a drink at the bar or something. For now, have a good rest of your day" she spoke, and gallopped off away from other's eyes.


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Theo Kaguya
"I'm not a kid." he muttered as the women talked to him even though she thanked him it didn't sound like a normal 'thank you' it had more of a 'Can I go now' feel to it. Feels like I'm talking with Isabella right now and its starting to get to me, something that he never thought could happen in his entire lifetime "Same to you I guess." this woman reminded him of someone that he had only meat briefly but couldn't really put his finger on it Who does she remind me of...man now that gonna be on my mind all day!

The Knight really thought he was doing the right thing, attempting to help feel better but it seemed that it was something that was out of his control but that just meant that the next person that was in need of him would be more open to the Idea of help. By the time he realized that he never even gotten the women's name she had already moved on "I never got her name but at least I know she's also a Knight." he thought to himself aloud. Maybe they would meet again and this time they could get to know each other a little more or at least talk about their days. As the wind picked up he rushed back to the inn and get some much-needed rest and warmth.

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