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Signs of an Addiction.(Open)

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#1Priscilla Ivalice 

on Sat Dec 08, 2018 7:18 am

If Priscilla was the type to ask for help, She she wasn't the type to just deal with what comes before her in her own manner. Just hiding away anything true about her, All these things and more. After all no one knew who Priscilla actually was. After all she hide some how everything else, Priscilla even if she felt like she was telling people the truth was not her true name, If some one from her past were truly know who she actually was or why she was this way could cause her to panic, That was not her worry.

Her worry more simple until that part of life caught up to her, Was wondering to deal with that small need that just did not go away. An inch that could not be relieved, a desire that seemed to be untamed with no signs of becoming tamed.

But this need was a sign something like a drug addiction, But more deadly after all how does one get help for a drug like addiction to kill people? So Priscilla would continue on her way just minding her business as she normally did, Going to a town she did not remember if she had been there before or not, so it felt like a new area and a new chance to at least hide what feeling and hopefully do nothing to anyone.

It seemed like a very quite place so far, She would roam around the streets so far looking like a normal person in the crowd. Her orange eye looking upon the stands around her selling various objects and foods. The people quite normal walk around her like everyday was normal around them so far it felt some kind of comfort, it let her feel some kind of normal.

She would walk over to a fruit stand picking up an apple, an orange and a pomegranate for the final piece. So looking around her Priscilla to just walk around the people just to continue on her way....only for more signs to show that something was different and going on with in her mind.

Some how in a moment not really paying attention and focusing around her, Just for some reason during the moment with how the fruits were arranged in her hands the pomegranate was just in one hand alone her right hand, just seemingly crushed it in her hand. She had no control when it happen it just happen, Looking at her hand just seemingly a moment after it happen. Being normally in control of her actions and what she did Priscilla found this odd upon looking at the realization of what her hand just seemed to have done.

But her mind thought something else of it now, Her mind made her link it to the need she kept at by reminding her about getting blood on her hand even if the colour she saw darker then blood normally it was just her mind linking to it, just for the moment she stood in place like something was amiss, her mind having that feeling, her heard some of the screams that she had heard before she had killed some one, even if people were screaming around her currently were not making any noises like it around her. She seemed to be mentally lost some kind of thought or mind trap currently, like something was wrong and effecting her.

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