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Visit the Hermit[Quest: Kazimir]

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Visit the Hermit[Quest: Kazimir] Empty on Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:13 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir was growing a bit restless from helping the people in town and wanted something that let him see more of the sights. Stopping by the rune knight station he found a delivery request from the magic shop. A man named Khalash owned it and needed some help.

He shrugged and said, “Well this will get me out and about some more.” With that, he walked through magnolia toward the magic shop. It was a bit out of the way in town, closer to the outskirts. He recognized it from the pronounced sign that hung out front.

With a subtle knock, the door swung open and an older man’s voice hailed him to enter. “Come in come in. What are you looking for today youngster?”

Kazimir replied, “I’m actually with the rune knights. Here to help with a delivery I believe.”

“Ahh, a mage then. Yes yes, I have some food I need you to take to a friend of mine in the forest.”

“You’re friend lives in the forest? How does he usually get the delivery?” Kazimir was a bit concerned that either this man had to pay a mage to deliver it every time or if walked is old body some great distance.

“Oh, I go myself. It isn’t that far.” Khalash started gathering up his supplies and putting them away as if he was closing shop.

“So, then some monsters have appeared and made it to dangerous?” Kazimir was trying to discern what had changed to merit the request.

“Oh, heavens’ nothing like that. I have a foot massage today,” He wiggled his toes in his sandals with glee.

Kazimir had is the answer, not the one he expected but he was getting paid to have an adventure, so it was a win for him. “Uh, Alright then. I’ll take it right away.”

Khalash handed him the bag with the food as he placed a small hand on Kazimir’s back, leading them both out of the shop. He flipped the sign to close and said, “That is that then. See you when you return.” He skipped away ready to get his foot massage, leaving Kazimir to his task.

The woods were thick, and the sun struggled to shine through the canopy. Individual beams of penetrating light guided travelers down the old worn in dirt path. The sound of birds filled the air and bushes rustled from scurrying foxes chasing prey.

“So, this is the Magnolia forest? Fascinating enough. Could be a good place to train one day.” He spoke to himself more so out of boredom. The walk was much longer than he anticipated. For hours he trekked along, testing his patience with its periodic incline. Although this was no test of endurance after surviving the forge.

A part of it reminded him of the forest around his homeland. Both lush and inviting, someone could get lost if they strayed from the path amongst the towering evergreens. He gazed absentmindedly at the world around, stopping to enjoy even the smell of a flower and pick a few berries.

A twig snapped in the distance catching his attention. With another step, his foot fell into a deeper imprint. A larger footstep had come through here. From his time in the forest, he surmised what it could be, “A bear, here?” He said quietly.

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Visit the Hermit[Quest: Kazimir] Empty on Fri Dec 07, 2018 1:16 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir didn’t want to get tangled up with a bear on a casual delivery request and scanned the area for something to help. The snapping twigs got closer and more frequent. An image began to appear of a small but hulking mass coming drawing nearer to the pathway.

“The trees,” he said looking up at the sanctuary of the canopy. With a concentrated gust of wind, he leapt upward onto a thick branch. The bears nose poked out of the brush followed quickly by its lumbering body. Leaves cascaded to the ground where Kazimir once stood. After sniffing around the bear turned its attention elsewhere.

Kazimir summoned forth the wind once more and leapt to another tree. He continued traveling this way until he was half out of mana. Each jump propelled him through the trees, a blur of green and brown around him dotted with the rainbow hues of flowers in bloom. He felt more at home than he did before. The beginning days of his training were much like this. Even the feeling of unbound freedom. He landed on a final branch and began to recount all the reasons he left the clan. His hand stroked the scars left from his memories.

“You could at least have the dignity to introduce yourself before sitting on a man’s tree,” an old scraggly voice yelled. Kazimir’s body jolted upward and the thick branch shuck of a few leaves.

“Sorry,” this must be the old man’s house, he thought to himself. Another gust of wind placed the wind mage on the ground. In front of him was an open door leading into a hollowed-out tree trunk. “So, this is where you live?” He said with more intrigue than belittling it. His eyes scanned the structure

“yes, come in, now that you’ve made your presence known. Have some tea.” The old hermit left the door open and began pouring another cup of tea from a hot kettle.

Kazimir sat down on a makeshift chair made from the woods. “So how did you end up here?” This time Kazimir’s intrigue got the best of him. For the next three hours he sat listening to the old man’s tales from the past. Many of them filled with wonder while others became the monotonous tasks of daily life.

It was the old man who first took his gaze out the window to notice the setting sun. “Well sonny, it looks like it’s about time for you to get going.”

Kazimir placed a hand on the back of his head and scratched, “Oh, I guess I lost track of time. Thank you for the stories.”

“My pleasure, here are the herbs you’ll need to take back. You’ll surely need a bit of a snack too. Take this,” He handed him a small root. “it should last until you get back.”

“Thank you. Perhaps I’ll come to hear your stories again one day.” He took the items and headed back to the city before night fell. He chewed on the root the whole time and it was just as tough as he thought. Upon arriving at Magnolia, the root was almost gnawed down but there was a strange rush of magical energy flowing through him.

“Well, old hermit. You had some tricks up your sleeve didn’t you.” He happily returned to the magic shop and dropped of the herbs and took his reward.
Before he left he turned back to Khalash, “Hey…do you think you can take me to get one of those foot massages? I’ve never had one.”

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