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Era - Detecting Derailers

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Quest: Detecting Derailers

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Lionel Luxar: Lionel is a Captain in the Rune Knights and is of the noble Luxar house. He acts in a proper fashion, always having an air of nobility and conviction. He shows a strict side, giving out accurate assessments of others whether they're good or bad, which is a result to his upbringing as an elite, and in actuality he believes that he and others can do better than they currently are.

Summary: The noble and captain of the Rune Knights have heard numerous complaints and accusations about budding corruption. He will order you to follow certain Knights that are suspects in this and report back to him with details of any slippery encounters that they may have been a part of. Three out of five Rune Knights will be found guilty.

Enemies: None

Objective: Follow the five Rune Knights suspected of corruption and report back to Lionel.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Era town.
  • Lionel needs an outsider to investigate the increasing corruption among his subordinates.
  • He will give you a list of five names, along with their pictures and the location where they are stationed for the day.
  • Follow all five Rune Knights and watch their activity carefully.
  • You will find that three out of the five Rune Knights are corrupt and take bribes.
  • Mark them on the list given to you and return to Lionel.
  • He will be very displeased with the outcome, but thank you for your assistance.
  • Take your reward and leave.

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