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Magnolia - Safe Haven

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Magnolia - Safe Haven Empty on Wed Dec 05, 2018 5:45 am



Quest: Safe Haven

Rank: D

Type: Good


  • The user may not have any infamy
  • Count the Blessings completed

Father Jerad: Father Jerad might be young but his devotion to the teachings of Illumin have made him one of the youngest priests ever in charge of a church. He offers a shoulder to lean on whenever the citizens are distressed, and manages to lift up the spirits of everyone with his kind words, regardless of whether they are a believer or not.

Summary: Father Jerad has processed the Blessia Flower into a liquid, which can be consumed as a medicine. Unfortunately, he has succumbed to the illness himself while he attended the needs of the rest. He needs the brave individual who collected the plants for him last time to hand out the medicine to everyone in the church and talk with them for a while to make them feel at ease.

Enemies: None

Objective: Assist Father Jerad by giving out the medicine to everyone in the church and talk to them.

Extra Rewards:

  • +25 Mana


  • Create a topic in Magnolia's Kardia Cathedral.
  • You will find Father Jerad is bed-ridden, like the other ill families.
  • When you approach him, he will ask you to keep your distance and explain that the Blessia flowers you collected have had their potent nectar extracted.
  • Father Jerad will tell you about the nectar's healing properties and that it must be consumed by the ill to help them in recovering from the illness.
  • If you attempt helping Father Jerad first he will implore you to aid the other families before him.
  • Walk around the quarantined quarters of the church and offer the flower's juice to the sick people.
  • Several people will need reassurance, especially since you are not Father Jerad. Talk to them and help them feel at ease.
  • An ill child will refuse to drink the nectar. You must coax him gently to get him to consume it.
  • After ensuring that all the sick people have had the medicine, return to Father Jerad's bedside.
  • Despite his condition, he will ask you for details about the patients. Share with him a summary of your encounters.
  • Once he is satisfied with the update, he will finally consume some of the Blessia flower's nectar himself.
  • He will almost instantly feel a little better and will be able to sit up straighter on his bedside.
  • Father Jerad will be very grateful to you for your assistance and will procure a small vial from his bedside and hand it to you.
  • He will explain that the contents of the vial will help give you a larger capacity to aid people.
  • Father Jerad will then reward you with jewels for all your work.

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