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Hot in here[Quest: Kazimir]

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Hot in here[Quest: Kazimir] Empty on Tue Dec 04, 2018 1:44 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
It wasn’t long before Kazimir found himself headed back the Black Anvil. Barras appeared to need a little help once again. Seeing the forge in the distance he brought his right arm up to rub his left bicep, remembering the physical toll it had on him last time. He was ready now though.

Warmth filled the forge, its glowing fires and hot metal illuminated the room and cast shadows on the walls. The familiar clang of hammers echoed in an otherwise silent place. Barras stood with a piece of tempered steel in one hand and his hammer in the other.

The apprentice was at the other forge just now sticking a piece in the fire with the tongs. Neither of them had yet noticed that Kazimir had entered. Without saying a word, he grabbed the apron from the wall, removed his scarf and shirt, and stepped toward the middle of the room.

“So, what do you have for me today?” Kazimir proclaimed with his hands holding the straps of the overalls. The two smiths turned around and grinned with their chests out.

“Welcome back mage. You here to help with the request I put in?” Barras said before the other could speak on anything.

“yeah, Guess I couldn’t stay away from the fire despite how tired it made me,” Throwing his hands upward with a shrug.

“The forge isn’t just for steel and iron,” Barras gave a boisterous guffaw, “It forges a man’s body and mind.” He crossed the room to meet Kazimir with a firm pat on his shoulder and let his hand linger there while he explained.

“My assistant’s arm has finally healed. So, I wanted him to take this time and focus on hammering the metal. I’ll need you to pull pieces out of the fire and hold them straight for him. Think yer up to it?"

“Alright, we’ll just be in the reverse as last time. I think I can handle that,” he made a small fist and patted the big man on the chest with it. “let’s get to work then.”

Kazimir walked over to the assistant as Barras returned to his own work. “I’ll take over with that. Wouldn’t want all those muscles to get tired from doing too much,” he said while grabbing the tongs and pulling the first piece of metal from the fire.

“still funny huh,” The assistant replied, looking at Kazimir’s arms. “Since when did you even learn about muscles. All I see is bones.” With a reinvigorating laugh, they slipped back into a similar rhythm as last time. Kazimir yanked out the heated metal holding it steady for him. The strikes sending a vibration through his hands and arms. He swore he could feel it through his whole body.

The metal started to cool, “Now, put it in the fire again,” the assistant instructed. Kazimir hastily swung the blade back into the fire. He wasn’t this close to the heat before and even just being a few stops closer made a huge difference. Wooziness rushed over him and things turned blurry as…

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Hot in here[Quest: Kazimir] Empty on Wed Dec 05, 2018 8:36 am

Kazimir Seiryu
He placed a hand on his head with his eyes closed. Believing that a moments reprieve would fix it. The waves of heat don’t cease in the furnace however and the tongs slipped from his hand. His legs giving way as he started to drop to one knee. He felt the weight of his body moving out of his control and his mind lost grasp on his surroundings.

“Kazimir!...Kazimir! Pull it together.” The faint words of the assistant called out. Each syllable seeming further and further away than the former. His knee struck the ground and his hand instinctively darted out to brace for the rest of the fall when he heard the voice more clearly than before.

“Come on you scrawny mage!” The assistant called out with the intensity of the forge. A gentle breeze stirred around the forge. It swelled and wrapped around Kazimir in an instant. His hair ruffled with the straps of the overalls. The rolling sweat on his body was caught but the gusts and slowly lifted away from him. They drifted effortlessly like raindrops halted in time.

His hand stopped inches from the floor as he felt the solid foundation of his legs return to him. His other hand grasped the tongs that were still falling towards the hard floor along with his body. Stopping them at the last moment. The wind became more focused and the sweat that poured off him was whipped away by its current. The breeze conjured a cooling temperature to caress the weary mage.

His eyes sprang open, and he rose back to his feet. “Sorry about that. The heat was more than I expected but I can handle it now.”
The assistant gave a sigh of relief, “Good, can’t have you dying in here before we get anywhere.”

Kazimir looked him in the eye more focused than before, “I understand your strength now. The power of the forge. Thank you. You brought me back.” He dismissed the wind around him to feel the heat of the fires once more. “I don’t need that to help keep me cool. I’ll do this like a smith.” His voice was as stout as the stocky blacksmiths he worked with.

“Good. Let’s temper the iron until both our bodies collapse!” the assistant yelled out full of vigor and rose the hammer toward Kazimir. The mage rose the tongs and met the hammer with a might clang before thrusting it back into the fire and pulling out another piece of metal.

They reformed their rhythm and moved with more efficiency than ever. Barras smiled to himself hearing the enthusiasm of the two young men. It reminded him a bit of himself from a time not so long ago. “Alright, you two. Keep it up.”

In the final hours, Kazimir pushed himself through the melting heat, and the assistant was urged to strike with a master’s intent on the metal. Together they forged multiple pieces, and Kazimir didn’t think about the fatigue until he finally stopped moving.

He leaned back against the table in the corner breathing heavily. Barras approached him with his bag filled with the reward. Kazimir grabbed it with a tired arm, “Thanks, but I think I’m just gonna…lay…down.” He said as he took the back and laid on the floor where the heat from the forge made it most pleasant. He drifted off to sleep and Barras shuck his head, “Guess we’ll let him sleep it off here.”

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