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Orchidia to Baska [Foot-Travel]

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Orchidia to Baska [Foot-Travel] Empty on Fri Nov 23, 2018 9:21 am

The duo hadn’t even walked a mile away from Orchidia’s gates before they were chased by a Page from the town, yelling for them to stop. When they did stop and he finally caught up to them, he stood there for almost a minute, catching his breath, before delivering a sealed scroll to the healer. “Updated orders from HQ, Lieutenants,” he said, still breathless. “Thank you!” Haru said, as he opened the seal and read the message within.

“We have to head to Baska,” he said to his partner, without revealing anything more. The letter contained some disturbing news and he realized it was sealed for a reason. He thanked the Page once again and dismissed him before revealing anything further. “HQ thinks someone might be causing a plague in Baska deliberately,” he said, handing the letter to his partner. The letter revealed that the plague was not just affecting humans, but also wild animals, making the town extremely dangerous for travellers and locals alike.

Without wasting another moment, Haru turned west and made his way towards Baska. They had a good three day journey ahead of them, which maybe could be cut down to two if they were swift enough. The idea of a marathon was originally for fun, but now it looked like they had to do it to stop a crime. Their first order of business was to find the doctor and figure out how to cure the plague. They could deal with the culprits after that.

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Orchidia to Baska [Foot-Travel] Empty on Fri Nov 23, 2018 9:34 am

Akira Shimada
The sun hung right above. The duo cast small shadows as they trotted along the path towards Era. They'd spent longer in Orchidia than the original intent, a fair chunk of their summer in fact after their stint at the spring festival. All those months had still not dulled or quelled the gentle ache of guilt that sat in the pit of the girl's belly. Now the bite of autumn chilled the air and taught the Lunar mage to appreciate the warm golden drops of the sun. Her gaze scanned the long road ahead, which was hardly a true indicator of the path that lay ahead.

Perhaps because she had no intent to turn back, she found herself subconsciously ignoring the cries that beckoned them to stop, her sharp ears had definitely picked up the shout, she just walked on, hoping that it was meant for someone else. She carefully and selectively ignored the visual input that there was no one else around. She was accompanied, and needless to say Tsuru did stop. She chewed on her lower lip, wondering if they would be forced back into town.

But then he mentioned that they were needed in Baska. In her eagerness and surprise she unintentionally snatched the letter and quickly skimmed through it. 'Isn't this the guy who had us do that surgery?' she asked softly, talking more to herself than Tsuru as she recalled the name. Perhaps the awkward return of iciness between the duo wasn't enough, it would seem fate now was forcing them back to where their journey had started.

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