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Kazimir Seiryu

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Kazimir Seiryu


Name:Kazimir Seiryuu

Age:February 18th, X764. 24 years old

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Class: Sentinel


Rank: D-rank

Guild: Rune Knights

Tattoo: Right shoulder and blue

Face: Hajime Saitou from Hakuouki.


Height: 5'11

Weight: 170 lbs

Hair: Indigo

Eyes: Indigo

Overall: Kazimir wears traditional attire as is fitting from the Seiryu tribe that he comes from. The outfit is primarily a black gi uniform. He always has on a white scarf and frequently wears a matching headband and an obi to old the gi together that is more like a thin white sash. He has young slender features and a body that is lean for quick movements. His hair comes down to his shoulders. He prefers attire that isnít flashy and when not in his GI he wears a formal buttoned up military-style uniform with no insignia. His guild tattoo is on his right shoulder.

Extra: He has scars from arrows on his torso and a deep scar on his chest from a sword.


Personality: Kazimir tends to remain calm in most situations. This is partly due to his training and that in order to protect people it is necessary to remain calm and observant. He is always interested in meeting new people and learning about their abilities and customs. This is partly because of a genuine interest and also the more he learns about the abilities of others the stronger he can grow as well. He is always observant of his surroundings and willing to give almost anything a try.

As he befriends people he feels strongly about protecting them especially those that have earned his trust either in combat or assisting him in a task. He can be overly cautious at times but would never think of protecting someone by preventing them from doing something no matter how reckless but that is life.

Being close to the wind element he can be airy at times, and aloof. He is prone to travel and getting lost and though. But just like the wind can be focused and strong like a tornado he can give something his undivided attention. †

One of the only things that really bugs him is messy people. He was raised with discipline and is annoyed when others donít clean up after themselves. But, despite this particular trait, and his more contemplative and calm demeanor he has a weakness for food in the form of only eating breakfast food. He also will almost always stop to enjoy music or dance, and occasionally join in.
His attire is an expression of himself as well.

He wears black to symbolize the completion of a journey and white for the beginning of a new one as he believes all things are constantly ending and beginning again.

Under his calm exterior though is a storm raging beneath. He only expresses real anger when he is failing and peoples lives are in danger.

  • Learning: He likes to learn about people and new cultures/ places as he hasn't had much of a chance to.
  • Music: He enjoys all forms of music and often carries a flute with him to play, but can play others as well.


  • Greed: He doesn't like people who have an insatiable thirst for power that causes them to misuse their gifts or power.
  • Mess: Doesn't like it when people don't pick up after themselves.


  • Protect and master: Improve himself so that he can protect those he cares for and others. Master the wind magic passed down to him. He also wants to feel he is doing the Seiryu name justice.


  • Failure:His biggets fear is not being able to right the wrong in his past.
  • Weakness:He doesn't want to be so weak he can't protect anyone he wants to. †


Magic Name:Tempest

Magic Element:Wind

Magic Description:
The user has the ability to manipulate the wind. This comes in the form of changing its intensity, direction, and summoning wind currents.

The user can make strong gales that can form defensive barriers and domes of turbulent air. The user also has the ability to use it in more precise ways like lifting people and objects or blowing them away and hindering their movement. The wind can be used to augment some physical abilities like jumping and flight.

The magic comes from receiving the blessing of his clan's guardian spirit the White tiger of the east. upon casting a spell a light breeze surrounds the caster, billowing his hair and clothes. It is rumored that the highest tiers of this magic tap into the essence of the white tiger.

Sentinel casting
Defensive spell price: 0.5x
Debuff spell price: 1.5x
Supplementary spell price: 2x


History: For hundreds of years there existed two clans in harmony. The tempest of the east (Byakko) and the Tsunami of the west (Seiryu). Each wielded a certain kind of magic. The east commanded the defensive power of the wind and the west had dominion of the offensive might of rushing water.

They fought alongside each other battling forces that threatened the region they lived in and preventing them from entering more populated places.

The clans existed secluded from many outside sources. And their magic and teachings came from the blessings of the guardian spirits dwelling in the area. Kazimir Byakko grew up in the tempest clan being trained in the art of the wind. He was groomed to one day take up the mantle of a protector. This meant he would stand by a water mage and guard them as they battled invading forces side by side.

During his training, he met, Orianna Seiryu, a young mage of the crushing tsunami. Together they grew close and spent day after day training and perfecting their art together. The two tribes knew they would eventually work together so it was no surprise when the water clan suggested an arranged marriage.

The marriage was overshadowed by the announcement that the Tsunami of the west was making some sort of political move and maybe sending some mages to join with guilds.

Unknown to them, the eastern wind clan took this as a dangerous break from tradition and felt it would only lead to disaster. Secretly the head of the clan had been learning a perverse form of their magic, one that was used for offense.

Before they were wed the wind clan launched a sudden attack on a still moonlit night. It was not them alone, however. They employed the help of a dark group of wizards employing various magic techniques. Kazimir and Orianna arrived to see their two clan leaders engaged in battle atop the northern tower. Kazimir was given the choice to stand with his clan the Byakko or betray them for the Seiryu. He chose the Seiryu. As a result, the wind clan leader and the mages attacked all of them.

The wind clan leader launched two slicing wind attacks that ripped open Kazimirís chest. The water clan leader summoned a large wave that hurled Kazimir and Orianna seemingly out of harmís way to the ground. Unfortunately, the wind clan leader launched one last attack that cut through Orianna from behind and dug deep into Kazimirís back.

That night Kazimir fled for his life leaving everything behind him. His family and his duty. The Seiryu clan was wiped out and all that remained was the Byakko wind clan. In order to carry on the name, Kazimir changed his last name from Byakko to Seiryu and now ventures to get stronger and right that wrong.

He can still use wind magic as he already received the gift from the guardian spirit, A white tiger. Which is why he wears white.


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Akira Shimada
Hey there, welcome to the site (again ;))

The application is almost ready for approval. Could you just add a little bit more to your magic description and make sure it lists the type of spells your class can use?

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Kazimir Seiryu
Hello, I added to the magic. Let me know what you think. Happy Thanksgiving!

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This character application has been approved.

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