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A New Way Settle, A New Day Dawns.(open)

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A New Way Settle, A New Day Dawns.(open) Empty on Mon Nov 12, 2018 5:39 pm

So it seemed many days had passed, Much so the days were easily forgotten as they moved forward. All for the moment seemed to be rather settled much like the things around her were starting to. Waylon was found, Even had a nice talk with him and her mother.

Such things where the things she wanted to have have settle, Even if the looming things in the background would be that she would still one day have to face a different problem.

She so far was alone in what seemed to be the very crack of down, The sun had just gone up she herself had not slept for very long because she had kept herself busy with a few things. Judina did feel like she was only just a bit sleepy but could manage until a more reasonable time time to sleep.

For now the dawn of a new day in front of her Judina figured it would at least be good to sit down and mediate for a few hours. Hopefully for a few hours and she did not feel a sleep.

One off the best spots she felt was good was this area of the place by River, so far such a spot was more ideal since she could just sit there and listen to the near by water flow.

It would help her slow piece away the things she knew she needed to either forget or not worry about for the moment, then again it also settle her sometimes easily let off temper, after all this was her control her so far best way of just controling her temper it had not acted up in a while compared to most other times she assume it would. But since it seemed like nothing would risk it that was put off for now, To enjoy the peaceful meditation by the River.

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A New Way Settle, A New Day Dawns.(open) Empty on Sat Dec 29, 2018 3:24 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
"Snow! I want snow!"

It was not always the easiest to be a sort of single mom. She felt her son pulling on her hair while she was working on fixing Tanya's hair. The girl twiddling on her lap. Lack of sleep was one thing. Lack of company was another and just, in general, wanting to do much more than she was capable of. She was in Orchidia for work, she needed a new babysitter too. "Anton, you should ask it nicely." She said while putting her daughter's hair in a short ponytail.

"Can we go see snow, mommy?"

To which Tanya jumped out of her hands and put her little hands on her hips, definitely like her mother. "I want snow too." those two did not learn a thing now, did they. Almost three and both loud mouths from time to time. "Yes, we can go see snow, now get your boots." To which the two ran to the front door of their hotel room. If only she could spend more money on a bigger room, on a maid, a babysitter, anything. She owned a small apartment in Crocus which was already expensive enough. She wanted to see the mansion or what was left of it. While Tanya had the boots perfectly on, Anton had the wrong boot on the wrong foot so she told him to do it again and helped them put on their scarfs and jackets and little gloves.

While looking shortly in the mirror, she put her own hair up and took her own blue jacket and a scarf and took the stroller with her, in case one of them got tired, she could not carry the both of them at the same time. Now that they were walking in front of her, she kept her eyes mostly at them and where she was walking herself, directing them to the river, she did not want to get too close but as it was early it was best not to wake anyone else in the hotel and to not annoy the busy people in the streets. There would be perhaps some snow they could play with. She missed her companions, Hecate would help with them. Jupiter would calm her.

She took a deep breath.

It was a short list because she did not know their names yet, but one day she would figure them out. She was glad to see bits of snow and that there was no one else around. "Mommy, look!" Her son pointed out to a woman not much further from the river while Alice caught her daughter at the collar because she was running at the river. "What did I say about yelling, that's not polite, Anton. Now stay with me. We are going to make a snowman." She wondered if it worked with this bit of snow but they would see. There were not many people that she had seen meditating, there was one, an old friend, who she had not seen because she was so caught up in being a good mom and a fighter.

While trying to keep her children busy, she glanced at the person, she looked much alike from what Alice could see from this point, could it be? Judina?

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A New Way Settle, A New Day Dawns.(open) Empty on Sat Dec 29, 2018 4:07 pm

Her mind would tune back into reality shortly after, Realizing she was not 100% where she felt like where her medication had taken her, it felt like almost for a moment was back in time before other things happen, Nonetheless Judina should not carry too much on towards what she was busying herself to think about.

The sounds of something she knew in the background was the more interesting part, But Judina felt maybe her mind was playing tricks on her. So keeping in mind she would open her eyes and slowly get on her feet brushing the snow off of her boots. The sign this would be something they both would not expect would show it's self when Judina spoke "I hate winter...." She muttered under her own breath because she assumed it would not trouble anyone at all for the moment.

reflecting to her thought how the bitter cold made her unhappy but it was something else to do what she did there, it was to help keep her mind in order. It reminded her she had way she would still need to improve and was not quite anything she would consider a master of. Stretching out the crack of her bone proved she had been there for a while. Slowly brushing the armor of any snow that built up.

It would take a lot longer than with the robes she use to wear but she managed now days it was a nice change she felt like she fit more of the Rune knight look but kept the ways she use to do things a bit better.

Taking a moment after cleaning the snow from her armor she then would from the top of her head. hoping she did not knot it too much now days. That or the wind did not blow it in her face.

But she looked neat and ready for continue on her way, Judina would look around for what was going on around her as well so far it seemed like nothing out of the normal her, Then again since time had passed so much maybe Judina would see or realize what people around could be different that she thought but a same person in front of her she cared about it dearly, good thing this was unintentional and not out of arrogence as well.

She would thinking it was clear and no one she thought she knew was around either would walk towards the way of Alice and her children, keeping her job in mind as well in case she needed help in some manner even if it looked like she could handle everything just fine. But Judina was not mother nor how to raise kids so she knew she was clueless to deal with them or how to act with them as well, It is something she did not know. But given her believe in letting fate run it way she would never be able to guess where this all went for her, motherhood could happen to her it would just be left for fate to choose what is right, as well as the fitting moment for her as well.

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A New Way Settle, A New Day Dawns.(open) Empty on Sun Dec 30, 2018 1:07 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Two years wasn't even that long. It was 24 months. However, if you saw it as months of torture, the growing up of children, months with pain or months of being pregnant. Than months were suddenly much more.

Months with pain, no outside and barely any food, she missed that, now she tried to compromise for her work, her children. Finding him. However, even if she did, she could not do anything, she could not make it worse than it already was, she could watch, she could see, she could sigh and she could do absolutely nothing. She needed to hold on, she needed to fight. She needed to spend time with her kids. While pulling Tanya away from the water, she felt a poof against her body, her son had decided to try an attempt at a snowball. He laughed and even if she did not like it, she laughed for him. She had to avoid the problems, which is what she would always try to do for their sake. She gave them instructions to work on a small snowball and showed them how and roll it up to make the body of the snowman.

"Mommy?" She looked at Tanya and helped her girl a little while Anton seemed to work hard on a bigger orb. "When is daddy home?"
"The question is when will daddy be home." She corrected the little one, making a snowball and handing it over. She touched Tanya's cheek to make her look at her, "Soon my darling." She let Tanya run off to make the other snowball, but in the end, she went to help Anton. They grew so fast, 24 months ago, they were so small. As she had seen a woman close by, who looked like someone she knew. Now that her children were busy and not too close to the water, she took a step towards her. "Judina? Is that you?" It looked like her but her usual attire was changed, as was her hairstyle but could Alice blame anyone if you compared it to herself.

"You look much like a Rune Knight in that armour." More than 24 months, she had been one. 36 months to be honest, more or less a few days different. "It's me Alice."

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A New Way Settle, A New Day Dawns.(open) Empty on Sun Dec 30, 2018 4:13 am

Listening to the voice close by she realized did in fact know who this was, It was Alice she look a bit different but she was putting that nicely in her mind. Things seemed really different with her but the voice was exactly what she remembered, it was rather settling in her mind. So this was where Alice was now in life, but with a few other things changed it seemed the little kids where growing up a bit quicker then her mind thought but then again, This would be Judina first time seeing the kids so she would be unsure how to interact with them.

But Judina would not lie nor would she hide from it after all she was not the type too either."Yes that would be I, After all I do not hide from a long time friend." Judina said how she normally spoke,which could most likely be the good thing. Judina did stop walking to stand before Alice and her children trying not too seem full of herself when stopping to talk to Alice."It is almost like, I changed my attire to fit the job."She said in a slightly joking manner but you could tell she was happy and delighted about the situation.

"It seemed times passed a lot for the both of us." So it she mentioned but they both did not know what exactly what went on with one another so there seemed to be a few things to talk about if they felt like it really or if they had the time too as well kid did take up time she knew they did."But I almost could not have noticed it was you, After all you do look a bit different than what I last saw of you."She was putting that lightly. "But many things in time do wonders or tragedy to people."Speaking in the slightly odd ways she did sometimes. Hopefully it was not too annoying to do for the moment but it would not be Judina if she did not speak that way around close friends.

Judina then tried to show she was friendly to Alice's kids she got down on one knee and starting joining into making a snowman putting on close by the one Alice's son was making. Building quite a decent snow ball base by making half a ball for a base to build upon but also to make it look like she had more then three balls for a snowman.

Alice could tell Judina was trying to show the children she was friendly and she was not 100% knew how to show she was or how kids worked either."I can say at least this outfit change was a lot more interesting when it first happen and i seemed to settled into it quickly. I do miss the blue robe every once and a while but I have been busy that i do not get a chance to keep to that thought." She noted, steel plates felt odd to wear still in her mind.

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A New Way Settle, A New Day Dawns.(open) Empty on Mon Dec 31, 2018 2:41 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Seeing Judina, really Judina made her realize how rude she had been to her friends and her world. She had lost her companions because they were going to help Ceres and she agreed with that but she missed her friends very much. How could she push them away and be so focused on only one thing? It was, of course, a bit logical but that did not take away what she did.

Judina looked so different and yet not at all. It was not like her own dyed hair and the scar that was now invisible because of the sweater and jacket. The sword strapped on her back because her hip would not be useful when you would try to make snowmen with your children, but she would not leave it behind, she had to protect herself and she got it from the faction, it would not be far away from her, not even at home. Maybe she was a bit pathetic or just crazy but maybe that was normal after months of torture. She smiled though when Judina still called her friend, "I am glad you still call me friend." she had to say it out loud, show her appreciation.

She listened to her friend, as she had done with delight all the time and she took a deep breath, through her teeth as she mentioned wonders of time or tragedy. She looked at the little ones who came running back to grab their mother's attention. "You can say that." While Anton wanted to have help for the snowman, Tanya wanted to be picked up, "Who this mommy? She pretty."

There was a tear in the corner of her left eye and she smiled at Tanya, "This is mommy's friend Judina. We both did the same work." she asked if the little ones would not introduce themselves to Judina, but Anton would be too shy for that, not Tanya though. "I'm Tanya." Alice shook her head lightly and put her daughter back on the ground who ran to Anton to help. "A lot has happened, even if I did not want to break contact, I had no other option." She did not plan to keep it a secret, she did not know how much Judina wanted to know.

Anton looked at Judina and finally smiled at her when he noticed that she was helping him build the snowman. "Is this good?" he asked her now that the little ball was almost as big as him. Alice shook her head and joined, "It took me a lot to get used to not wearing armour. It was like a wall around myself, I felt so protected but I can't do that to my children. I do have to say it looks good on you."

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A New Way Settle, A New Day Dawns.(open) Empty on Mon Dec 31, 2018 4:20 am

With the peaceful smile Judina always gave most people."I have no reason to not call you friend."She stated, while it she just seemed to watch how the interaction was going. So far At least one of them seemed nervous around her but Judina also was trying not to show that she had no idea what she was going and was slightly unsure and nervous of her own actions here. Judina so far was at least giving herself credit for managing what she has so far well enough as she has, After all only one of her family members had a kid and...well fate chose different for them.

Making sure to not really mention that part."I have been a busy with a few things myself so no one would blame anyone for losing contact, At least in my view anyway."Judina mentioned maybe yet again it was how she just seemed to always be, The forgiving type the helpful soul many things."Some good some worrying."Judina did not seem to go into detail but most likely was thinking it was not needed yet to go into detailed of everything there was a time and place for it.

Her peaceful smile would also be shown towards Tanya."Hello Tanya are you a cute one."Judina said to her. Figuring Anton would open up over time, much like her brother Waylon tended to be, It seemed keeping that in mind would help Judina work what she needed too to interact with children.

"This is a wonderful snowman."Judina mentioned to him while admiring what he had done. "Learning to adjust to armor was different for me, This armor was a gift from some one, I still have the blue robe at home some where I just have not really needed to wear it."Judina mentioned to Alice. "Wearing armor is also a bit more different between you and I because I can make things from my armor so it has uses for me aside form protection."She noted to point out for Alice.

"Maybe it is because I do not have children...and well the only family did had something else happen as you know. So i have not really need to not wear armor all but the wedding of yours since then it has been armor almost all of the time."Judina mentioned, Maybe she was due to eventually have other clothing one day.

"I do however still look after all of my things, I still l sew whatever patches that i need too, It is still all taken care of nicely, So I would hope it would all still look nice even if i am it's only wearer."
Judina also mentioned only showing the slightest amount of pride in it. She did not show that often.

Then again Judina normally is not a prideful person."I have not made a snowman in many years, Years where I was a bit older then your children now, It feels nostalgic slightly doing it now." There was Waylon, Arisa and Regis then who all use to do it with her as well, Oh how the times have changed.

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A New Way Settle, A New Day Dawns.(open) Empty on Tue Jan 01, 2019 9:06 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Some feeling of relief washed over her as Judina said that there was no reason not to. All she could think of was moving forward to get back to what she wanted. Him. Back, with her, she did not care if he would go on a trip to Bosco for work, family, to do his job but to not know her and to not know their children. She did not tell them, daddy was just on a business trip that took very long. Very, very long. She felt bad and she only felt worse every time, specifically, Tanya asked, she was more of a daddy girl and Alice had definitely noticed that. "I agree on that, I am glad you do think so." she decided to say to show the bits of appreciation.

Many things had happened and by the time she would tell Judina but it needed time, saying it out loud felt so definite. She lost the fight against Lacie and her sister died, her father was basically a lunatic and she lost the love of her life. These two years had not been the best and sometimes she felt that ache in the scar on her back. "And some more worrying than good." was the reply she made when Judina said it depended. It made her curious, but not curious enough to push for answers or to find them.

Having her daughter on her arm, her little arms around Alice her own neck, she asked about Judina and Alice introduced her as her friend. She giggled and hid her face in her mom's blonde hair when Judina called her cute. Fishing for compliments, as usual. She put the little one down and smiled at Judina, forming a silent thank you, her children needed that, not all the worrying from their mother. Anton approached Judina in another way, asking for approval which she gave him and Alice took a deep breath. It hurt her to see her children trying to find something like that and that she was not the one being able to fulfil it. She kept on talking with Judina, trying to forget and help Tanya make the last little round albeit Anton quickly replaced her. Thank god they were good together, she wasn't sure if she would have been able to handle this if they would fight all the time.

Protection was all she could imagine. Protection was all she had. She nodded when the conversation drifted to family. "I lost too much these two years. I have no idea how I am able to stand and not fall apart. I can't, I know, I simply can't because I have to look after these two." All by myself. She tried to ignore it and continue on their conversation in general, "I learned to sew, I am afraid I am not all that good at it." But she did not have the money to spend all on clothing for the twins whenever they fell and made a hole in their little trousers or socks and so on. She asked Judina for help to put the smaller snowball on the big one that Anton made to start the last building of the snowman. "I can't remember to have made a snowman before. I am glad they like to do it, I bet they got that from their father." But she could not ask Kon.

She told the little ones to find two dark little stones for the eyes and smaller ones for the mouth and they went on a little hunt, so she could easily talk to Judina without informing her children of things they should not know nor would they understand.

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A New Way Settle, A New Day Dawns.(open) Empty on Tue Jan 01, 2019 12:50 pm

Judina would simple offer one thing first to Alice."Well, My consider this one thing I can help you with any sewing problems." She started off by saying"Or even just do it for you if I have the time too." It was easy to guess she would mention that, After all it just seemed how she worked maybe even his family members if Alice had ever met any other ones, Judina so far wouldn't know if she had or since they both been busy but she would be shocked if some off chance she met her mother or something.

It would be the casual part of the conversation while the kids went off but Judina seemed to watch them leave like the knight she was like it was normal of her to watch over people. Nonetheless Judina would actually get into detail now that kids would not hear her speak.

"How worrying are you meaning here?"Judina started off by asking, Because she assumed if might be something a lot more because how they both seemed to have in terms of work and jobs so maybe it was just to protect a minds of her kids."I can assume it isn't as bad my brother Regis just out of disappearing from everyone just after he seemed to be cured."Judina would mention to Alice as they went on.

"So that is the only thing i am worried about, I had to mostly just deal with making peace with the family of his wife and daughter."So with hoe Judina explained seemed to be not all that bad but given when she last spoke about Regis there seemed to be some underlining problems in her mind about it."So I am not horribly worried about what's going with my situation."

But then finally she would ask."But what of your situation, You seemed to be carrying a lot on your mind and hinting that you need to speak to some one."Judina mentioned well more of asking if she was right on guessing of that after all it was kind of easy in her mind to pick up.

"I can find Regis later, I could assume he isn't doing anything too bad." She seemed to look at Alice right in the eyes when she waiting for a reply after all these were kind of hard situations, Judina generally tried to keep her mind in check to express anything openly right away."Is there is something you need to let out or need Alice? Do no need to it just keep it buried up."Judina was kind of being hard press but knew if anything she needed to be.

"Two years does not seem like long to most people but other it can be, Holding on to anything long enough will not be good to anyone."Judina mentioned to her if anything talking like her mother would to her like she was just saying it word for for as it was too her.

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A New Way Settle, A New Day Dawns.(open) Empty on Wed Jan 02, 2019 2:21 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
She felt that her shoulders were dropping, the facade for days was tilting, it was failing and losing. She had been fighting every day, not physically but mentally. What to tell her children, every day, she was lying to them every day and yet they had no idea. They just accepted it. She had been gone for days from them and they did not ask it. "I keep that in mind, I could learn to become better." Sewing was the last of her problems, albeit it was the consequence of one but it did not hurt that bad when she accidentally got the needle in her finger. She was just too lazy to get a thimble. Maybe it was good to find contacts again with the people that were dear to here.


It hurt. It hurt too much to be able to talk to them, to touch them, even just a soft touch at a finger, or a wrist. She needed him but he did not know her and Midas told her to stay away for it would be better. But to play at the sideline and to be far away was not pleasant. She wanted to yell at him from that distance but she could not, because she understood at least that that would be an idiot plan.

She watched her children like a hawk. She could not afford to have them get in trouble, she would crumble from mental pain and guilt. "For me a lot of worrying is happening every day." Her lip started to tremble, but she knew she would not cry, crying was not allowed. "I lost everything except those two and as much as they are dear to me, that doesn't mean it does not hurt." She turned to Judina, "I lost my sister, I found my father and lost him again in the blink of an eye. He is insane and I try to get him healed, fixed, whatever it is that is necessary but for the last year, it didn't change. I lost my husband to a cult, he is back at the job but he doesn't remember me. I don't know what to do. Every day, I just get up to take care of Tanya and Anton, every day I keep trying to push my brain to only focus on them, but I can't only think about them."


She finally dared to speak when Judina finished talking. Regis was cured, her mind mentioned but she could not find a way to ask. She did not want to say she did not care, because that was not true, she just needed a friend to consult and Judina was here, after many months. She looked at her friend's eyes, she wanted to apologize for the load of this story that she told her but she could not utter the word at this point.

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A New Way Settle, A New Day Dawns.(open) Empty on Thu Jan 03, 2019 5:18 am

The smallest and faint smile, It was simple Judina had an idea that Alice needed something not long an ear to listen, She needed comfort and she needed something that would help her settle down if even for a moment, It was what her mind could figure out to do.

So just to kind of in her own way Judina's smile even faint was not worried about but more one of empathy. So in that moment of quiet, The armor Judina wore that was new and a point of conversation said would just being shaped so she could take it off like a sweater the side panels just seem to part and she took her armor off for a moment. She had a sleeveless dark blue shirt under it like she did at one time with her robe.

"I see your great burden of worry Alice."
She mentioned Judina for once did not offer nor would she care of any results from what she was about to do. She would hug her closest friend an slightly lift her off the ground unintentionally but there was a reason for. "You hold up great barriers for the moment your and holding up too much."

Putting her back on her feet but still locked in an embrace, Judina would lie that she was could if asked but felt it was rude to hug some one in metal armor."Keep in mind you are not alone, If needed I will find ways to help you."Yes this was emotional if anything this could have been the most emotion Judina has expressed to Alice but it was not with out reason.

she would slightly rub her back to see if would soothe her down slightly, But did not know if she was pushing any boundaries at this point, But it would not be all that long of a moment. Judina was still watching the kids she knew Alice was too.

So she would suggest something she did not know if would help or even if she could think the suggestion was good."If you are in need of some one to look after your little ones for a small time, I know some one whom might say yes."Judina figure it would be time to mention that to her, Even if she felt it might be a bit harder of an idea to do.

"My mother is always willing to look after others, I know she is some one you could trust, Even if you wish to meet her first i have a feeling she would look after them if you needed that option for a small period of time." Judina expected a no from this after all Alice never met her mother and it would be leaving a stranger with something so valuable is a risk she knew it was, So if a new she would understand.

With that she would pick up the armor she shed for that very moment and put it back on. Hoping something of it helped.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Saying it made it so definite, that was what she had tried to avoid but that did not change a single thing. It did not change that she failed and that there was no solution yet but be distant. It would not change anything and yet she did not want to say the words, for some reason unknown to her, probably an unconscious needing, the words tumbled over her tongue as she pronounced them, when she told them, because it did not matter. It needed to be said at some point.

She kept mostly looking at the nothing, unconsciously as well as watching her children and talking. Loss. It was basically all she knew at this point. She turned her golden eyes back at Judina, yes, a great burden and she did not know where to start to unravel it. Her eyes turned big when she was surprised by the hug but she hid her face in Judina's shoulder as she was glad to have her around. She was like a safe point, someone she could still trust and she noticed her mistake for not finding her again soon. She did not cry yet, it was that she detested it but else she would have done so. However, there were tears in the corner of her eyes and she gave a small shaky smile. "You have no idea how glad I am to see you again." Finally a tear found it's way down now her face was hidden, she was glad, so glad to have trusted Judina with her worrying for now. "Thank you, I really, really appreciate that."

She did not mind the close interaction and the rubbing of her back at this point, to everyone else with a few exceptions she would, but right now it was okay because she knew Judina. "Also my companions left on a journey and I have not heard anything from them anymore. I doubt it goes well, considering how bad everything seems to go." By the divine would it ever go well, was this her luck for the rest of her life? For as far as she could keep an eye on her kids she would but they did not have her luck at this point.

She looked surprised at Judina when she gave her a suggestion and rubbed the single tear away from her cheek now that her face was no longer hidden. She did not know what to say as she was really happy and flattered by the suggestion, "I would love to meet her for more than one reason but you make me really happy with the suggestion. It has been difficult to combine work with the twins." How could she say no to that? They spoke more about their own families before and she would trust Judina's mother as much as she trusted the daughter.

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A New Way Settle, A New Day Dawns.(open) Empty on Fri Jan 04, 2019 9:03 am

Now feeling content and at least able to have that moment pass it was the helpful thing that just needed to be done."I am glad this moment could  be helped."She mention for the part of the conversation, Even if she really did not want to say much about it over all.

So she would take a moment to ponder over one part of it just in case she did not want to rush into anything she could not one hundred percent help with."were where your companions last location? should I go get some one or myself to go to where you last saw them?"Judina asked more to ask if it was something Alice wanted to happen, If not she would just leave it there but Judina seemed to be starting to ask as to check if some things need to be done about these worries she had.

She would think to start planning things slowly in her mind if she needed too, but Judina assumed Alice would not get her to go much about it because she assumed Alice was not the type too."Yes After all my mother often did bug me to have ones around for her because she wanted to watch young ones.."Judina mentioned for that part of this conversation  about her mother to start with so far she could assume it is harmless."My mother is just the type to look out for people if they really need it, even going out of her way for people she really knows." She started off explaining.

"But that is just her and how she like to deal with children so much, She is a happy simple and happy soul caring soul."So far it could almost be seen where the caring part of her that she hide comes from."My mother has raised a child that is not her, she took some one else child in and raised her too, so that is why the offer seemed harmless and a possible thing to do." Then again mostly because her guess could be correct.

"Maybe not until i can manage to talk to her, would either of us know."
But the magic of her mother is she shows up a lot seemingly almost out of nowhere like she had some kind of power she never told her kids at all about, like she had a few things she still kept to herself to these days. "One of these days sometime soon I am sure I can arrange this idea of a meeting to see how your kids, I know how my mother will be."Maybe it was  just the moment and being unsure how to deal with such an event fully just leading some one who could help children more then her.

Even looking over to check on them once again so far they seemed to be okay still finding rocks to use or at least she thought just that she was looking at them still.

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A New Way Settle, A New Day Dawns.(open) Empty on Fri Jan 04, 2019 2:29 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice felt a bit more relieved about speaking to someone, saying things that were bothering her. After today, after this conversation even she would shut up again, she would build that brick wall again, brick by boring brick. The only reason was that it would protect her, it would not let her breakdown and it would not let her haunt him and destroy any chance that she still had at this point. If he was here, she bit her lip, tasting drops of iron as she cut it with her canine. She would not know what to do if he was here, she should probably get out of town, run away and not look back before the right moment would arrive, which was clearly not now.

Alice shook her head, "They went abroad, outside of Fiore to their native home, I have no idea where it is, apparently a secret. I just assume that they arrived and loved it so much that they forgot how to be a human, forgot how to speak and that they are happy." It was a terrible thought because why would they suddenly go without a word, a simple pawprint was enough for her to know they were alright. Unless it was bloody and th.. she should stop thinking in such bad manners. She tried to laugh at the conversation went about Judina her mother and wanting little ones. "Well you can get your hands full on these two. They are little adventures, that's for sure." They came running back, almost tumbling over the other to fix the stones on the snowman. She had to lift them up, one by one to make sure that they both got to do something else they would not reach it. Alice also had to tell the twin to be careful, else the snowman would fall over and they would not make a new one.

"I would love to meet your mother." her reaction was a little late because of the kids, "I would take you up on that, as much as I love them, finding the right person that I dare to trust is difficult and to keep that in the back of my mind when I go to work is difficult as well." She just dared, to be honest, they had been friends for a long time and she would rather be honest to Judina than not at all. "Yes, I do think it is smartest if you ask her first or at least talk to her. Who knows when the time comes that you can go, I can maybe come along." Being a high ranked one, and one devoted to her job (to avoid the pain of reality) it might be time to take a day off or so. "That is if you don't mind me and the kids on your journey."

The twin had run off again to find more black stones, Tanya commanding Anton that the brown ones weren't good enough and even if Alice wanted to correct her, she let it be for now.

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It seemed she would have to think about more about it and thus she did, only for the moment she did it seemed like almost there was not much else she could do about that part so."Guess that part could be left to that then."So she would have to ended it there and not mention much else unless it was brought up again, Judina had nothing else she could think to do about it not that it was a bad thing in her mind to ask about it, there was figurtively harmless to ask in her mind to do.

"Well my mother is an interesting lady, she raised 4 kids so I could image she could handle it, no doubt my father will help her if he is around too."Judina started off by mentioning to Alice about it."My father might be the quiet type by nature but he means well and by his actions and how he tends to work."Judina also mentioned. "Both managed four kids total, two might be a bit either on them still but they are older now.So we would have to see."It was an odd thought to keep in her mind after all her mother might be older in age but she always seemed so young in appearnce, Even her father seemed like he aged just not as hugely noticeable, in her mind either if any he just grew a beard and that was about it for him.

"Only thing I think is my mother pays attention to things a lot better than I do, I swear i could say her name three times and she would most likely be around the corner some how with out question or reason."Judina said more of a joking manner about it logically she knew that her mother has magical powers like almost all her kids do and she just did not know her powers at all."I mean that in a way that is hopefully not too worrying to you, just simply trying to make a joke."Judina at this point made sure to mention it was a joke to Alice.

"I should figure out what kind of power she has if she seems to work that way, But her and my father live out in peaceful area of Marigold around the open fields. So it would be a good area away from everything if needed."Judina started to think for a moment collecting something in thought, like how to contact my mother and how soon."I am sure if I were to send her a letter she would come as soon as she could, Just would have to mention where you would like to meet her."She was thinking that is how it works but she did not seem 100% sure."I will have you choose when it all could happen just so you could have some kind of control on it, This is all your call after all Alice."She made sure to mention while she watched Alice interaction with her children and what she needed to do for them.

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Lots of thoughts went through her mind but did not actually form thoughts. It was just a lot of what ifs and considering herself to be paranoia. Why would it be bad to trust on some people, why would it not be okay to ask her friends for help or take the suggestions that they had given to accept it as a possible, good working solution? She did listen but did not entirely grasp the idea of it, yes Judina her mother must be trustworthy. Judina was trustworthy and had always been, she was a great friend and she appreciated the idea very well too. Words entered her brain but scattered without forming the sentences again that Judina made, without her being able to understand what now was exactly meant. She shook her head almost invisibly and nodded, because the last part she did get four children, now two but older. "Well they do a lot together, the twin I mean. Tanya is always looking after Anton." While it made her daughter bossy from time to time, she meant well considering her little brother. And it was visible now too, they did not stray away too far from each other.

She appreciated the idea of a joke and smiled at Judina. "I can't repeat enough times how glad I am to see you again. Your offer even if it's in the future calms me down a little as well." Even as a single mom, she was perhaps not that alone. She nodded when the conversation turned back to her parents and where they live. "It might actually be good for them, better than the busy streets of Crocus." Maybe, she needed a holiday herself, not just the kids. Maybe she could go to Marigold for that, meet Judina's parents for future help and just take a moment of space to breathe and be far away from issues where Konstantin might show up. While being distracted by her children, she was only more aware of the words and the surroundings. "We are expecting problems in Orchidia, so at the moment, I can only say that I will be here for a while."

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It was easy to pick up she was distracted and had a few other things on her mind so she would figure out something else to mention to her."Alice, When is the last you have ate or drank anything?"She would still maybe ask a few unneeded but assuring questions to Alice. This again it was also to get to focus a bit more too since her mind was going to many places Judina had not seen that since her brother Waylon last time he saw him so she understood how it seemed to work and the signs of it.

So Judina would smile nonetheless."You seem to be dealing with a lot, so as much as you wish to look after your children and understand. No one is checking up on you as far as I know. Nor offering anything to seem to possibly any kind of help over all."Then again this was her more implying she did not know anyone else offered help that Alice herself to be okay with. If anything maybe Alice had not open up much about it either that shield was mighty strong Judina doubt she could punch her way though it.

"Either of our jobs we must expect something no matter when something to come up."
Judina had mentioned, It is something she kept in mind and accepted quickly with the job maybe why she whole and reality did not too large amounts other things unless planned ahead of time.

So Judina looked for where the little ones for that quiet moment, If something where to come up where would they go? and who would look at after them as well? these were interesting when Alice had to deal with something, So it could be left to wonder in this pause.

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While putting the children down after they fixed the last bits of the little pebbles, they went to dance around it, Tanya's idea obviously but Anton followed none the less. Alice turned to look at Judina when she called her name and asked her a serious question, though she assumed she took care of herself, she had been far too thin, still, a side effect of being taken prisoner by the Cult but she managed to keep up eating when she fed the twins. "I wouldn't call it proper eating but when they eat, I try to sneak in bits as well, same goes for drinking." Which she should not have said as Anton now pulled on her jeans with the question if they could get some cookies but she shushed him and told him to play a little more with his sister and they would get cookies and hot cocoa at home if they were nice and let mommy talk to her friend. Which was music to their ears, "Eating has been problematic, I don't have a disorder I just, they starved me when they took me, prisoner, almost two years ago." She said softly, not entirely sure what to say about it and sure she did not want the kids to hear it. "So much has happened Judina, I don't know where to start, taking care of them and indirect taking care of myself is the best I can do now. Konstantin is always on my mind and I will find a way to get him back home."

But Judina was right, she needed to look more after herself else it seemed to be no use. She would walk away from herself, get a burnout or worse and who would look after the children. "You got a fair point." She had no colleague to hang out with, that cared much about her now that Kon was gone. Now that they were quiet and looked at the children, a thousand thoughts went through her mind, but not one strong enough to see what she could do about it. Anton came to ask her again if they would go now but Tanya did not want to leave the snowman. "Let's meet again sometime soon Judina, they want to eat and I bet after that they need to sleep, they seem already very tired." Naps and three-year-olds, it was sometimes a miracle, where she would get the time to sleep a bit as well. At night she barely slept as she did not dare to do so but naps were okay, mostly harmless considering the nightmares but her sword always within reach of her hand.


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Judina would have to wonder what else she could do at this point Alice seemed liked she still need time to process currently but she had not doubt about it either. But she got what she wanted off of her mind all but one thing anyway, She did have a thought about what she could do when she saw Alice again and what could happen."You will need to fix that, Slowly. Remembering will be the key to it."Which she knew that it would be a bit harder now considering how things had been going for her, It made Judina feel better slightly about the stresses of her life for the moment.

"You are troubling yourself with too many thing my dear friend." Which she made sure to mention again even if she already knew and said it before, She would watch Alice leave and then mention something to herself."Even if she will find it rude if i find her again and she has not eaten anything and relax...I will slap her close friend or not." Maybe Judina was not one hundred percent yet sure what Alice was dealing with or being the stubborn woman she was.

When she would arrive back to where she was staying with in the rune knights currently area of meeting. Judina would sit down at a desk and slowly start writing a letter, A letter to her mother."Alright mother for once maybe, maybe you could be prove me right as well for much better reason then just me wishing to help some one." She said while she slowly wrote the letter to her."But for three people that are not me that I value." It made Judina seem like sometimes under her possible hard shell there was a different woman who showed value in so many different things then just protecting her family and other but other people's lives being stable.


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