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A Blur of Seasons [Pyre]

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#1Michelle Hunter 

on Wed Nov 07, 2018 1:30 pm

For a city that housed one of the most famous good guilds, Magnolia’s markets were filled with way too many cutpurses. Maybe it was because it attracted many tourists who were awestruck by the scenery so much that they don’t notice their pockets get lighter. And because the tourists were targeted the most, the thieves assumed Michelle was one too, thanks to her darker skin tone. Not even a couple hundred meters into the crowded market and the assassin had to break two hands that reached for her purse and crack the nuts of a third guy who aimed higher. As much as she enjoyed watching these filthy men whine under her foot, she didn’t wish to gain any attention and decided to shop later when it isn’t as packed.

Annoyed, Michelle just bought a sandwich and a bottle of water, slipped out of the markets and headed to the park where she knew she could eat her lunch in peace. Picking a rather secluded section in a faraway corner of the park, the purple-haired lady sat on the empty bench and began unwrapping her sandwich. Taking a small bite, she leaned back and looked up at the bright sky. Large white clouds covered the bright sun and a gentle breeze carried flecks of dried leaves as it blew, hinting at the end of summer and the beginning of fall. For a while, the peace of eating alone under the sun listening to the sounds of nature wasn’t so bad. But it got boring soon enough, and she took larger bites of the sandwich so that she could finish it and get back to training.


on Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:14 am

Pyre loved fall. The beautiful oranges and yellows of the trees, he found it soothing. One of his favorite things was the crunch of the leaves as he walked alone in the woods with the wind kicking leaves up around him. It was a bit of natural magic. His morning walk had been going quite well, the gentle chill to the air was comforting and everytike a strong wind blew through the trees hundreds of leaves would cascade down in a rain of red and yellow. Pyre dragged his feet along the ground of the park. It was comforting not hearing the sound of other people for once. Ever since he’d gotten the letter from Elder Quora he had been going out almost every night to hunt for the Baurai. But yet, he had come up empty handed every night. He’d find a small crime syndicate, go in stealthily, and yet find no papers indicating a hidden benefactor or a hidden man on top.
Pyre chose to ignore his analytical thoughts, he overthought so many things. He had a one track mind really, he’d get stuck in something and continue to think about it. Trying desperately to figure out what had happened and what he could do about it.
As he drew Near to a secluded part of the park he noticed a purple haired woman sitting on a bench. She seem particularly miffed about something and was quickly eating her sandwhich, staring at the sky. He wondered if she even saw him stroll into their clearing and out of the firey colored forest. But he thought it best to just walk closer and sit on the bench next to her. Pyre has a difficult time communicating with others, especially in the beginning of a conversation. So maybe, just being in a close vicinity would be a good way to get a conversation flowing.

#3Michelle Hunter 

on Sat Nov 10, 2018 3:18 pm

The young assassin was so lost in her thoughts about her training routines for later that day that she stared at the blue sky while munching on her food mindlessly, not even bothering to appreciate its deliciousness. Having faced the opposite direction and looking up most of the time, Michelle never saw the tall white-haired man approach or sit down on the bench. So, she spotted him only after she finished her food, crumpled the wrapper and turned to get off the bench. The unexpected presence scared her just for a moment, but she found herself annoyed soon enough. Annoyed mostly at herself as this was an embarrassing moment for the assassin; she has let someone sneak up on her.

The lady promptly diverted that insecurity and assumed this guy must be another thief from the markets. “You shouldn’t sneak up on girls if you don’t wanna get hurt,” she spat, frowning at the man, locking her eyes with his. She got off the bench, put one foot on the bench next to the man and leaned on it to get a closer look. “Trying to pickpocket me, are you?” she asked, cocking one of her eyebrows.

It was highly unlikely that some cutpurse decided to follow her all the way from the market to this secluded region of the park just to rob her. She would have realized that had she not gotten so worked up and thought for a moment. Instead, she decided to jump the gun and accuse a poor innocent man just to vent her frustration.


on Sat Nov 10, 2018 9:52 pm

Pyre sat there for a few seconds, maybe two minutes really. Before the girl finally noticed that Pyre sat down. There were a few moments of awkward silence where the purple haired woman seemed to be thinking things over in her head. But then, she acted. She sprung up and placed her foot on the bench, glaring at Pyre. Taken back a bit Pyre shifted himself a bit. He wasn’t strong, but he was fast His feet were planted on the ground, he was still sitting but he was ready for a fight now.
The girl leaned in and questioned his motives. Trying to keep the peace he raised his hands and put on a friendly face, ”Oh! No. I swear I mean no harm. I was just walking through the woods and sat down. Sorry to startle you.” Pyre said. He continued to stay sitting, it could foster a bit of good will between the two people. He shifted his weight again. He hoped his more positive tone would help the woman settle down and not be so much on the offensive as she was.
Trying to lead them into a friendlier conversation he posed his own question, ”why are you in the woods today?” He asked. He was trying to be as friendly as possible. He’d rather not have a terrible meeting today. So he continued to smile and just tried to be the nicest possible person that he could be.

#5Michelle Hunter 

on Sat Nov 17, 2018 3:28 am

Michelle noticed the man tense up as she put her foot up on the bench and her eyebrows furrowed, thinking he was going to either fight or bolt. She got ready to chase or fight back, but neither of it seemed necessary. To her surprise, he simply put both his hands up and spoke calmly of his innocence. Her furrowed brows immediately rose up in surprise. She thought for a moment, relaxed and then sat down after a sigh, finally realising only an idiot thief would attempt something in such a deserted place. Putting her hands behind and rolling her head back, she looked up at the sky again as she apologised. “Sorry I assumed you are a thief. Been on edge since I ran into three of them just this morning,” she said.

When Pyre asked what she was doing at the park, she turned to look at him before replying. “Oh! I like the peace and quiet here. I come here almost every evening to train. Came early today since I couldn’t stand the crowd in the markets,” she said, frowning towards the last sentence to express her annoyance at the packed streets. “Where are you from?” Michelle asked curiously. It was impossible to figure out who was a local and who wasn’t in the land of Fiore. It was a hot-pot of mages from many countries and of different ethnicity.


on Sat Nov 17, 2018 8:55 am

The woman immediately relaxed when Pyre became calm and showed politness. Her response was one of apology, stating the fact that she had already seen three this morning, Pyre winced at that.
In terms of the park, she too likes the relaxing beauty and nature of it. ”it is a nice place to just come and relax at.” He stayed.

Michelle then posed a very interesting question to Pyre about where he was from. He was sure his hands visibly twitched as he held them down. He was very accustom to being weary of those prying into his life. But he relaxed, there had been no sign of any Baurai here and this woman probably wasn’t one. So why worry? ”I recently came here from orchidia. But my mother was a merchant so I grew up pretty much everywhere. What about you?” He asked. Pyre wasn’t a fan of snooping but he knew that that question was typically expected.

A brisk wind blew through the park, knocking quite a few leaves from their precarious perches on their branches causing a beautiful waterfall of red and yellow leaves to come cascading down into the clearing. Pyre looked up at the leaves, ”Fall is such a pretty season. Don’t you think?” Pyre asked. He had no idea who this woman was. But she seemed just as socially awkward as he was in public and so it was nice to see someone who was better at reading people in a combat situation than a social one. But then again. He could be reading the situation wrong.

#7Michelle Hunter 

on Sun Nov 18, 2018 6:33 am

The fact that Pyre too was a wanderer and had no single town to call as home eased Michelle up a little more. “Never met my parents. So I wandered the country most of my life taking up odd jobs to survive,” she said, obviously excluding the part where the odd jobs included assassinations and other nasty things. It wasn’t a job description one advertised about openly. There was no hint of self-pity or sorrow in her tone when she spoke of her parents. She truly didn’t care; in her head, she was raised by a far better man than whoever her father may be.

“Better than the scathing summer, for sure,” she replied. Michelle never really put any thought into the seasons or the subtle beauties behind them. The young assassin’s days were usually packed with many objectives that she seldom found the time to pause and appreciate the wonder of nature. Even on the days she did, she was usually lost in her own thoughts. However, now that Pyre mentioned it, she took a good look around her and the dancing leaves brought a smile to her face. “Scratch that… it is beautiful indeed,” she said watching the red and yellow leaves fall.

All her life, she had used her wind aggressively. For the first time, she felt the gentle side of it. Extending her hand towards the falling leaves, she changed the direction of the wind to control the leaves trajectory, making it go around the two of them before falling down. Watching the leaves encircle them made her giggle. “Name’s Michelle, by the way,” she introduced herself.


on Sun Nov 18, 2018 11:52 am

Michelle, the girls name apparently, had also grown up wondering the world. Except she never knew either of his parents. Pyre only knew one, his mother. ”I only ever had my mother. But she died awhile ago.” He said. He remembered the night, her Grayson’s murdered. It was one of the reasons he went into the rune knights, along with being a spy for his family.
Michelle also liked the beautiful weather, the falling leaves. She even commented on the cascading leaf waterfall. Pyre remembered that he had not given her his name yet, “Oh! My name is Pyre. Sorry that it took so long for me to tell you that.” He said quickly.
Pyre let silence sit in the air for just a little awhile as he thought of a conversation topic to help continue their conversation. Then it dawned on him. ”So why are you in magnolia?” He aske. It was the best question he had. He had his own reasons but he now planned to stay longer than he had expected to. Now that he had his family mission. He had to stay here longer. But if he was going to be here longer than planned he might as well enjoy his time by talking to people and going on walks in the wood. That was one reason he had enjoyed Orchidia. It had such expansive forests. Their beauty was unearthly. To the point where it scared him a little.

#9Michelle Hunter 

on Thu Nov 22, 2018 11:51 am

“Nice to meet you, Pyre,” she replied with a smile as the man introduced himself. The assassin wasn’t usually this polite to strangers. However, considering how he had tried to keep the peace despite her accusing him, she felt the need to return the favour. There was a short silence after the introductions, but it was broken soon before it got too long and awkward. He inquired as to what she was doing in Magnolia. Of course, she couldn’t tell him she followed a man who had a piece of the devil inside him and that she was trying to train him so that he could attempt controlling the evil power within. So, instead, she settled on a generic answer.

“Just running some errands for my father. Making a living,” she said vaguely. That statement wasn’t entirely false; but, she didn’t have the luxury to divulge any further without inviting more questions. The more she had to lie, the more she had to keep track of those lies and higher the chances of messing up. It was better to keep it vague. “What about you?” she countered, as she bent down to retie her loosened shoe laces. When done, she sat up briskly and turned towards Pyre, showing much interest in whatever he had to say.


on Fri Nov 23, 2018 4:50 pm

Michelle greeted Pyre kindly, he gave a subtle nod in return. But then Michelle said something that contradicted an earlier statement of hers. She stated that she was running errands for her father. He decided to wait before he asked about it because she turned around and asked why he was in Magnolia. "Oh, I'm running errands as well, for my great-grandmother." He said. Which was true, the leader of his family was his great grandmother, but they weren't close.

Pyre let silence sit for a few moments then he opened his mouth again, "Please tell me if I'm prying, but I thought you said you had never met your parents, but a moment ago you said you were here for your father? I'm just confused. Its entirely okay to not answer." Pyre said. He tried to remain as innocent looking as he could. Some of his rune knight training was finding its way out, but he didn't want to scare Michelle away. He hadn't had many friends since he left the academy. He hadn't talked to his master in forever, which was also kind of sad he had enjoyed her company. he fixed his jacket and brushed his hair out of his face, looking back at Michelle, waiting for her answer. He had to admit that he was curious how this was going to go. Pyre had a slight like for family drama, but it was his everyday so what could he say?

#11Michelle Hunter 

on Sun Nov 25, 2018 12:59 pm

She looked at him keenly, hoping to hear some adventurous goal that he had for which he travelled to Orchidia. But it would seem he too was there running errands for his family. The assassin was disappointed with the short reply, but didn’t show it. To add to that, she had slipped up and said seemingly contradicting statements. That day wasn’t really her best day, after all.

“It’s… my foster father,” she admitted. “He took me in when I was thirteen. The old man travels a lot on business. And I follow, on most occasions,” Michelle added. She took his second name and calls herself his daughter; but she was never sure if the sentiment was reciprocated. Somewhere deep down, she was well aware that, to Benjamin, she was nothing but a tool; which is exactly what an assassin must be. Of course, the foolish girl refuses to accept the truth that stares right at her and tricks herself into thinking she has a family.

Her lips involuntarily curved into a sad smile as she looked down at the ground for a moment before shaking her head and looking back up at Pyre. “Great grandmother, eh? A very sweet one, I’m sure,” she said, changing the subject. Michelle found Pyre very lucky to have a great grandmother. Very few people get that opportunity in their life.


on Sun Dec 23, 2018 3:16 pm

Michelle worked for her foster father apparently, which set Pyre’s curiosity at rest. Their conversation was going quite sweetly, she even asked about his great grandmother, calling her sweet. Pyre choked. ”Quite the contrary, my great grandmother rules our family business with an iron fist. She’s always been a distant woman.” pyre said. His great grandmother was an interesting woman to say the least, she’d slit anyone’s throat in an instant if she believed they were going against her beliefs. She had done it to one of her own children. Pyre took in a sharp breath, ”I don’t really blame her, she fought hard to get her spot in the company. My uncle tried to throw her out once. It ended poorly” he finished. He ended up dead, Pyre thought.
Pyre didn’t wish to ever get on the wrong side of his grandmother, she was vicious. But he had never disappointed her and he never planned on. Moving the conversation away from him he aimed a question at Michelle, ”So how did you meet you’re foster father? Sorry for prying, it just sounds nice for someone to be adopted like that.”


on Wed Dec 26, 2018 7:44 pm

Pyre leaned down and checked his watch one more time. He gasped. "Oh my gosh, Michelle, I'm so sorry, but I have to leave. I hope we meet again." He said. Pyre stood up abruptly. He paused for a moment not sure if to hug her goodbye. So instead he awkardly grabbed her hand and shook it.

He all but ran down the pathway, he had totally forgotten the fact that he had to meet an Aurelle correspondent here soon. Pyre almost tripped a few times as he ran down the path. The autumn leaves became a blur of orange and red, the wind blew across his face. Everything was turning into a blur. He felt like he was moving so fast that the entire season was blurring together. He hadn't realized how long he had been in there. What felt like 15 minutes had actually been hours. Pyre was surprised that he had spent so much time in the park.

He slipped back out into magnolia. He was moving so fast, he was headed towards the eastwoods, they weren't too far away but he had to make it there in decent time to meet his correspondent so he could pass along all his infromation to the family. He had to make sure his family would be fine.

Pyre cracked his knuckles and leaned into his running, everything became a blur once more. THis really had been a blur of the seasons today. And pyre enjoyed it.


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