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A Blur of Seasons [Pyre]

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#1Michelle Hunter 

on Wed Nov 07, 2018 1:30 pm

For a city that housed one of the most famous good guilds, Magnolia’s markets were filled with way too many cutpurses. Maybe it was because it attracted many tourists who were awestruck by the scenery so much that they don’t notice their pockets get lighter. And because the tourists were targeted the most, the thieves assumed Michelle was one too, thanks to her darker skin tone. Not even a couple hundred meters into the crowded market and the assassin had to break two hands that reached for her purse and crack the nuts of a third guy who aimed higher. As much as she enjoyed watching these filthy men whine under her foot, she didn’t wish to gain any attention and decided to shop later when it isn’t as packed.

Annoyed, Michelle just bought a sandwich and a bottle of water, slipped out of the markets and headed to the park where she knew she could eat her lunch in peace. Picking a rather secluded section in a faraway corner of the park, the purple-haired lady sat on the empty bench and began unwrapping her sandwich. Taking a small bite, she leaned back and looked up at the bright sky. Large white clouds covered the bright sun and a gentle breeze carried flecks of dried leaves as it blew, hinting at the end of summer and the beginning of fall. For a while, the peace of eating alone under the sun listening to the sounds of nature wasn’t so bad. But it got boring soon enough, and she took larger bites of the sandwich so that she could finish it and get back to training.


on Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:14 am

Pyre loved fall. The beautiful oranges and yellows of the trees, he found it soothing. One of his favorite things was the crunch of the leaves as he walked alone in the woods with the wind kicking leaves up around him. It was a bit of natural magic. His morning walk had been going quite well, the gentle chill to the air was comforting and everytike a strong wind blew through the trees hundreds of leaves would cascade down in a rain of red and yellow. Pyre dragged his feet along the ground of the park. It was comforting not hearing the sound of other people for once. Ever since he’d gotten the letter from Elder Quora he had been going out almost every night to hunt for the Baurai. But yet, he had come up empty handed every night. He’d find a small crime syndicate, go in stealthily, and yet find no papers indicating a hidden benefactor or a hidden man on top.
Pyre chose to ignore his analytical thoughts, he overthought so many things. He had a one track mind really, he’d get stuck in something and continue to think about it. Trying desperately to figure out what had happened and what he could do about it.
As he drew Near to a secluded part of the park he noticed a purple haired woman sitting on a bench. She seem particularly miffed about something and was quickly eating her sandwhich, staring at the sky. He wondered if she even saw him stroll into their clearing and out of the firey colored forest. But he thought it best to just walk closer and sit on the bench next to her. Pyre has a difficult time communicating with others, especially in the beginning of a conversation. So maybe, just being in a close vicinity would be a good way to get a conversation flowing.

#3Michelle Hunter 

on Sat Nov 10, 2018 3:18 pm

The young assassin was so lost in her thoughts about her training routines for later that day that she stared at the blue sky while munching on her food mindlessly, not even bothering to appreciate its deliciousness. Having faced the opposite direction and looking up most of the time, Michelle never saw the tall white-haired man approach or sit down on the bench. So, she spotted him only after she finished her food, crumpled the wrapper and turned to get off the bench. The unexpected presence scared her just for a moment, but she found herself annoyed soon enough. Annoyed mostly at herself as this was an embarrassing moment for the assassin; she has let someone sneak up on her.

The lady promptly diverted that insecurity and assumed this guy must be another thief from the markets. “You shouldn’t sneak up on girls if you don’t wanna get hurt,” she spat, frowning at the man, locking her eyes with his. She got off the bench, put one foot on the bench next to the man and leaned on it to get a closer look. “Trying to pickpocket me, are you?” she asked, cocking one of her eyebrows.

It was highly unlikely that some cutpurse decided to follow her all the way from the market to this secluded region of the park just to rob her. She would have realized that had she not gotten so worked up and thought for a moment. Instead, she decided to jump the gun and accuse a poor innocent man just to vent her frustration.


on Sat Nov 10, 2018 9:52 pm

Pyre sat there for a few seconds, maybe two minutes really. Before the girl finally noticed that Pyre sat down. There were a few moments of awkward silence where the purple haired woman seemed to be thinking things over in her head. But then, she acted. She sprung up and placed her foot on the bench, glaring at Pyre. Taken back a bit Pyre shifted himself a bit. He wasn’t strong, but he was fast His feet were planted on the ground, he was still sitting but he was ready for a fight now.
The girl leaned in and questioned his motives. Trying to keep the peace he raised his hands and put on a friendly face, ”Oh! No. I swear I mean no harm. I was just walking through the woods and sat down. Sorry to startle you.” Pyre said. He continued to stay sitting, it could foster a bit of good will between the two people. He shifted his weight again. He hoped his more positive tone would help the woman settle down and not be so much on the offensive as she was.
Trying to lead them into a friendlier conversation he posed his own question, ”why are you in the woods today?” He asked. He was trying to be as friendly as possible. He’d rather not have a terrible meeting today. So he continued to smile and just tried to be the nicest possible person that he could be.

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