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Orchidia to Magnolia (foot travel)

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Orchidia to Magnolia (foot travel) Empty on Sat Oct 27, 2018 5:46 am

Pyre walked outside of the city slowly. He had been in orchidia for such a long time. Granted he hadnít done much while he was there, but orchidia had still been his home for almost the entire summer. Even the lady who ran the inn said that sheíd like to see him come back to orchidia soon. But pyre wasnít so sure he wanted that. As much as he loved Oechidia, he hadnít felt an amazingly deep connection to it. Originally he had come here because of rumors of the Baurai family, but those were gone now and he hadnít moved on. Now he was. He closed his eyes for a moment. It was still dark out, the sun had barely risen over the horizon. He had a long walk ahead of him, four days actually. But he was prepared for it, walking wasnít that hard for him. Some people found walking tedious. But he found it soothing, it allowed him to think, to conspire, to wonder and to theorize. It was a time of great reflection for him.
As he continued on his long walk he moved his way through the marshes, where monsters lurked. He walked quickly through those, not stopping long enough for the vampyres or lycans to catch his sent. The sun grew stronger as he moved towards magnolia, and the cold grew a little weaker, but Pure could still feel winter creeping in around them.
The next time Pyre stopped to sleep there was nothing around, fields for miles. He assumed that it was well into the night when he decided to rest. The moon was high in the sky. Yawning, he slowly put out his mat. He crossed his fingers no one find him in the middle of the field and try to take all his stuff. But one could never know. So before he went to bed he dug a small hold and dropped the jewels in it. Pyre filled it back in and marked it with a rock, scratching the letter P into it.
Pyre didnít dream that night, under the moon. So when he woke in the morning he went right back to walking. He was close now. To the point where magnolia was a faint outline on the horizon. The ocean beeeze was creeping itís way up the hills towards him. He was happy to have moved.


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