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Miller Time [Quest | Akira]

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on Sat Oct 06, 2018 2:11 pm


Finally, the Flower Festival had come to an end and it was time to pack up their tent and get back to the main town. As he began packing the books on the makeshift shelf Akira had made, a letter fell off from under one of the books. Typically, Haru wasn’t one to peer into other people’s letters. However, he noticed that this was not directly addressed to Akira, but also to her ‘company’. And to make him more curious, it was from Dex Miller. It took him a while to associate the name to the crazy detective they had met, but he finally managed.

Unable to control his temptation, he opened the letter to read its content. Apparently, there was another case the ‘detective’ wanted help with and he had requested ‘Akira and company’ for their assistance. His eyes widened in realization. This was the letter she received that day when we were on town and she said it was nothing! He understood why she didn’t take the letter seriously. Dex Miller wasn’t the name Haru would bring up if he was asked to give examples of detectives. Nevertheless, as Rune Knights, it was their duty to investigate every complaint. Haru couldn’t believe Akira had been hiding it all this time.

Walking up to his partner, he held the letter up in front of her and raised one eyebrow as if he was daring her to explain it away.

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#2Akira Shimada 

on Mon Oct 08, 2018 11:00 pm

The book was placed by her side open and face down on the grass. For someone who read a lot, her regard for books could be considered dismal. One streak of carelessness that ran through the otherwise meticulous and methodical planner. Tsuru had taken up the task for finishing packing up for which she was grateful. Being nocturnal meant she usually slept later into the day, but that wasn't an option today. and the nocturnal being had no chance to sleep in late today, so here she was, plagued with exhaustion since she hadn't even managed to catch a wink. Not to mention, they had a long walk back to town, ahead of them.

Her head tilted back the top of it propped by the rough bark behind her as she looked up at the canopy of trees, the light that poured through between them, pierced her eye, a hand was held up in defence. The rays, like scattered shards fell, in a dappled pattern all around her. As she felt the heat against her palm, for a moment, she felt the urge to close her fingers into a fist in an attempt to hold this light and the warmth it offered, of course, she couldn't... Her peace was interrupted with the letter unceremoniously interrupting her field of vision. Instinctively, she snatched it from her partner and reflected his glare. 'You went through my things?' she asked accusingly.

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on Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:05 am


Haru’s anger almost instantly vanished when he saw Akira resting peacefully under a tree. For a moment, he wished he could just forget about the letter, sit next to her, and enjoy the beautiful morning. But the healer’s sense of justice pushed back, and he forced a little bit of his anger back to the surface. Haru gave an incredulous scoff as she deflected the question after snatching the letter. “Not intentionally. It fell off from one of your books while I was packing. Besides, it’s not a personal letter. It’s addressed to ‘Akira AND company’,” he said, squinting at her as he emphasized the word ‘and’.

“Don’t change the subject. Why did you hide the letter?” he asked, folding his hands. “Doesn’t matter,” he added quickly after. He already knew what she was going to say. There was no point in making her say it. “We’re finding the guy today and you are coming with me,” he said pointedly before walking back to the tent to finish packing.

When he finally rolled up the tent, it was time to get to the main town, drop their luggage in the Rune Knight quarters and find Dex Miller. He knew very well that this private detective’s information could be completely worthless, or worse, misleading. But he couldn’t shake the fear that there might be a small chance that there is a case. The righteous swordsman could be entirely wrong, and Akira would then make her ‘I-told-you-so’ face. This wouldn’t be the first time that happened but that wasn’t going to stop him.

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#4Akira Shimada 

on Sat Oct 13, 2018 9:26 pm

Aki picked up a blade and listlessly tossed it at her partner, huffing softly and rolling her eyes. 'And who said company meant you?' she muttered. The smirk that stretched one side of her lips, didn't ask for permission before appearing. There was a slightly teasing note in her tone now. 'I mean, I could totally have a lot of other company... People love me after all.' she added sardonically, before blowing a strand of hair that was tickling the top of her nose. A groan accompanied her words as she took a moment to realise what his discovery meant. He cut across her, his own words should have answered his questions, Aki just offered him a intent gaze. 'Why do you think I hid it?' She knew he knew the answer, she hoped he also realised that this wasn't just a case of her shirking duties.

Finally, his dreaded words tumbled right out. Her eyes widened, eyebrows raised in surprise. 'You can't possibly be serious!' she exclaimed sitting up straighter. She heaved a long sigh, before pinning him with a stubborn gaze. 'This is exactly why I ignored the letter and hid it from you, I knew you'd say we should go!' she added, stating what they both already knew. 'Do you not remember Dex Miller?' she went on... Picking up her book and snapping it shut with a decisiveness. She was exhausted, the journey itself was going to be a drag, meeting that joker in addition, was just going to drain the life force right out of her. 'No.' she tried, folding her hands and refusing point blank, wondering how far she could take this tantrum.

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on Sun Oct 14, 2018 2:33 am


Haru did not grace Akira’s comment regarding her plenty ‘other company’ with any kind of reaction. He actually thought she was being serious; the sarcasm didn’t sink in until she mentioned how many people loved her. He shook his head and turned away from her before chuckling. “I remember him fine. Doesn’t change the fact that there is a chance he might have true information this time,” he said with as much confidence as he could muster, but even he himself wasn’t convinced with his own statement. Nevertheless, it wasn’t as though they had anything else to do that day. Might as well give the man a second chance.

“No?!” Haru asked, stopping in his tracks and frowning at his partner. Akira might complain a lot, but this was the first time she had ever said no to investigating something. It was new and the healer had no idea how to deal with it. “Stop fooling around. What if someone is actually hurt?” he asked, unable to understand the logic behind her tantrum. “Remember when we thought it was just another false accusation when that girl eloped with an actual Vampyre?” Haru asked, folding his hands. He hoped reminding her of that would convince her to follow.

If she did follow, the duo would walk back to the main town, freshen up at the Rune Knight quarters and go to the bar where Dex Miller hung around usually.

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#6Akira Shimada 

on Sun Oct 14, 2018 2:59 am

'No.' she repeated with a hefty sigh. He took a moment, it seemed like she had succeeded in surprising her at least. Sadly, the same couldn't be said about him. Ever the dutiful healer, he gave her a list of reasons why they shouldn't treat this like a false alarm. Akira wasn't even sure if a man like Miller was capable of raising a false alarm, to be honest. Then he categorically reminded her of their last mission. She wondered if he knew how she held herself responsible for all the mishaps that could have been prevented had she been on her A game... It seemed likely, because he seemed to be playing right into it. She rolled her eyes. For someone who gave the impression that she was the one calling the shots, Aki really had to follow Tsuru head long into everything he set his mind on.

'Whatever. But, I'm not really helping, we're partners so I'll stick around because we can't camp out here any more, you deal with the alleged detective on your own.' she responded. There wasn't anger or any sort of bitterness and resentment in her voice. Just a sort of resignation. And yet again the moment, echoed of all the times they'd shared together all the missions they had tacked, the easy and the life-threatening... The swift flashback of the year that had passed tugged the corner of her mouth. She shook her head, barely able to hold onto the facade of annoyance that had once come to her so naturally around the healer. She still had her hands folded across her chest, as she trudged along striding briskly in order to walk alongside the healer.
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on Sun Oct 14, 2018 11:28 am


“Excellent!” he replied, grinning widely. Having his partner tag along was all he could ask for anyway; he knew if it comes down to it, she will help him. When they finally made it to the main town and put away their luggage, it was time to go see Mr. Miller. The man was exactly where Haru thought he would be and was ecstatic to see the duo. “Oh! There you guys are. I thought you all didn’t want to help me. Silly me,” he said, impressed with himself that he managed to get a couple of ranked Rune Knights at his beck and call.

“We are here to investigate the ‘biggest crime scene ever’ that you mentioned in your letter Mr. Miller. I hope we aren’t too late,” Haru said, trying to remain professional and keep the interaction to minimum. “Oh! It’s never too late. I could recreate the crime scene for you guys to investigate. All we need is some animal blood and some dull weapons. With my eidetic memory, I could put them all in exactly the place they were originally,” he said. Haru didn’t like the twinkle the man had in his eyes. “Was it murder?” he asked, worried. “Nah! I’ll fill you in on all the details once we set up the scene,” Dex replied, patting the healer’s shoulder. Haru stood there for a moment, thinking, looked towards Akira and then nodded. “Alright! This better not be a waste of time,” he muttered under his breath.

When the duo exited the bar, even Haru was beginning to regret taking this one up. “You may be right. But, let’s play along for now,” he said to Akira, as they walked towards the butcher’s shop.

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#8Akira Shimada 

on Sun Oct 14, 2018 3:13 pm

Akira merely groaned at the exuberance her partner unabashedly displayed, once her tantrum was put to a swift end. At least, he'd taken it upon himself to do most of the manual work required to pack up, if nothing perhaps this could be her way of showing gratitude. Her mother did always expect her to be graceful. Eventually, her pace picked up, just because their destination promised to be a drag, didn't mean the journey had to reflect that too. The air was crisp, and the scent of the wilderness permeated her lungs with each breath. Once they got there though, most of the joy she had so carefully harboured dissolved.

She didn't bother to greet the detective, letting Tsuru do the talking while she eavesdropped. 'Great, so now we're here to create a fake scene and then solve it?' she complained. The poor healer acquiesced, but also refrained from backing out now. 'Oh, come on! We don't owe him anything, he doesn't even respect the fact that we're not some rookies anymore...' she hissed, Aki was rarely the sort to pull rank, hopefully Tsuru realised how serious she was in her annoyance with the current set up. When he didn't change his mind, she decided to attempt making quick work of this.

She strode to the butcher and demanded the blood they needed and he immediately turned her away. Annoyed at her request, he sarcastically suggested that they go hunt their own boars if they wanted to do crazy things like collect blood. 'I think he's under the assumption that we're doing something shady, which we are... By the way.' she declared, spotting her partner once she got out. 'Do we call it quits or are we going to on an animal slaughtering mission now?' she asked rather testily.

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on Wed Oct 17, 2018 11:08 am


“You think I’m doing this because I owe him? Of course we don’t owe him anything. We are doing this because it’s our duty to investigate everything thoroughly,” Haru said absent-mindedly, as he looked around for the butcher’s shop. When they finally found it, Akira decided to barge in and demand some blood, which the butcher found extremely suspicious. The swordsman was quite impressed that the man told two Rune Knights off without worrying about consequences. This was either because the Knights really did not command respect or because the butcher was one righteous person; Haru sincerely hoped it was the latter.

Walking up to the butcher, Haru tried to reason with the man. “Hey, listen. We don’t have the time to go hunt boars. And if you are worried one of us is a vampyre, I can assure you we are not. Besides, even if we are vampyres, better animal blood than human blood, right?” he asked, raising his eyebrows. Haru could see the man was beginning to consider helping them, but it was obvious he needed one more answer. “Why do you need the blood?” he asked. Haru, unwilling to admit they are actually trying to recreate an original crime scene, decided to bend the truth. “Umm… We are training our new recruits to investigate and we are creating a dummy crime scene,” he lied. He was a terrible liar, but thankfully, the butcher wasn’t good at reading faces. “Alright,” he said, before going into the backroom to bring them some pig blood.

As they waited, Haru turned to Akira and shook his head, upset with himself that he just lied to an honest man. “Don’t!” he would say in an attempt to stop his partner from laughing at him, if she was planning on doing that.

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#10Akira Shimada 

Yesterday at 10:59 am

Akira was curious about the choice the healer would make, he only had a few options, two of them involved persuasion of some sort and the last was to actually just hunt. The latter was probably the easiest for her, didn't involve interaction, especially the cumbersome convincing sort... But she knew her pal's vegetarian heart wouldn't agree. For the most part though, she was impartial in this. Considering she wasn't the one who had to do the talking, none of them tested her in any manner, the entire ordeal did though. Tsuru chose to go speak to the butcher again, leaving her to prop herself against wall beside the threshold and eavesdrop yet again.

He must have seen the hint of a snicker on her face, in form of the smirk that stretched across the side of her face. His curt 'Don't.' made it ever wider, however she curbed the instinct to outright giggle, just to respect his crisp demand and to perhaps, subconsciously to positively reinforce the attitude that accompanied it. 'Could've saved us this whole shebang if you just used your persuasive tongue on the wanna-be detective instead of the butcher y'know?' she finally said, peeling herself off the wall to keep up. She usually took the lead, but today she dilly-dallied,allowing herself to be lost in her own world.

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Yesterday at 3:00 pm


Akira’s grin only widened after his ‘don’t’ and he wasn’t surprised. In fact, it made him grin too and he had to turn away from her to hide it. After five long minutes the butcher came back dragging a large plastic bag, which seemed to be full of blood. “There you go!” he said, placing it on top of the counter. Haru thanked the man, picked up the bag and began making his way towards the armoury. Thankfully, the bag wasn’t transparent. But the liquid inside sloshed enough as he walked to make other pedestrians look at him suspiciously.

When Akira asked him why he didn’t use his persuasion against the detective, he again frowned and asked in a confused tone. “Persuade him to do what? It’s not like I can read his mind to know if he is telling the truth,” he said, before delving into the philosophy of how useful or dangerous it would be if someone could actually do that. “Anyway, we need some blunt weapons. I’ll wait here. You go get a few from inside,” he said, nodding his head towards the building he stood in front of.

While he waited, his hands got tired and he placed the blood bag down with a soft plop. Realizing he never really looked in to see if the butcher actually gave him blood, he opened the bag’s mouth slightly and peered in. Unfortunately, one curious bystander looked into the bag with him, and figured what was inside. Before Haru could explain it, the man screamed and ran away. Sighing softly, the healer waited impatiently for his partner to return with the weapons so that they could leave the scene as soon as possible without causing any more ruckus.

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#12Akira Shimada 

Yesterday at 4:07 pm

'You could've just persuaded him against the necessity for this recreation. Could've brought to light an ulterior motive too. The argument would've put him in a spot and he isn't too bright, we could've caught him out on it.' she groaned. As suspected, her argument was either promptly ignored or had been inaudible, since she was muttering to avoid drawing any more attention. Accompanying someone with a large, oddly shaped, and suspicious looking bag was garnering enough eyeballs already. She idly kicked a pebble as she strolled after the healer. Even though she was trying to take her sweet time, Tsuru had to be rather careful with the blood and that slowed him down considerably, despite her best efforts she was in the lead again. 'Careful... You don't wanna end up spilling it now.' she mumbled, redundantly, given the focus etched onto the healer's face.

They now stood poised in front of a door that led to a forge. The familiar clang of metal against metal greeted her as the large door swung open and a burly looking man left the building, nodding in acknowledgement before offering the strange gaze towards Tsuru and the bag he held. She returned an awkward and sheepish shrug. 'You want me to go ask a clearly busy smith to make us blunt weapons?' the note of incredulity in her voice was self-explanatory. 'I'd rather just go in there and ste-' she cleared her throat and decided to use a less accurate but also less alarming alternative term. '-borrow some old and worn weapons...' she waited tentatively, expecting the usual Tsuru retaliation.

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