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The King

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#1The King 

on Sat Sep 08, 2018 11:32 pm



Name: Xavier King

Age: November 20th, X750. He is 36.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Class: Adventurer

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: tattoo is over the heart in a dark blue color with gold trim

Face: Nigga I'm Ice Cube


Height: 6'7" feet.

Weight: 210lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Overall: Xavier is a confident, powerful man with rippling muscles, washboard abs and minimal body fat. He has the kind of body that any woman would love, and the swagger to back it up.

He dresses fine clothes of black, purple and gold colors. Black for business, purple for the bureau, and gold for all the wealth that Fiore will swim in once he's king.

An imposing, strong man, he appears respectable as a ruler would. At times he could even be said to be emotionless. Definitely angry, however.

On his head sits a golden crown. It's not a fashion statement, but a promise and a threat. There's only king, and there's only one crown. There ain't enough room on the throne for both of us, so you better start runnin'. Or you better bow down.

Extra: N/A


Personality: The king is a man that is confident in his capabilities, but is not stupid about it. He knows that he'll need to train to get where he needs to be - on the throne. By that aspect he's extremely ambitious, even though he's currently trash in comparison to the skills of the Rune Knights and other such future opponents.

He's not someone who will use others needlessly. Whenever he wants something done, he'll get it done with or without his allies; rest assured, he will be on the front lines. It's because he cares about the people of Fiore, and isn't some pretender who claims to be for the people simply out of empty words of fame and fortune. The current king is weak and soft, but Xavier won't be.

He's the kind of man that wants respect, but also to do what's right. He doesn't want to be a puppet politician who had everything handed to him by daddy dearest. Working towards what he wants from nothing, because he has nothing. No handouts, but he will get there.

The King was a man who grew up on the streets at a young age. He had nothing, his family threw him away like garbage as they couldn't afford to have him around. It would be optimistic to say that he was adopted, but that is not the case. He grew up on the streets, thieving and murdering in order to survive, not out of pleasure. He did it for the food to stay above water, while the politicians, Rune Knights and guild mages walked by with joy in their hearts. Not a care in the world, talking about their hard lives of pain. He thought to himself, "how is your life hard? You have friends that care, family that loves you. I don't see you at times having to eat out of the garbage to stay alive, and get rid of the hunger pains."

Because of that, he has an anger for those that say life is hard; especially those given quite a lot. More than that, he has an absolute anger for nobility, and the king of Fiore. With one hundred percent certainty, when Xavier gets into that throne room, he will toss the king of Fiore off a fucking cliff, and watch him go splat.


  • Respect: He grew up with nothing, and was spit on or ignored by people on the streets. When he's king, he wants respect because he came from nothing and rebuilt Fiore for the better.

  • Friends: He has no family. No one that he loves, or has ever received love due to the lack of family. Friends are the closest thing he has, and thus cares for them. And will die for them.


  • The king: That bitch nigga on the throne is doing nothing but sitting on his fucking ass. I can't wait to see him rot in a fucking hole. He's doing nothing for the people, making laws and thinking, "oh it might help!". The only way that'll actually work is if there are actually people out there making sure it does. Xavier hates the king with a passion, hates the people who root for him, and hate the Kingsguard for protecting the piece of shit. When he gets stronger, he's going to glass them all. When he takes the throne, he's going to use their bodies to rebuild the castle. He'll keep the king of Fiore's skull as an ornament for his crown, or as a piss pot.

  • Dark Guilds: Unlike his hatred for the king, Xavier hates the dark guilds for a different reason. They use the people to benefit. He doesn't mind the fact that they hate the Council. In his eyes, that's fine. It is what it is. He knows that you need to do things in order to become stronger, as a former gang member. He still dislikes the use of kicking someone whose life is hell, and keeping them down. Xavier was in that situation, and lived on the streets. It ticks a nerve.


  • There's Only One King: He won't give all the answers. His motivation is based on everything shown so far. But what can be told is that Xavier WILL be The King, and he WILL be the Only King. Whether they are nobility, or their name is "King". You try anything against Xavier, or you don't, he'll be coming for you. He won't say how, because let's be honest: he loves surprises. And so does everyone else. So what will be told is, the legal guilds are gone. The Council? Get the fuck out of his way. The fucking Rune Knights that dare defend that piece of shit on the throne? He will watch them, their families and their pets burn. For the king himself? Cower or run if he will. There's a motto Xavier lives by, and something he says.

    "There's only one king, and there's only one crown. There ain't enough room for the both of us on the throne, so you better run now. Or you better back down."

    That goes for all kings: in this world... and the next.


  • Failure: In Xavier's eyes, failure is not an option. He cannot fail, because there's more than just his goal on the line. He's doing it for the people. His actions may be questioned, but he knows in the long run that it'll be better. They need a ruler that is strong, willing, and smart. They need someone who won't cower in fear the moment that conflict arises. Someone with resolve, unafraid to fight on the front lines with his own people. They need his capabilities, and his strength physically, mentally and emotionally.

  • Becoming the inferior king: Failure is something he can't do. More than that, he needs to make sure he's prepared for what he needs to do. Needs to make sure he won't end up as a worthless king just like the current one. Needs to make sure that he IS prepared in every way, for what needs to be done. Should he fail, should he weaken over time to the point of his actions and choices making him into what he plans to kill, then he hopes that someone like him will rise up and turn his skull into a piss pot.


Magic Name: N/A

Magic Element: N/A

Magic Description: N/A


History: So you bitch niggas wanna know about The King, eh? To do that, we gotta start with his family.

His mother and father were drug addicts. They didn't have any friends because when they're ratted out or stolen from to get a quick fix, they run out quick. They abused anything for a quick high, and of course they were into crime. They made the stupid decision of having a child during this time.

Luckily, he turned out fine. Ambitious, but fine.

They didn't want to care for the child. What they did is went to their dealer, and said,

"hey. We don't have enough money. We need some shit right now. How about we give our son? You can raise him as you want, and train him to be your most loyal pawn. Or whatever."

This dealer was in a dark guild. He thought about how unneeded the kid would be. Needing to feed and raise it? No time for that.

He said, "Tell you what. You raise him for now until he's around 5. What I'll do is give you a good sized discount, and one on the house today. Once he's 5 and old enough to shit by himself, I'll take him in."

That's what his parents did. Raised Xavier, if that's what you want to call it, until he was fine. He didn't remember much during that time, except for being hungry all the time - just barely scraping by.

When he was 5, that changed. He was handed over to Darnell, the dealer.

Xavier lived with Darnell, being taught the new way of life. He joined up with Darnell's gang, and taught to show respect, loyalty, and no remorse to his enemies.

He ran with them for a bit, and did it all. Stole, assaulted, murdered, blackmailed. He did it to survive. One doesn't leave the gang unless they're dead.

Xavier lived this life a while.

One day he was doing a job for Darnell. He told Xavier to head out and get payment. Easy job, shakedown. Nothing was thought of it. Xavier was given a note, and told to give it to someone. Give it to him, see his reaction, and should he not give the payment, read another note given to Xavier by Darnell.

At this point, Xavier knew that it wouldn't be good. Darnell wasn't the kind of guy to take no for an answer.

Xavier went to the location, and get payment from a couple of drug addicts. He went there, and gave them the note. Informed them of their deal with Darnell. Time to pay.

They read the note, and looked shocked. They looked at Xavier and begged him to give them time to pay up. A day at most.

Xavier read the note upon payment refusal.

"Hey kid. If you're reading this, they couldn't pay. Standing in front of you is your mom and dad. The only reason that you're currently living in a gang is because they're getting fucking high.

This is your initiation. I want you to kill them, because they aren't your family anymore."

Xavier would like to say I felt worried or questioned it. He didn't. He pulled out a gun and shot them to death. They sold him for a quick high, and considered him worthless. Fuck them.

Xavier went back with whatever was of value for Darnell to sell for their cut. Instead he found the building being raided, and their bodies dragged out by Rune Knights.

The only life he had known wasn't a nice life, but it was still his life. In a brief second, it was gone because of the fucking Rune Knights doing what they thought was right. Killing and imprisoning people doing what they had to, to survive.

Xavier tried to find work, but there was little work for one with a skillset of crime.

He tried signing up with the group that Darnell was a part of, but they thought Xavier was a traitor - gave away their lives since he was given to them for a quick fix.

There he is on the streets - no money, shelter, family, nothing. Then he hears it. A blatant, "fuck you". A spit on his face. The king.

He gives some speech about life being as good as it is because of the actions of our king, the laws, and the valiant Rune Knights protecting the citizens. Living in luxury, due to the protection of the Rune Knights, the Council and the king. We should live our lives happily!

When Xavier heard that, he thought, "why are you even on that throne?".

Xavier looked up and down the streets, and wasn't the only one sitting there, starving as people walked by, not acknowledging the existence of these street misfits.

So he decided then and there, that is not a good king. He grew up on the streets, starving. Seeing people on drugs. The worst of Fiore. The knights don't care, and neither does the common person. Fuck all of them.

He was going to do what needed to be done, and rebuild Fiore. Not only would a powerful kingdom rise, but a militaristic kingdom. He'll make sure that there's no one out there doing this bullshit again.

He'll make sure that he's the only fucking king.

Reference: Relius

#2Adelaide Sokolov 

on Thu Sep 20, 2018 6:57 am

Hey King, sorry for the late reply;

Unfortunately, I have to deny your character application because of the profanity. What I mean with that is mostly the language that you use. We would like to see that you remove the words that could be seen as offensive to some people; such as bitch nigga.

Apart from that for the dislikes you have, you just joined our forum and can't know much yet about how the country works, so please remove the information that you made up about the current King, our forum-plot is about the Kingdom and thus the king so that doesn't fit our current plot.

If you need any examples feel free to look in the approved characters to see what we are specifically looking for. Just keep in mind that you can't fill in anything that has anything to do with the forum's plot.

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