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The Attribute Regulations

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on Tue Aug 21, 2018 8:32 am


The Attribute Regulations

An attribute is a piece of data (a "statistic") that describes to what extent a character possesses a specific characteristic common to all characters on the forum. That piece of data is usually an abstract number which represents data as presented below.

The current attributes on the forum are Strength, Speed, Intelligence, Wisdom, Constitution and Endurance.

  • Strength: A measure of how physically strong a character is. Strength controls the maximum melee damage.

  • Speed: A measure of how fast a character is. Speed controls the maximum speed at which a character can dash or run.

  • Intelligence: A measure of how adept a character is at magic. Intelligence controls how fast a character can learn spells and how much mana they use when casting spells.

  • Wisdom: A measure of how insightful at magic a character is. Wisdom controls the amount of spells a character can learn on top of their normal capacity.

  • Constitution: A measure of how sturdy a character is. Constitution can be translated into hit points as it determines the overall damage a character can receive before they pass out from pain.

  • Endurance: A measure of how resilient a character is. It measures how much damage a limb can receive before it is considered hindered. This damage also affects the Constitution.


on Tue Aug 21, 2018 8:47 am



  • The strength attribute determines the amount of damage that you deal physically; for example, with your punches, kicks, etc.

  • Your strength will apply when you use a weapon that you have bought from the shop.

  • Strength does not apply when you pick up environmental objects to extend your range. For example, if you pick up a large log from the environment to use it as a weapon, your strength will not apply on that attack. Environmental objects are considered destructible with no durability.

  • Melee: For melee attacks, the endurance attribute of the defender is directly compared to the strength attribute of the attacker. If the endurance is lower than the strength, then they are either hindered (if hit in a non-vital spot) or knocked out (if hit in a vital spot).



on Tue Aug 21, 2018 8:48 am



  • The speed attribute determines how fast and far you can lunge, and also how fast you can run.

  • You can lunge in any direction on the ground.

  • At the end of the lunge, you will come to a halt; this means your velocity does not carry over even if you begin running or perform another lunge immediately after one.

  • The speed attribute also determines your maximum running speed, while you are running forward.

  • You must accelerate to reach the running speed; the acceleration period to reach the maximum running speed is 4 seconds for everyone.

  • The speed attribute only affects your movement speed, and has no effect on the attack speed or reflexes.

SpeedLunge Distance & SpeedRun Speed
1-105 m/s10 m/s
11-307.5 m/s15 m/s
31-6010 m/s20 m/s
61-12012.5 m/s25 m/s
121-25015 m/s30 m/s
251-50017.5 m/s35 m/s
501-100020 m/s40 m/s
1001+25 m/s50 m/s


on Tue Aug 21, 2018 8:57 am



  • The intelligence attribute provides word-count reduction for spell training, and mana cost reduction for your magic’s spells.

  • Intelligence does not affect spells of items.

IntelligenceSpell Training
WC Reduction
Mana Cost Reduction


on Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:00 am



  • The wisdom attribute unlocks spell slots at every tier, increasing in rank with each tier.

  • The spell slots cannot be broken down or fused together to make lower- or higher-ranked spells.

WisdomSpell Slots
31-601xC-Rank, 1xD-Rank
61-1201xB-Rank, 1xC-Rank, 1xD-Rank
121-2501xA-Rank, 1xB-Rank, 1xC-Rank, 1xD-Rank
251-5001xS-Rank, 1xA-Rank, 1xB-Rank, 1xC-Rank, 1xD-Rank
501-10002xS-Rank, 1xA-Rank, 1xB-Rank, 1xC-Rank, 1xD-Rank
1001+3xS-Rank, 1xA-Rank, 1xB-Rank, 1xC-Rank, 1xD-Rank


on Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:11 am



  • The constitution attribute determines the total amount of damage that your character can take before they are knocked out.

  • Your constitution also determines how long you can run before you grow tired and how frequently you can lunge.

  • Environmental damage (from constructions etc.) is anime'd which means you get bruises and your clothes may get torn a bit, but it will not affect your constitution.

ConstitutionHit PointsRun DurationLunge Frequency
1-10B-Rank2 Posts3-Post CD
11-30A-Rank3 Posts2-Post CD
31-60S-Rank4 Posts1-Post CD
61-1202xS-Rank5 PostsOnce Per Post
121-2503xS-Rank6 PostsTwice Per Post
251-5004xS-Rank7 PostsThrice Per Post
501-10005xS-Rank8 PostsFour Times Per Post
1001+6xS-Rank9 PostsFive Times Per Post


on Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:18 am



  • The endurance attribute determines the pain that you can tolerate anywhere in your body without being hindered.

  • When you are hit with a damage that is of equal or lower rank than your pain tolerance, you will still take damage but you will not be hindered by that damage.

  • Hindered: When you have been hit with a damage that is of higher-rank than your pain tolerance, there are consequences depending on where you are hit. These consequences last for the entire thread, unless the damage is healed or if your endurance is buffed enough for you to handle the pain.

    • Arms: If the hit is on your arm, you may no longer use that arm for any purposes; for example, punching, blocking, casting spells through that arm, etc.

    • Legs: If the hit is on your leg, you may no longer use that leg, you may walk slowly with pain, but you can no longer lunge or run.

    • Torso: If the hit is on your torso, then you may no longer lunge or run.

    • Head: If the hit is on your head, then your strength attribute is halved and mana cost for all spells is doubled.

  • Vital Hit: No matter your endurance, a well-placed attack can still knock you out or cause serious consequences. For example, any attack directly to your eye is still going to blind you, and a slice across your throat, or an arrow through your heart will definitely knock you out. Note that only the heart and the throat are considered vital spots.

EndurancePain Tolerance

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