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The Spell Regulations

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on Tue Aug 21, 2018 8:04 am


The Spell Regulations

The Spell Regulations

  • Spell Dimension: The maximum dimension of a spell is dependent on its rank, and are as follows:

    • D-Rank Maximum Dimension: 0.25-Meter Diameter
    • C-Rank Maximum Dimension: 0.5-Meter Diameter
    • B-Rank Maximum Dimension: 1-Meter Diameter
    • A-Rank Maximum Dimension: 2-Meter Diameter
    • S-Rank Maximum Dimension: 4-Meter Diameter

  • Magic Seal: When casting a spell, a magic seal will appear at the location from where it is originating. The magic seal's diameter is always the maximum allowed dimension of the rank of the spell. For example, an A-rank spell will have a 2-meter diameter magic seal. The color of the seal is the color of the element being used.

    • Nature: Green
    • Wind: White
    • Earth: Brown
    • Darkness: Purple
    • Light: Gold
    • Lightning: Yellow
    • Water: Blue
    • Fire: Red
    • Frost: Cyan
    • Arcane: Gray

  • Spell Origin: Spells that do not originate from the user, but from a target location will need the time required to travel from the caster towards the intended location before it is activated. A magic seal will appear at the intended location for the duration it takes to activate, in addition to a magic seal at the caster.

  • Area of Effect: Spells that are not projectiles, cones or even direct lines but instead cover a radius will be considered AoE spells.

    • AoE Size: The maximum area an AoE spell can cover is limited by its rank, and are as follows:

      • D-Rank AoE: 1-Meter Diameter
      • C-Rank AoE: 2-Meter Diameter
      • B-Rank AoE: 4-Meter Diameter
      • A-Rank AoE: 8-Meter Diameter
      • S-Rank AoE: 16-Meter Diameter

      You may increase the size of your spell’s AoE to that of next rank, but it’s power will be reduced by one rank.

    • Movement: AoE spells cannot move in their AoE state. Spells that become AoE on impact are allowed to move.

    • Multiple Targets: AoE healing, other-buff, and debuff spells that affect multiple targets must pay the mana cost for each target affected.

    • AoE Magic Seals: AoE spells that are cast as an AoE will have their magic seal as big as the spell itself at the target location, in addition to the magic seal that appears at the caster.

  • Spell Speed: All spells have a flat speed of 20 m/s. You may not control the speed on any aspect of the spell.

  • Spell Trajectory: All spells move in a trajectory described in the spell description upon casting.

    • You may control the trajectory of your spell after casting it instead of giving it a pre-defined trajectory. If you choose to do that, the spell must be sustained and it will cost double the mana. This must be mentioned clearly when applying for the spell. The control cannot be done in your mind and will require obvious hand gestures.

    • No spell can be homing to the target.

  • Spell Cast Motions: All spells must have a visible cue to activate; motionless spells are not allowed.

    • The motions must be deliberate and visible; something insignificant such as ‘raising an eyebrow’, ‘clenching teeth’, ‘taking a breath’ etc., will not be accepted.

    • The motion must also make the target of your spell obvious. You may not choose the target using your mind.

  • Spell Range: The maximum range of a spell is dependent on its rank. When the spell reaches its maximum range or if the caster leaves its range, it will lose its power and rapidly fade out.

    • D-Rank Range: 5 Meters
    • C-Rank Range: 10 Meters
    • B-Rank Range: 15 Meters
    • A-Rank Range: 20 Meters
    • S-Rank Range: 25 Meters

  • Mana Cost: Mana is the resource you need to cast a spell. The amount of mana required to cast a spell is dependent on its rank, and are as follows:

    • D-Rank Mana Cost: 25 Mana
    • C-Rank Mana Cost: 50 Mana
    • B-Rank Mana Cost: 100 Mana
    • A-Rank Mana Cost: 200 Mana
    • S-Rank Mana Cost: 400 Mana

  • Mana Cost Reduction: Mana cost reduction may be acquired through certain means. The maximum reduction in mana cost that can be achieved is capped at 80%.

  • Cooldown: All spells must have a cooldown. It is the number of your posts that you must wait before you can use that spell again. The cooldown for a spell is dependent on its rank, and are as follows:

    • D-rank Cooldown: 1 Post
    • C-rank Cooldown: 2 Posts
    • B-rank Cooldown: 3 Posts
    • A-rank Cooldown: 4 Posts
    • S-rank Cooldown: 5 Posts

  • Cooldown Reduction: Cooldown reduction on spells may be acquired through certain items or companions. The minimum cooldown that can be achieved on any spell is 0, at which point it may be cast once per post.

  • Sustain: Spells that last longer than one post, must be sustained. You must pay the mana cost of the spell for every post the spell is sustained.

  • Friendly Fire: Unless a spell is intended to coat the user (a flaming fist to punch), spells will harm the caster as well if they're hit by it. Similarly, AoE healing and buffs will affect everyone in the area irrespective of whether they are friend or foe.

  • Spell Damage Buff: Spell damage cannot be buffed with another spell.

  • Elemental Interactions: Every element (except Arcane) has an element that they are strong against and one they are weak to. When the spell of an element clashes with another that it is strong against, its power is considered doubled. The elemental tree is as follows:

    • Fire -> Frost -> Wind -> Earth -> Lightning -> Water -> Fire
    • Light -> Darkness -> Nature -> Light

  • Immunity: When a user is immune to an element, the spell damage is negated entirely upon impact on their skin; however, their equipment will still take damage.

    • Even if the damage is negated, they are still susceptible to the force behind the spell.

    • In case the user is facing a dual-elemental magic, one of which the user is immune to, then the damage they take from that dual-elemental magic is halved.

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