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Keep Up![Social: Willow]

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Keep Up![Social: Willow] Empty on Sat Aug 04, 2018 12:06 am

Theo Kaguya
Today's mission is to play all the games and try everything that edible but then again such a gameplan was new for TK. He gazed out his window into the blue skies There are so many places I want to try, will I have the time? he thought to himself grabbing his bag and hat rushing off to the Festival. Even though it had been a few weeks or was it months, either way, the fact that people are still coming to the Festival amazed him to no end. The sky had never looked so clear before it was like looking at a painting "Oh I can't wait to play some games today." he muttered with a cheerful smile, TK Looked around at all the games and booths that were just waiting for him to come and test his luck.
The young knight started fiddling with the string on his bag while he walked around "So glad I didn't sleep in today." Something that was common between him and his sister. The Area around the games always seemed to be overflowing with a verity of ages most were parents with their children while the rest were people around his age. Oh I've never had such a hard time picking what I want to do, he thought to himself pulling on the string in frustration.

He did more walking around and thinking than actually playing the games and eating the food like he planned to do. TK made his way over to a booth with baked from cakes and cookies to things he's never seen before My Lord they smell so good! I could just stay here forever and eat all the sweets that I want, a dream that he wants to come true more than anything as he wiped the drool from his mouth.

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