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Rough Patch

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Rough Patch Empty on Wed Aug 01, 2018 10:17 pm

Aoi Mitsurugi
Iíve been meaning to get around to this for about a week or two now, but Iíve gotten really absorbed into work lately because of all this, so Iím simply going to take the little time I have to do it now.

So, I have been trying to work around this while work issue I had a week and a half ago along with the month thatís just begun. Itís a hard month for my family as a whole so Iím not going to go into much detail so I donít end up getting upset, however I donít want to just be floating around with no reason either. This is basically just me trying to come out and say that I am struggling currently with a lot with my real life and I apologize to those Iíve started threads with and others who I had plotted ideas with. Still, I am going to try to get posts done if I can, but it might not come right away and Iím really sorry about it.

I hope itís no imposition, and if youíd prefer or want to leave the thread for whatever reason you may have, please feel free to pm me on site or Discord and Iíll understand. Thereís always a next time, right? ^^;

Thank you, and Iíll certainly keep hanging around because more distractions keep lil olí me from circling the emotion wheel.

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