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Let's Grab Lunch! [Festival: Arisa]

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Let's Grab Lunch! [Festival: Arisa] Empty on Mon Jul 30, 2018 9:17 am

The festival had surely hit its stride now, having been going on for quite sometime in the usually quiet town of Orchidia. The festival had originally just been the people of Orchidia and a few travelling mages but now, after some time having passed, more guild mages and even loads of civilians had joined the festival. Although Odin wasn't out today to talk to any of them: he was here to see someone he had spent much time with before the festival, and would likely spend more time provided nothing came between them. Odin was waiting for his friend Arisa, who he had sent a letter to earlier in that same day.

The Lich was still wearing his mask and festival attire as he sat in one of the tables of his own pub, the Swineherd having temporarily moved locations to Orchidia to capitalise on the business that had been attracted to the area. His face, and every part of his body was hidden, leaving no one to believe that he would be a Lich. After all, he was a businessman and had to keep up appearances. While the world had grown more tolerant of other races, he didn't think now was the right time to reveal himself to the world. Only to those select few, and of course those present at Kon and Alice's wedding.

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Let's Grab Lunch! [Festival: Arisa] Empty on Tue Jul 31, 2018 12:25 pm

Sacred Dancer outfit:
Let's Grab Lunch! [Festival: Arisa] Tradit11

Her eyes closed, the wind twirling around as if dancing beautifully for her; it could be due to her wearing the sacred outfit that she was gifted from some people from Sin. They weren't bad people like those that were hunting her down. Today she was going to the festival to meet up with Odin, but she wasn't going alone... no. She had her two children in which it seemed like she was just babysitting them. Her eyes opened right up as a strong drift of wind blew passed her, riling up leafs to another location.

Her golden eyes gazed down at her two children as they were in a stroller. Kane, beautiful golden hair and blue eyes while Fiona had raven black hair and eyes like her mother's, but with pupils. They were wearing kimono rompers. Kane had a royal blue one with sakura blossoms on them as Fiona had a black one on that had some symbols on them on the top part. Arisa smiled motherly as she felt happy for many things, but for certain it was seeing her dear close friend again and that she felt like she had a family finally... It was her goal, a dream and perhaps one of her meanings.

She felt the bottle of essence going against her hip as they swayed with each step. People gazed with awe or with questioning views as she passed by, but she heed no attention to those that were negative. Within small times she finally gazed at her friend who hid behind a 'mask' and a finely nice kimono. Giggling, she commented. ''I wouldn't have thought you'd need a mask, Lucifer.''. The two children giggled as they were acting baby-like with small flails as they tried to reach for things. ''Oh yes, I hope you don't mind some extra company.~'' she teased with an open smirk.

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Let's Grab Lunch! [Festival: Arisa] Empty on Tue Jul 31, 2018 1:43 pm

"People would just be confused if I kept wearing my 'mask' after the festival. Besides, this oni mask does the trick."

Odin responded to his friend's curious question as she arrived, dressed in the finery that Odin had come to expect from Arisa. However, what he was not expecting was for them to be joined by two children. For a moment, Odin thought that perhaps Arisa was simply babysitting for a friend, until he looked into each of their eyes, and saw their mother. One had Arisa's golden hair, while the other had her eyes, albeit without the touch of angelic power. There was no mistaking that, despite their young age, they were Arisa's.

"Well that's new. I didn't think it's been that long since we last spoke." A lighthearted chuckle escaped Odin's skull as he continued, beckoning over one of the waiters in his establishment, "Please, have a seat and you can tell me this, undoubtedly interesting, tale." Facing his employee, the Lich would order a glass of water, as well as some steak. He didn't need to eat, and since he wasn't paying for his meal he was actually costing his business money in the ordering, but appearances had to be kept up, as did the small talk.

"So, what do I call these little balls of sunshine?"

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Let's Grab Lunch! [Festival: Arisa] Empty on Tue Jul 31, 2018 1:59 pm

Arisa's smirk turned into a nervous smile as Odin wished for some tales as to how this was to happen. Slowly, she opened her bag and grabbed two bottles. Secondly, she unbuckled everything and turned the carrier into a two-seater as it wrapped around the chair next to her own. The two slapped onto the table as if playing drums till they grabbed their bottles that she rested against the table. As they drank up, Arisa lean back half-tired from the carrying and straightened her kimono-like dress as it was time to speak.

''Well you see, when a man and a woman feel lustful, they act. When they act - ..'' she covered her mouth as she giggled and the other hand swayed up and down. ''Haha, I'm kidding.'' she joked as her golden eyes gazed at him purely. ''So... I kept it a secret from everyone pretty much that I was pregnant... including the man I am with. Thankfully, because of my physique I was able to hide most of it as long as I covered my stomach. '' she started and looked at them softly. ''I was in labor at this desperate place where I was brought by some people and I obviously passed out. '' she looks back at him with a frown and then away again. ''While I was passed out though, they were 'kidnapped' and taken from me before I woke up to even notice them...'' she was speaking in a rather sorrowful tone, but then played a smile as she looked at him once more.

''I searched secretly for them... Hoping they weren't... gone... I thought perhaps the Holy one's spited me and told me I wasn't allowed to have my children. A month or two ago - a week after the last time we saw each other I come to find out they ended up with my real family. Like, biological family. I found out so much about myself after I found them..., but yea that's how it happened.'' she spoke and felt bad to hide this from anyone... everyone she cared about. She explained and after she did, she told him their names. ''Kane and Fiona...'' she said softly and watched them as their eyes wandered curiously and ended up watching Lucifer. ''I had to choose quickly since it felt wrong to not name your own children and... he... he doesn't know they even exist. I'm afraid of his reaction...'' she quietly said in a soft-motherly tone.

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Let's Grab Lunch! [Festival: Arisa] Empty on Tue Jul 31, 2018 3:01 pm

Odin slumped back into his seat as he listened to what Arisa had to say. God, it never seems like this woman can get a break, he thought, but he stayed quiet as she spoke, ending by introducing her children as Kane and Fiona, as well as stating that not even the father knew them. The father, the man to whom Arisa was in love, Odin had never really met him, not properly at least. He had briefly noticed the man's presence during Alice and Kon's wedding, but they had no taken the time to actually talk and become acquainted. And, unbeknownst to Odin, Arisa's lover had been present during Odin's phase of the attack on Crocus, although the two had not come into contact with one another.

There was much Odin wanted to know, still so much he didn't know about Arisa that he wished to ask about, but now was not the time. He could ask about her biological family, about her life story, something he was truly interested about as they had crossed paths in so many strange ways, but she was hurting. His friend was pained, not sure how to tell her lover that he had two children and, worse yet, that she had hidden the pregnancy from him for its entire duration.

Odin had one chance to speak, so he chose his words carefully, "I won't pretend to know your partner, I've never spoken to the man, but I'm sure you wouldn't hide it from him without a good reason. If he's smart he'll see that, once the initial shock leaves him at least." Realising the waiter was still standing there, having not yet taken everyone's order, Odin thought to add, "You wanting anything? On the house of course."


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Arisa had to keep on her smile as she wanted to be happy, positive for her friend as he was of course going through something permanent. Odin doesn't act like it was a big deal, having no actual body, no flesh. It could be seen as a good thing, but also a bad thing. She bit her lip as she held questions that may or may not be appropriate at this time. Her children were around anyways. 'Too bad I didn't think of those questions beforehand.' she thought and blushes, looking away. As Arisa listened to Odin's words, she then heard him ask if she wanted to drink.

''I could never say no to alcohol.'' she spoke suddenly with a smile. She wondered why, why was alcohol like her air or water? Perhaps it was some mechanism that made her forget her past or perhaps it was a sign she was truly unhappy with her life no matter how she acted.  ''I'll take a Zombie.'' she said and then looked at her two children. ''I'll also like some grape juice. Two.~'' she said happily with that smile again. It was as if it was so real, but it wasn't. Her attention went back to Odin who was giving her advice the best he could. ''I guess... if he does leave me in the end. It's not like it's the end of the world... Right?  I'm sure there are people out there who would accept a woman with children.... Although, I doubt he will...'' she tried to be positive again. There was a tiny chance that he might indeed leave her, some men do. Arisa has seen it herself.

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