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Lucius De Romano [Done]

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Lucius de Romano


NameLucius De Romano

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Lamia Scale

Tattoo: Green, Chest

Face: Third Kazekage-Naruto. 


Height: 5'5

Weight: 135.5 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Amber

Overall: Lucius considers himself to be a rather plain or at least ordinary person, seeing that he only stands around 5'5, which he considers short. Needless to say, he is not some drop dead gorgeous supermodel, but he isn't a hideous monster either. Anyway, since he spends most of his time outside, Lucius has developed a rather tan-skin complexion, with hardly any blemishes and unsightly spots- he does possess an unnoticeable freckle in his eye, which can only be seen with a special tool that eye doctors commonly use, speaking of his eye, its amber in color. Lucius has rather soft facial features, a small button like noise, a long oval shaped face, and thin pale lips. Sometimes, when placed under extreme magnetic stress, lines would form around his eyes, making him look like he has winged eyeliner. Now, Lucius does have an ectomorph body physique with some decently formed muscles, mainly he has some small abs forming- nothing to major, but still a good sight to see. He does somewhat have short hair but messy hair, with a couple of spiked strands reaching down his chin and framing his face, the back, however, is slicked back and collected into a bun, but still remains messy and spiked. Lucius choice of clothing often changes from time to time, and one outfit might change on a whim, or at least for a new mission. Usually, he would wear some sort of robes and rarely he would wear flak armor. Currently, he wears intricately wrapped dark grey bandages which only covers his chest and arms, with this he wears steel blue pants, with a purple sash around his waist, over this he wears a black haori that reaches down to his ankles lastly, he wars black sandals. Sometimes, he will be seen wearing a large black gourd made out of the iron sand, although he doesn't need it to perform spells, it may simply be quicker to use.  


Personality:  He likes to believe that he is perfect and superior, but he, unfortunately, recognizes that he is not. Lucious sees perfection as something being ultimately unattainable, but use his superiority complex in order to hide his own sensitive nature. Quiet and reserved he really doesn't function or blossom in social situations, and he can be astonishingly shy when he first meets people. If he doesn't know you or he doesn't want to know you, then he probably won't talk to you. Or at least, when you do engage in conversation with him, it would be strained and semi-awkward. Despite this he does have some sort of awkward charisma that simply attracts people to him, which does irritate him, seeing as most of the time he just wants to be left alone. But basically, he is shy and well it takes time for him to open up to people. He will sometimes hide his shy nature by pretending to seem like he is uninterested and apathetic about things happening in his surroundings. Lucious is also extremely pessimistic about people and their motives, which is a testament to his cautious nature- that and his lack of confidence within himself. He naturally tends to be rather intuitive and more than capable of reading people's body language. Likewise, he posses a rather compassionate and empathetic heart and he is always making the mistake of putting his friend's happiness before his own. Which is because well he doesn't value his own happiness and he does run away from his emotions. Lucious is someone who often experiences extreme mood-swings, and most people can describe him as being emotional. He cannot stand being around annoying or loud people, and almost everyone can agree that he is easily angered. If he likes you then Lucious will attempt to hide his emotions and will try to use logic to eliminate those emotions. This is mostly because he firmly believes that no one can love someone who is as weak and pathetic as him- at times he believes that he is a horrible person. In a relationship, he demands absolute honesty and loyalty, due to the fact that he is terrified that his partner will cheat on him. Lucious craves deeper and meaningful relationships- and he does want someone who desires the same. It takes time for him to be affectionate with other people and he demands that you respect his personal boundaries. With that being said once you earn his trust, he can transform into a rather affectionate, and almost needy person. Likewise, he isn't the type of person to 'half-ass' things and he can be a rather incredibly intense and passionate partner. Though once you betray his trust it can take a long time to re-earn it, and well he doesn't tolerate treachery. With that being said when Lucious loves someone, he places all of himself in that person.


  • Aesthetics: Admittedly, Lucius does hold an interest in aesthetic and beautiful things. Specifically, he loves natural aesthetics that are untouched by humans and created by mother nature. However, he himself recognizes the fact that he cannot produce quality aesthetics but does secretly try at times.
  • Nature: Nature is simply something amazing and wonderful to behold. Lucius respects nature and her, at times, terrible power. Likewise, he personally finds nature to be peaceful and relaxing, and will occasionally go on random walks in places where nature is king. Usually, he will do this in order to calm down.


  • Noises: Lucius has rather sensitive ears, something that he had inherited from his mother. For that reason, Lucius finds certain noises to be irritating, and ultimately annoying. Usually, it would be high pitch sounds and loud sounds that would irritate and annoy him.
  • Idiots: There is something simply frustrating about being around a bunch of incompetent idiots. He can stand it when people play stupid pranks, or do something that would knowingly get them in trouble. When around a bunch of idiots Lucius would often feel like he is babysitting, and God does he hate babysitting a bunch of adults.


  • Exploration and Adventure: One of the many reasons why Lucius left home, is so that he could explore an otherwise unknown world. He views that the only way for him to grow as a person is to go out and experience the world, not by staying in a small town and do nothing. Now, of course, while he is exploring the world Lucius would want to get to know more people, and even help those who need his aid.


  • Betrayal: Lucius is afraid that someone he loves would betray him, and well he simply doesn't want to deal with the emotional trauma that it would cause him. That could also mean that he is somewhat afraid of attachment, but more so being betrayed by a significant other.
  • Spiders: When he was younger, his older brother scared him with a toy spider. After that, Lucius has been somewhat skittish and cautious around spiders, and when around one he can become noticeably tense.


Magic Name: Electromagnet Release

Magic Element: Non-elemental

Magic Description:  An caster magic that allows the user to manipulate magnetic fields, this is done through conversely changing an electrical field. A common use of this magic is using magnetic fields in order to manipulate magnetic objects and allows the caster to mimic telekinesis through the use of various types of magnetic fields. Caster's can also create force-fields made out of magnetic energy, levitate themselves off the earth magnetic field, and generate concussive blasts of magnetic energy. In battle, the caster will utilize his magnetic fields to manipulate a malleable substances known as iron sand, the user can alter the substances of the metal dust, to engage in combat while remaining stationary. It grants the users offensive spells, defensive spells, supplementary spells, and self buff strength spells- as according to is class. Offensively, the caster can use iron sand to create large waves, generate blasts of magnetic energy, and crush targets. While defensively, the caster can generate magnetic barriers, or make walls out of iron sand. In terms of supplementary means, the user can restrain individuals with iron sand or attract weapons to him, he can also levitate and push targets away from him.


History: Born into a powerful clan, Lucius was the middle child of a family with five children. His father was a proud man and the leader of the clan, for that reason his family was supposed to act in perfection. By the time he was five years old, Lucius like all of his sibling learned how to control the electromagnet release, which was a magic that ran in his family. Now, Lucius was not as physically strong as his older brothers, and for that reason, he wasn't interested in utilizing weapons like his siblings. While his brother's used the electromagnet release in a more brutal fashion, increasing the damage of their weapons, and their own physical might- Lucius preferred to use the electromagnet release more tactically and at a distance. Which was something that his father didn't necessarily like, and well he was often teased by his siblings for his tactics. Anyway, needless to say Lucius did not spend most of his time with his older brothers. Instead, he took care of his young brothers, making sure that they didn't get into fights and whatnot. In some situations he would teach his young brothers on how to control their magic, and well other things like life lessons. Admittedly, he loved hanging out with his younger siblings because he viewed them as being so innocent, and yet so filled with joy. They were unburdened with the evils of the world, and well Lucius envied them for that. While his older brothers were corrupted with experience and filled with so much....adrenaline.....hormones....stupidity? They were just too wild for him, and he grew tired of their idiotic games and pranks. Nonetheless, when he reached the age of eighteen Lucius was given the chance to explore the world, and with his father's permission he left his humbled abode and set off for the unknown and new. 

Reference: google

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Lucius De Romano [Done] Empty on Fri Jul 27, 2018 4:22 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Hi there Lucius~

For your magic; metal weaponry is rather difficult to use against him < please remove this. As any further specifications of your magic; we are removing/editing the magic regulations so it can be possible in the near future that some of your spells are not possible for your element. I can't give more information as we are still working on it.
However please do add the spell types for sorcerer to your magic description.

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Lucius De Romano [Done] Empty on Fri Jul 27, 2018 9:21 am

Lucius de Romano
Bump, bump, bump. Would it be possible to make adjustments in the case that the new magic regulations, makes some abilities or the magic itself obsolete?

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Adelaide Sokolov
I can't tell you at the moment anything about new regulations as we are still discussing this. At the moment it is not possible to make spells and after the timeskip you can pick a new class and make spells according to that as well as the new regulations.

There is a tiny detail I forgot; I have to ask you to change your surname as it is not possible to pick a name related to our site plot Vampyres.

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Lucius de Romano
Bump, Bump, Bump.

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Adelaide Sokolov
This character application has been approved.

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